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16thSep 2, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Episode 10 of 10 “X”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X” : X’er/VILLAIN.
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Jasoi - Maria Czones “Vexell” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
cinzi_lov - Cindy Ownes “Cinzi” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm” : X’er/VILLAIN.
JonMcGillis - Ji : PROTECTOR/HERO.
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Yoko_Homo - “Disturbia Killer” : X’er/VILLAIN. *UNDEAD*
CrimsonEnnui - Jade : NEITHER.
#CrimsonEnnui - Kitana : NEITHER.
#CrimsonEnnui - Mileena : NEITHER.
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis” : X’er/VILLAIN.
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx” : X’er/VILLAIN.
#MJFJUNE - Mandla Qobi “Ithemba” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Flamergamer8 - Dennis Arceneaux “The Reaper”/“King of the Dead” : X’er/VILLAIN.
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch” : NEITHER.
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron” : NEITHER.
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa” : X’er/VILLAIN.
Paralox - Dann Thompson "Pyrobolt" - X’er/VILLAIN.
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses" - X’er/VILLAIN.

Percy Spring “The Boss”
Genevieve Taylor “The Trainer”
And “X Caliber”



*Dark Storm’s tornado grows more and more, but suddenly it stops, and starts to disappear*

Dark Storm - “What the-”

*Dark Storm looks up and notices Light Storm’s hands are struggling to contain the tornado, until they finally overpower Dark Storm, and the tornado disappears*

Dark Storm - “You’re always here to screw shit up, huh?”

Light Storm - “We don’t have to fight, brother.”

Dark Storm - “Yes, we do. You started this.”

*Light Storm sighs, rolls his eyes, and walks up to Dark Storm and punches Dark Storm in the face, causing him to fall to the ground*

Light Storm - “Bro, you shouldn’t mess with me when you have an injury.”



*Eden runs over to Marjorey, helping her up*

Eden - “Disturbia Killer is getting close. We need to get you away from here. If that snake bites you... you won’t be able to help us.”

*Marjorey nods, as Eden leads her into a direction towards a shed*


*Violeta and Vexell turn around the corner, watching Percy approach X Caliber*

Violeta - “You mean to tell us you had powers all this time and didn’t tell us?”

Vexell - “You literally have more powers than both of us.”

Genevieve - “Don’t sell yourself short, V-girls. You are stronger than a lot of the team WITH powers.”

Violeta - “Yeah, but we don’t lie about it.”

Percy - “We didn’t lie about it maliciously.”

Vexell - “You lied about it to get out of doing anything yourself. Genevieve, do you have powers too?”

Genevieve - “Sadly, no. But I did go through similar training as you, Vexell.”

Violeta - “Great. Now, explain this. Why did you hide your powers from us?”

Percy - “I felt like… the hero you needed… was someone who couldn’t threaten you. If you felt in control and more powerful… it’d be better for us as a team. I didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable with me leading them… and if you knew I had powers, there’s a chance it’d complicate things and you’d feel lesser or threatened.”

Vexell - “So, you manipulated us into feeling comfortable with you under false pretenses?”

Percy - “We wanted what was best for our organization. Is this really the time to talk about this? We have a war going on.”

Violeta - “Seems like the best time to bring it up if you ask me.” *takes her gun out and points it at Percy’s head* “What’s your power?”

Percy - “I can put people to sleep. Nothing major.”

Violeta - “Hypothetically… you could kill anyone, then? Death is just like sleeping, right?”

Percy - “Listen, Violeta. Put the gun down.”

Violeta - “You were like a father to me. And you lied.”

Percy - “Violeta.”

Violeta - “My parents abandoned me. You took me in. Yet you lied.”

Percy - “Violeta. I lied for the better of our organization.”

Violeta - “You manipulated and made a fool of me.” *a tear streams down her face*

Percy - “V…”

*Vexell rips the gun from Violeta’s hands and kicks her in the face, knocking her unconscious*

Percy, shocked - “Huh?”

Vexell - “What you did was for the best, right?”

*Percy nods*

Vexell - “Screw us over or lie to us again and I’ll put 2 bullets in your head myself. But I trust you know what’s best for us.”

