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Aug 31, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Episode 9 of 10 “All Paths Lead To...”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X” : X’er/VILLAIN.
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Jasoi - Maria Czones “Vexell” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
cinzi_lov - Cindy Ownes “Cinzi” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm” : X’er/VILLAIN.
JonMcGillis - Ji : PROTECTOR/HERO.
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Yoko_Homo - “Disturbia Killer” : X’er/VILLAIN.
CrimsonEnnui - Jade : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#CrimsonEnnui - Kitana : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#CrimsonEnnui - Mileena : Neither/VILLAIN.
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis” : X’er/VILLAIN.
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx” : X’er/VILLAIN.
#MJFJUNE - Mandla Qobi “Ithemba” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Flamergamer8 - Dennis Arceneaux “The Reaper”/“King of the Dead” : X’er/VILLAIN.
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch” : X’er/VILLAIN.
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron” : X’er/VILLAIN.
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa” : X’er/VILLAIN.
Paralox - Dann Thompson "Pyrobolt" - X’er/VILLAIN.
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses" - X’er/VILLAIN.

Percy Spring “The Boss”
Genevieve Taylor “The Trainer”
And “X Caliber”



*Starra and Neuron sit in the car, driving down the street*

Starra - “I know this is confusing… and let me lead with… your dad IS dead. And is very much NOT X Caliber.”

Neuron - “Well, that’s a relief at least. But, this makes no sense…”

Starra - “Think about it. He ingrained it in your head that your parents were dead at a young age… but it was just words. Never any evidence or information about it. What did he say?”

Neuron - “The Protectors killed you in an attack.”

Starra - “I’m going to guess he didn’t tell you that… I was a Protector.”

Neuron - “What?”

Starra - “I was an X’er first. But I was sort of… aware of what X Caliber was doing… so I escaped. I ran. With my boyfriend, Demetres. I got pregnant… and when I had you, I took a break.”


*Starra sits in her apartment, holding a then baby Neuron in her arms*

*There’s a bang on the door*

*Demetres, who was in the kitchen, goes to the door and answers. He is quickly stabbed over and over again in the throat by X Caliber. X Caliber proceeds to walk in and close the door behind him, as Starra stands up, tears filling her eyes as she holds Neuron*

X Caliber - “Sorry ‘bout your husband.”

Starra - “Why? Why’d you do that?”

X Caliber - “You left us. People don’t just leave the X’ers.”

Starra - “Well, I did.”

X Caliber - “And I‘m here to show you what a mistake you’ve made.”

Starra - “By killing me and my child?”

X Caliber - “I actually didn’t plan on that. You were one of my favorite students.”

Starra - “I wasn’t a student of yours. I was a slave. You don’t teach anyone, you dictate.”

X Caliber - “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. You are a traitor. You could’ve just left us, but you became a Protector instead.”

Starra - “Want to know the truth? I joined them because I wanted to get them to target you.”

X Caliber - “And yet you wonder why I’m here.”

Starra - “To kill me? You just said you weren’t here to do that. What do you want?”

X Caliber - “I am not going to kill you… but I am going to erase you.”

Starra - “What do you mean?”

X Caliber - “I can’t let you stay.”

Starra - “You can’t just erase me.”

X Caliber - “Yes, I actually can. If you don’t want to oblige I can force you out of the city, and it’ll all end the same.”

Starra - “They’ll come looking…”

X Caliber - “Not if no one remembers you exist.”

Starra - “What? That makes no sense…”

X Caliber - “You really thought I didn’t have any powers?”

Starra - “I know you do… but if you do that… you’ll expose yourself. You told them all you didn’t…”

X Caliber - “A villain? Lying? Say it isn’t so. If you want to go voluntarily… it’ll be a lot easier. Or we can do this by force. Either way… your beloved protectors won’t even remember your name in 24 hours. It won’t expose me, because they’ll just forget everything.”

Starra - “I have a baby…”

X Caliber - “You might as well leave that girl behind. No father and no home? She won’t have a chance. If you leave her here ... maybe she can actually have a good life.”


*At a red light, Starra and Neuron are stopped*

Neuron - “You left me with that evil man by choice?”

