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Episode 1 : The Snapchat Killer

Main Cast :
Kaseyhope101 - Becca Konner
Kelly2722 - Olivia Faye
Macda27 - Mac Daniels
Varlto - Gabriel Murphy
Jasoi - J.P
Tkoj555 - Theo
JonMcGillis - Ji Juarez
Zuelke - Mason Cooper
BluJay112 - Nickolas Clinton

Recurring Cast :
#Kaseyhope101 - Annalise Konner
#Kelly2722 - Alexa Reinhart
#Kelly2722 - Justin Paisley
#Varlto - Alycia Murphy
Lora Heights
Drew Harting

Mr. Randy Robinson (Teacher)
Mrs. Lucy Travis (Teacher)
Principal Polly Scott
Reporter Lilli Jason
Assistant Holly Keener

Guest Starring :
Jennifer Robertson
Liam Lambert


*Jennifer gets a Snapchat from “GHOSTBOI47”*

*Jennifer chuckles and opens it. It’s a black screen that says “what r u up 2?”*

Jennifer, to herself - “Fucking weirdo.” *she takes a selfie of her standing in her kitchen, and captions it “movie nite, waiting 4 bae #taken”* “Hopefully you’ll catch the message, fucking pig.” *she sends it*

*Almost immediately Ghostboi47 responds*

*Jennifer rolls her eyes and opens the snap, it is of a bunch of trees, and the caption is “guess where i m”*

*Jennifer turns her head towards the back window, and she approaches it, looking at her backyard. She can quickly notice a few similar looking trees, and she locks her door*

*Quickly, Jennifer checks Snapchat maps, to search for Ghostboi47, but he’s on Ghost mode*

Jennifer rolls her eyes - “Wow, shocker.”

*Ghostboi47 sends her another snap, she opens it and it’s a selfie with a masked man and her boyfriend, Liam, looking bloodied and beat up*

Jennifer rolls her eyes - “Fucking typical Liam.” *she takes a selfie, sticking up the middle finger, and captions it “Nice try, Liam. Who is that? Justin? Better luck next time.” She sends the snap, immediately blocks Ghostboi47, and then locks her front door*

*Jennifer puts her phone in the charger on the kitchen counter, and goes upstairs, to take a shower*


*Jennifer hears crashing, and banging downstairs from the shower, and she quickly turns the water off, and rushes out of the shower. She falls down and scrapes her arm on an air vent in the process*

Jennifer - “Fuck.” *she looks down at her arm, and it’s just a minor scrape, but enough for there to be a stream of blood* “Fuck.” *She gets up, and runs into her room, to get changed* “LIAM, IF THAT’S YOU I’LL BE RIGHT DOWN.” *she closes her door, and locks it, slightly nervous, knowing that she locked all the doors and Liam doesn’t have a spare key*

*There’s a knock on her bedroom door*

Jennifer - “Fuck.” *she puts a white T-shirt on, and sweatpants* “Liam, is that you?”

*SILENCE. And then 3 loud bangs on her door*

Jennifer - “Shit, if this is one of your pranks, I’m going to be so pissed!” *she opens the door, and nobody is there* “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?” *she slams the door, and groans* “I HATE MEN. UGH. I need to get my charger.” *She opens the door again, and yet again, nobody is there. She leaves her room, and walks down the stairs*

*Jennifer gets to the counter, and notices her phone is missing, she turns around and notices glass shards are all around her, and a window has been broken*

Jennifer - “FUCK. LIAM, YOU WENT TOO FAR.” *she then notices a trail of blood* “Oh, fuck. Liam, did you cut yourself when you pulled this silly little prank? Typical. Where the FUCK is my phone, though?” *she follows the trail of blood down the hallway* “Yo, Liam, this is a mad amount of blood, are you okay?” *she looks up, and notices Liam hanging from a chandelier in her lobby* “Oh, wow, that’s gross.” *she approaches it, and notices him gutted, with a slash in his throat*

*There’s an extended pause, as Jennifer tries to process this*

Jennifer - “Liam? This is the worst prank ever, if it’s a prank.” *some of his guts fall from his stomach, and drop onto her* “AHHHHHHHH!” *she runs away from the chandelier, bloodied with guts all over her head, and her plain white T-shirt is now red with blood. Tears fill her eyes, as she unlocks the backdoor and runs out, having a panic attack* “Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.” *She looks up and notices her neighbors porch lights are on* “He-” *her voice is cracking, and she can hardly scream anymore* “HELP.” *she starts running towards the fence that separates the 2 lawns, but she hears something behind her* “…” *she turns around and notices her phone is shattered on the ground. She looks up and sees a shadow of a man*