*Percy smiles and nods, and he drags X Caliber away*


*Mileena hides behind a tree, and gets her claws out. She turns around the tree, noticing Kitana and Jade quickly approaching her*

Mileena - “Shit.” *she jumps out from behind the tree and runs towards Kitana and Jade* “I DON’T WANT TO FIGHT YOU.”

Kitana - “I do.” *whips her hair and slaps Mileena in the face*

*As a result, Millena takes her claws and chops off a large portion of Kitana’s hair*

Kitana - “Ugh!” *grabs Mileena’s claws with her hand, and Mileena generates her other hand’s claws, but Kitana grabs those as well, with her other hand, as Mileena tries to fight back, her claws start to freeze, until the claws both shatter*

*Kitana falls to the ground, as blood spur from her hands, and Mileena kicks Kitana in the face*

*Mileena looks around, searching for Jade, but she’s nowhere to be found, as smoke starts to rise, seemingly out of nowhere*

*Mileena rolls her eyes, as Kitana stands back up, blood flowing down her face*

*Jade comes from behind Mileena and stabs her in the back*

Mileena - “UGH.” *elbows Jade in the face, turns around, picks Jade up, turns around and throws her into Kitana, and quickly Mileena starts to sprint away*

*Kitana and Jade quickly get back up and follow her*


*Eden and Marjorey reach a shed*

Eden - “I’m going to go find Tlaloc, okay?”

*Marjorey nods, holding her gun close to her chest as Eden leaves. Marjorey backs into the shed and shuts the door*


*As Disturbia Killer and his snakes start approaching them, Neuron runs over and starts shooting out energy bolts to kill them one by one*

*The Reaper starts backing away, starting to walk down the street*

*Sensor runs over to Neuron, and starts lifting up snakes and ripping them in half with her mind, helping Neuron defeat them*


*Tlaloc is fighting Poison Kisses*

*Tlaloc punches Poison Kisses in this face*

Poison Kisses - “OW.” *grabs her nose, tears filling her eyes*

Tlaloc - “Oh, my god. I’m so sorry, are you okay?” *leans over, to check on her*

*Poison Kisses quickly stands up, headbutts him, snatches Tlaloc’s gun out of his pocket, and points it at Tlaloc’s head*

Poison Kisses - “You’re probably better with this than you are with your hands. Now what are you gonna do?” *flips her hair*

Eden comes out from behind a tree - “Let him go.”

*Poison Kisses turns her head, rolling her eyes*

Eden - “No. Seriously.”

*Poison Kisses suddenly stares blankly at Eden, and slowly her eyes turn blank, and she suddenly drops the gun, and walks away*

*Tlaloc stares at Eden, who is looking slightly blank, expression wise, but suddenly Eden blinks and comes back to his normal psyche, and he runs over to Tlaloc*

Eden - “We gotta get out of here. Come with me.”

*Tlaloc nods, confused, before getting up and follows Eden into the woods*


*Cinzi opens her eyes and points lasers at X, who throws his hands up, creating a gravity shift, that points the lasers in the air, cutting a power line down*

Cinzi - “SHIT.” *closes eyes and jumps back, bumping into Ithemba, she turns around and they make eye contact* “Oh, hey.”

Ithemba smiles - “Hey.” *he looks up, and notices X running at them with a knife* “Shit.”

*Fuerza Mística runs over to them, and lays his hands on both of them and he blinks, teleporting them to the roof of the X’ers building, causing X to run into a pole, knocking himself out*


*Ithemba turns to Cinzi*

Ithemba - “Let’s run away. Let’s teleport to Greece or something.”

Fuerza Mística - “I’ll go back down, then. Seems like a private… conversation.”

Ithemba - “Thank you, Fuerza Mística. For saving our lives.”

*Fuerza Mística nods and teleports back down to the fight*

Cinzi - “You mean right now?”

Ithemba - “Or after we fight?”

Cinzi - “Uh… I don’t know. Can we do that? We have responsibilities here, we have lives here… my dad is here.”

Ithemba - “I don’t see how this would be a bad thing for us, though. We could escape the drama, and just live our lives instead of fighting forever.”

Cinzi - “We’ll talk about this later, okay?”

*Ithemba sighs and nods*

Ithemba - “How do you suppose we get down?”

*Cinzi smiles and jumps off the building*

Ithemba - “SHIT.”


