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Kaseyvivor 2 : Episode 4

Jun 20, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 4 : I Call The Shots
Previously on… #Kaseyvivor2.

On the Beauty Tribe, Gabi and BryAn’s relationship is at a complex state, after BryAn flipped his vote to avoid rocks, after Gabi used her idol. But, they grow close again. Leo has an idol, and is close with Irielle, and Irielle is close with Samantha. They are strong as a tribe, and all are on a winning streak.

On the Brawn Tribe, Dana used her idol, having no allies now. Tonya is in between an alliance with Harriet, and an alliance with Bruce and Vince. Leaving Dana on the outs of the tribe.

The Brain tribe, going to tribal, have had issues with Laura since she suggested to throw immunity and take out Becky. When the time came, Harrison and Martin, a final 2 alliance, are targeting Laura, and trying to get Becky on board, with Jai in the middle. When Laura becomes aware of Martin and Harrison’s plan to blindside her, she goes to Becky, and tries to shift the target to Harrison. Ultimately, Martin and Harrison figure out Laura and Becky are scheming, and at tribal, Martin uses his idol on Harrison, but it was a waste. Laura voted for Becky, Becky voted for Harrison, everybody else voted for Laura. Leaving Becky confused and alone.

Brawn Tribe :
Bruce, 33, Firefighter
Dana, 40, Truck Driver
Harriet, 35, Police Officer
Tonya, 48, Ex-Professional Athlete
Vince, 36, MMA Trainer

Beauty Tribe :
BryAn, 23, Skin Care Enthusiast
Gabi, 20, Instagram Model
Irielle, 19, Pageant Second Runner-Up
Leo, 23, Motivational Social Media Influencer Who Specializes in Fitness
Samantha, 26, YouTuber/Beauty Guru

Brain Tribe :
Becky, 32, Chemist
Harrison, 50, Law Professor
Jai, 31, Doctor
Martin, 45, Entrepreneur/Inventor

18th - Kyrah (4-1-1)
17th - Tayvian (3-3 // 3-1)
16th - Ryker (*5*-1)
15th - Laura (3-*1*-1)


*Becky sits alone, upset*

Becky, CF - Laura is who got me to target Harrison, and she lied to me. She screwed me over. She blew up my own game, put me in the minority and just… it sucks.

Harrison, CF - Becky fell for Laura’s game, and I don’t blame her, but… she voted for me. I trust the rest of the tribe. Becky may not of done anything wrong, but she’s next. She’s my next victim.

*Harrison and Martin look over at Becky*

Harrison - She’s gotta go.

Martin - Yep.

Martin, CF - I wasted my idol, but I’m not stressed about it. If we go to tribal again… Becky, you’re going home.



Irielle, CF - We are on a total winning streak. It’s awesome! We are a strong tribe, and… I’m honestly shocked there hasn’t been a swap yet. I think it may be coming up, and completely avoiding tribal is so good for our numbers!

Jai, CF - The brain tribe is going to tribal again. I don’t necessarily feel safe. The obvious vote is Becky, but it isn’t as obvious as when it was Laura. A move could be made, and that makes me anxious. I might have to search for an idol, just for extra protection this next tribal. I don’t feel secure with my position.

*Vince and Dana sit around the fire*

Dana - So, Vince… how does it feel?

Vince - What?

Dana - You tried to take out a lesbian truck driver WOMAN and failed.

*Vince rolls his eyes*

Vince, CF - Dana always does this thing, ever since she idolled Ryker out, where she says these awful and hateful things to me… all in an attempt to try and crack my masculinity. It won’t work, I don’t care.

Vince - Dana, what is your ****ing problem?

Dana - Nothing. Why are you so triggered?

Vince - I am NOT triggered, DANA.

Dana - It seems like you’re very triggered, Vincent.


*Dana chuckles*

Dana, CF - I just love getting Vince and his fragile ego riled up. *snickers* He’s just so sensitive and kind of a bitch. I like seeing him squirm and get all upset.

Dana - It’s sad you get so upset over a woman being more powerful than you.

Vince - Oh, you found a ****ing idol, good for ****ing you. *rolls eyes* You would’ve been sent home if it wasn’t for you luckily finding it in the woods.

Dana - So sad, you are so intimidated.

*Tonya and Harriet stay out of the discussion*

Harriet, CF - Dana sort of antagonizes Vince to get a reaction. I don’t think either are making themselves look too good. It’s kind of embarrassing being on this tribe with these people.

Tonya, cringing - They’re being children.

*Harriet nods*

*Irielle and Leo are sunbathing*

Leo, CF - I love being on a winning streak. The further I get WITH an idol in my pocket, means the more and more my position is in power, and I get safety long term. If I can get to a swap with an idol, I could solidify myself into a power position, and that’d be ideal.