Starra - “I didn’t think I had much of a choice. Especially knowing there was always a chance he’d just change his mind and have me tracked down and killed. If something had happened to you because of me, I’d never forgive myself. He killed the love of my life right in front of me. I didn’t want you to die. It felt safer in a way.”

*Neuron sadly nods. There’s a silence*

Neuron - “So… X Caliber has powers? That makes him that much more dangerous.”

Starra - “He’s done decades worth of damage already.”


Neuron - “Did you know that I had powers?”

Starra - “Not necessarily. Though both your father and I had powers… there’s no science to prove genetics are involved... this does seem like convincing evidence, though.”

Neuron - “What are your powers?”

Starra - “It’s complicated.”

Neuron - “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Starra - “Gross thing to say to your mother.”

*Neuron rolls her eyes*

Starra - “I’ve seen yours.”

Neuron - “Huh?”

Starra - “I couldn’t stay away forever. I’ve been… in hiding… so I can watch you… grow and develop and become the woman you are today.”

Neuron - “And this is the first time you’ve ever come to talk to me? What?”

Starra - “This is the first time I could. You’re doing what I wish I could’ve done. Taking a stand.”

Neuron - “I’m not taking a stand.”

Starra - “Oh, even if it was unintentional. Your stand has been made clear. And it is taken. You are at war with the X’ers. And I think what you have to do… is disassemble them before it’s too late. Because if they stay under his leadership… they could take over the Country. And then… they’ll only want more. You are the most powerful person here. If anyone will take him down… it’s you.”



*Dark Storm sits up, rubbing his head, noticing the building has been emptied*

Dark Storm - “That didn’t go as planned.”

*Dark Storm stands up, quickly figuring out what had happened. He grips at his back, in pain, feeling the blood still wet and dripping*

Dark Storm - “Shit.”

Marjorey walks in - “I was instructed to come back for you.”

Dark Storm - “Why?”

Marjorey’s voice, from the other side of the room - “Light Storm deserves a brother.”

*Dark Storm jumps and turns his head, noticing Marjorey cloned herself, and is also standing on the other side of the room*

Marjorey - “Light Storm has nothing but fond memories of his brother. All those years ago when you were children. We don’t have the right to selfishly take that away from him.”

Marjorey’s voice, now behind him - “But, of course… you ARE still an X’er, so… we had to be prepared.”

*Dark Storm turns around, and sees Marjorey’s 3rd clone*

Dark Storm - “What do you want me to do?”

Marjorey - “Nothing. This was just a safety precaution. I’m going to heal you, but you can’t kill me if you don’t know which one’s me. Or if I’m even really here. What you decide to do after we heal you… is entirely up to you. I don’t give a shit, but I’m going to save you.”

Dark Storm - “You may regret that.”

Marjorey - “And you may regret trying to get me to regret it. We’ll see. But I’m going to heal you right now. I’d suggest not making this more difficult than it has to be.”

*All 3 Marjorey’s approach him, and surround him, putting her multiple pairs of hands on him at the same time. Quickly his stab wound heals*

Dark Storm - “You made a big mist-”

*Quickly all 3 clones of Marjorey disappear, evaporating in thin air*

Dark Storm, with a groan - “I hate clones.”

*Dark Storm gets up and leaves the building, looking around for his team. He starts running down the street*


*Disturbia Killer and the Green Witch are walking down the street*

Disturbia Killer - “We got to hurry up, if he found out that we helped defeat the undead army, he’s after us already.”

The Green Witch - “You made a mistake there, I just feel it in my bones. Something bad is going to happen because of it.”

Disturbia Killer - “Don’t be paranoid-”

*As they come across an alleyway, The Reaper turns a corner, and points a gun at Disturbia Killer’s face, blocking their path on the sidewalk*

*The Green Witch takes a step back, shocked and confused*

Disturbia Killer - “What are you doing, bro?”

The Reaper - “You killed my army.”

Disturbia Killer - “I didn’t think you’d find out.”

The Green Witch - “Reaper, we do not have to do this like this.”

The Reaper - “Oh, but we do. You double crossed us all.”

The Green Witch - “I am just saying… I don’t think you want to do this.”

The Reaper - “Oh, but I do…”

The Green Witch - “Alright, then.”