*Cinzi grows into her giant form before hitting the ground, towering over the X’ers building*

*Everyone looks up at her, shocked and in awe*

*Cinzi reaches her hand out, for Ithemba to climb onto, and she lets him down onto the ground, where she slowly shrinks back down to normal size*

Ithemba - “Thanks.”

Cinzi - “Any time.”


*As Neuron and Sensor continue to handle the snakes, Starra notices the X’er Building Door open, and she runs towards it, as Vyx stops her*

Vyx - “Where do you think you’re going?”

Saint, from behind Vyx - “She’s going inside.”

*Vyx turns around, and quickly Starra sneaks in, before PyroBolt runs after her*

PyroBolt - “STOP HER.”

*Starra turns around and shoots a lightning-like energy bolt from her fingertips, which stuns PyroBolt and he collapses to the ground*

Vyx, to Saint - “What are you going to do to stop me?”

Saint - “I know your strengths. I know your weaknesses.”

Vyx - “Weaknesses?”

*Saint kicks Vyx in the groin and then knees him in the face, and he falls to the ground*

Saint - “I didn’t say they were unique to you.”



*Violeta and Vexell sit in a room together*

Violeta - “You double crossed me.”

Vexell - “I disagree with the decision you made. So I intervened to prevent you from doing something stupid.”

Violeta - “You like being lied to and manipulated?”

Vexell - “I don’t mind it for the better of the group.”

Violeta - “I guess loyalty means more to me than it does to you.”

Vexell - “Loyalty only protects us so much sometimes. Percy thought he was doing what was best for us. For every Protector.”

*Violeta sighs and shakes her head*


*Starra enters and looks around, closing and locking the door behind her*

*Genevieve slowly approaches Starra*

Starra - “I know you don’t remember me. I came for X Caliber. I’d quite like to put him through the pain he put me through.”

Genevieve - “Should I… remember who you are?”

Starra - “No, but trust me. I think we all know X Caliber’s abilities. He can wipe people out of existence without having to kill them.”

*Genevieve nods*

Starra - “Who would know that if they weren’t working closely with him. I can also tell you Percy’s powers, if you still needed convincing. He can put people to sleep, which is probably how he has X Caliber hostage now.”

Genevieve - “Okay. So… whose side are you on?”

Starra - “Do I need to remind you that X Caliber wiped me off the face of the Earth? Or should I also bring up the fact he stole my daughter away from me and raised her as a brainwashed slave to the X’ers, despite being one of the most powerful people on the planet. I want my revenge.”


*Percy has X Caliber in an investigation room, tied to a chair*

Starra walks in - “I am Starra.”

Percy turns his head towards her - “Okay.... and?”

Starra - “I was an X’er. Then I turned on X Caliber, and became a Protector. He didn’t quite like that. He killed my boyfriend and stole my baby from me. He wiped the memory of me from every Protector and X’er. I want my revenge. You don’t get this. I get this.”

Percy - “Am I supposed to take this at face value?”

Starra - “Who else would know that X Caliber can wipe memories away… who else would know that’s just the beginning of his problems, and that he has nuclear powers that could screw up this entire city? Who else would know you have the power to knock someone out whenever you want. I know shit, okay? Now, let me end this.”

Percy - “Fine. I’ll give you some time alone.” *leaves the room, and shuts the door behind him*

*Starra turns towards X Caliber, who is unconscious, and creates lightning from her fingertips*


*Disturbia Killer quickly reaches Neuron, snakes coming closer to her*

Neuron - “DON’T MAKE ME DO THIS.” *creates a forcefield separating the 2, but snakes start to sneak through it* “PLEASE.”

*Neuron lifts her hand up, and throws them down, crushing Disturbia Killer with a forcefield, breaking his neck, and all the snakes slither away*

*Neuron looks down at Disturbia Killer, as a tear streams down her face*

Sensor - “You did what you had to do.”

*Neuron nods*


*Cinzi is approached by PyroBolt. Cinzi blinks and shoots lasers out of her eyes, in which PyroBolt dodges, shooting a fireball. Cinzi takes a step back to avoid the fireball and falls into Actus Mortis, who devilishly smiles*

Actus Mortis - “Hi.”


