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Kaseyvivor 2 : Episode 10

Jul 15, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 10, PART 1 : Down To The Wire
PREVIOUSLY on… #Kaseyvivor2.

With Dana being the sole minority vote, she has been lied to and blindsided more than anyone.

At a drama filled reward challenge, Tonya kicks Leo down to get her food reward, as Harrison gets an extra vote.

Leo wins immunity.

Dana and Jai get into an argument, as Dana feels lied to by Jai. Leo observes this conversation, and uses this as a chance to use them being at odds to target Gabi and BryAn, a perceived duo in the competition.

Leo uses Jai to get on board the Brain tribe to target Gabi and BryAn, and then gets Dana on board.

BryAn bothers Gabi by being too pushy, and Gabi doesn’t like to follow the leadership of men.

At tribal, BryAn is blindsided when Gabi turns on him, and is sent home by a 8-1 vote, when Harrison uses his Extra Vote.

Dana (Brawn/Brain)
Gabi (Beauty/Brawn)
Harrison (Brain/Brain)
Jai (Brain/Brain)
Leo (Beauty/Brawn)
Martin (Brain/Brain)
Tonya (Brawn/Brawn)

18th - Kyrah (4-1-1)
17th - Tayvian (3-3 // 3-1)
16th - Ryker (*5*-1)
15th - Laura (3-*1*-1)
14th - Becky (2-*1*-1)
13th - Vince (3-3 // 2-2 // ROCK DRAWN)
12th - Bruce (3-2-1)
11th - Samantha (*6*-*4*-1)
10th - Irielle (7-3)
9th - Harriet (7-2)
8th - BryAn (8-1)


*Gabi lies in the shelter, smiling*

Gabi, CF - Listen, nobody came to me about this, nobody brought it up… I just wanted to send a message to BryAn, like, hey dude. I’m my own person. You don’t own me. The fact he got out, well, it’s just convenient for me! It is problematic that I don’t have any strong alliances now, but I will not be outcasted. They clearly tried to outcast me, and they failed. I was in the majority... with everyone else.

*Leo looks over at Gabi, confused*

Leo, CF - I underestimated Gabi. She has more social awareness than I thought. Which is threatening. Maybe… she has to be next.


Martin and Dana win reward!

They share it with Leo, winning a helicopter tour of the island, and a picnic lunch!

Martin, CF - Sharing with Leo is pretty strategic. He’s been winning immunity left and right, and if he keeps winning, we won’t be able to take him out. We need to utilize him to our advantage and gain trust in him.


Martin - So, Leo… you win a lot of-

Leo - Martin, all due respect, but I just want to go on reward. I don’t see a point in talking game on it.

Dana - Because we’re playing a ****ing game.

Leo, CF - I just wanted to relax and enjoy this reward, and then Martin and Dana gang up on me, basically, attacking me, and being rude as heck... just being super aggressive.

Leo - Fine, let’s talk game. Gabi. She caught onto our plan. She has a firmer grasp on the game than anybody could expect. We underestimated her.

Martin, CF - Leo got super defensive when we asked him to talk game, he wanted to be on vacation. I don’t respect that. We just aren’t on the same wavelength, and it is something to consider, I think. His head isn’t in the game, he has to be pushed to actually talk game with us. I don’t think he deserves to be here if he isn’t going to play. It’s a slap in the face to those of us actually trying.



Leo, CF - My first immunity challenge loss in a couple of rounds. But, I do think I’ve set myself up into a decent position over time. I controlled the last vote, and sort of bonded with Martin and Dana. I feel okay!


*Jai, Martin and Harrison gather together*

Jai, CF - I’m immune, which is pretty ideal. Now, the obvious vote would be either Dana, Gabi or Leo… Dana has been the common target since the merge, Gabi is the one we tried to leave out last tribal, and Leo is simply the biggest threat… but it is up for discussion. I want to talk it out.

Martin - Guys, I know we said we’d take out Dana next, but… I just don’t feel good about Leo. When he was on reward with us, we tried to strategize with him-

Jai - You actually strategized with Dana?

Martin - We were civil.

Martin, CF - Since Leo lost immunity, I am taking my shot. I will save Dana for later, and target the real problem. Leo doesn’t deserve to be here, and the idea of him winning his way to the end is terrible. I can’t let him get away with that.

Martin - We have to take Leo out now. He’s a threat.

Harrison - We are letting Dana slip through our fingers time and time again. *groan*

Martin - If we let Leo slip through our fingers now, he could win his way to the end.

*Harrison rolls his eyes*

Harrison, CF - Dana just has to go sooner or later, and we literally are just procrastinating it more and more. It will never happen at this point and I’m just frustrated.


*Tonya approaches Gabi*

Tonya, CF - I want to get Gabi on board with taking out Leo, but it may be hard to convince her, as he is the only other Beauty let.