*A weed from the sidewalk starts growing, and quickly wraps around The Reaper’s leg, and starts to grow more, trapping him, as The Green Witch and Disturbia Killer start running past him and away. Before they can get too far, The Reaper quickly shoots his shot, going into Disturbia Killer’s back The weed wraps over the Reaper’s hand, and he drops his gun, as civilians sprint away from the gunshot noises*

*The Green Witch turns her head in horror, as Disturbia Killer falls to the ground*

The Green Witch - “Oh my god…”

Disturbia Killer - “RUN.”

*A tear streams down The Green Witch’s face as she quickly runs away*

*Disturbia Killer gives up, and lies down on the sidewalk, staring at the sky, as blood continuously pours out of his back*

*The Reaper breaks out of the weed, and walks over to Disturbia Killer, before taking a knife and jabbing it into Disturbia Killer’s throat. Killing him.*

*The Reaper looks around and notices the people running away, before he picks up Disturbia Killer, and starts carrying him away, the opposite direction of The X’ers Building*


*Fuerza Mística, Marjorey, Ithemba, Sensor and Vexell walk down the street, as most civilians run in the opposite direction*


*Actus Mortis is face to face with Light Storm, Saint, Violeta, Ji, Alexa Rose, Tlaloc, Eden and Cinzi*

Actus Mortis - “So… what’s up?”

Alexa Rose - “We’re here to end this bullshit.”

*Europa, Vyx and PyroBolt walk out, and stand by Actus Mortis*

Europa - “We are a bit outnumbered. Seems unfair, if you ask me.”

*Saint stares at Vyx, but Vyx quickly breaks eye contact*

PyroBolt - “I can just burn them all now. All Protectors turned to ash. The end.”

Alexa Rose - “Well, that would work… if I wouldn’t just heal right away.” *takes out a pen and stabs herself in the hand. She takes the pen out, and sticks her palm out in front of her, showing the X’ers her wound immediately just healing* “What else ya got?”

*PyroBolt makes a fireball in his hand*

*Alexa Rose walks up to PyroBolt, and grabs his hand, catching herself on fire, and starting to suck in the entire fireball, the flame radiating through her veins and skin*

Alexa Rose - “Protectors, do your thing now.”

*Eden and Tlaloc take a step back as the other Protectors walk close to the X’ers*

*Down the street, Fuerza Mística, Marjorey, Ithemba, Sensor and Vexell walk towards the X’ers Building, and quickly notice the standoff*

Marjorey - “I feel like I should stay back a bit, so they can’t hurt me. If I get wounded, I can’t heal myself. And I can’t heal anyone else.”

*Sensor nods*

*The Green Witch runs over to them*

Sensor - “Look out!” *holds her hands up*

The Green Witch - “Stop, guys. I’m on your side.”

Vexell - “One of the most recognizable X’ers? On the side of The Protectors? Really?”

The Green Witch - “I’m not with The Protectors or anything, but… I’m not with The X’ers. Not with X Caliber’s ruling. I want him taken down.”

Sensor, dumbfounded - “She’s telling the truth.”


*Neuron and Starra sit next to each other, in a silence*

Neuron - “Why did this happen? Why is X Caliber the way he is?”

Starra - “He’s never been open with his motivations, but… before he was X Caliber… he just wanted to fit in.”

Neuron - “You were friends with him?”

Starra - “Friend is a strong word, but.. We had history.”

Neuron - “You… had history?”

Starra - “Well… okay, he WAS my friend. When the World discovered his powers… they were less than accepting…”

Neuron - “Couldn’t he have just had them all forget they ever found them out? Isn’t his power wiping out memories?”

Starra - “When he was younger...  he didn’t know how to handle his powers… and when he got really frustrated… he’d blow.”

Neuron - “Blow? What does that mean?”

Starra - “He had so much going on in his head… it’d get overwhelming to him.”

Neuron - “And he’d… blow?”

Starra - “The energy inside him… would overwhelm him… and he’d… burst.”

Neuron - “I need you to explain what you mean.”

Starra - “Like a bomb sort of… the energy would radiate around him, and blow everything near him away.”


