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Oct 31, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

EPISODE 2 of 8 : “Different”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor”
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose
Jasoi - Julia Czones “Vinata”
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta”
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm”
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm”
JonMcGillis - Ji
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey”
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística”
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman”
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint”
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx”
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc”
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden”
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa”
Paralox - Julia Thompson “Minera”
#Paralox - Mike Thompson “Thundro”
Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch”
Turkeylover - Max Hernandez “Maximum”
#Turkeylover - Jessica Hernandez

lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron”

Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis”
ShaneDawson12345 - Mark Calwaski “Dark Shadow”
#aria_grande - Nyla Uhua “Spine Striker”
#Katherinee_ - Nadia d’Ark “Darkadia”
DevinB - Gia Heights “Gia Versace”
Tide - Eros Valentine “Eros”

CrimsonEnnui - Sonya Blade
SeaViper - Sea Viper “Red Viper”

Zuelke - Amber von Dragomir “Bronze”
#Zuelke - Delia “Belladonna”
#Zuelke - Emir “Bullet”

Tizian - Skadi Targon “Tundra”
#SeaViper - “Shadowdancer”
#Jasoi - Joey Caronles “Red Sign”
#Paralox - Josh Harrison “Stryker”


*Actus Mortis and Neuron stare at each other, as Shadowdancer backs away*

Actus Mortis - “I can help you, Neuron.”

Neuron - “But why do you want to? What do you even think I’m doing?”

Actus Mortis - “I think you’re getting revenge on those who abandoned you. The Protectors. I want to get revenge on those who have hurt me and my team.”

Neuron - “Your team evidently abandoned you, too, though?”

Actus Mortis - “Yeah, we can get revenge on more than one group of people, right?”

Neuron - “I’m sorry, but this isn’t what you think it is-”

Actus Mortis - “Oh, come on. I see the darkness in your own eyes. You want to annihilate all of them. And you can. You have the power to. It’s your time. And I want it just as much as you want it.”

*Neuron shakes her head, slightly*

Actus Mortis walks up to her - “You know you want to let this darkness out. You want to set it free.”

Neuron - “You don’t know what I want.”

Actus Mortis - “Oh, yes I do.” *he grabs her hand*

Neuron - “Stop.”

*Actus Mortis starts absorbing her power, smiling*

Actus Mortis - “Do you know what’s happening? I get stronger. As you get weaker.”

Neuron - “Oh, sweetie.” *blasts him off the roof of the building*

Actus Mortis - “AH!”

Neuron - “Never underestimate me.” *levitates into the air and flies away. Shadowdancer follows her*



*Poison Kisses is in a room with Gia Versace*

*Poison Kisses looks out the window, as Actus Mortis is falling down to, what presumably would be, his death*

Poison Kisses - “AH!” *tears quickly fill her eyes, as she looks up and notices Neuron and Shadowdancer flying through the sky* “Oh, my god.”

Gia Versace runs over - “What?!”

*Poison Kisses wipes a tear away, as she starts hyperventilating*

Gia Versace looks out, and doesn’t see anything - “Are you okay? There’s nothing out there.”

Poison Kisses exhales - “Actus Mortis. He just fell off the roof.”

*Gia Versace’s face drops, in shock*


*Actus Mortis sits up, injured*

Actus Mortis - “I didn’t think that through.” *stands up, and starts limping down the street*

*Gia Versace and Poison Kisses run outside, and find him*

Poison Kisses - “How the hell did you survive that?”

Actus Mortis - “I absorbed some of Neuron’s powers. She’s a strong bitch.”

Gia Versace - “Come inside.”


*Gia Versace and Poison Kisses sit Actus Mortis down, and give him tea*

Gia Versace - “Will you stop trying to do stupid shit now that you nearly died?”

Actus Mortis - “I am not doing, quote unquote, ‘stupid shit’. I’m pissed.”

Poison Kisses - “And being pissed is causing you to do some stupid shit. Nearly killing yourself in the process.”

Actus Mortis - “Neuron got more powerful somehow. She is unstoppable. And you didn’t see the darkness I saw in her. It is more important than ever that we band together and take her down.”

Gia Versace - “No, it isn’t. It isn’t our business.”

Actus Mortis - “It became my business when she nearly murdered me.”

Gia Versace - “But that isn’t the whole story is it? You saw a Protector, and wanted revenge.”

Actus Mortis - “You don’t know the whole story.”

Gia Versace - “Something tells me I know a good portion of it.”

Actus Mortis - “She will kill us all. And destroy the world. If we can stop her, we have to.”

Poison Kisses - “Why can’t you let this shit go?”

Actus Mortis - “Because I was just thrown off a roof.”

