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Kaseyvivor 2 : Episode 9

Jul 10, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 9 : I Have A Shot

Previously on #KASEYVIVOR2

After a previously in the minority Leo wins immunity, the next target was up in the air.

After being a target beforehand, Harriet goes to Dana to try and bring both sides together against Tonya. Tonya notices this however, and goes to the Brain tribe to get people on her side. Even though her abrasive attitude rubs Harrison and Martin the wrong way, they agree to target a bigger strategic threat, Harriet, over an unpredictable Dana.

Jai goes to Gabi and BryAn, 2 close allies, to vote with him to take out Harriet, and although skeptical at first, not wanting to blindly follow his lead, Gabi ultimately does see the benefit in taking out Harriet, and jumps on board.

When Jai gets Leo on board, Harriet walks over, and Jai lies to her, saying they’re on her side. Leo gets sketched out by his ease with lying, and starts to be wary of him.

Ultimately, the plan works, and Harriet gets sent to jury, 7-2.

BryAn (Beauty/Brawn)
Dana (Brawn/Brain)
Gabi (Beauty/Brawn)
Harrison (Brain/Brain)
Jai (Brain/Brain)
Leo (Beauty/Brawn)
Martin (Brain/Brain)
Tonya (Brawn/Brawn)

18th - Kyrah (4-1-1)
17th - Tayvian (3-3 // 3-1)
16th - Ryker (*5*-1)
15th - Laura (3-*1*-1)
14th - Becky (2-*1*-1)
13th - Vince (3-3 // 2-2 // ROCK DRAWN)
12th - Bruce (3-2-1)
11th - Samantha (*6*-*4*-1)
10th - Irielle (7-3)
9th - Harriet (7-2)


*Dana rolls her eyes, sitting on the shelter*

Dana, CF - SHOCKER. I’m in the minority… again. *rolls eyes* Typical, typical, typical. I hate these ****ing rats, they’re all dumb. I am over them. I am over them. I am over it. O-V-E-R-I-T. They’re all rats. All of ‘em. F*** those rat ass motherf**kers.

*BryAn and Gabi sit together, smiling*

BryAn, CF - Me and Gabi are stronger than ever, and I honestly believe we could be in the best position big picture. It would be best case scenario and sometimes the best case scenario works out. Me and Gabi may be good in the bigger picture.

*Gabi smiles, and flips her hair, laughing with BryAn*

*Leo looks over at BryAn and Gabi*

Leo, CF - BryAn and Gabi are getting closer and closer, and I’m not sure if I like it. I might need to turn them against each other, but… how? Either way, my next target is one of the two. Or Jai, but… BryAn and Gabi are, what I believe to be, the biggest threats.




*Tonya smiles, Leo angrily looks over at Tonya, and rolls his eyes*



Harrison, CF - I think the fact that these people even tried to get the rewards for the other 2 categories means their heads are NOT in the game. I am trying to further myself in the game. These comfort items won’t proceed them, THIS. *holds up his extra vote* is EVERYTHING. These people are weak, and now… I think I might win this thing, because I’m actually trying. These people aren’t.


*BryAn is reading his letter from home*

BryAn, CF - “BryAn, your daddy and I have reconnected ever since you got on the show, and we are SO proud of you for doing this game. No matter how far you get - win, lose or fan favorite - we will be proud of you. Love, yo mama.” *BryAn wipes away a single tear* This is the most I’ve communicated with her all year. I didn’t even know she knew I was casted.


*Tonya sits down, eating her Bacon Cheeseburger, as Leo angrily stares at her, from a distance*

Tonya, CF - I win my reward, and I am eating like a queen! This may have seemed like the weakest category, but I am NOT complaining. I am LOVING my win.

Leo, CF - Well, I am pretty upset Tonya knocked me over, because I could’ve won, but *rolls eyes* it’s whatever. My goal is to separate the power duo of BryAn and Gabi, so… here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna win immunity, and take one of them out.



Leo, CF - My plan is in motion. I have a shot, and I’m not going to miss it. People may want Dana out, but BryAn and Gabi will be separated at the end of the day.


