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SCREAM : Episode 4.

Jul 7, 2019 by Kaseyhope101


Episode 4 : School’s Out

Main Cast :
Kaseyhope101 - Becca Konner
Kelly2722 - Olivia Faye
Macda27 - Mac Daniels
Varlto - Gabriel Murphy
Jasoi - J.P
Tkoj555 - Theo
JonMcGillis - Ji Juarez
Zuelke - Mason Cooper
BluJay112 - Nickolas Clinton

Recurring Cast :
#Kaseyhope101 - Annalise Konner
#Kelly2722 - Alexa Reinhart
#Kelly2722 - Justin Paisley
#Varlto - Alycia Murphy
Lora Heights
Drew Harting

Reporter Lilli Jason
Officer Georgie Gomez
Grandma Murphy

*Reporter Lilli Jason is preparing herself up for the report, smiling*

Lilli Jason - “Okay, action.”

Cameraman - “I actually am who says action-”

Lilli Jason - “Just start the fucking shot.”

Cameraman - “Aaaaand action!”

Lilli Jason - “3 bodies were discovered after Prom Night… 2 of them in the building, Woodsboro High School, behind me. Officers declined to make a statement on this, but… in the past week 6 people have turned up dead. We’d be lying to ourselves if we were to say…. These aren’t scary times. And it’s likely… School will be out… probably not forever, but likely until this situation is resolved.”


Lilli Jason, On The Phone - “This is literally just a story waiting to happen. Reporter solves a serial killer murder mystery? Fucking. Gold. I swear I’m going national. If not INTERnational. Ugh, I’m not saying I’m happy there’s a serial killer, but FUCKING DAMN. This is amazing.”



*Lora wakes up, in bed with him, and shakes her head, rubbing her eyes*

*Lora sits up, waking JP*

JP - “Hey, babe!” *he smiles at her*

*Lora stares blankly at him, trying to process what she has done*

JP - “This was 100% consensual, if you don’t remember…”

Lora - “No, no no… Of course, I know…”

JP - “Oh, good.”

Lora - “Yeah…”

*Lora stares at the wall in front of her*

JP - “I’m sorry if you’re unhappy about this...”

Lora - “The issue is the opposite, I don’t feel upset about this. I always just have been repulsed by you, and randomly… I’m not. I just don’t know how I feel about this.”

*JP kisses Lora, and Lora kisses back*

*They both get notifications on their phones, and they both look down*

Both (simutaneously) - “Oh, fuck.”


*Lora, Alexa and Becca meet up at a table*

Alexa - “School is FINALLY cancelled!”

Becca - “Alexa, shut the fuck up, people are getting murdered right now.”

Alexa - “When are you going to get over that I fucked Drew?”

Becca - “I’m sorry that I don’t enjoy your little jokes about how excited you are that people are getting murdered, but not EVERYTHING is about Drew.”

Alexa - “Yeah, but up until a few days ago, you didn’t give a fuck about my comments.”

Becca - “I’m over your shit!”

Alexa - “I saw you dancing with Drew last night, you are SUCH a fake feminist.”

Becca - “EXCUSE ME?”

Alexa - “You’re blaming the woman and forgiving the man.”

Becca - “Oh, FUCK YOU.”

*People in the coffee shop look over at her, there’s an extended pause*

Alexa - “I’m gonna go…”

Lora - “Me too. You guys are wacked out.”

Alexa - “Seriously, Lora?”

Becca - “Didn’t you literally leave prom with JP?”

Lora - “Don’t even go there!”

Alexa - “Okay, let’s just all do a cease fire and go to the mall.”

*There’s a pause*

Becca - “Okay, lets go.”


*Alexa lights her cigarette*

Alexa - “I swear to God, I’m not even the killer, but some of these people, I just want to… stab in the face.”

Becca - “You really should keep some of these thoughts to yourself.”

*Alexa shrugs*


*Annalise is taking pictures of her feet, when Ji walks in*

Ji - “Did you hear the news? School’s cancelled indefinitely after the Principal and 2 teachers were discovered dead.”

Annalise - “Did you just come in without being let in?”

Ji - “Yes, where are your parents, by the way?”

Annalise - “It’s their anniversary, they’re in France.”

Ji - “Wow, have they been keeping in touch?”

Annalise - “What are you doing here?”

Ji - “Just wanted to check in on a friend.”

Annalise - “I thought I wasn’t a friend?”

Ji - “Well, I trust you won’t murder me, so I suppose in this situation you’re the closest friend I have.”

*Annalise nods, slightly*


*Lilli Jason is sitting across from Officer Gomez, recording the conversation with her phone*

Lilli Jason - “So, Principal Scott warned you about the whole.. Situation, correct?”

