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Jul 26, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Finale : I Want Answers

Main Cast :
Kaseyhope101 - Becca Konner
Kelly2722 - Olivia Faye *DEAD*
Macda27 - Mac Daniels
Varlto - Gabriel Murphy
Jasoi - J.P
Tkoj555 - Theo *DEAD*
JonMcGillis - Ji Juarez
Zuelke - Mason Cooper
BluJay112 - Nickolas Clinton *DEAD*

Recurring Cast :
#Kaseyhope101 - Annalise Konner *DEAD*
#Kelly2722 - Alexa Reinhart
#Kelly2722 - Justin Paisley *DEAD*
#Varlto - Alycia Murphy *DEAD*

Reporter Lilli Jason
Grandma Murphy

Old Sally
Old Bruce


*Ji approaches her door, the sun setting, and she stares down at the “WELCOME” mat, conflicted, she stares at the direction of where the Church is, and starts walking towards it, sighing to herself*



*Alexa, Becca, Gabriel and Mac stand outside of the Church*

Gabriel - “The doors are probably locked. I have a key in my bag. Try opening it real quick, though.”

*Alexa approaches the door, but the doors open on their own, and on the inside, the masked killer stares at them*

Alexa - “Oh, FUCK.” *turns around, before getting grabbed by the killer and thrown into the Church, where she quickly starts crawling away, crawling to the feet of Grandma Murphy*

Grandma Murphy - “Hello, my child.”

*Becca runs into the Church, running by the killer, to tackle Grandma Murphy to the ground*


*Gabriel sighs, as Mac runs to the Killer, to stop him from killing Becca or Alexa, getting stabbed in the stomach in the process*


Gabriel - “Grandma.”

*Grandma Murphy looks over at Gabriel, Becca stands up, letting her talk to Gabriel*

Gabriel - “I protected you all this time. Not exposing your little secret. Now… I want answers.”

Grandma Murphy - “Close the doors, and all will be revealed.”

*Gabriel looks at Mac, who nods. Gabriel closes the doors*



*Mason is approached by an Old Woman*

Old Sally - “Hello.”

Mason - “What is this place?”

Old Sally - “We’re the Community. I’m Old Sally. My husband is Old Bruce. We are always accepting of visitors. We have a community shower if you need it, which it’d appear you do… You’re filthy dirty, boy!”

Mason - “Can I borrow your phone?”

Old Sally - “Oh, no no no. The first rule is… we need your phone.”

Mason - “You can go through my stuff if need be, or you could just take my word for it... I don’t have my phone anymore. I threw it out a window.”


Old Sally - “What’s your name?”

Mason - “Mason.” *exhales* “How long can I stay here?”

Old Sally - “As long as you need.”

*Mason enters a little log cabin inside of the community, shocked by the old fashion theme, as he was forced to change into clothes that feel like they belonged in the 1800s*

*Mason is approached by a fellow teen, a girl*

Kelsani - “Hello! You must be the new guy. I’m Old Sally and Old Bruce’s adopted daughter, Kelsani!”

Mason - “What is this place, exactly?”

Kelsani - “It’s the community! We’re a safe haven for lost souls. A utopia of sorts. We are at peace here.”

Mason - “How many people live here?”

Kelsani - “125.”

Mason - “How long has this been here?”

Kelsani - “What do you mean?”

Mason - “Enclosed within the gates?”

Kelsani - “We’ve been here our whole lives.”

Mason - “Wait, what?”

Kelsani - “This is all I know.”

*Mason pauses, confused*

Mason - “You’ve never been outside the gates?”

Kelsani - “What gates?”

Old Bruce - “Mason, can you come here for a second?”

*Mason turns his head and notices Old Bruce in the doorway of a cabin house nearby. Mason nods and goes inside*

Mason - “Are you lying to everyone here?”

Old Bruce - “Everyone here is hiding or running away from something. Know it or not. The ignorance is protecting them.”

Mason - “How do you bring more people in, knowing the truth can’t be revealed?”

Old Bruce - “They usually figure it out quite fast. They usually understand the secrecy. But, sometimes they’re children. Kelsani was just a baby.”

Mason - “Can I leave whenever I want?”

Old Bruce - “That risks our system. You know that, though.”

Mason - “Don’t assume what I fucking know.”