*Dana sits down, Jai walks over*

Jai - I understand you are upset about how last tribal turned out.

Dana - Upset? No. Bad word choice. Upset implies that I was… like, ****ing bummed out. No, I’m pissed.

Jai - I get that-

Dana - Do you?

Dana, CF - Jai is trying to make amends with me. You know something, Jai? I don’t care. You screwed me over, and that’s that. You can’t act like you didn’t, because guess what? You did.

Dana - Jai, you ****ing LIED.

*Leo, who is sitting on a towel behind them, sunbathing, nods to himself*

Leo, CF - Dana may be a psycho, but she isn’t wrong. Jai lies like it’s breathing. It’s second nature to him. But, AGAIN… I need to use this to MY advantage, to make sure the target is on nobody BUT Gabi and BryAn.


*Leo sits by Jai*

Jai - I want Dana out. I protected her last tribal, and this is the thanks I ****ing get?

Leo - It’s okay, bro. I feel ya. But, listen. Gabi and BryAn? *he crosses his fingers, to represent their closeness* They’re like THIS.

*Jai slightly nods*

Leo - We need to separate them.

Jai - If we don’t get the numbers... we do Dana. Deal?

Leo - Sure, fine. Just, we need to try at least. Okay?

*Jai nods*

Jai, CF - As much as Dana is driving me insane, Leo has a point. Gabi and BryAn are very close. It’s crazy we haven’t tried to make a move yet.


*Leo approaches Dana*

Dana - What?

Leo - I’m just trying to talk it out with you.

*Dana squints at Leo*

Leo - I get that you have an issue with Jai. Let’s band together now, target Jai later.

Leo, CF - You could be saying I’m being messy with this situation, but I won immunity. It’s time to take risks. I will go out and do what I can do to get the tribe against Gabi and BryAn. I could be causing trouble, but I can’t get out because of it, so… I’m going to do this.

Leo - Gabi and BryAn wanted to target you before Jai did, and they’re a final 2. We need to separate them now.

*Dana slightly nods*

Dana, CF - Leo never abruptly lied to me, so I’m more compelled to hear him out. My vote is up in the air right now, because he really made a point about Gabi and BryAn being scary close. Jai isn’t as close with Martin and Harrison as BryAn and Gabi are.


*Jai is talking with Harrison and Martin*

Jai - Guys, I want to either… A, take Dana out. My initial plan, because she’s psychotic. Or B, separate a power duo within BryAn and Gabi.

Martin - If we don’t attack the chance to take out Dana now… she will get to the end.

Jai - Devil’s advocate, I think the same is true with BryAn and Gabi.

Martin, CF - I don’t know. I’ve wanted to take Dana out for tribals now, and we keep saying “but, what about so and so?” If we keep saying “what about so and so” Dana will be a millionaire by the end of this.

Harrison - I see it both ways. But, we’ve been procrastinating taking out Dana since the merge started. We are getting down to the wire.

Jai - Which is why keeping a duo in the game would be a mistake.

Harrison, CF - I think we might be making a mistake either way. This is a double edged sword in any case scenario. Keeping Dana could become a common theme until she is sitting at the end with a check in her hand. But, Gabi and BryAn are 2 numbers, and getting down to the wire, 2 numbers on this tribe… is a powerful amount.

Harrison - I think it’s a risk either way, but I do think BryAn and Gabi are huge threats. It would be a good decision to take them out now. But I do agree with you, Martin, Dana is a slippery snake.

*Harrison, Martin and Jai all look at each other, considering their options*
*Gabi and BryAn sit near each other*

BryAn - I think we need to do Dana, it’s obvious. She’s starting problems, she got into a fight with Jai today. That’s the only option, we need her OUT of here.

*Gabi slightly looks into the camera*

Gabi, CF - BryAn is kind of being the exact type of man I hate right now. And him being all pushy and bossy is making me realize… he kind of sucks as an ally? Like he totally blindsided me pre-jury, and now he’s telling me what to do as though I’m his property? No, BryAn. No. You’re the one who follows ME on social media, so it’s time to put you in your place. I see everyone whispering around camp, and I KNOW the games they’re playing. It may be time for me to join in.

