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Kaseyvivor 2 : Episode 8

Jul 7, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

EPISODE 8 : Fit Into Place
Previously on… #KASEYVIVOR2.

The tribes merge, and it starts off with alliances based on tribal lines. The Beauty’s being public enemy #1 as they hold the numbers.

But quickly, the dynamics shift when Harriet wins immunity, and Dana decides to target Tonya.

Samantha takes the chance to use Dana targeting Tonya, to target someone she doesn’t trust, Leo, who voted for BryAn at the tribal council prior.

Ultimately, both Tonya and Leo had idols, and when Harriet voted for Samantha, Samantha was double idolled out.

After that, the Beauty’s felt more vulnerable than ever, as did Tonya. Tonya wins immunity, though, managing to save herself once again.

Harrison gets into a fight with Harriet, Harrison calling her out for voting for Samantha the tribal beforehand. Dana uses this to her advantage, trying to target Harriet, but Harrison doesn’t trust Dana for being so shady, and he and Gabi go to Harriet to try and get her on their side, but she is a skeptic. Harriet reasons with them, saying she’ll vote with them if they take out Irielle.

Ultimately, it works, and Irielle is sent home 7-3.

BryAn (Beauty/Brawn)
Dana (Brawn/Brain)
Gabi (Beauty/Brawn)
Harriet (Brawn/Brain)
Harrison (Brain/Brain)
Jai (Brain/Brain)
Leo (Beauty/Brawn)
Martin (Brain/Brain)
Tonya (Brawn/Brawn)

18th - Kyrah (4-1-1)
17th - Tayvian (3-3 // 3-1)
16th - Ryker (*5*-1)
15th - Laura (3-*1*-1)
14th - Becky (2-*1*-1)
13th - Vince (3-3 // 2-2 // ROCK DRAWN)
12th - Bruce (3-2-1)
11th - Samantha (*6*-*4*-1)
10th - Irielle (7-3)

*Dana lies down at the shelter, frustrated*

Dana, CF - All I wanted was for Harriet’s bitch ass to get out. My targets right now… is Tonya. And Harriet. I am going to do it. Now or never. They WILL get out if I have anything to say about it.

*Harriet chuckles*

Harriet, CF - I am not saying I wanted Irielle out. I actually quite liked Irielle, she was a nice girl. But, I stayed in the game. That’s what matters at the end of the day.

*Tonya sits down on the beach*

Tonya, CF - I don’t feel safe. I used an idol, and then won immunity. If I don’t win immunity again, I could very well be targeted next and end up on the jury. I am going to go for immunity… HARD. I’m going to win!

Leo, Harrison, BryAn, and Jai win reward! They win Chinese Takeout delivered to camp.

Leo, CF - It’s awesome winning reward! It gives me more energy and motivation going forward in this game. Rewards are more important than given credit for. I don’t have an idol anymore, so everything from here on out is entirely just on my social and physical game, and winning rewards definitely gives me an extra bit of motivation. I might be stronger than ever, right now.


Leo wins immunity!

Leo, CF - I was in the minority last round, I was with Irielle. And with Beauties getting targeted one by one, I feel as though I needed this. I am so happy I got it, because… even if in the big picture it doesn’t keep me safe, it does give me some more time.

*Harriet approaches Dana*

Harriet, CF - It may be a risk, but right now… I feel like trying to use Dana. She wanted to target Tonya when we hit the merge. Why not target her now that we finally get another chance? I feel like it’s either me or Tonya going out next, just by basic logic, so… I’m gonna take my shot.

Harriet - Dana, I know we’ve been at odds in the past. I think we should use that. Why not… we target TONYA together? And get the numbers to take her the **** out?

Dana - Nobody would expect that.

Dana, CF - I think working with Harriet would be GREAT for my personal game. Now, the PROBLEM is… can I TRUST her? Obviously I do think she’s only coming to me for protection going into this tribal council, and she knows I am not a fan of Tonya. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing, though. I could use this. Hopefully. I do think Tonya is scarier than Harriet, too.

