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SCREAM : Episode 2.

Jul 1, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Episode 2 : Friday, 3:15

Main Cast :
Kaseyhope101 - Becca Konner
Kelly2722 - Olivia Faye
Macda27 - Mac Daniels
Varlto - Gabriel Murphy
Jasoi - J.P
Tkoj555 - Theo
JonMcGillis - Ji Juarez
Zuelke - Mason Cooper
BluJay112 - Nickolas Clinton

Recurring Cast :
#Kaseyhope101 - Annalise Konner
#Kelly2722 - Alexa Reinhart
#Kelly2722 - Justin Paisley
#Varlto - Alycia Murphy
Lora Heights
Drew Harting

Mr. Randy Robinson (Teacher)
Mrs. Lucy Travis (Teacher)
Principal Polly Scott
Reporter Lilli Jason
Officer Georgie Gomez


*Reporter Lilli Jason runs to the front entrance, and smiles into the camera, as her cameraman starts recording*

Lilli Jason - “I’m Lilli Jason with the Woodsboro news, first on the scene after a reported “accident” has happened. Can we believe that? A car runs over the Assistant Principal Holly Keener, mere days after the murder of 2 seniors? Do you believe that Woodsboro? A young woman rundown and killed in a hit and run, just as she was walking in a seemingly abandoned parking lot, right here where I am standing. Can you feel safe in Woodsboro anymore? Come back to this channel if you want live updates, as they come.”

*The cameraman turns off his camera*

Cameraman - “And we’re out.”

Lilli Jason - “I swear I’m going to be so fucking viral after this.” *chuckles, with a slight hair-flip* “Kirsten Kurtis from Woodsboro One is going down.”


*Principal Polly Scott is sitting down with Police Officer Georgie Gomez*

Principal Scott - “I came back in after a meeting, and Ms. Keener said there was a note on my desk. She said a hooded man put it on my desk, but she couldn’t catch his face nor would he say anything to her, to my knowledge. She said he just came in, put the note down, and left.”

Officer Gomez - “Did she say if she saw him drive away?”

Principal Scott - “No. I don’t recall her ever saying that, specifically.”

*There’s a pause*

Principal Scott - “They gave me this note…” *hands Officer Gomez the note* ““Friday, 3:15.” I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I do think it could be a warning. I think this could be a connected case to the murders of Jennifer Robertson and Liam Lambert. I think the message is that if we don’t shut down school by then, there’ll be more deaths. The body count could multiply. This is just a theory. I think if you could check the penmanship, maybe that could prove who did it-”

Officer Gomez - “Ms. Scott, listen. This IS seemingly pretty convincing evidence, but it still isn’t a proven connection. There is a good chance these were separate incidents. Listen, I don’t think so, but there is a chance that the note was just a prank. It could’ve been one murder, one hit and run, and one prank note in attempt to cancel school. I am not saying I think that is the case, but we can’t say with absolute certainty that all of this is correlated.”

Principal Scott - “Which is why we need to figure out who wrote the note. To get to the bottom of it.”

Officer Gomez - “We’ll take this in as evidence, but I don’t want to get your hopes up. There is a good chance this was just a practical joke.”

Principal Scott - “I don’t want you to get my fucking hopes up, I want to know who threatened my school.”

Officer Gomez - “You’re assuming this was a threat. They could just be setting up a meeting with you.”

Principal Scott - “He or she didn’t leave their name. It only left the day. And the time. This is suspicious.”

Officer Gomez - “Suspicious? Yes. Incriminating? Not in the slightest.”

*Principal Scott scoffs, and rolls her eyes*

Officer Gomez - “You can inform the students. They can skip, protest, whatever. But I don’t think there’s any reason to warrant an official investigation or to cancel school or anything of that liking.”

Principal Scott - “3 people are fucking dead, isn’t that enough fucking reason?”

Officer Gomez - “Shouldn’t the superintendent make those decisions anyway?”

Principal Scott - “I’m the one who got threatened.”

Officer Gomez - “It’s hardly a threat.”

Principal Scott - “I saw my assistant get run down by a car immediately after receiving this note, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

Officer Gomez - “I’m gonna go!” *leaves*


Principal Scott - “UGH. FUCKING. MEN.”

*Principal Scott checks her calendar, and notices that Prom is this Friday, she shakes her head, nervously*



*Alexa, Lora and Becca hang out*

Alexa twirling around in a dress, looking in the mirror - “Would this dress make me look slutty for prom?”

Becca - “3 people are dead, all murdered, and that’s what you’re thinking about.”

Alexa - “Vehicular manslaughter is hardly murder, Becca.”

Lora - “Yeah, and anyways, I might be forced to go with JP to prom, I don’t even have a date yet. This is a crisis worse than murder.”

Becca - “Go alone, girl!”

Lora - “And look like a fucking idiot? No thank you.”

Alexa - “I don’t think this is slutty enough, do either of you want it?”


