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SCREAM : Episode 5.

Jul 7, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Episode 5 : Never Forget

Main Cast :
Kaseyhope101 - Becca Konner
Kelly2722 - Olivia Faye
Macda27 - Mac Daniels
Varlto - Gabriel Murphy
Jasoi - J.P
Tkoj555 - Theo
JonMcGillis - Ji Juarez
Zuelke - Mason Cooper
BluJay112 - Nickolas Clinton

Recurring Cast :
#Kaseyhope101 - Annalise Konner
#Kelly2722 - Alexa Reinhart
#Kelly2722 - Justin Paisley
#Varlto - Alycia Murphy
Lora Heights

Reporter Lilli Jason
Officer Georgie Gomez
Grandma Murphy


*Lora and JP are making out, when they hear a noise outside of the alleyway*

Lora - “We should go…”

JP - “Nah, babe. It’s probably just a cat.”

Lora - “Ironic, ‘cus I’m allergic to cats, let’s go.”

JP - “Babeeee….”

Lora - “I’m not playing, we need to leave. There’s a serial killer on the loose and it’s after midnight, this was a stupid decision anyways.”

JP - “Okay, well… I’m going to go check on what the noise is, so…” *walks away*

*Lora shakes her head and starts running in the other direction*

*A police car strolls up to JP*

Officer Gomez - “How old are you?

JP - “Uh… 18.”

Officer Gomez - “Can I see some ID?”

*JP hands him his drivers licence, ashamed*

Officer Gomez - “It says here you are 17. It is way past curfew, you are in some big trouble.”

*JP slouches, upset*


*Lora runs down the sidewalk, searching for her neighborhood, when, cutting through a corner, Ghostface appears*



*Officer Gomez’s head pops up, with JP in the back of the cop car, as Officer Gomez runs down the alley, towards the scream*

JP - “LORA?! LORA?! LOOOORA?!” *tears fill his eyes*


*Lora lies on the ground, her eyes popping open, blood everywhere, she is gutted and slashed open, Ghostface nowhere to be seen*



*Alexa and Becca sit at the kitchen table, frowning*

Alexa - “Are they sure it’s-”

Becca - “Yeah.”

*Alexa wipes a tear away*

Alexa - “FUCK.” *chucks a glass at the wall

Becca - “Alexa, calm down.”

Alexa - “No, it’s my fucking fault. I shouldn’t have thrown this stupid party and then she wouldn’t have left-”

Becca - “Alexa, you aren’t that important. It was the SERIAL KILLER’s fault, and if you didn’t have the party, everyone would’ve been alone at their OWN houses, and he would’ve killed someone regardless.”

*Alexa wipes a tear away*

Becca - “I am not letting you blame yourself for something inevitable.”

*Alexa nods, standing up, and hugging Becca*

*Mac and Gabriel run down stairs*

Mac - “We heard a shatter.”

Gabriel - “Is everything okay?”

*Alexa chuckles, and stares at the two of them*

*Becca gets a phone call from Drew’s mother*

Becca - “No…. no… no no no no nono…” *starts crying as she answers the phone* “Please, don’t say it…”

*Alexa turns her head to Becca, shock flooding her face*

*Becca chucks her phone at the wall, shrieking*

*Mac and Gabriel look at each other, and awkwardly leave the room*



*Grandma Murphy stands in front of the whole Church*

Grandma Murphy - “In this past week, our town has struck a tragedy.”

*Alycia, Nickolas and Olivia stand up, and stand with Grandma Murphy*

*In the seats, Gabriel and Mac share a confused glance, when they notice Olivia with the Church*

Alycia - “We have lost 8 people, many of them teenagers, just in High School.. in this past week.”

Nickolas - “We stand with the families of Jennifer Robertson. We stand with the families of Liam Lambert. We stand with the families of Holly Keener. We stand with the families of Polly Scott. We stand with the families of Randy Robinson. We stand with the families of Lucille Travis. We stand with the families of Drew Harting. We stand with the families of Lora Heights.”

Olivia - “STAND WITH US.”