Gia Versace - “Because you keep looking for reasons to fight.”

Actus Mortis - “I’m sorry I’m not letting these people get away with what they’ve done.”

Poison Kisses - “Maybe it’s time to realize maybe they had their reasons and move on. And maybe take accountability for how much was your own fault in this situation.”

Actus Mortis - “I thought you’d be on my side. Clearly I was wrong.”

Poison Kisses - “I don’t really know why you thought I’d be on your side.”

*Gia Versace pauses*

Gia Versace - “I won’t pretend I don’t see where you’re coming from. If you actually find Neuron to be a threat, I don’t take that lightly. I just find it hard to believe she’s a threat to us. At least if we leave her unprovoked.”

Actus Mortis - “I don’t leave things unprovoked-”

Gia Versace - “Trust me, we know. I’m just saying… if this threat proves to be as dire as you say it is… I’m in. But, otherwise. My days of being a super are over. I’m retired.”

*Actus Mortis shrugs, upset*

Poison Kisses - “Period.”

Actus Mortis - “Well… can I stay here for tonight?”

Gia Versace - “You can stay here for as long as you need.”

Actus Mortis - “Thanks.” *pauses and smiles, slightly* “Thank you.”

Gia Versace - “You’re our friend. Of course.”


*All of The Protectors reach where the crash was, in the middle of the desert, but any evidence of it is gone*

Alexa Rose - “This is impossible. Nobody could’ve hidden an entire spaceship.”

*Saint and Vyx look around*

Sensor - “This is… odd. To say the least.”

Saint - “We don’t know what type of technology they have. They could have some advanced tech that can just get them off this planet as though they were never even here.”

Vyx - “We can’t jump to conclusions.”

Saint - “We sort of have to, don’t we? It’s missing.”

Vyx - “There are always answers.”

Dark Storm - “Not always.”

*Violeta walks towards something, and picks up a piece of scrap metal*

Violeta - “I guess there’s something left over, at least.”

Alexa Rose - “It has been quite a few days, but they couldn’t have just… completely hid the ship or gotten rid of it in that much time. Especially since it crashed. Something is weird.”

Saint - “I think we crossed the weird line when we’ve had multiple spaceships crashing in the middle of the desert.”

Vyx - “Maybe… they fixed their ship and flew away… and that scrap metal is the only evidence left.”

Alexa Rose - “This could be some type of conspiracy. It makes no sense how she just survived getting a spaceship crashed into her. I think the energy from the spaceship… was sucked into her. The energy from the ship transferred into her.”

Vyx - “Maybe this way a bad idea.”

Saint - “I said that before we even left.”

Night Woman - “Guys…”

Fuerza Mística, looking up at the sky - “Oh. There she is.”

*Neuron starts to descend from the sky, with Shadowdancer closeby*

Marjorey - “What is that with her?”

Jessica - “The Shadowdancer. Call me superstitious but that looks a lot like what I was taught to fear as a child.”

Vyx - “It can’t be. That’s a myth.”

Saint - “As you said, the weird line has already been crossed.”


*Neuron and Shadowdancer descend to the ground*

Shadowdancer - “Neuron, don't be afraid to let your darkness be uncovered. If they fear you, they aren’t really your allies.”

*Neuron slightly nods at Shadowdancer, before turning towards The Protectors, who all stare at her*

Neuron - “Okay.” *ascends into the sky, and flies towards them*


*Sensor runs into the opposite direction, noticing a big wooden pole nearby. She stops running, and turns towards Neuron again**

*Neuron gets closer to The Protectors*

Neuron - “I’m not like you guys anymore.” *projects her voice* “I’M NOT LIKE ANY OF YOU… not anymore. I’M DIFFERENT NOW.”

The Green Witch walks towards her - “I wasn’t either. I was different than everyone, too. But they let me in. JAIME. You are the same you as you were before. Please. We will have you back.”

Neuron - “DON’T. CALL. ME. JAIME.” *she starts to ascend into the sky* “And no. I’m not the same.” *wind starts to whip, stronger than any wind they’ve ever experienced before, causing all The Protectors to fall back* “DON’T TRY TO FIX ME. THIS IS THE REAL ME NOW.”

*Dark Storm and Light Storm slowly stand up, and join hands, and push their hands out, fighting back against the winds, allowing everyone to catch their balance*

Light Storm - “HURRY UP EVERYONE.”

The Green Witch - “WE WON’T GIVE UP ON YOU.”