*Slowly Cinzi starts to stumble, trying to break free but she can’t, and Actus Mortis starts to grow bigger and bigger by the second*

*Ithemba notices Cinzi being grabbed, and he starts running towards them, letting Europa go free. Quickly Fuerza Mística and Night Woman surround Europa, but Fuerza Mística notices Cinzi dangling from Actus Mortis’s hand, who is still growing, so he is conflicted on what to focus on*

*Ithemba reaches Actus Mortis and takes a gun and shoots Actus Mortis’s ankle, causing him to throw Cinzi into the woods, and he kicks Ithemba. Ithemba flies against a dumpster, before Actus Mortis shrinks back to normal size, falling to the ground because of his gunshot wound*

Actus Mortis - “SCREW YOU, MAN.”

*Ithemba is unconscious on the ground*

*Fuerza Mística runs over to Ithemba*

*Night Woman is on the defensive against Europa*

Europa - “Listen, I don’t want to fight you.”

Night Woman - “I find that hard to believe.” *throws a punch towards Europa*

*Europa grabs her fist, stopping it from making contact with her face*

Europa - “I’m serious. Please. Stop.”

*Night Woman knees Europa in the gut, whipping her hand back, and punching him in the face*

*Ji walks over, and kicks Europa down*


*Vyx stands up, as Saint waits for him*

Vyx - “Aurora.”

Saint - “You said it was too late. You didn’t want to talk.”

Vyx - “I know more now. Please. Let’s talk now.”

Saint - “You can’t fool me anymore.”

Sensor - “He’s telling the truth.”

*Saint turns her head, noticing Sensor, the Green Witch and Neuron standing nearby*

Vyx - “I know I messed up, but… X Caliber needs to be stopped. And I want my sister again.”

*Saint stares at Sensor, who nods her head, and Saint hugs Vyx*

*The Green Witch notices Disturbia Killer on the ground, and she shakes her head, upset*

*The Reaper jumps out from behind a tree with a knife, and the Green Witch turns her head, and raises her hands up, and the tree branch grabs him.  She raises her arm up higher, and it starts to hang him. The branch gets tighter and tighter around his neck*

Neuron - “STOP. You don’t have to.”

The Green Witch - “He killed him. He shot him in the back. He killed Disturbia. Our friend.”

Neuron - “And it isn’t up to us to decide whether he deserves redemption or not.”

The Green Witch - “Some people don’t get second chances.” *she clenches her fist, and the branch gets even tighter, a blood red color fills The Reaper’s eyes*

*Neuron shoots an energy bolt from her fingertips that breaks the branch and lets The Reaper go free*

Neuron - “Run. Now. Or I’ll kill you myself.”

*The Reaper struggles to stand up and he starts to walk away*

*The Green Witch shakes her head, and sighs, tears filling her eyes. She walks away from Neuron, upset*


*Mileena runs down a hill, falling over and rolling near the shed, as Kitana approaches Mileena*

Kitana - “You have made my life a living hell…” *takes out a dagger* “And now… I’m going to end this. Once. And. For. All.”


*Jade walks over, her jaw dropped, she turns her head and notices Marjorey in the shed, door open, with her gun pointed towards Kitana, smoke coming out of it*

*Kitana collapses with a gunshot wound in her chest*

*Mileena stares, dumbfounded*

Jade - “YOU…” *points at Marjorey* “KILLED MY BEST FRIEND.”

*Eden and Tlaloc run over, shocked, noticing an angry Jade*


*Mileena throws a rock at Jade’s head, and starts sprinting when the rock hits Jade, throwing her off*

*Marjorey, Eden and Tlaloc run away*

*Jade falls to her knees, crying as Kitana bleeds out in front of her*

Kitana - “Kill… that… bitch.”

Jade, crying - “I promise… I will.”

*Kitana dies*


*Starra takes her hands and presses them into X Caliber, and lightning starts to rush through his veins, and he wakes up*


Starra, shrieking in his face as the lightning exits her hands and enters into his body - “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


*Ithemba stumbles up, walking into the woods, quickly seeing Cinzi, with her neck clearly broken, lying on the ground, dead*

Ithemba - “NO.” *tears fill his eyes as he runs up to her, holding her in his arms* “PLEASE, NO. PLEASE, NO. MARJOREY. HELP US. PLEASE.”


*Marjorey hyperventilates, crying, running to the side of the road*

Eden - “You did the right thing.”

Marjorey - “SHIT.”

Tlaloc - “That was… intense.”