*Every member of the Church stands up, and starts clapping, leaving the rest of the audience looking confused, some people awkwardly joining in the applause*

*They all stop clapping and stand still, starting to sing*

The Church, singing, a capella - “We all need a helping hand, we all need a friend. When we go through times of tragedy, we all stand in hand and hand.” *they clap exactly off beat*

*Mason and Theo both cringe*

Mason, to Theo - “This is some wack shit....”

Theo - “We need to get out of here…”

*The Church starts dancing, out of beat with the song they’re singing*

*Becca, who is sitting with Drew’s family, looks very uncomfortable*

The Church, singing - “After all that we go through, the Church is here to comfort you, so join… our… Church.”

*Lilli Jason takes notes*


*Becca approaches JP*

Becca - “Hey, I heard you spent the night in jail, that must’ve been terrible, especially considering what happened… just before.”

JP - “I think I might be the prime suspect…”

Becca - “That’s fucked up. The Police really has been dropping the ball, huh?”

JP - “I’m sorry for what happened to you.”

Becca - “Yeah…” *hugs JP again, wiping tears away*

JP - “It has to be harder for you-”

Becca - “This is definitely not a competition.”

*JP smiles, weakly*

*Becca notices Drew’s family talking to Grandma Murphy*

Becca - “Something is super fucked about this Church…”

JP - “I guess if they aren’t hurting anyone…”

Becca - “Yeah…” *looks nervously at Drew’s parents, before leaving*


*Mac and Gabriel walk down the sidewalk*

Mac - “About last night…”

Gabriel - “Nothing happened, it’s fine-”

Mac - “No.. it was nice having someone…” *mumbles* “Nevermind…”

Gabriel - “No, what were you saying?”

Mac - “I liked… sleeping in the same bed as someone else.”

Gabriel - “I- did too!”

Mac - “So, thank you… I guess.”

*Gabriel smiles*

*Lilli Jason walks up to Mac*

Lilli Jason - “Mac, I got major cult vibes from that church.” *turns to Gabriel* “Who’s your friend?”

Mac - “Gabriel Murphy… Grandson of the owners of the Church.”


Lilli Jason - “I’m Reporter Lilli Jason.” *extends her hand for Gabriel to shake, he ignores it*

Gabriel - “You think my family is involved in a cult?”

Lilli Jason - “I do. Hear me out-”

Gabriel - “I want my family safe. Can I join in your investigation?”

Lilli Jason - “Well, I didn’t plan on having this be a whole thing, but… of course. More help can’t hurt. I guess, welcome to the team.”

*Gabriel and Mac smile at her*

Lilli Jason - “What?”

Mac - “You’re enlisting the help of a couple of High Schoolers!”

Lilli Jason - “Don’t make me regret it.”

*Mac and Gabriel smile, as Lilli Jason walks away*


*Alexa sits around, painting her nails, Becca walks in*

Alexa - “Hey, would it be super fucked up if we just… left?”

Becca - “What do you mean?”

Alexa - “Well, I have a lake house cabin… it has a few bedrooms. Our crew could just… go.”

Becca - “A party on a lake during a killing spree?”

Alexa - “What’s stopping us?”

Becca - “I guess if we trust everyone we take, it’d just be the safer option.”

Alexa - “I like the way you think!”

Becca - “So, we take Dre-”

*Alexa stares at Becca*

Becca - “Fuck, ugh, wow… Mason. Annalise. Annalise can bring her friend.”

Alexa - “We can invite Justin, but we broke up.”

Becca - “Yeah… we can just invite the whole crew.”

Alexa - “Including JP?”

Becca - “He might be going to jail.”

*Alexa scoffs and rolls her eyes*

Becca - “He didn’t do it, I don’t think he did it.”

Alexa - “He didn’t, the cops are stupid.”

Becca - “Agreed.” *sighs* “I think Lora really liked him.””

Alexa - “She did… I never even got to make fun of her for it.”

*Becca and Alexa chuckle together, before shrugging, upset*

Becca - “We should invite Mac and Gabriel to the cabin.”

