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SCREAM : Episode 7.

Jul 17, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Episode 7 : The Middle Of Nowhere

Main Cast :
Kaseyhope101 - Becca Konner
Kelly2722 - Olivia Faye
Macda27 - Mac Daniels
Varlto - Gabriel Murphy
Jasoi - J.P
Tkoj555 - Theo
JonMcGillis - Ji Juarez
Zuelke - Mason Cooper
BluJay112 - Nickolas Clinton *DEAD*

Recurring Cast :
#Kaseyhope101 - Annalise Konner
#Kelly2722 - Alexa Reinhart
#Kelly2722 - Justin Paisley *DEAD*
#Varlto - Alycia Murphy

Reporter Lilli Jason
Officer Georgie Gomez
Grandma Murphy


*Theo ducks down and rolls over, as the killer extends his knife in the air and stabs the couch*

Theo - “FREAK.” *picks up a vase and chucks it at his head, missing, as Theo runs towards the door, running out*

*The killer chases Theo, as Theo slams the door shut, in his face*

Theo - “HELP! HELP! HELP!” *quickly runs away from the door*


Mason hears Theo’s scream and turns his head - “I could help her… or… I could survive…” *PAUSE, AS HE PROCEEDS TO SPRINT INTO THE WOODS*


*The killer runs out the door, and Theo hits him in the head with a stick, before sprinting away*

*The killer groans and chases after her*



*After Mac and Gabriel have sex, they walk back out to the road*

Mac - “Wait… how far gone do you think we’ve gotten?”

Gabriel - “I don’t know. It’s been about an hour… including the sex.”

Mac - “Let’s try our phones.”

Gabriel - “You’re right.”

*Mac calls Lilli Jason*

Gabriel - “What? Not 9-1-1?”

*Mac shrugs*

Mac - “Fuck. It didn’t work. Where the fuck is this place?”

Gabriel - “The middle of nowhere.”


*Lilli Jason and JP hang out in Lilli’s apartment*

Lilli Jason - “Tomorrow, I think I’m going to go to the church to talk to Grandma Murphy. Do you want to come with?”

JP - “I don’t think that’d be a good idea.”

Lilli Jason - “Why?”

JP - “If we think the Church is some cult, wouldn’t we want to… stay away?”

Lilli Jason - “I’m not afraid of some old bitch.”

JP - “Nor should you be, but you SHOULD consider being afraid of… the people FOLLOWING said old bitch?”

Lilli Jason shakes her head - “I’m going to get to the bottom of this case, and I’m going to figure out what the FUCK is up with this Church.”

JP - “Be careful, though.”

Lilli Jason - “My cameraman already got scared and left town. Don’t be a pussy, too.”

*JP chuckles, with a sigh*

Lilli Jason - “Good night.”

JP - “Thanks for letting me stay with you for the night.”

Lilli Jason - “No problem.”


*Theo runs into the street, looking both ways, before remembering the cars in the driveway*

Theo - “Perfect.” *runs into her car, and puts the keys in and turns it on, without knowing the tires are slashed. She tries to move but it won’t* “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” *she opens her door, but the killer is under her car, and the killer slashes her ankle open* “OW FUCK!”

*Theo falls down on her face, crawling away from the killer, who approaches her, and extends his knife in the air*

*Theo turns around on her back, and chucks a rock at his face, discombobulating him enough for Theo to kick him in the stomach, making him fall over against the car. Theo stands herself up and she limps over to another car, and enters it, locking herself in, so the killer can’t get in*

Theo - “Oh. My. Fuck.” *exhales, breathing heavily, searching through the car for some sort of weapon* “AGH.” *she peeks out of a window, and notices the killer is gone* “Fuck… where the fuck did he go?”


*Alycia runs into Ji, Annalise and Olivia*

Alycia - “Hey guys, where’s my gay brother?”

Annalise - “You don’t know? He’s with Mac searching for help on the streets?”

Alycia - “I need to get a cellphone or something. I think he’s fucking Mac or something, and grandma deserves to know.”

Ji - “Don’t out your own brother.” *rolls eyes*

Alycia - “Oh, fuck you, Ji. You’re a lesbian, you can’t tell me what to do. Where’s Nick, he’ll be on my side.”


Alycia, with a slight chuckle - “What?”

*Olivia hugs Alycia, sobbing*

Alycia - “No, fuck you. I’m going to find him.” *runs away*

*Olivia starts to run after her*

Annalise - “Olivia, stop. It’s not worth it.” *grabs her arm, preventing Olivia from following Alycia*

Olivia - “What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH TODAY.”


*Becca and Alexa search through the woods*

Becca - “I’m sorry about your ex.”

Alexa - “I’m just happy you’re okay.”

Becca - “He was our friend… I am just so confused why they spared me. I was unconscious. I was blacked out.”

Alexa - “Maybe the killer just doesn’t kill people unless they’re awake.”

Becca - “A true psychopath might want to see the life drain out of their victim.”