*Marjorey breathes heavily, shaking her head*

Eden - “You did. What was right.”

Marjorey - “I heal people… I shouldn’t kill people.”

Eden - “It’s okay. You had to.”

*Marjorey sobs*


*Violeta and Vexell hear the screams of Starra and X Caliber, and start to exit the room*


*Starra puts all her energy into X Caliber, them still shrieking at each other until suddenly, X Caliber screams, stands up and explodes*



*A fiery explosion erupts, destroying the entire left side of the building, and quickly Violeta, Vexell, Percy and Genevieve all evacuate the area*


*All that’s left after the explosion is the burnt remains of X Caliber and Starra, all disembodied, bloodied and blown to bits*


*X stares in shock and horror as the building goes up in flames*


*Dark Storm and Light Storm walk over to where everyone is, noticing the fire in the building spreading*


*Percy and Genevieve walk out of the building, with Violeta and Vexell by their sides, and Sensor and Neuron run over to them, to make sure they’re alright*

*Marjorey suddenly walks over, with Tlaloc and Eden by her side*

Marjorey - “If you have any injuries I can help… did we win?”

*Neuron notices her mother not leaving the building, and tears fill her eyes, realizing she died in there, but she just nods*

Neuron - “Yeah… we won.”

*Europa and Vyx walk over to them*

Europa - “I know we did some messed up shit, but… can we possibly…”

Vyx - “Join you guys?”

*Saint slightly smiles*

Percy - “Well… it’s not up to me.”

*Sensor looks at Percy, confused*

Percy - “Genevieve and I are retiring.”

Genevieve - “We are too old for this… and we are just done.”

Percy - “Sensor, you came up with this plan. And we won because of it. I want you to take over as head of The Protectors.”

Sensor - “I couldn’t…”

Violeta - “You could. You are great at planning, but don’t fully understand your powers yet. It’d be a good job for you. Take it.”

*Sensor smiles, and nods, reluctantly*

Genevieve - “And Vexell. We had the same training, it’d be a shame if you weren’t the new trainer.”

*Vexell hugs Genevieve*

*Ithemba walks over, with Cinzi in his arms*

Ithemba - “Marjorey…”

*Marjorey turns her head, sadness in her eyes. Fuerza Mística and Night Woman take a step in the direction of Ithemba, shocked*

Marjorey - “If she’s dead… I’m so sorry, I can’t bring people back after that. I just heal people.”

*Ithemba sobs, putting his forehead against Cinzi’s forehead*

*Every Protector, including now Europa and Vyx, leave the area, besides Light Storm and Dark Storm*

Light Storm - “Are you coming back with us?”

Dark Storm - “I’m better off alone. I think the X’ers are all but disbanded… maybe I’ll talk to you again one day.” *walks away, as Light Storm disappointedly walks the other*


*X walks towards the building, as he approaches the door, he notices X Caliber’s burnt hand, with bone showing, at the bottom of the staircase. He takes the ring finger of X Caliber’s severed hand, and takes off the “X” shaped ring, and puts it on his finger. The burn of the fire-hot metal only fueling him more*

*From the woods, Jade appears, walking up to X*

Jade - “A Protector killed my only friend today.”

X - “They have screwed us all over.. Time and time again. It’s our time now.”

*Poison Kisses stands up and walks over to X, with PyroBolt and Actus Mortis gathering around too. The new X Team is formed*


*Ithemba sits alone, as Fuerza Mística walks over*

Ithemba - “I want to get out of here.”

Fuerza Mística - “Are you sure?”

Ithemba - “I was going to… or at least I wanted to… with Cindy.”

Fuerza Mística - “You mean… you want to ditch us. Leave The Protectors behind?”

Ithemba - “Yep.”

*Night Woman slightly smiles, listening from the doorway*

Fuerza Mística - “We’ll miss you.”

Ithemba - “I’ll come back one day, maybe… I need to go to one place first, though.”


*Ithemba sits by the hospital bed of Cinzi’s father*

Ithemba - “I’m sorry. I couldn’t save her.”

*Fuerza Mística frowns from the doorway, as Ithemba says goodbye for Cinzi*

Ithemba - “It’s time.”

*Mileena walks in*

Mileena - “I don’t suppose you have more room?”

Ithemba - “What do you mean?”