*Jennifer takes a step closer to the man, and the motion censored porch lights turn on, revealing a masked man, wearing a black hooded robe*

Jennifer, tears in her eyes, runs towards the fence, and tries to jump over it, to get the attention of her neighbors, but immediately the man comes from behind, and stabs her in the foot - “AGH…” *he takes the knife, and uses it to cut out her achilles tendon* “FUH.” *he rips her off of the fence, and looks down on her*

Jennifer - “Fuck… you.” *she kicks him with her other foot, and knocks him over, as she starts to crawl away, towards the swimming pool*

*The Man just stares at her, as she crawls into the pool*

Jennifer - “Come... and... get me... bitch.”

*The Man shakes his head, as she gets closer and closer to the deep end, he grabs the pool cover and starts to cover it up, when she’s in the middle*

Jennifer - “Fuck..” *she starts to swim to the side she’s closest to, she puts her fingers on the edge to pull herself up, but he stomps on her hand, breaking it* “AGH…” *he then finishes covering the pool, with her inside it, and he secures the cover, making sure it can’t get taken off by inside forces*

*The Man sits down on a pool chair, and hears the struggling inside the cover, and when he stops hearing noises inside, he gets up and walks away from the pool area*



*News Vans are outside, interviewing people*

Lilli Jason - “I’m Lilli Jason from Woodsboro News, and I’m here at Woodsboro High School, where it’s been reported that 2 victims of a violent crime that ended their lives went to school.”

*Becca overhears that as she gets off her bus, and she runs over to Alexa*

Becca - “Is that true?”

Alexa - “What?”

Becca - “2 students here got KILLED?”

Alexa - “2 seniors. Weeks before graduation, too. Fucked up, right?”

*Justin walks over and kisses Alexa’s cheek*

Justin - “It’s fucked what happened, right?”

Becca - “Yeah.”

Alexa - “Do we know who it was yet?”

Justin - “They won’t say it on record, but it was Jen and Liam.”

*Alexa’s jaw drops*

Justin - “I have a meeting with the football boys, but I’ll see you later.” *kisses Alexa, and leaves*

Alexa - “FUCK.”

Becca - “What?”

Alexa - “I totally was the last girl Liam fucked.”

Becca - “What?”

Alexa - “I fucked Liam this Saturday.. That might’ve been the day it happened, oh my GOD.”

Becca - “You’re cheating on Justin?”

Alexa - “Oh, please, obviously. Do you know how stupid that boy is?”

Becca - “You fucked Jennifer’s boyfriend?”

Alexa - “It isn’t cheating if they got murdered.”

*Slight pause*

Becca - “That is literally false.”

*Lora walks over*

Lora - “Hey girls! I just got interviewed, isn’t that exciting?!”

*Becca and Alexa look at her, blankly*

Lora - “What?”

Becca - “They interviewed you about the dead students…”

Lora - “Somebody died?!”

*Alexa and Becca just continue to stare at her, blankly*


*Annalise hands Ji her money, and Ji exchanges it with a bag*

Annalise - “Pleasure doing business with you, sir.” *puts bag in her purse*

*Ji rolls her eyes, and puts the money in her bag*

*Annalise walks up to Olivia, her girlfriend, and makes out with her*

*Olivia is clearly unhappy during the entire experience*

*Walking by Olivia and Annalise, Nickolas and Alycia clearly judge them, giving them a glare*

Alycia - “Should we do something about this?”

Nickolas - “2 students died, we have bigger fish to fry.”

Alycia - “True, but I have pamphlets…”

Nickolas - “We don’t have time to tell lesbians that they’re wrong.”

*Annalise pulls away from the kiss*

Annalise - “I’m BISEXUAL, dickhead.”

Nickolas rolls his eyes - “Sure, girl.” *throws a pamphlet at her* “Join the church, sinner.” *walks away with Alycia, as they chuckle to each other*

Annalise - “You’re literally gay, NICK.”

*Nickolas flips Annalise off, while walking into the school*

*Near the school entrance, Becca, Lora and Alexa notice Annalise making out with Olivia, with something hanging out of Annalise’s bag*

Becca - “Fuck.” *rolls eyes, walking up to Annalise* “Really, sis? Drugs?” *takes the plastic bag out of her bag* “When a murder just happened?”