Neuron, whispering - “You should.” *she flies down towards them*

*Violeta takes her handgun out, and reloads*

*Sensor backs up, and raises her hand towards the pole and brings it down, causing Neuron to dodge it, and fly out of the way

*Violeta shoots at Neuron, but Neuron holds her hand up, and turns the bullets back towards Violeta. The bullets mostly miss, as Violeta dodges out of the way, but one shoots Violeta in the arm*

Violeta - “UGH!” *falls down, holding her wound*

*Neuron descends to the ground, looking around at everyone surrounding her*

The Green Witch - “We don’t want to hurt you. What happened?”

*Shadowdancer stands miles away, just watching*

Neuron - “Why did you come here?”

Sensor - “We wanted to find you.”

Neuron - “I didn’t want to be found.”

Saint, to herself - “Told you.”

Vyx - “Neuron.” *walks towards her* “What happened with you and your dad?”

Saint - “Vyx, get back.”

Vyx - “Jaime. What happened with you and your dad?”

Neuron - “Don’t call me Jaime.”

Vyx - “I’m sorry. But, talk to us. We are your people. We will support you through anything.”

Neuron holds her arm out, grabbing Vyx by the neck with her telekinetic grip - “Don’t come any closer.”

Vyx, through coughs and chokes - “We… aren’t… abandoning you. I’ve… been with you… since day 1.”

Neuron, tears streaming down her face, shaking her head - “Not like this.”

*Vinata comes from behind, holding a rock and runs towards Neuron, ready to hit her in the back of the head. Quickly Neuron diverts her attention to Vinata and pushes her arms outward, throwing Vinata through the air, but before Vinata can fall, Neuron repositions her arm, extending it out infront of her, catching Vinata by choking her*

Neuron - “You didn’t come to hurt me? Really?”

*The Green Witch quickly forces the grass to start growing, moving towards Neuron*

*Neuron notices the grass, and shoots it with an energy bolt, and then shoots The Green Witch with an energy bolt, causing her to seize*

The Green Witch - “AGH!”

*Neuron drops Vinata again, as Tlaloc and Eden try to double cross her. Neuron just holds both of her arms out, and flicks them up, causing Tlaloc and Eden to fall on their backs, and before anyone else can attack, Neuron levitates into the sky, looking down on them all*

Neuron - “This was not an attempt to talk. This was an ambush.”


Neuron - “I TRIED TO LISTEN. But, you’re all scared of me.”

*Vinata sits up, and chucks the rock at Neuron again. Neuron notices the rock, holds her hand out, and evaporates the rock into tiny little minerals. She throws the remains towards Vinata, but before they make impact, Sensor redirects them to the sky*

Sensor - “SHE IS A CHILD.”

Neuron - “So was I, yet nobody ever protected me.” *goes to the ground again, and walks away from them all* “Nobody ever cared about me.”

*Vyx approaches her*

Vyx - “I did Neuron.” *he grabs her wrist* “I will never abandon you.”

Neuron jumps as Vyx touches her - “GET AWAY FROM ME!” *whips her wrist back, and causes an energy eruption to blow Vyx away. As he flies through midair he evaporates into dust and ash*

*Tears immediately fill Saint’s eyes as she watches him get destroyed in front of them all*

*Shadowdancer smirks maniacally at the sight of this murder*

*Neuron opens her eyes, and turns her head, seeing the ash of Vyx fall to the ground, and blow away in the wind*

*Every Protector stares at Neuron, in shock and disgust*

*Maximum and Jessica take a step back*

*Eden, Tlaloc and Violeta stand up, unsure how to react*

*Neuron looks at all of them stare at her, and she quickly flies away. Shadowhunter leaves, too*

Saint, shrieking - “NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.” *searches the ground for her brother* “WHERE’D HE GO? WHERE’D HE GO? WHERE’D HE GO?!”

Alexa Rose blankly stares ahead - “He’s gone.” *walks away*


*Neuron flies down, and lands in the middle of the alleyway, hyperventilating and crying*

Neuron - “I didn’t just do that. Shit. Shit. Shit. No. I didn’t. No. I couldn’t have. Oh. My. God.” *stares at her hands, and she punches the brick wall in front of her, breaking and destroying every brick her fist makes contact with* “NO.” *she starts sobbing, and pushes her back against the wall* “I DON’T WANT THIS ANYMORE.” *she starts shrieking and everything nearby her falls back*

*Shadowdancer approaches her, indifference radiating in their face*

Shadowdancer - “Your body count was a bit low, but that was a very impressive performance.”

Neuron, still sobbing - “I didn’t want to kill anymore. That wasn’t my intention. I don’t know what happened.”

Shadowdancer - “I thought you said you had control over your power?”

Neuron - “I don’t know what’s happening to me.” *wipes tears away*

Shadowdancer - “Either way. You did good.”