*A young X Caliber is sitting in his room, banging his head against the wall. His mind getting too overwhelmed with thoughts and noises*

*There's a knock on his door*

X Caliber, shrieking - “GET AWAY.” *energy blasts from inside him, and it bursts out around him, causing his window to shatter and his door to burst open, throwing his parents, who were outside the door,  over a railing nearby them*


Starra - “When he murdered his only family… he was seen as this monster. And… the government sent him away. And since he killed his parents… he got sent to the bad side. Society shunned him because of that mistake… and that’s what got him to where he is now.”

Neuron - “Let me guess…. When he figured out how to control his power… he brainwashed them all… and started The X’ers.”

Starra - “When I joined he didn’t need to do it to me… I was dumb enough to follow him by choice. The ones who weren’t standing with him by choice… he would brainwash, basically.”

Neuron - “So… he’s built on revenge for how society treated him?”

Starra - “I think he wants to take over the Country… so the people who ostracized him… would be the outcasts next and get treated how he was treated.”

Neuron, sighing - “And he’s almost there.”

Starra - “The X’ers are outnumbered.”

Neuron - “But they’re ruthless. And powerful. They’ll have a plan. They’ll be prepared. But… they can’t win. We can’t let them.”


*Kitana, Jade, X and Poison Kisses are walking, searching desperately for Mileena*

*X gets a page, he checks it*

X - “Kisses, we have to go.”

Kitana - “We haven't found her yet, though.”

X - “My team needs me.”

Kitana - “I thought we were a team now?”

X - “We were individuals with a common goal.”


Jade - “Can we go with you?”

X - “What?”

Jade - “Can we fight with you? We’re fighting the Protectors, I assume?”

X - “Aren’t you a Protector?”

Kitana - “We became Protectors to get away from that psycho Mileena… now that she’s out of the X’ers… we have no reason to stay with the people who make us feel inferior.”

*X quickly looks over at Poison Kisses, thinking about what to do, and eventually he nods*

*Kitana and Jade smile, as they all start running through the streets, towards the X’ers building*


*Mileena runs to a tree, and notices she can see the X’ers building from where she’s standing, clearly noticing the X’ers and Protectors face to face*

Mileena - “Shit…”

*Mileena turns her head and notices X, Poison Kisses, Jade and Kitana walking towards the X’er Building*


Sensor turns her head, noticing X, Poison Kisses, Jade and Kitana - “Shit…”

Eden turns his head - “Did they flip…”

Tlaloc - “They really did.”

*Jade and Kitana smile at Eden and Tlaloc as they walk by, standing with the X’ers*

Kitana - “I figured they might be a bit outnumbered. We’re evening the playing field.”



*Neuron and Starra sit there, parked for a second*

Neuron - “Are you sure I should be doing this?”

Starra - “You are taking the stand nobody else took. I will stand with you.”

*Neuron smiles and nods, and exits the car. Starra exits the car too, to X Caliber’s slight shock*

The Green Witch walks over - “Neuron, who’s that?”

Neuron - “My mom. X Caliber lied to us all.”

X - “Are you calling my dad a liar?”

Neuron - “Yes. He has powers. He can erase people’s memories, essentially brainwashing them. That’s how he took control. You all fell for his games and lies.”

X Caliber - “Don’t listen to her, she’s clearly speaking madness.”

Neuron - “Whether you like it or not, you’re all fighting the war for a manipulator and a liar.”

X Caliber - “That is enough, Neuron.”

Neuron - “Screw you, my name isn’t Neuron. It’s Jaime Newton, and my mother is Starra. She was under your rule for years, and when she went against you… you killed her husband and kidnapped me. And you know it.”

X Caliber - “You can’t prove it.”

The Green Witch -  “Because Disturbia Killer was shot and killed by The Reaper. You knew he’d be able to tell us she’s telling the truth. You killed the only evidence she’d have.”

Sensor - “She is telling the truth. You’re a monster.”

*Europa and Vyx look at each other, but break eye contact quickly. Knowing it’s too late to turn on him now.*

Neuron - “You’re all going to stand with him?”

Kitana - “Yep.”

The Green Witch - “He’s who instructed Mileena to kill you guys.”

Jade - “Oh, who told you that?”

Mileena - “I did.”

*Jade and Kitana turn their heads, to see Mileena come out from the trees*

Mileena - “The war you’re fighting… isn’t fighting the Protectors. It’s me. So come and get me.”