*Annalise rolls her eyes*

Annalise - “Babe, talk to you later.”

*Olivia nods, walking away, without acknowledging Becca, Alexa or Lora’s existence*

Alexa - “Fucking freak.” *rolls eyes* “Becca, you handle your druggie sister, me and Lora are going in.”

Lora - “Text me later, Annalise!”

Annalise - “K, Lora!”

Alexa, as she walks away with Lora - “You talk to her?”

Becca - “There’s cameras ALL OVER, Annalise. What were you thinking? There’s been a murder. What would you say if they checked your bag? Huh?!”

Annalise - “We’re only related by marriage, Bec. Fuck off.” *walks away from her, into the school*

Becca - “Fucking. Juniors.” *rolls eyes, and walks into the school, annoyed*

*Drew walks up to Becca, and kisses her, Mason by his side*

Becca - “My sister is forreal bothering me.”

Mason - “Try having brothers.” *rolls his eyes*

Becca - “Hey, Mason. Has Alexa talked to you?”

Mason - “No, I don’t talk to that stupid wench.”

Drew - “Mason.” *chuckles* “You can’t just say stuff like that!”

Mason - “It’s not like I said I wanted to murder her.”

*Drew and Becca blankly stare at Mason*

Mason - “Jeez, too soon?”


*Alexa and Lora sit next to each other, as JP approaches them*

JP - “Hey, mommas!”

*Alexa and Lora both cringe, sharing a glance at one another, and then back at JP*

Alexa - “JP, you really need to get out of our faces before we call the police and say it’s YOU who slashed up Jenny and Liam.”

JP - “Wha- what?! We had a threesome over Springbreak and now you’re acting like I’m some creep.”

Lora - “Yo, Lexa, do you remember that?”

Alexa - “Oh, heavens no, Lora. What could this creep be talking about?”

Lora - “I don’t know, but I don’t know about you, but I’m not a masochist. I would never put myself through any sexual interaction with him.”

Alexa - “Me neither, girl. Me neither.”

JP, flustered - “I will not be made a fool of by two bitches.” *stomps away from them*

*Alexa and Lora give each other a high five, and laugh*


*Mac and Gabriel walk down the hallway, mostly trying to ignore people, Olivia and Theo approach them*

Mac - “Hey.”

Olivia - “Did you guys hear the news?”

Gabriel - “It’s impossible to miss. My grandparents are holding a fundraiser for the victims families funeral expenses “

Theo, with an eyeroll - “I’m sure they’re financially fine, that seems a bit extra.”

Mac - “I wonder who did it.”

Theo, with a slight laugh - “Why? You think he or she is going to strike again?”

Mac - “You never know.”

*Theo rolls her eyes, and looks at herself in her selfie camera, to make sure she looks presentable*

*Olivia squints at Mac and Gabriel, and chuckles slightly*

Mac - “What?”

Olivia - “Nothing, just thinking. Where were you guys this weekend?”

Gabriel - “Wait, are you accusing us of something?”

Olivia, with a slight smirk - “Why? Are you hiding something?”

*Mac rolls his eyes and walks away*

Gabriel - “I’m just 15, I didn’t know who either of them were. And I couldn’t drive to get to their houses.” *walks away*

Olivia shakes her head, watching them walk away - “They’re hiding something.”

Theo, checking her teeth to see if there’s lipstick on them - “Why do you say that?”

Olivia - “They’re men.”


*Gabriel is making out with Nickolas*

Gabriel - “Don’t… tell… my… sister.” *takes his shirt off*

Nickolas - “I’m not going to fuck you in a closet…”

*There’s an awkward pause*

Gabriel - “This is a really cramped space, so I guess that would be kind of uncomfortable.”

Nickolas - “Well, I’m not going to fuck you regardless, because I’m a devoted Christian, and my soul belongs to my Lord Jesus Christ.”

*There’s another awkward pause*

Gabriel - “You realize I’m a guy, right?”

Nickolas - “Yes… your dick is literally pressed against my dick right now, but that doesn’t mean I want it INSIDE ME. Not because I don’t think you’re hot… although it IS a little weird to be dating a Freshman, but ultimately… it’s because God is the only man I’m going to allow inside of me until marriage.”

*Gabriel cringes, and puts his shirt back on*

*They exit the Janitor’s closet, and run into Mason*


Mason - “Hot…” *walks away*

Gabriel - “Oh my God, does he know what we were doing in there? He could tell my sister. She’d so tell Grandmama and they’d send me to conversion therapy, oh my God.”