*Tonya looks over at Harriet and Dana talking, and nervously gets up, and walks towards the water*

Tonya, CF - I don’t feel comfortable with Harriet and Dana talking, because they have never talked much. It makes me feel like something is going on. I need to STOP IT.


*Tonya gathers around with Jai, Harrison and Martin*

Tonya - Here’s the deal, boys. Dana and Harriet are talking. I don’t know where your heads are at, but Dana and Harriet put together could be explosive and we don’t want that. Do we?

Tonya, CF - Going to the brains first is a very strategic play. If I can get the only tribe still even partially unified and on board, I think everything else will fit into place, like a puzzle.

Jai - I think Dana is very unpredictable, but we could use that. Harriet, I feel, is very dangerous. On a strategic level. She’s a threat to win, I think. Thinking big picture.

*Harrison and Martin nod along*

Jai, CF - I am happy Tonya came to us, because, honestly… the brawn women are the current targets. Her coming to us makes it easier to know our options.

Harrison - I don’t know, I just don’t like Dana.

Martin - Dana is a c***.

*Tonya cringes, but smiles and nods*

Martin, CF - I want Dana out, for sure. She is a bitch, she is problematic, and simply does not deserve to be here.

Tonya - I get wanting either one out, and I’m good with either, but I agree that Dana is no threat in the end. None of us respects her.

Martin - She doesn’t deserve to be here.

Harrison - Agreed.

Tonya - Which is why Harriet is a bigger threat than her.

Harrison, CF - Tonya is being a bitch, which is very odd considering WE are who she needs to save HER. Who gave her the right to boss us around?

*Harrison, Jai and Martin stand in a triangle, in the woods*

Harrison - I hate Tonya, I want her out.

Martin - I agree, but I also think Dana and Harriet should be our priorities.

Harrison - No, **** that. Who gave her the right to tell us what to do?

Jai, CF - Harrison and Martin aren’t happy Tonya spoke her mind. I get it. She is the one benefiting from US considering working with her. But, I don’t think they are thinking objectively, they are thinking about the petty things, not the strategic things.

Jai - Guys, we can’t be idiots about this. We can work with Tonya. Dana is a ticking time bomb, and Harriet is a huge threat. We need Tonya for our chances in this game, Harriet and Dana are not to be trusted.

*Harrison groans*

Martin, CF - These people are seriously pissing me off. I just want to make my own decisions, I don’t like being told what to do. I didn’t become a multi-millionaire by being bossed around. I’M the boss. Not them. I will do what I want to do. I’m not going to waste my time with people who think they own me.

Jai, CF - I can’t rely on over-emotional old men like Harrison or Martin, I need to get a base going to make SURE Martin and Harrison don’t mess anything up.

*Jai approaches Gabi and BryAn*

Jai - We voted together last time, right?

Gabi - Yeah, why?

Jai - We need to work together again… to take out Harriet.

Gabi - Why would we do that? Harriet voted with us last time, too.

Gabi, CF - I want to work with the people that will benefit me big picture, and… will Jai really do that? BryAn is my ride or die, and we don’t exactly have many options, but I’m not going to roll over and follow whatever master Jai just comes out and tells me to do. Unless he gives me a reason to, I will not just blindly follow him.

Jai - Gabi… Please, just hear me out.

Gabi - I’m listening.

Jai - The targets are Dana, Harriet or Tonya. Harriet and Tonya both voted with us last tribal, and they are both targeting each other now. Dana is the person Harrison and Martin want out, but me? No. She isn’t a threat. She is a nothing player, why would we waste our time on her? The only other person who didn’t vote with us last tribal is immune. Do you really want to target Dana right now?

*Gabi nods along*

Gabi - Consider it considered.

*Gabi and BryAn have a sidebar, near the shelter*

BryAn - I think we should do Harriet.

Gabi - Yeah, it’s definitely a logical decision, but I don’t want Jai to think he can just boss me around.