Principal Scott, over the announcements - “As most of you know already, the past few days… have been rough. Starting with over the weekend, 2 of our brightest seniors were found dead, and then yesterday, a beloved member of our staff was run over in the parking lot. Police continuously insist this could be an unrelated incident, but I got a note… The note says “Friday. 3:15.” I do not know what that means, and 3:15 is outside school hours, so I am not nervous about that.  But Friday IS prom night. I want you students to remain safe, and that is why I’m telling you this. School won’t be cancelled, and Prom has yet to be cancelled. I will keep you updated, however.”


*Alexa’s jaw drops at the suggestion of Prom possibly being cancelled*

Alexa, whispering to Lora - “If they cancel prom I am going to fucking flip out. No, I’d rather be FUCKING murdered. No. No. No. No.”

Lora - “Girl, calm down, it ain’t that deep.”

*JP approaches Alexa and Lora, as the announcements go on*

JP - “Hey, ladies.”

Lora - “This ain’t your homeroom.”

JP - “So, I have tickets to Prom... Lora, I know you do too…”

Lora - “Aren’t you a Junior? I’m a Senior.”

JP - “My birthday is just late in the year… calm down. I’m just asking you to prom, Lora.”

*Lora gags*

Alexa - “Girl, you know you need a date.”

*Lora wipes a tear away and nods*

Lora - “Fine.”

JP - “SCORE!” *goes up to kiss Lora, but she turns her head, and shakes her head* “Alright..” *walks away, smiling*

Lora - “I hate my life.” *gags, shaking her head*

Alexa - “This is too funny.”


*Nickolas and Alycia sit together, with Gabriel and Mac on the other side*

Alycia - “Gabe, where’s Olivia and Theo?”

Gabriel - “Olivia hates men and thinks we were possibly involved in the crime.”

Nickolas - “See, this is what I’m telling you all about lesbians. Vicious creatures.”

Gabriel - “Aren’t you gay?”

Nickolas - “Fuck you, our Church is hosting prom, you should show some respect.”

Gabriel - “Sorry.”

Mac - “I think we should all, instead of thinking about prom, think about the incidents.”

Alycia - “What do you mean?”

Mac - “The murders. Jennifer and Liam, and then yesterday’s hit and run.”

Alycia - “We have no reason to believe that’s connected, Mac. Don’t be ridiculous.”

Mac - “Are you serious?”

Alycia - “Yes. Hit and runs happen all the time, and almost all of them are unintentional.”

Mac - “In an empty parking lot after school hours?”

Nickolas - “Let’s hear him out, Alycia.”

Mac - “Thanks, Nick. I just think… if we assume they’re connected, there’s already two incidents we can investigate, where if their story can’t be proven, we can safely place them at the scenes of crime, and incriminate them. I think I can figure out who did this. But, I think if I go too deep into this it’d be dangerous. Which means, I think we should do this together. Can we consciously let this person keep attacking our town, without doing anything about it?”

Gabriel - “There’s a problem with that, what if there was more than one person?”

Alycia - “We don’t even know if the second event is connected to the first, let’s not start considering how many people are involved with it.”

Nickolas - “I don’t know, it seems very plausible now that we think about it.”

Alycia - “No, Nick, it doesn’t. It seems like a very big reach, and I don’t know why you’re supporting this foolishness.”

Gabriel - “Alycia, what’s wrong with you?”

Alycia - “Nothing. In fact, I might be the only person at this table with my head screwed on straight.”

Gabriel - “Alycia. Is it because of the car? I know you still haven’t moved on.”

Alycia - “Gabe, seriously, stop.”

Gabriel - “It’s a different situation.”

*Alycia puts her things in her bag, and walks away from the table*

*Gabriel sighs*


*Olivia, Annalise, Theo and Ji sit together*

Olivia - “Girls, we know there’s a mystery going down, and I’m pleased to announce, this is our new club”.

Theo - “I didn’t ask to be involved in any club…”

Olivia - “Well, I didn’t ask to get your drunken Snapchat streaks every night, but here we are, both taking one for the team.”

*Ji rolls her eyes, and eats a piece of bread*

Olivia - “Our club is the Women Against Men initiative. WAMI.”

Theo - “WAMI?”

Ji - “Sounds like a dumb fucking name if you ask me.”

Olivia - “Do any of your have better recommendations?”

Ji - “Anything else.”

Theo - “Literally.”

Olivia - “Until I hear a better one-”

Ji - “WIN. Women Involved Now.”

Olivia - “That literally makes no sense.”

Ji - “We’re involved in taking down the patriarchy, and also solving this crime. The crime that was likely done by a gross misogynistic sadist man.”

Theo - “I like WIN better.”

Annalise - “Sorry, babe, but me too.”

Olivia - “Fuck all of you. I’m just going to do this myself.” *takes her lunch tray and walks away*

Annalise - “She’ll be back, don’t worry.”