Officer Gomez - “She gave her theory to us, we had no reason to believe it, true or false, and-”

Lilli Jason - “Now she’s dead, because you wouldn’t do your job. Is that correct?”

Officer Gomez - “We had no reason to believe that there was a serial killer on the loose, at the time. There was no conclusive evidence-”

Lilli Jason - “This seems to me, there are a lot of excuses being thrown out right now, and that you aren’t taking responsibility for your own ineptitude in your own work.”

Officer Gomez - “This doesn’t seem like much of an interview, more of an ambush.”

Lilli Jason - “You don’t seem to be doing much of an investigation, so I guess we both are taking liberties in our jobs.”

Officer Gomez - “Well, I think this interview is over.”

Lilli Jason - “You have nothing to say in defense of yourself?”

Officer Gomez - “I did everything that was in my job requirements.”

Lilli Jason - “And yet here we are.”

Officer Gomez, nodding - “Yet here we are.”

*Lilli Jason nods, taking her phone and turning off the recording*

Lilli Jason, suddenly with a huge smile - “Thank you SO MUCH.” *skips out of the police station*


Lilli Jason, on the phone - “I swear, he looked like SUCH an idiot. He’s so dead in this town.”


*Nickolas and Alycia are walking up and down the aisles*

Nickolas - “How much money do we have for the services?”

Alycia - “A thousand or so.”

Nickolas - “Awesome.”

Alycia - “Have you been fucking my brother?”

Nickolas - “Of course not!”

Alycia - “Is my brother…?”

Nickolas - “I don’t think that’s my business… but yes. He told me not to tell you, but… God told me never to lie.”

Alycia - “Fucccckkkk. Should I tell my Grandparents? They would probably send him away.”

Nickolas - “I support whatever you think is necessary.”

Alycia - “Nah, I won’t. That would bring unwanted attention to our Church.”

Grandma Murphy - “What would, Dear?”

*They turn around and notice Grandma Murphy standing up in the middle of the Church*

Alycia - “Gabe not attending the memorial. He’s very emotionally vulnerable right now, Grandmama. We keep encouraging him too, though.”

Grandma Murphy - “Oh, he must! I’ll get him to come, don’t you worry about that, Dear.”

Alycia - “Of course, Grandmama.”

Grandma Murphy - “Don’t be talking about me behind my back, though. We know how God feels about gossips.”

Alycia - “They are the Cancer to Society, and the Red within the Sea of Blue.”

Grandma Murphy - “Yes, dear.” *walks out the backdoor*

*Nickolas’s eyes widen, as he turns around and leaves the Church*


*Lilli Jason is reviewing her notes, as Mac approaches her*

Lilli Jason - “What?”

Mac - “I want to talk to you.”

Lilli Jason - “Uh huh, well, we’re talking and so far all you’ve said…. Nothing substantial, so…. If you could… get to the point, that’d be great.”

Mac - “I know you’re invested in this case.”

Lilli Jason - “Which?”

Mac - “Don’t play dumb.”

Lilli Jason - “Listen. I went to school for this shit. I don’t need a High School students advisement.”

Mac - “I just want to know what Officer Gomez had to say.”

*Mac gets a text, and looks down, “SCHOOL’S OUT PARTY, @ MY HOUSE, TONIGHT, 9.”, sent by Alexa*

Mac - “Lilli, I knew some of the victims. I can give you info, if you need it. We can work together.”

Lilli Jason - “What’s your name, kid?”

Mac - “Mac Daniels.”

Lilli Jason - “Mac short for anything?”

Mac - “Why?”

Lilli Jason - “I’ll let you work with me. I need inside forces, even if they’re 12.”

Mac - “I’m actually 18.”

Lilli Jason - “Either way, your help can’t HURT, I suppose.”

Mac - “I mean, help can never hurt!”

Lilli Jason - “Oh, that’s just false, but I’m willing to bet you have… SOME brain cells.”

Mac - “You’d be betting correctly!”

Lilli Jason - “Get any info you can, and you can get an author credit when I write my report and then my book. We can share our Pulitzer together.” *she winks at Mac, before walking away, taking a phone call*

*Mac smiles, walking to his car*


*Alexa and Justin are sitting on the couch together*

Justin - “Becca and Drew told me you were cheating on me?”

Alexa - “Well… which time?”

Justin - “Wait, you’ve cheated on me… multiple times?”

Alexa - “Only AFTER you fucked the Head Cheerleader.”

Justin - “That was ONE TIME.”

Alexa - “Yeah, but you proved you were not to be trusted, so I had to get payback.”

Justin - “You realize how that makes me feel?”

Alexa - “Probably similar to how I felt when I found out you fucked half the cheer team.”

Justin - “Not HALF.”

Alexa - You fucked half the pyramid at the time.”

Justin - “Including you?”

Alexa - “I’m on the Dance team.”