Alexa - “Yeah, they’re cool. But I swear to GOD, those church folk ain’t coming.”


*Alexa and Becca sit down on the couch, as Alycia, Nickolas and Olivia are handing out pamphlets*

Alexa - “Fuck you.”

Becca - “I didn’t think they’d get an invite…”

*Gabriel and Mac approach Alexa and Becca*

Gabriel - “I’m so sorry my sister came…”

Becca - “It’s fine, we understand why you’d invite her.”

Gabriel - “Oh, God no… we didn’t.”

Alexa - “Huh?”

Mac - “When I started driving, they started following us.”

Alexa - “Well, that’s creepy.”

Becca - “Well, they aren’t hurting anyone.”

Alexa - “Yet…” *fills her glass* “Key fucking word.”

*Becca nods, slightly*

*Annalise and Ji sit outside, staring at the water*

Annalise - “So… you know all about me… yet I know nothing about you.. Are you bi?”

Ji - “I don’t fuck with relationships.”

Annalise - “Oh, really?”

Ji - “Yeah, they always fuck you over in the end, it’s easier to just not get into it.”

Annalise - “I don’t think that’s always true.”

Ji - “Well, right now it’s either they fuck you over, they die, they kill you or YOU die.”

Annalise - “I think there’s more than that.”

Ji - “Can’t trust anyone, can’t love anyone. These circumstances just prove that more.”

*Annalise shakes her head*

Ji - “Why? Do you want to fuck me?”

Annalise - “You need to calm down, I don’t fuck with that drug dealing life.” *chuckles*

Ji - “In other circumstances… maybe I’d consider fucking you, but…”

Annalise - “So, you ARE bi?”

Ji - “Well, I don’t do labels.”

Annalise - “You’re bi.”

Ji - “Well, fuck, maybe I’m a lesbian. Have you thought of that?”

Annalise - “Yeah, but, like, you’re bi.”

*Ji shakes her head, sighing*


*Justin approaches Becca*

Justin - “So… your boyfriend is dead. My girlfriend dumped me…”

Becca - “Fuck you.”

Justin - “Let’s do it, babe.”

*Becca groans and rolls her eyes*

*Theo and Mason stand around, in the kitchen*

Theo - “Becca and Justin. Gonna fuck or nah?”

Mason - “He’ll probably drug her.”

Theo - “Why can’t he just fuck me? I’d consent!”

Mason - “Girl, I say the same thing.”

*Theo and Mason laugh, slightly*

Alexa storms in - “What the fuck, guys? There’s people dying and you’re laughing?!”

Mason - “Latest victim? Your sense of humor.” *walks out of the kitchen*

*Theo pours herself a shot of vodka*

*Annalise and Ji walk inside, and notice Olivia walking with the Church group*

Annalise - “Is Olivia with the church people?”

Ji - “Do you care?”

Annalise - “No, just odd… she hates religion.”

Ji - “She’s spent her life as a lesbian, obviously she hates God.”

Annalise - “This is kind of sus…”

Ji - “Well, it’s her life. Let’s go on a hike.”

Annalise - “A romantic hike?”

Ji - “Or… a hike.”

*Annalise and Ji smile, and walk back outside*


*JP sits in a jail cell*

*Lilli Jason storms in, and walks up to Officer Gomez*

Lilli Jason - “Get him THE FUCK out of there.”

Officer Gomez - “Ms. Jason, this seems out of the blue.”

Lilli Jason - “He’s fucking innocent, and this is irre-fucking-sponsible of you.”

Officer Gomez - “We can link him to the scene of each crime, with very little alibi proving otherwise. Sometimes the obvious answer IS correct, oftentimes really.”

Lilli Jason - “That doesn’t mean you get to arrest someone and hold them in a cell with 0 conclusive evidence besides him being with his girlfriend the night she was found fucking dead.”

Officer Gomez - “Stay out of it, Ms. Jason.”

Lilli Jason - “I’ll pay his bail because he doesn’t deserve this fucking treatment. You’re a pig.”