Tonya - Would you be interested in taking out Leo? I understand if not--

Gabi - Oh I want Leo the **** out of here. He has never been truthful with me, he is a huge physical threat, he is nothing but a ****ing annoying threat in this game.

Gabi, CF - I never cared for Leo, but he’s officially more of a problem than a benefit to my game. It’s official, he sucks.


Tonya, CF - That was easy!

Jeff Probst - Welcome in the members of our jury, Samantha, Irielle, Harriet and BryAn, voted out at the last tribal council.

*BryAn waves at Gabi, specifically*

Jeff Probst - Gabi, the last vote was unanimous, but BryAn seems to be specifically upset by you. Why?

Gabi - We’ve been friends since day 1, but... it’s getting down to the wire. I have NOTHING to explain to him. It’s time to put the game ahead of friendships.

*BryAn flips her off, Gabi blows him a kiss*

Jeff Probst - Leo, it’s your first time in a few rounds without the immunity necklace. Are you nervous?

Leo - Nah, I think we know who the target is.

*The camera cuts to Dana*

Dana - Do we?

Jeff Probst - Dana, what does that mean?

Dana - I guess it’s just different perspectives, and we’ll see whose perspective is the right one.

Leo - Oh, we’ll see alright.

Jeff Probst - Jai, was immunity necessary tonight?

Jai - It for sure makes me feel more comfortable. That’s all I will say.

Jeff Probst - It is… time to vote… Dana, you’re up first.



Jeff Probst - First vote… Leo.

Second vote… Leo.

Third vote… Tonya.

Tonya - HA.

*Dana snickers*

*Leo’s eyebrows ruffle*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… Leo.

Leo - WOW.

Jeff Probst - Fifth vote and next member of our jury… Leo.

Leo - Oh s***... sneaky ass people. *grabs torch and walks up to Jeff Probst*


Leo, to Gabi - Sole survivor of our tribe.

Jeff Probst - Leo, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Leo leaves the area*

Jeff Probst - Only one beauty left standing, could this be a battle of the 2 remaining tribes? But with another unanimous vote, it is impossible to tell. Grab your torches and head back to camp.

7th - Leo (6-1)

Leo, Leaving Words - Shocking? No. I didn’t see it coming, necessarily, but it was always a possibility. I’m obviously not happy, but I’m not surprised. This was the consequence of me being too good for my own good. Sorry, not sorry. *chuckles*

Dana - Leo.
Gabi - Leo.
Harrison - Leo.
Jai - Leo.
Leo - Tonya.
Martin - Leo.
Tonya - Leo.

PART 2 :

*Gabi lies down, smiling*

Gabi, CF - I am the last Beauty remaining, and I really feel proud of that. I’m not saying it was a conscious decision, to target other beauties until I’m the only one remaining, but it definitely feels good to outlast my entire tribe. I feel empowered. I voted my entire tribe off after we merged. Not many others get to say that.

*Dana smiles*

Dana, CF - I think my target is entirely gone away, now! I am officially safe, I think. I feel so good about my position. Gabi is the easy target now, it’s an easy round, and I’m in the final 5. Just need to make sure she doesn’t win immunity, and I should be good! I have such a story for when I make final tribal council, I may be unbeatable.


Tonya, Gabi and Harrison win reward! They win a picnic at an animal sanctuary with a tour of the premises.

Tonya, CF - With Harrison, Martin and Jai getting too close, I think this reward may be a chance to take a shot at the power trio. If we can’t flip Harrison now, it’ll never happen. And it’s our only chance. Now, I don’t know where Gabi’s head is at, but I think I have a chance to make a move.


*Tonya, Gabi and Harrison are at the picnic*

Tonya - Harrison, we all know you, Martin and Jai are chill, obviously. But, think about it. Will you win against… Jai?

*Harrison considers this for a second*

Tonya - He is cuter, younger and more physical than you.

Harrison - Thanks for putting that lightly…

Tonya, with a slight eye roll - Yeah, but, it’s true.

*Harrison nods*

Tonya - Now is your chance… to make the move that could get you the win. If one of us wins immunity, we’d just need Dana on board, and we can take control of our own game.

*Harrison ponders this, as Gabi sips her drink*

Harrison, CF - Tonya makes a good point, and it is the last chance I have to successfully pull something on Jai and Martin… but Dana is still here. She’s slipped through every crack, and is starting to have a good story. It may depend on who wins immunity, but I am happy there’s options open now.

Gabi, CF - I think Harrison is at the point in his game, where… he either makes the move, or he fakes like he played the game at Final Tribal Council. But, the fact of the matter is… it may depend on immunity. He seems on board IF we can take out Jai, but with Leo gone… Jai is the next best physical player, but… at least we have a chance now. Before, it seemed like they were inseparable. Having a chance is huge.