Nickolas - “Gabriel, I’m going to say this in the nicest way possible. There are people that are dying.”


Principal Polly Scott - “I am saddened to report, the rumors are true. Seniors Jennifer Robertson and Liam Lambert were killed over this weekend. If you’d like to donate to help their families out, The Church of Woodsboro is accepting donations, thank you.”


*Mr. Randy Robinson approaches Mrs. Lucy Travis, who is sitting down at the table*

Mrs. Travis - “Mr. Robinson, for why do I receive this honor?”

Mr. Robinson - “I know you were their teacher.”

Mrs. Travis - “Awesome. And?”

Mr. Robinson - “I know it must be…” *he walks up to her, his crotch very close to her face* “Hard... to cope with such a loss.”

Mrs. Travis - “Mr. Robinson,” *she stands up* “It would appear as though you are coming onto a married woman. That isn’t very professional of you, I don’t think.”

Mr. Robinson, with a chuckle - “Hard to get?”

Mrs. Travis - “How many times are you going to say hard until you stop expecting me to fuck you?”

Mr. Robinson - “I think you mean until you stop expecting me to fuck you again.”

Mrs. Travis - “One time, years ago.”

Mr. Robinson - “Well, many times, throughout many years, the last time being last Summer.”

Mrs. Travis - “What class do you teach? Ancient history?”

*There’s a pause*

Mrs. Travis - “It’s over, Mr. Robinson.”

*Mr. Robinson kisses her, and Mrs. Travis pulls away, before walking out of the Teacher’s Lounge*

Mr. Robinson - “Well, fuck.”


*Principal Polly Travis walks back in, after a meeting*

Assistant Principal Holly Keener, at her desk outside the Principal’s Office - “Hey Polly, Ms. Travis, whatever. Some guy left a note for you on your desk.”

Principal Polly Travis - “Who was it?”

Assistant Principal Holly Keener - “I don’t know, he was wearing a hood. I asked what he wanted, but he just walked right in, and then back out. Wouldn’t even look in my direction.”

*Principal Polly Travis rolls her eyes, and walks into her office, and looks at the note left on her desk : “Friday. 3:15.”*

*Principal Scott walks out of her office, and her Assistant is gone*

Principal Scott - “Holly?”

*Principal Scott exits the main office, and looks up and down the hallway for Holly, holding the letter still, she quickly notices Holly standing outside, on the phone*

Principal Scott - “Oh, thank god.”

*Quickly that changes though, as when Holly turns around, hanging up the phone, facing the school, a car out of nowhere smashes into her, and drives away, Holly’s body flinging into the air, and slamming into the flagpole, her body disfigured and bloodied*




*Principal Scott is talking to Office Gomez, in her Office*

Principal Scott - “They gave me this note… Friday, 3:15. I think it could be a warning.. If we don’t shut down school by then, there’ll be more deaths. The body count could multiply.”

*Alexa, Lora and Becca are sitting around Alexa’s bedroom*

Alexa - “I swear to God, if they cancel prom… I’d just rather get killed.”

Becca - “Seriously?

*Alexa shrugs*

*Lilli is on her phone, outdoors*

Lilli Jason - “This is literally a story waiting to happen.”

*At a party, Alexa is grinding on JP, as Ghostface watches from a window*

*Ghostface has his knife in the air, and slashes it down*

*Mac sits at a table with Gabriel*

Mac - “I think I can figure out who did this. But, I think if I go too deep into this it’d be dangerous. But, can we consciously let this person keep attacking our town, without doing anything about it?”

*Lora walks down a dark sidewalk, alone at night, and she hears something behind her*

*Becca gets a phone call from an unknown number as she’s home alone*

*Olivia kisses JP at a party*

*Annalise punches somebody in the face*

*At the Church, Nickolas and Alycia instruct everybody to stand up, them all singing a song, in unison*

*Outside, Alexa lights her cigarette*

Alexa - “I swear to God, I’m not even the killer, but some of these people, I just want to… stab in the face.”

Becca - “You really should keep some of these thoughts to yourself.”

*Ghostface is on top of Theo, with his blade pressed against her neck*

Theo - “You’re into some weird shit, guy.”


COMMENT HOW YOU LIKED THE PREMIERE! It’s a longer one, the future ones will be shorter, probably. But, I had a good cast of characters, so… I hope it came out alright! Comment your thoughts, your favorites, your thoughts on the deaths, etc etc. Okay, bye!


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