Justin - “Oh… I fucked half the dance team too, then.”

Alexa - “Yeah... we have to break up.”


*JP and Lora kiss against a tree*

JP - “Are we…”

Lora - “Let’s please not put labels on it… if I freely admit to dating JP, I don’t know if I’d hear the end of it.”

JP - “So… you’re ashamed of me?”

Lora - “Yes.”


JP - “I just don’t know how I feel about that. On one hand, you are gorgeous. But, can I be with someone ashamed of me?”

Lora - “Fuck off, you don’t get to dump me.”

JP - “You said it yourself, we aren’t dating.”

Lora - “You aren’t ending whatever this is.”

JP - “I can’t end what isn’t real. If you want something real, you have my number.” *walks away from Lora*

*Lora shrugs, shaking her head, walking into the house*


*Mac enters the house, and quickly Gabriel walks up to him*

Gabriel - “Mac, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, but you’re my only friend, please please please forgive me, I can’t lose you.”

*Mac hugs Gabriel*

Mac - “I just have a lot on my mind. It’s okay. It’s okay.” *stares at the wall, deep in thought*

*Nickolas and Alycia observe how extended their hug is*

Nickolas - “They’re definitely going to fuck.”

Alycia - “Oh, shut up. You almost fucked Gabe yourself, you don’t get to comment on that type of thing anymore.”

Nickolas - “I was never going to FUCK him, Alycia. Don’t be silly.”

*Alycia rolls her eyes, before approaching Lora*

Lora - “I don’t fuck with Church, sorry.” *walks away from Alycia, quickly*

*Ji and Annalise walk in*

Nickolas, to Alycia - “Lesbo alert.”

*Alycia rolls her eyes, and walks in the other direction, not wanting to talk to Annalise or Ji*

*Theo and Olivia, who are standing in the living room, notice Annalise and Ji walking in*

Theo - “Yikessss, your pre-straight girlfriend is here… that’s awkward.”

Olivia - “She’s never been a partier, I don’t know what she’s doing here.”

Theo - “With our dealer, too.”

Olivia - “God, is that a rebound or something?”

Theo - “I don’t think Ji is a lesbian.” *sips from her red solo cup* “Could be wrong, though. You never know these days.”

Olivia - “I thought I was a lesbian.”

Theo - “Yeah, but we all knew about that one.”

Olivia - “It seriously bothers me everyone knew I was straight and nobody told me.”

*Theo sips more from her cup*

*Drew and Becca sit down on the couch, talking*

Drew - “So, you forgave Alexa… does that mean you forgive me?”

Becca - “It’ll be a bit harder for you to get my trust back, but… yes. For now, I’m done punishing you. If it happens again, though, you’ll lose me. This is already against my better judgement.”

*Drew kisses Becca*

*Becca smiles*

*Mason walks over to the couch*

Drew - “Great news, Mason. Becca forgave me!”

Mason, with a slight eye roll - “That sucks!”

Becca - “What, why?”

Mason - “You twos relationship drama was the most interesting thing to happen all year.”

Drew - “There’s a serial killer on the loose…”

Mason - “That’s so last week, Drew.”

*Becca kisses Drew, as Mason cringes and walks away*

*Nickolas approaches Mason*

Nickolas - “Hey, cutie.”

Mason - “I’m not interested in your church bullshit.”

Nickolas - “That’s cool! I’m interested in you, though.”

Mason - “See, here’s the thing. You’re hot and all, but I know your whole ‘I don’t fuck until marriage’ thing, and that honestly makes me want to stab myself in the face, so… yeah.”

Nickolas - “Well, this is a party, and not a recruitment event, so I guess we can just hang together!”

Mason - “Okay, I’ve been trying to put this lightly, but here it goes. You fucking suck, and I’m going to walk away now.” *walks away*

*Nickolas frowns*

*JP stands on the dance floor alone*

*Theo and Olivia notice him*

Theo - “You know, maybe you should try this straight thing. JP will fuck just about anyone, AND it would be a good way to make Annalise jealous.”

Olivia - “Why would I want to make Annalise jealous?”

Theo - “She moved on, you should show her you can too.”

Olivia - “Sounds good to me.”

*Olivia runs up to JP and kisses him, Lora turns her head and notices this, and her jaw drops*

*Annalise shakes her head and runs up to Olivia and punches her in the face, to Theo’s amusement*

*JP backs away, and notices Lora stomp out of the house, and he chases after her*



*Alexa runs into the living room, noticing the fight*

Olivia - “I did it because I lived 17 years as a lesbian, and I wanted a chance to actually EXPLORE things, okay?”

Annalise - “So naturally you stuck your tongue down a guys throat as soon as you saw me walk in, huh?”