Mileena - “I went to The Protectors building.. Asking around for where this… teleporting guy was… and they said… I’d find you in here… I’m just tired of living my life on the run. Hiding from someone who might kill me at any moment. I want to be free. I don’t even have to go to the same place as you. I just… want to get out of here.”

*Ithemba smiles and nods at Fuerza Mística, who walks up to both of them, grabs them both by an arm, and blinks. Teleporting them to Greece*

Ithemba - “We’ll be in touch.”

Mileena hugs Fuerza Mística - “Thank you so much.”

*Fuerza Mística blinks, and teleports back to the The Protectors building*


*Sensor sits in her office, now as the head of The Protectors*

*Alexa Rose walks in*

Sensor - “Hey!”

Alexa Rose - “I just wanted to say… congratulations on your new position.”

Sensor - “Thank you. I know… you’ve been here longer..”

Alexa Rose - “It’s okay. You’re strong, you’re smart. You are perfect for it. And, you’re probably the only friend I’ve made here, so… I have to be happy for you.”

*Sensor smiles, and stands up, hugging Alexa Rose*


*Neuron sits alone, staring at the wall, when Violeta walks up to her*

Violeta - “I know what it’s like to lose a loved one.”

Neuron - “I hardly knew her. I just met her… the same day she died.”

Violeta - “That could make it… 10 times worse, honestly. In an entirely different way.”

Neuron - “I thought I knew everything there was to know about my life… but it turns out… I knew nothing.”

Violeta - “I think I know how you feel.”

Neuron - “Yeah?”


Violeta - “Yep.” *walks away*

*Neuron slightly smiles, before looking down. Remembering the time she spent with her real mom.*


*As X, Jade, Poison Kisses, PyroBolt and Actus Mortis walk down the street, they are quickly approached by The Reaper*

The Reaper - “Hello.”

X - “What do you want?”

The Reaper - “It’s not about me… it’s about you. You’re the new team… but you’re not The Protectors. Nor are you the X’ers. You have no building to work in now. I can help with that.”

X - “You want to join us?”

The Reaper - “I want to align with you.”

*X looks at his group, and no one objects*

X - “Okay.”

The Reaper - “Then follow me. I have just the place for you… what are you called?”

X - “The X Team.”



New character apps for season 2 will be posted tomorrow or Wednesday.

I have MAJOR plans.

Comment your reviews, thoughts and any questions you may have.

Hope you enjoyed!


Shook and Lmao x is pissed and rip percy
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Sent by Jasoi,Sep 2, 2019
lmao im still alive yay gj on this and i wonder if anyone thats left or missing or they went to like greece will they come back or nah
Sent by Yandereboy12,Sep 2, 2019
Wow I am surprised Pyro ain't dead because the writing makes him seem so weak because he always seems to be beaten in every fight.
Sent by Paralox,Sep 2, 2019
So glad i didn't die. This was honestly a great read. I lowkey got emotional af but I'm good 😂
Sent by tkoj555,Sep 2, 2019
tkoj555 honeslty same, but I think people with only one character are spared more than people with multiple
Sent by Paralox,Sep 2, 2019
paralox i also tried to avoid killing off people who have been commenting, but in general my focus was the storytelling lol
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Sep 2, 2019
Tlaloc really is carried by Eden, but I mean hey what can you expect from a gunslinger that punches! Just glad Eden saved him c:
Sent by MrBird,Sep 2, 2019
I liked the finale overall. Hopefully we see some of the other “retired” characters in like a “spin-off” episode where it’s dedicated to them or part of a episode to them and their adventures.

I have an interesting villain ready to create, relating to Light and Dark Storm.
Sent by Macda27,Sep 3, 2019
I like how you wrote the deaths in but with the explosion in sounded a little sudden
Sent by aria_grande,Sep 3, 2019
this was amazing! i feel super bad for cinzi as i really liked her, and was broken hearted when i saw ithemba's reaction :(  however, i do think we haven't seen the last of ithemba (and mileena) and i really hope they'll be back soon;)
Sent by varlto,Sep 3, 2019
My wig flew across the universe. Madison should've killed reaper he deserved it!
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This finale made me so gagged. You’re really playing our girl Jamie like this. I was shocked she killed someone but also shocked she saved the reaper tbh. So excited for season 2
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Oh my gud....NOOO CINZI AWW OH NO!
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