Jeff Probst - Welcome in the members of our jury, Samantha, Irielle and Harriet voted out at the last tribal council.

*Harriet bitterly stares at Dana*

Jeff Probst - Leo, another day another immunity win. Are you at all nervous about the social repercussions that could result from that?

Leo - It doesn’t matter now, because I’m immune. It may matter in the future, but if I win everything, it won’t.

*A lot of BIG reactions from the entire tribe, with eyerolls and scoffs, the jury cringes*

Jeff Probst - Big.. BIG reactions.

Leo - Some people had to ACTUALLY beat me to beat me, so…

Jeff Probst - Is this allegations of cheating and abuse here?

Leo - Tonya knows of what I’m referring to.

Tonya - Leo, you are reaching for low hanging fruit to try and incorporate the fact I’m a Tonya Harding lookalike for your personal benefit. I will not be having it and if you don’t watch your mouth, maybe I’ll tell the tribe to go to plan B.

BryAn - There’s a plan B?

Jeff Probst - BryAn, what do you have to say about this?

BryAn - I don’t know what Plan B is… what’s plan B? What was plan A?!

Gabi - BryAn, chill the **** out.

*Jai stays silent*

Jeff Probst - Leo, what do you have to say to Tonya directly?

Leo - I just think.. She knows what she did, and I am not mad about it, but I know what happened, she knows what happened, and the cameras know what happened. I get it, though. It was a reward, and it was something we wanted. I’m respecting it.

Jeff Probst - Tonya, any response?

Tonya - I just think any time you call someone out publicly, any respect you have, goes out the window.

Leo - So sorry if you feel that way.

*BryAn and Gabi make eye contact, and BryAn nods, with a slight smirk*

Jeff Probst - Dana, do you think your name is just out of the topic of conversation now?

Dana - I got into a bit of an argument with Jai earlier, but I think I feel less in danger than ever since the merge.

Jeff Probst - Harrison, with you winning the advantage reward, do you think anyone paid attention to that at camp?

Harrison - It could’ve happened. It wasn’t discussed to me directly, but… it could be used tonight, or later, who knows.

Jeff Probst - It is TIME TO VOTE… BryAn, you’re up first.



Jeff Probst - If you have a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so…

*Harrison stands up*

Harrison - At the reward, I got an advantage. It is an extra vote.


Jeff Probst - First vote… BryAn.

*BryAn’s jaw immediately drops*

Jeff Probst - Second vote… BryAn.

Third vote… Tonya.

Fourth vote… BryAn.

*BryAn frowns, super upset*

Jeff Probst - Fifth vote… BryAn.

Sixth vote and player leaving… BryAn.

BryAn - What the ****?!


BryAn - Gabi… what happened?

*Gabi stone-coldly stares at him, with no empathy or emotion*

*BryAn gets up, and grabs his torch, distraught, and walks up to Jeff Probst*

Jeff Probst - BryAn, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*BryAn leaves, confused*

*a few shocked expressions are focussed on Gabi, unexpected for her to vote for BryAn, thinking they were a final 2*

Jeff Probst - A betrayal just went down, evidently. But it was a unanimous vote. What’s up with that? Grab your torches and head back to camp.

8th - BryAn (8-1)

BryAn, Leaving Words - I am totally blindsided right now… yet somehow almost 10 votes were cast against me. I’m an idiot. I can’t believe Gabi voted for me, like, I can understand everyone else, but what the ****?! I was loyal to Gabi, I thought she was my friend. I just can’t believe she did this to me. ****. ****. ****. I am so ****ing upset by that.

BryAn - Tonya.
Dana - BryAn.
Gabi - BryAn.
Harrison - BryAn.
Jai - BryAn.
Leo - BryAn.
Martin - BryAn.
Tonya - BryAn.
Harrison, Extra Vote - BryAn.


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