*Theo and Mason are standing by each other, chuckling at the events unfolding*

Olivia - “I think you have serious mental issues you need to get checked out, and I seriously wish you good luck.” *stomps out of the house, slamming the door on her way out*

*Nickolas and Alycia exchange a glance, and nod at each other, before following Olivia out*


*Mac and Gabriel sit down together on a bed*

Mac - “It got way too loud down there.”

Gabriel - “Yeah.”

*Mac smiles at Gabriel*

Mac - “I love you, bro. You know that right?” *PAUSE* “As a friend, obviously.”

Gabriel chuckles and nods - “Yeah, of course. I love you, too.”

*They smile at each other*


*Drew and Becca face each other*

Drew - “I think… this party is probably over now… for me, at least.”

Becca - “Well, I love you babe.”

Drew - “I love you, too.”

*Becca and Drew kiss, before Drew leaves*

*Becca runs over to Alexa and hugs her*

Alexa - “Girl, why is everyone leaving?”

Becca - “The fight just killed their vibe, I guess. I’ll stay overnight with you, though.”

*Alexa shrugs*


*Alycia and Nickolas approach Olivia*

Alycia - “Do you feel alone?”

Nickolas - “Without friends, family or love?”

Alycia - “In need of understanding and empathy?”

Nickolas - “If so, we have the place for you!” *hands her a pamphlet*

*Olivia wipes a tear away, before taking the pamphlet and looking at it*

Nickolas - “You don’t need to be a Christian, because we are accepting with open arms. Just join us, and we will love you unconditionally!”

Olivia nods - “Okay.”

*Alycia and Nickolas hug Olivia*


*Lora walks down the sidewalk, before hearing a noise behind her, she turns around to see JP*

Lora - “I’m not fucking around, leave me be.”

JP - “No. I love you.”

*Lora shakes her head, facing towards JP, who walks up to her*

JP - “I want you to know that.”

Lora - “I’m not ready to make this a real thing, okay?”

JP - “When Olivia kissed me, I realized… I don’t want anything else to be my real thing.”

Lora - “I shouldn’t have stormed out of the party like that, it was so selfish of me.”

JP - “It’s okay, baby.” *He kisses her*


*Annalise walks up to Alexa*

*Annalise is joined by Ji, and Becca is standing near Alexa*

Annalise - “I’m sorry I got into a fight.”

Alexa - “You’re still here? Get the fuck out.”

Ji - “She’s apologizing, dude.”

Becca - “Annalise, is this your dealer?”

Annalise - “Becca, seriously back off.”

Becca - “You don’t get to talk to me like that, Annalise.”

Ji - “You don’t get to tell her how to talk.”

Alexa - “You’re right, Ji, but since it’s my fucking house. I do. Get the fuck out if you’re going to be rude.”

*Ji and Annalise look at each other*

Alexa - “I’m serious, like, you start a fight at my party, and you think you get to act like this to me and my best friend? And that’s not even bringing in the fact she’s your sister. No, that is NOT going to fly under my roof.”

Ji shrugs and mumbles - “I’m sorry.”

Alexa - “Excuse me?”

Ji - “I said I’m sorry.”

Alexa - “Better.”

Annalise - “I’m going home.”

Becca - “I’ll be home either in a few hours or I might sleep over here, I’ll text you.”

Annalise - “Okay.”

*Annalise and Ji leave*

*Mason and Theo walk by Alexa and Becca*

Mason - “Goodnight Becca!”

Becca - “Bye!”

Alexa - “What about me?”

Mason - “Fuck you.” *closes the door behind him*

Becca - “What happened between you two?”

Alexa - “I don’t even know. I know Theo hates me ‘cus I fucked her boyfriend though.”

Becca - “Who was her boyfriend?”

Alexa - “Justin.”

Becca - “What is wrong with you?”

Alexa - “Well, I don’t know. Did everyone leave?”

Becca - “Gabe and Mac are in the guest room.”

Alexa - “Fucking?”

Becca - “Nah, Mac is straight.”

*Alexa laughs at that, with a slight eye roll.*


*Mac and Gabriel are asleep, cuddling in bed, fully clothed, Mac resting his head on Gabriel’s shoulders, Gabriel’s hands ruffling through his hair, subconsciously*


*Lora and JP are making out in the alleyway*


*Drew gets to his door when he hears something in the bushes*

Drew - “Hello?!” *walks up to the bushes, and looks inside, seeing nothing* “Huh…” *he turns around and Ghostface is behind him* “Huh?!” *Ghostface stabs him in the chest* “UGH.” *starts to run away, in the opposite direction, but falls down into the bushes* “UGGH…” *he starts to crawl, looking behind him, and noticing Ghostface is gone* “Huh…” *he turns his head, and notices Ghostface behind him now, raising his knife in the air* “AHHHH…” *he swings it down, into his head*



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