*Jade and Kitana look at Mileena*

X Caliber - “Jade, Kitana. We need you.”

Mileena - “Then why’d you try to get me to kill them, X Caliber?”

X Caliber - “You’re a pathological liar.”

Mileena - “Oh, am I?”

X - “You are.”

*Dark Storm runs towards the X’ers building, still a bit of a distance away. He’s shocked by seeing Jade and Kitana on the X’ers side, and Neuron and the Green Witch on the Protectors side*

*Light Storm turns his head, noticing Dark Storm standing in the middle of the road*

Marjorey walks over to Dark Storm - “The battle is going to start… who’s side are you on?”

*Dark Storm blankly stares ahead*

Dark Storm - “Sorry, but… I have loyalty with the X’ers. And, just because he wants a brother… doesn’t change anything.”

Marjorey - “Blood doesn’t change anything?”

Dark Storm - “Thanks for saving me… I told you it would be a mistake.” *walks towards the X’er Building*

Marjorey - “I’m sorry, too.” *takes a gun out and shoots Dark Storm in the back of the leg*

Dark Storm - “SHIT.”


*As they’re distracted by the gun shot, Tlaloc takes his gun out and points it at X Caliber’s head, and shoots, but before it gets too far, Kitana extends her hand out, and in mid-air the bullet turns to ice and shatters*

Tlaloc - “Shit, your powers aren’t as useless as you led us to believe.”

Kitana - “You never gave me a reason to trust you guys. You were just my escape route.”


*As Dark Storm struggles to crawl away, Marjorey approaches him and points her gun at him*

Marjorey - “Any sudden movements and-”

*Dark Storm moves his hand around, and blows her away with a strong overpowering wind, that throws her into the woods. A tornado starts to form, and he struggles to stand up*


*The Reaper throws Disturbia Killer down on the ground, and waves his hand around him, as the storm clouds start to form*

*Disturbia Killer’s eyes open, but there’s no color to them*

The Reaper - “You’re going to help us win this, bud… after you helped them last time. Now… you will follow our instruction. Get me a snake… get me ALL of the snakes you can get. For once… you’ll actually be helpful.”

*Disturbia Killer stands up, and quickly a bunch of black snakes slither over and surround him*

The Reaper - “Go to the X’ers Building… and send your snakes off against The Protectors. You are officially on our side.”

*The Reaper walks towards the X’ers Building, and Disturbia Killer follows, with his snakes*


*X Caliber runs inside, and quickly Violeta and Vexell run towards the door, but Jade jumps in front of them, blocking the door*

*Mileena runs into the woods, quickly noticed by Kitana*


*Jade shrugs*

Europa - “I’ll handle them, you can go.”

*Jade nods and runs with Kitana, into the woods, but instead of blocking the door, Europa lets Violeta and Vexell in, much to their shock*

Europa - “Hurry.”

*A loud hissing noise distracts everyone nearby, and when they turn their heads to observe what it is, they notice The Reaper, and an undead Disturbia Killer, surrounded by an army of snakes*

Sensor - “Well, that’s going to be a problem.”

*Neuron and The Green Witch make worried eye contact*


*X Caliber quickly sprints into the lobby, before quickly being stopped by Percy and Genevieve*

Percy - “Hello, X Caliber.”

X Caliber - “Shit… how long have you been here? HOW did you get in?”

Genevieve - “You should know by now we have our ways.”

Percy - “Your time in this city is over.”

*Vexell and Violeta hide in the doorway, listening to the conversation*

X Caliber - “You can’t stop me. You know I’m too powerful.”

Percy - “You forgot something about us. We are powerful, too.”

*Violeta puts her hand on the gun, prepared to help*

*Percy raises his hand, and throws it down, and X Caliber is knocked unconscious*


Next. The Finale. Comment your reviews, thoughts, predictions and questions.

Everything. Is. Coming. To. An. End.


Does this mean, europa is now a good guy?
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X Caliber will be killed, X will take over as a antagonist in S2
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Eden turns his head - “Did they flip…”

Tlaloc - “They really did“‘
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Cant wait lmao finalie and season 2
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x caliber is for sure dying next episode. and x will be mad at that...
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