BryAn, CF - Gabi and I are a very strong unit, and if we can stick together long enough, we could get to the end, I truly believe that. If we vote together, stick together, and stay strong together… we could win this.

*Jai sits by Leo*

Jai - You voted Harriet last time?

Leo - Yep.

Jai - Would you do it again?

Leo - Might as well, right?

Jai - Good. Grats on immunity, bro.

Leo - Thanks.

Leo, CF - I was out of the loop once, but now people are actually approaching me, so… maybe winning immunity was best for me. Who would’ve thought it!

*Harriet walks up to Leo and Jai*

Harriet - Are you guys close with your tribes?

Jai - We already talked to them. They’re voting for Tonya.

*Harriet smiles and walks away*

Leo - Huh?

Jai - We can’t have her getting too paranoid, or she might try to make a move.

*Leo looks over at Harriet, walking away*

Leo, CF  Seeing Jai’s ease with lying, it’s just very off-putting. Sociopathic. I don’t know if I want to vote with him anymore, but I don’t know if I have much room to make a move right now. I already was in the minority, I need to be careful.


Jeff Probst - Welcome the members of our jury, Samantha and Irielle voted out at the last tribal council.

*Irielle, in a gorgeous red dress, sits down, waving at everyone from jury*

Jeff Probst - Leo, how do you feel after winning immunity?

Leo - I was in the minority last vote, so I feel so much better having it now, giving me a chance to make bonds and position myself better. I’m already in the minority, being a physical competitor can not hurt me.

Jeff Probst - Harriet, you got votes last time. Does that make you feel less safe this time?

Harriet - No, I feel pretty good, actually.

Dana - As she should.

Jeff Probst - Dana, it’d have seemed like you were not friendly with her in the past. Why do you say that now?

Dana - It’s an ever changing game, what can I say?

Jeff Probst - Tonya, how does that make you feel?

Tonya - Indifferent. I think it’s all perception.

Jeff Probst - Harrison, what’s your perception of this current tribal stance?

Harrison - It’s not Brawn vs Beauty vs Brain anymore, it’s an individual's game. We all make decisions that make us feel better off, nothing to benefit a tribe or anything anymore. And, whichever individual gets their play through, will be the head of the tribe for that round.

Jeff Probst - With that, it is time to vote. BryAn, you’re up first.


Dana, holding up parchment that reads “TONYA” - I personally just can’t stand you, and hope this is it, champ.

Jai, holding up a parchment that says “HARRIET” - It’s the only way.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.


Jeff Probst - Alright, first vote… Harriet.

*Harriet gulps, but nods and rolls her eyes, brushing it off*

Jeff Probst - Second vote… Tonya.

Third vote… Tonya.

*Tonya smiles*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… Harriet. 2 votes Tonya, 2 votes Harriet.

Fifth vote… Harriet.

Sixth vote… Harriet.

*Harriet starts to look concerned, her jaw slightly dropped*

Jeff Probst - Seventh vote and the third member of our jury… Harriet.

Harriet - What the ****?!


Dana - Oh, s***....

*Harriet walks up to Jeff Probst, with her torch*

*Irielle and Samantha laugh with each other, looking at Harriet, both slightly shocked.*

Jeff Probst - Harriet, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Harriet silently, in shock, leaves the area*

Jeff Probst - Even as the tribe is in unison, this seemed to be a blindside. Meaning, you all may be an unpredictable group! Grab your torches and head back to camp.

9th - Harriet (7-2)

Harriet, Leaving Words - I don’t know… I just don’t know… I guess going to Dana wasn’t the best idea. If I left it alone, I don’t see another way it could’ve turned out this way. I truly think that was a big mistake… I should’ve just let Dana blow her own game up, without interfering. I just don’t know. It sucks… I’m leaving this game without a boyfriend and without a million dollars. ****.

BryAn - Harriet.
Dana - Tonya.
Gabi - Harriet.
Harriet - Tonya.
Harrison - Harriet.
Jai - Harriet.
Leo - Harriet.
Martin - Harriet.
Tonya - Harriet.


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