Alexa - “Yep.”

Becca - “This situation sucks.”

Alexa - “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.”

*Becca sighs, and stands against a tree, starting to cry*

Alexa - “Becca, we need to keep moving.”

Becca - “Alexa, fuck you. I need a minute.”


Becca - “WELL, MAYBE THAT ISN’T SO BAD.” *cries into her hands*

*Alexa sighs*

Alexa - “Becca.. We need to go.”

Becca - “We thought we’d be safe here. We should’ve been safe here.”

Alexa - “Do you think it’s the church? We didn’t invite them, yet they show up.”

Becca - “Doesn’t matter now… We’re gonna be dead soon.”

Alexa - “I don’t think you were blacked out.”

Becca - “What? Yes, I was--”

Alexa - “Justin drugged you, I think. He was going to rape you. I think.”

*Becca is silent, in shock*

Alexa - “I’m sorry, girl. I wasn’t sure… I sensed it, but I wasn’t sure… so I didn’t stop him…”

*Becca sits down against the tree*

Alexa - “Becca… I’m sorry I didn’t try to stop him.”

Becca - “I’m not shocked, that is typical. Only thinking about yourself. The killer had my back more than you. FUCK.” *chucks a rock*


*Grandma Murphy sits across from Officer Gomez*

Grandma Murphy - “I think you went too easy on… what’s his name? JP? My Church feels unsafe with him out and about.”

Officer Gomez - “Jacob Potter is being actively pursued, don’t worry. But bail was paid, and for the time being… we can’t do anything about that until we get conclusive evidence.”

Grandma Murphy - “My Church won’t be happy about this, Sir.”

Officer Gomez - “I don’t mean to be… rude. But people aren’t exactly fond of your Church, either… Mam.”

Grandma Murphy - “We have the rights and freedom to be active in this community.”

Officer Gomez - “And JP has a right to Due Process. Everything that’s happened is just the way the system works.”

Grandma Murphy - “What do you mean people aren’t fond of our Church?”

Officer Gomez - “People think you people are a threat. Growing. Close, like a family. Like a cult.”

Grandma Murphy - “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Officer Gomez - “Just saying what people are saying.”

Grandma Murphy - “Well, my Church won’t be happy to know that, I hope you know.”

Officer Gomez - “Aw, rats!”

Grandma Murphy - “Trust me… by the end of this. Justice will be served. Even if you people are incompetent.”

Officer Gomez - “Have a good day, Ms. Murphy.”

Grandma Murphy - “Damn you to Hell.”

Officer Gomez - “Okay, good night!”


*Alycia runs out of the woods, noticing Theo inside the car, running to the door*

Alycia - “WHAT’S UP?”

*Theo’s eyes are filled with tears as she shakes her head*

Theo - “Get out of here, girl. He’s close by.”

Alycia - “Who?”

Theo - “The killer.”

Alycia - “Oh, I ain’t worried about that.” *evil smirk*

*Theo frowns, nervously*

Theo - “What do you mean?”

*Alycia takes a gun out and points it at Theo’s head, through the window, with an evil smirk*


*From the woods, the killer comes out of the trees and stabs Alycia in the back*

Alycia - “AGGGGGHHHH!” *she shoots her gun off randomly, breaking a window, before collapsing to the ground, genuine shock in her eyes, as she collapses to the ground, dropping her gun*

*The killer picks the gun up and shoots Alycia in the chest over and over again, as Theo sneaks out the other side door and limps away*

Alycia, staring at the sky, tears in her eyes as she bleeds out - “What… the……….. Fuck.” *dies*


*Mac and Gabriel turn their heads towards the direction they were walking from*

Gabriel - “Did you hear that?”

Mac - “Who brought a gun with them…”

Gabriel - “I don’t know.”

Mac - “Do you think it was…”

Gabriel - “It had to be someone with us…”

Mac - “It could be a hunter.”

Gabriel - “No… we’re too far isolated.”

Mac - “Fuck.”


*Alexa and Becca both rush to their feet, looking out towards where the lake house is, as a reaction to the gunshots*

Alexa - “Could it be Mason?”

Becca - “How am I supposed to know?”


*Mason runs through the trees, avoiding the gunshot noises, running deeper and deeper into the woods*


*Ji, Annalise, and Olivia look down into the woods, hearing the gunshots*

Ji - “Was it…?”

Annalise - “You and Liv go look for help. I’m going back down.”

Ji - “I’ll go with you…”

Annalise - “No, you stay with Liv. This could’ve been Becca. She’s my sister. My business. You shouldn’t even be here.”

Ji - “I wanted to be here. Me and Liv can go with you-”

*Olivia runs down the hill, running away from them*

Annalise - “Go catch her.” *kisses Ji* “I love you.” *runs the opposite direction*

Ji wipes a tear away - “Fuck.” *runs after Olivia*



Ooh Alycia was in on it!

Also still happy with Mac and Gabriel hooking up
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Becca honestly deserves better 💀
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