Old Bruce - “Alright? You should know that.”

Mason - “So, I’m trapped here?”

Old Bruce - “More or less.”

Mason - “I don’t like being trapped.”

Old Bruce - “What do you have for you outside of the gate?”

*Mason pauses, considering that*

Mason - “You’re absolutely right, honestly. But why does this place feel like it’s from the 1800s?”

Old Bruce - “The more advanced our technology is, the more likely it is for people to start a revolution against us. We want peace here. The 1800s was a simpler time.”

*Mason cringes*

Old Bruce - “You’ll be safe here. You’ll find happiness.”

Mason - “Okay.” *smiles* “I guess I’m the newest Citizen of the Community!”


*Grandma Murphy opens the door to the room JP and Lilli are tied up in, and she drags them both out by the hair and throws them onto the ground, in the center of the Chapel*

Grandma Murphy - “Ghostface. Stand up here.”

*The killer walks up to the center of the Chapel. Becca, Alexa, Gabriel and Mac watch this happening*

Grandma Murphy -  “Gabey, can you please come up here with us?”

*Mac stares at Gabriel*

*Gabriel makes eye contact with Mac*

Grandma Murphy - “5 seconds before I-” *takes gun out* “Shoot your friends in the fucking skull.”

*Gabriel shrugs and walks up to the Chapel*

Gabriel - “Let my friends go.”

*Grandma Murphy chuckles*

Gabriel - “Stop fucking laughing. Do it.”

Grandma Murphy - “Oh, someone’s being defiant.”

Gabriel - “Who’s Ghostface?”

*The killer stares at Gabriel*

Gabriel - “You said you’d give me answers.”

*Lilli Jason turns her head*

Lilli Jason - “Isn’t it obvious?”

*Gabriel turns his head to Lilli Jason*

Lilli Jason - “It’s either Alycia or Nick.”

Alexa - “But, they’re both dead.”

Lilli Jason - “Show yourself, Ghostface. I know I’m right.”

*Ghostface takes of their rmask, revealing Nickolas*

*Alexa and Becca look confused*

Nickolas - “Well, she ruined the fucking suspense.” *shoots Lilli Jason in the skull, and then shoots her body over and over again*

*Alexa and Becca’s eyes widen, shocked and on edge*

*A tear streams down JP’s face*

Alexa - “What the fuck, Nick? How are you still alive?”

Nickolas - “You guys really fell for my act. Well, Ji and Annalise did, at least. I guess nobody here got to see my… KILLER performance.”

Alexa - “That was a stupid fucking pun.”

Becca - “Nick, why?”

Nickolas - “Gabriel should know.”

Mac - “Gabe?”

Gabriel - “Grandma, what the fuck?”

Grandma Murphy - “Nick, you should probably just kill them. They know too much.”

Nickolas - “I’m not worried. We have the upperhand. If they try to fuck with us, we have families on our side. Wouldn’t it be so funny if Drew’s family murdered Becca?”

Becca - “Leave Mr. and Mrs. Harting out of this.”

Nickolas - “Oh, oh, oh. Darling, it’s too late.”

*Becca angrily glares at Nickolas*

Grandma Murphy - “Nick, you need to-”

*Nickolas turns to Grandma Murphy and shoots her in the face*

Nickolas - “Such a dictator bitch.”

*Gabriel’s jaw is dropped, as tears fill his eyes*

Gabriel - “Nickolas, you fucking killed my grandmother.”

Nickolas - “I killed your sister too. Nothing new here.”

*Becca and Alexa’s jaws are dropped, in distress*

Nickolas - “This is fun. Seeing all of your reactions.”

*Mac takes a step towards Nickolas, and Nickolas points his gun at Mac*

Nickolas - “Don’t bother.”

*Mac makes eye contact with Gabriel, and sighs, shaking his head*

*Gabriel breaks eye contact, a tear streaming down his cheek. Conflicted.*

Becca - “Nick, why?”

Nickolas - “Well, it started when I met Alycia. She quickly insisted I join her at her Grandmother’s Church. She said it was… ‘much more than a Church’, and damn… she. Was. Right.”

Mac - “So you knew it was a cult all along?”

Nickolas - “I’ve never been much of a follower, as you can tell.”

Becca - “So, you became the leader.”