*Lilli Jason and JP walk out of the station, to her car*

JP - “Thank you…”

Lilli Jason - “I was doing research on the people potentially involved in this case. Found out you were taken in by neglective parents, and tried to run away so many times. You’ve been trapped your entire life, I wasn’t going to let it happen again. Plus… you are innocent. I believe that. Reports say they heard the scream of Lora WHILE you were in custody already. Makes no fucking sense.” *she starts her car* “This town is corrupt as fuck.”

*JP smiles at Lilli Jason*


Justin hands Becca a drink - “Hey.”

Becca chugs her drink immediately - “Thanks.”

*Justin smirks slightly*

*Mason elbows Theo and points to Becca’s empty drink, and Justin’s evil smirk*

Mason - “Told you.”

Theo - “Should we help her?”

*Mason scoffs, and walks away, Theo shrugs and does another shot*

*Gabriel approaches Olivia*

Gabriel - “Hey, when did you join the Church?”

Olivia - “When they let me in with open arms, and smothered me with unconditional love.”

*Gabriel’s eyes widen, and he quickly walks away*

*Olivia smiles*

Nickolas whispers to Alycia - “Nobody is joining in…”

Alycia whispers back - “In due time.”

Nickolas - “The fuck does that mean?”

Alyicia rolls her eyes - “They will.”

Nickolas - “Oh.”

*Gabriel and Mac walk upstairs*

Gabriel - “The Church is fucking sketchy, Olivia isn’t herself right now.”

Mac - “Is anything different with Alycia?”

Gabriel - “Nah, she’s always wanted to follow in Grandma’s footsteps as a little girl, she was raised this way. I assumed Nick was probably the same way, but Olivia is NOT the same.”

Mac - “Fuck… we could have a lead then..” *texts Lilli Jason “talk 2 the church leader. Could have lead.” but the text won’t send* “Must not have service, fuck.”

*Gabriel sighs*

Mac - “Gabe…” *kisses Gabriel* “This is so fucking frustrating. So, just figured I’d...”

*Gabriel kisses Mac, as Mason starts walking up the stairs*

Mason - “Wow, y’all are really hot.”

*Gabriel and Mac break up their kiss, and run down the stairs, smiling*

*Becca, who is passed out, gets picked up by Justin*

Alexa - “What’s with her?”

Justin - “Passed out, bringing her upstairs to bed. Figured she should be comfortable.”

*Alexa slightly frowns, nervously, but nods*


*While hiking, near the top of the mountain, late at night, Annalise rolls her ankle*

Annalise - “AGH…”

Ji - “Oh fuck, are you okay?”

Annalise - “Just a little.. Pain.”

Ji tries to call someone, but there’s no service - “FUCK… what a fucking cliche.” *rolls eyes, chucking her phone off the hill*

Annalise - “Why the fuck would you do that, my phone is charging at the place.”

Ji - “Well… oh fuck.” *looks out into the trees* “I’ll be right back, I should find my phone.” *runs down the hill*

*Annalise wipes a tear away, holding her ankle*


*Mac looks at all the tires of all the cars, every single one slashed open and flat... besides one car. Justin’s. Mac looks baffled*


*Justin sets Becca down on a bed and takes off all of her clothes, and takes his phone out*

*The door behind him opens before he gets too far though, and he turns around, to see a shadow of a man*

Justin - “Hey?”

*The man slashes Justin’s throat and then stabs him in the gut, multiple times*

Justin - “Ahh…” *grips his throat, before turning around, and flopping down on the bed, on top of Becca, blood all over the bed, and on Becca*

*The man walks out of the bedroom, and locks the door as he exits, so nobody can get in, and Becca can’t get out*

*Mason is peaking his head out from another bedroom door, watching everything that just happened, shocked, but nearly completely indifferent in emotion. He simply just closes the door*




why the fuck would i do that skskskksksk
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I don’t think Lora is dead. Every time there’s an offscreen death I don’t trust it.
Ji is definitely slashing throats and tires.
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