*Gabi and Tonya, disappointedly, exchange a glance*

Jai, CF - Having a spot guaranteed in top 5 is very big for my game. It’s getting closer and closer to the end, and I feel good with my numbers, but… it’s getting down to the wire, and moves could be made, so winning this is very important, because if a move were to be made, now is more likely than ever.


*Tonya sits on the beach with Martin*

Tonya, CF - When Jai won immunity, I felt less optimistic about the chances of Harrison flipping... so I want to feel out Martin to see if HE would flip on HARRISON, and just in general feel him out.

Tonya - So, Harrison and I talked at reward, and he was really big on taking out Jai…

Martin - Oh, I would’ve been, too.

Tonya - Oh?

Martin - If he lost immunity, I would’ve come to you right away, to discuss it. He is just a snake.

Tonya, CF - When Martin is so enthusiastic about taking out Jai, I feel as though I can USE that. To get Jai to flip on Martin.


*Tonya approaches Jai*

Tonya - Jai, Martin came to me and said some pretty interesting stuff I feel like you should know.

Jai - I’m sorry, but I just won immunity, and I need to take a step back and just relax in it.

Tonya - Well, when he’s telling me he wanted to target you, I figured you’d be interested, but sure… relax. *walks away*

Jai, CF - Well, Tonya gives me information that Martin WANTED to target me, and honestly? I can’t be bothered because I won immunity. But, I will say I am inclined to believe her, and I do think it should be taken into consideration. Ultimately, I don’t think I can take any chances right now with letting Dana get further.

*Jai, Harrison and Martin sit around the fire*

Jai - Guys, it’s time to take Dana out.

*Martin nods*

Martin, CF - I feel good with my 3, and I feel safe. But, do I want Harrison here much longer, when it’s getting down to the finale? Now and the next round are my last 2 chances to be a self sufficient castaway, and not be seen as a sheep to my leader, Jai. It’s 2 of my last chances to make a move.

Harison, CF - I wanted Jai out, but now that Jai is immune… the vote is either Martin or Dana… I’ve wanted Dana out for a while now, but is it best for my game to do it now?
*Dana, Gabi and Tonya all gather around the shelter*

Tonya - Ladies, we need to decide. Harrison or Martin? I think Martin is the better choice, but who do we think is more likely to flip?

Dana, CF - I don’t feel safe anymore, because we’ve reshifted, and now Gabi and Tonya are trying to make a move. Anything goes tonight, and I hope to GOD… it isn’t me who goes.


Jeff Probst - Welcome the members of the jury, Samantha, Irielle, Harriet, BryAn and Leo voted out at the last tribal council.

*Leo sits down, still sort of upset*

Jeff Probst - Jai, another round, another immunity. Are you the new comp beast?

Jai - I guess so! This brain is a brawn... shocking, right?! Haha.

*Dana rolls her eyes*

Jeff Probst - Gabi, you’re the last beauty standing, does the weight of that title feel like a burden?

Gabi - Nah, I’m chill. I voted most of them out, so I can’t be too bothered by it.

Jeff Probst - Do you feel targeted at all because of it, though?

Gabi - More than usual? Not really.

Jeff Probst - Who here… DOES… feel nervous?

*nobody raises their hand*

Jeff Probst - Dana, why do you think nobody feels nervous?

Dana - I think it’s more so… we’re all used to the paranoia at this point that nobody feels more nervous than usual.

Martin - I just feel comfortable.

Dana - Because you’re an arrogant ****, Martin.

Jeff Probst - It is… TIME TO VOTE. Dana, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - First vote… Dana.

Second vote… Dana.

Third vote… Dana.

*Dana smiles, rolling her eyes*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote.. Martin.

*Martin bites his bottom lip*

Jeff Probst - Fifth vote… Martin.

Sixth vote… Martin.

*Dana and Martin bury their heads in their hands, nervous and annoyed*

Jeff Probst - It is tied, 3 votes Dana, 3 votes Martin. You will all get a chance to revote, if it ties again… We will draw rocks.


Jeff Probst - First vote… Dana.

Second vote… Martin.

Third vote… Dana.

*the camera zooms in on Dana, and then on Martin*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… and player leaving… next member of the jury…. DANA.

*Dana nods, and stands up, grabbing her torch*

*Jai, Harrison and Martin all high five one another, as Tonya and Gabi slouch, disappointed*

Jeff Probst - Dana, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Dana - Damn. *LEAVES*

Jeff Probst - Going into the final 5, we are clearly divided. The road to final tribal council is at a boiling point. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Bye!

6th - Dana (3-3 // 3-1)

Dana, Leaving Words - I had such a long and winding road to this point, it was filled with bumps and curve balls. I have 0 regrets, though. I wish they would’ve went to rocks, but I also completely understand why not. I am proud of what I did to get this far, and it was an experience of a lifetime.

Dana - Martin.
Gabi - Martin // Dana.
Harrison - Dana.   
Jai - Dana.
Martin - Dana.
Tonya - Martin.


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