Nickolas - “Not necessarily. This bitch-” *points at the dead body of Grandma Murphy, shooting her corpse again, a few more times* “Was always in my way.”

*Tears stream down Gabriel’s face as he’s seeing his grandmother’s corpse get shot over and over again*

Nickolas - “Grandma Murphy knew she couldn’t rely on Gabriel. He always rebelled against the Church, where Alycia leaned into the Church’s ways. Plus, the fact she was well aware of him being a homosexual. She didn’t want a sinner killing for the Church.”

*Gabriel’s jaw drops*

Nickolas - “So, Alycia recruited me, and we became two of the most trusted members of the Church.”

Mac - “Killers, you mean.”

Nickolas - “Mac, I don’t want to have to shoot you before I’m done with my monologue, so please shut the fuck up.”

*Mac rolls his eyes, holding his stab wound*

Nickolas - “Now, you’re probably wondering what our motive was… think about this. Grandma Murphy’s Church has been in this town for decades. Her mother, Alycia and Gabriel’s Great Grandmother, was the original head of the Church. She built it from the bottom up. Guess what happened to her?”


Nickolas - “Gabe, tell them.”

Gabriel, sighs - “She was burned alive by an atheist extremist cult.”

Nickolas - “And?”

Gabriel - “When my grandmother took over, she made a deal with them. To make the Church a platform for their hateful cult.”

Nickolas - “And when your mother took over, and tried to separate from them?

Gabriel - “I don’t know.”

Nickolas - “Oh, you know. They killed your parents, and staged it as a car accident. Alycia told me everything. Every. Detail. She was going to take over the Church one day.”

Becca - “So, you went on this rampage because a cult targeted you?”

Nickolas - “No. Grandma Murphy and Alycia both were fucking pissed. Because the town turned their backs on the Church. We were TRAPPED and ATTACKED by this terroristic group. And nobody supported us.”

Mac - “Did anybody know?”

Nickolas - “Back then, the town was well aware of the cult, but didn’t care. Now, the new generations are oblivious to it. The parents buried it as much as they could. Was Grandma Murphy a bad person? Probably not, but good people can do great bad once pushed hard enough.”

Becca - “But, what started the cult?”

Nickolas - “Sometimes… hateful people are just that… hateful. Psychotic. Dark.”

Mac - “Like you?”

Nickolas - “Oh, fuck you. You don’t know me.”


Gabriel - “The cult leader… is your father. Isn’t it?”

*Nickolas turns his head towards Gabriel*

Nickolas - “The leader of the cult at the time of my conception had raped my mother on a regular basis. I was raised as a member of the cult, because my mother was apart of it. If she tried to escape, she’d get murdered.”

Becca - “Nickolas, that’s terrible. But becoming a murderer couldn’t have made the pain go away.”

Nickolas - “You’d be shocked how much it helped.”

Becca - “But, it still doesn’t make any sense. They saw you die.”

Nickolas - “Did you know we didn’t stalk you to the lake house? Gabriel invited us.”

Mac - “What the fuck?”

Gabriel - “I didn’t know-”

Nickolas - “Shut the fuck up, you knew.”

Gabriel - “I didn’t know the extent-”

Mac - “Wow, you fucking knew.” *tears stream down his face* “I fell in love with you…”

*A tear streams down Gabriel’s face*


*Ji reaches the Church, and sighs, noticing the shut doors*

Ji - “This was a mistake…”

*Ji turns her head, noticing Drew’s family walking towards her, holding knives in their hands*

Ji - “Fuck.” *rolls eyes*


Nickolas - “My mother raised me, telling me how horrible humanity was. How fucking abusive humans were. Specifically men. I didn’t want to kill off poor Lora.” *presses the gun against JP’s head* “Sorry about that. You probably want to see her again, huh?”

JP - “If you want to fucking kill me, fucking kill me-”

*Nickolas shoots JP in the back of the skull, casually*


*Ji hears the gunshots*

Ji - “AH!” *her jaw drops* “Well, fuck... it isn’t over.”