Ji - “I wasn’t.”

Theo - “I didn’t even know I had her on Snapchat.”


*Alexa, Becca and Lora sit around Alexa’s bedroom*

Alexa - “I swear to God, if they cancel prom… I don’t even know. I’d rather get KILLED than have prom get canceled.”

Becca - “Seriously?”

Alexa, with a slight shrug - “Like… What’s the point of living… If I miss the most monumental event of my life?”

Lora - “I’m going with JP, so I’d be fine with it being cancelled.”

Becca - “Guys, there’s literally people dying.”

Alexa - “I’ve been waiting for prom my entire life, I was BORN for prom.”

Lora - “I thought I was born for prom, but now I’m going with the worst person I know. Ugh.”

Becca - “I think Drew and I are going to lose our virginities on prom night.”

*Alexa starts cackling*

Becca - “What?”

Alexa - “You didn’t know? I totally fucked Drew last Summer.”

Becca - “WHAT?!”

Alexa - “Yeah! I heard Justin was fucking some other bitches so I just thought might as well get back at him.”

*Becca is dumbfounded by this*

Alexa - “Oh? You didn’t know?”

*Becca leaves the room, angered*

Alexa - “I guess she didn’t know.”


Principal Scott, over the announcements - “As no further events have happened since Monday, we are not cancelling ANYTHING… which means.. Prom is still on!”


*Becca frowns, turning around and making eye contact with Drew, who smiles and waves, standing next to Mason. Becca flips him off*

Mason - “What’d you do to her?”

Drew - “I don’t know. She’s been like this all week.”

Mason - “And you haven’t tried… talking to her?”

Drew - “Ugh.”

*Becca walks away as Drew tries to approach her*

Mason, to himself - “He must’ve really fucked up.”

*Alexa walks over*

Alexa - “Nah, he just fucked me.”

Mason - “Is Becca talking to you?”

Alexa - “Hardly. I don’t even get it!”

Mason - “Straight people are weird.”

Alexa - “Right? It’s literally 2019, sexuality is so fluid, like why care?”

Mason - “Facts… wait, fuck you. I hate you.” *walks away from Alexa*


*Becca walks towards the exit, alone, when Drew comes from behind and grabs her*

Becca - “FUCK OFF.” *turns around, and slaps him*

Drew - “Becca, calm down. We’re going to prom tonight, I need you to talk to me.”

Becca - “It’s almost 3:15, so I’m trying to get out of here before the creepy killer guy comes and kills anyone in here.”

Drew - “Then let’s walk and talk.”

Becca - “You fucked Alexa. That’s it.” *walks away from him*

Drew - “IT WAS ONE TIME A  YEAR AGO.” *he runs after her*

Becca - “Yet you tell me you’re a virgin. What’s that about?”

Drew - “I was… when we met!”

Becca, rolls her eyes - “So you cheated on me, and continued to lie about being a virgin. I’m supposed to just, what? Be okay with that?”

*There’s a pause*

Drew - “I didn’t want you to find out.”

Becca - “That makes it better?”

Drew - “Sort of! I didn’t want to hurt you.”

Becca - “Yet, now I’m hurt and betrayed and lied to. See you at prom.” *runs away from him*



*Drew shrugs, upset*


*Principal Scott sits at her desk, holding a baseball bat to protect her from attack*

*It turns 3:16 and Principal Scott sighs of relief, and puts her bat in her closet*

*Principal Scott sends an E-Mail out to all the students : “See you at Prom! Can’t wait to see your groovy dance moves! It’ll be a Night to Remember”*

*But before she finishes she hears a door open*

Principal Scott - “HELLO?” *she stands back up and runs for her bat in the closet, but Ghostface runs in, bangs her head into the closet door, opens it and takes the bat and starts beating her with it* “AGH! AHHH.”


*Mrs. Travis leaves her classroom, and runs down the hall, and looks into the main office, alarmed by the scream, but nothing is there, and no evidence of what happened is visible in there*

Mrs. Travis - “Principal Scott?!” *she enters the main office, and notices the computer is on, and she checks to see what tab is open, and all it says is “MAIL SENT”* “Huh.”

Mr. Robinson walks in - “What’s up?”

Mrs. Travis, reading the E-mail - “See you at Prom! Can’t wait to see your groovy dance moves! It’ll be a Night to Remember. -Principal Scott.”

Mr. Robinson - “She must be excited for Prom!”

Mrs. Travis - “Where is she? She just left her computer open like this.”

Mr. Robinson - “Must’ve had to rush out.”

Mrs. Travis - “Okay…” *turns off the computer, and gets up and leaves with Mr. Robinson, slightly concerned*

*Blood drips out of Principal Scott’s closet, as the door opens, and Ghostface walks out, closes the door behind him, and leaves the room*


Hope you enjoyed the episode! Comment your favorite character and your thoughts on the episode if you did!


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