*Neuron throws her hand out to blast Shadowdancer, but Shadowdancer remains unphased*

Shadowdancer - “When will you learn that you can’t hurt me? If you try many more times I might have to call this off.”

Neuron - “Call what off?”

Shadowdancer - “Our partnership. The Protectors will never have you again. I am here for you. Don’t you get it?”

Neuron sniffles, but slightly nods - “Do you have a place to stay?”

*Shadowdancer smiles, and shows Neuron the way to their building*


*Bronze, Belladonna and Bullet sit around a living room*

Bronze - “So, what’s the plan?”

Bullet - “We raid the Supremacis headquarters. We demand to be fixed.”

Bronze - “What the hell do you think this is? They can just put a bandaid on us and it’ll be all better?”

Bullet - “They gave us our powers, Bronze. They experimented on us and we were some of the sole survivors of our unit. They know what they did to us, and they damn well may know how to either extend how much time we have left or just fix our powers entirely. Renovate them or something. Or they could just… cure us somehow. They did this to us. They can fix it.”

Belladonna - “It’s worth a shot, at least.”


Bronze - “Well, I’m on board. I have nothing to lose.”

*Bullet and Belladonna smile*

Bronze - “We’re going to get what we deserve. We’re going to find a way to fix us. This is going to work. We’re going to live.”

Bullet - “It better work. They tried to pin us against each other. Hopefully they don’t expect this.”

Belladonna - “They won’t. We’re going to do the damn thing and get it done.”

Bullet - “Period.”

*Bullet, Belladonna and Bronze all look at each other, smiling*

Bronze - “You know what this calls for?”

Bullet - “What?”

Bronze - “A celebration!” *puts her iPod on and plays “Telephone” by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce and she starts dancing*

*Belladonna and Bullet join in, and they have a mini-dance party, as they celebrate their team forming officially*


*Every Protector gathers around, dressed in black, as they watch Vyx’s coffin being lowered into the ground*

Saint, tears still streaming down her face - “Why does he get a coffin if there’s no body?”

Sensor - “It’s just what they do…”

*Saint wipes tears away, as she stares at a picture of her brother*


*The room is silent, as every Protector sits around*

*Saint stares at The Green Witch, bitterly*

Alexa Rose - “Since nobody wants to speak up… I will. We went into this wanting to save her. But now… it’s time to be doing this to get revenge. She has taken one of our owns lives away. Completely evaporating the body. There is no more Vyx left.. Anywhere. He isn’t just dead, he’s VANISHED from the face of this Earth. No evidence he even ever existed.”

*Saint wipes more tears away*

Maximum - “You couldn’t have worded that ANY differently?”

Alexa Rose - “It’s the truth.”

Violeta - “We aren’t just going to turn on her.”

Alexa Rose - “Bitch, she’s a bad guy now. Period. She shot you.”

Violeta - “Because I shot first. I feel like… this is all just responsive. With a mix of the fact she is overpowered and can’t control herself.”

Dark Storm - “And that’s why she’s a threat now. I agree with Alexa Rose, we have to eliminate the threat.”

Violeta - “Mac?”

*Light Storm shrugs*

Light Storm - “I don’t know. I kind of think they’re making points, V.”

The Green Witch - “Guys, stop. Neuron is our friend. She’s one of us.”

Saint - “My brother is dead. He was one of us, too.”


Sensor - “Aurora. I know you’ve been through a lot-”

Saint - “No, don’t talk down to me. Screw that. My brother was killed by Jaime. And there is nothing you can do that will tell me that I shouldn’t want to avenge him.” *stands up* “We are The Protectors. And if we want to Protect the World… she has to go.” *storms out of the building*

Alexa Rose - “I’m with her.” *follows Saint*

*Light Storm and Dark Storm follow. Light Storm slightly looking at Violeta as he leaves*

Violeta - “Mac…”

*Eden stands up, with Tlaloc, and head towards the door as well*

*Vinata looks at everyone left, and ultimately leaves too*

*Sensor, Violeta, Ji, Marjorey, Fuerza Mística, Night Woman, Europa, Minera, Thundro, The Green Witch, Maximum and Jessica stay behind*

*Maximum and Jessica make slight eye contact, wondering if they should leave*

Sensor - “This... could’ve gone better.”



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kaseyhope101 is my characters gonna get a storyline soon? That lasts longer than 2 episodes
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aria_grande girl u lit got the 3rd most airtime in season 2 be happy ur not night woman
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Vyx deserved better, Poison Kisses and Gia slayed, and I'm always happy to see my characters get some screentime :)
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anyways, so sad about vyx's death, and i think this will definitely lead to neuron's death too, which saddens me:(
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Vyx's death was actually sad omg 😭, how do we bring him back!!!
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