*Mrs. Harting walks up to Ji. Ji quickly just picks up a rock and smashes Mrs. Harting in the head, and takes the knife out of Mrs. Harting’s hand to stab Mr. Harting in the gut, and kicking him down. Ji then kicks Drew’s brother in the crotch, and then knees him in the face as he’s slouched over. Ji then takes a keychain out of Mr. Harting’s pocket, and starts trying one by one, searching for the key to unlock the Church doors. Drew’s unconscious family surrounding her.*



*Nickolas starts cackling, laughing and smiling, uncontrollably*

Becca - “Finish your story. Why did you kill Alycia?”

Nickolas - “Because she was a fucking unpredictable bitch. She went off trying to shoot Theo and everyone, without a costume or anything. Plus, she stabbed me closer to my heart than you’d expect. I genuinely think she tried to kill me. I guess now… we’ll never know.”

Alexa - “You’re not explaining ANYTHING. Your storytelling is all over the place, it’s giving me whiplash.”

*Nickolas lifts his gun, aiming it at Alexa’s head*

Nickolas - “I don’t need to explain anything to you, anyways.” *he pulls the trigger, but he’s out of ammo, much to everyone’s shock*

*Gabriel sees his chance, and tackles Nickolas down, as Ji finally opens the Church doors*

Mac runs over to Lilli Jason’s body, to get her car keys, and notices the tape recorder, still recording - “BECCA, COME OVER HERE.”

*Becca runs over*

Mac - “Go to the police station with this” *hands Becca the tape recorder* “I have to get to the hospital quickly, or else I might bleed out.”

Alexa - “Give me the tape recorder, I’ll go there. You guys can drive to the hospital.”

*Mac nods as Becca hands Alexa the tape recorder*

*Gabriel struggles keeping Nickolas down, as Nickolas picks up a knife, that was in Grandma Murphy’s hands, and stabs Gabriel in the neck*

Mac notices this - “NO!”

*Nickolas throws Gabriel onto the ground, and quickly is pinned down by Ji, causing Nickolas to drop the knife*

Ji - “Any fucking help here?” *presses Mrs. Harting’s knife against Nickolas’s throat*



*Alexa nods, rolling her eyes running out*

Ji - “I’m not a killer.”

Nickolas - “Interesting, because I am.” *stabs Ji in the chest*

Ji - “UGH.”

*Nickolas runs the knife down, starting to gut her, but Ji quickly dresses down on the knife, causing blood to spur from Nickolas’s neck*


*Nickolas evilly chuckles, raising his knife up to dig into her heart, but before he can do that, Ji slashes Nickolas’s throat, raising the knife again, and stabbing down, into his skull. Killing Nickolas.*

*Ji stands up, dropping the knife, and turning to Mac and Becca*

Ji - “You guys… owe me… big time.”


*Becca, Alexa, Ji and Mac sit around a coffee shop*

Mac - “It’s weird to think we’d be graduating today.”

Alexa - “Yeah. And I wouldn’t even consider hanging out with you.”

Becca - “No body has been found yet. For Mason, I mean.”

Alexa - “He’s probably just dead.”

Ji - “Alexa, there would be NO TIME to bury a body that night.”

Alexa - “I know you weren’t WITH ME.. but most of the entire police force… was MURDERED. I SAW every single body. Including Olivia’s, by the way. Nickolas neglected to bring THAT up.”

Becca - “I don’t think he’s dead. Mason, I mean.”

Alexa - “Are you serious?”

Becca - “I think we need to find him. I think he’s in trouble.”


*Mason is in bed, making out with a hot shirtless guy*

Mason - “What’s your name again?”

Hot guy - “Do you care?”

Mason - “Well, like… do you have an STD or something?”

Hot guy - “I don’t fucking know?”

Mason - “Cool.” *starts making out with him again.*


Becca - “His parents deserve to know… if he’s alive… or dead… and if he’s safe.”

*Drew’s family walks into the cafe, all injured and cut up.*

*Becca makes eye contact with them, sadly*

*They all avoid eye contact with her, and quickly just leave the cafe.*

*Becca sighs*

Ji - “Let’s just… think about the Mason situation…”

Becca, sighs - “Drew’s family, as tragic as it is, found their son dead. They got answers-”

Alexa - “And they joined a fucking cult.”

Becca - “Mason could be alive. Knowing is better than not knowing.”

Alexa - “What do you suggest we do?”

Becca - “Find him.”

*Alexa rolls her eyes*

*Mac nods*


Ji - “Fuck.”


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I hope you make a second season!
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