*BryAn and Gabi are sitting together near the fire*

Gabi - If we went to tribal… who would you target?

BryAn - I don’t know… I don’t want to go to tribal.

Gabi - Who would you, though?

BryAn - I don’t know… maybe Sam?

*The camera cuts to Samantha, who is doing cartwheel on the beach, then cuts back to BryAn and Gabi*

Gabi, CF - I don’t think BryAn is thinking this through, but I also don’t think he trusts me much, nor wants me in this game with him long term. But, I’ll try to talk it out with him, anyways.

Gabi - Why not Irielle?

BryAn - Because, I think the tribe benefits more from her than we do with Samantha.

BryAn, CF - I’m going to be honest, I don’t care who Gabi wants out. She has pushed her luck with me already, expecting me to go to rocks for Tayvian. I call the shots now, Gabi. OR I can just vote your ass out.


*Jai finds the idol in the woods*

Jai, CF - I was nervous, so having this idol now is VERY crucial and game changing for me. I hope now I can have extra safety at tonight’s tribal council.


*Harrison and Jai sit down on the shelter*

Harrison, CF - Jai is one red flag, because he seems to be the one in the middle. If I can bond with him, then I can reassure his vote. If I can’t trust him, I’ll get Becky on our side. It’s that easy. Me and Martin can run this vote.

Harrison - I am an honest person. I don’t really know where you are at and I want to make sure we’re on the same page.

Jai - What? I am totally with you guys. I don’t trust Becky big picture.

Jai, CF - I definitely feel called out. I wanted to play the middle as much as possible, but the entire point of playing the middle is having TRUST with both sides. I lost trust with Harrison, and I need to make up for that. Because HARRISON has connections with MARTIN… either I need to make up for this OR… I need to do something about it.


*Jai approaches Becky*

Jai - Becky, I think Martin and Harrison want you out.

Becky - Oh, wow. That’s so totally shocking. *rolls eyes*

Becky, CF - Jai comes up to me with information I honestly already figured out. But, I don’t know how to handle this information. Do I go to Martin and Harrison? Or do I just trust Jai?

Jai - I think we could take out Harrison this time, and then it’d probably swap and we can get Martin into a vulnerable position.

Becky, CF - I just don’t feel safe with Jai, and if I can get Harrison and Martin aware of the situation, I’d have a good chance to stay. I think.


*Becky approaches Harrison and Martin*

Becky - Now, if I tell you something can you promise to at least CONSIDER what I have to say?

Harrison - I’ve always been honest with you. I will listen to whatever you have to say.

Becky - Jai is not to be trusted. He came to me trying to target you, Harrison.

*Harrison nods, slightly*

Harrison, CF - I can only take Becky’s word so seriously. I do think it’s plausible and needed to be taken into consideration, but it isn’t exactly a reliable source.

Harrison - You need to know how hard it is to take this seriously, given our situation and how you voted for me last tribal.

Becky - No, I know. But, I am not lying. I don’t lie. Ever.

Harrison, CF - I don’t know what to do, but either way an untrustworthy person leaves.

*Becky walks away*

Harrison, to Martin - What should we do?

Martin - I don’t trust either Becky OR Jai.

Martin, CF - I am confident me and Harrison have all the power tonight, and whoever we want to vote… is leaving. Plain and simple. This amount of power is… perfect at this stage in the game. The power is in our fingertips. And I don’t know what we’ll do with it!


Jeff Probst - Harrison, it seems as though you’re going through a losing streak. As the oldest castaway still on the island. Do you feel extra on edge?

Harrison - No, I feel as though I’m used to my position on the tribe, and have found my footing in this game.

Jeff Probst - Becky, you seemed to be blindsided last tribal. Is going to this tribal worst case scenario for you?

Becky - Oh, for sure. But, any time you go to tribal, it definitely makes you worse off, just objectively, than you would be if you weren’t going to tribal.

Jeff Probst - Jai, last tribal, you weren’t involved in the drama. Has the dynamic changed?

Jai - Yes.

*There’s a silence*

Jai - I’m not going more into it, if that’s what you’re waiting for.

Jeff Probst - With that, it is TIME TO VOTE. Harrison, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.

*Jai stands up*

Jai - I am using it on myself.

*Becky gasps*

*Martin and Harrison chuckle*

Jeff Probst - This IS a Hidden Immunity Idol, any vote casted towards Jai will not count.

First vote… Jai. Does Not Count.

Second vote… Becky.

Third vote… Harrison.

One vote Becky, One vote Harrison. One vote left.

*Becky rolls her eyes, knowing what’s going to happen*

Jeff Probst - Last vote and player leaving… Becky.

Becky - No hard feelings, my friends. *grabs torch*

*Harrison and Martin share a glance at each other*

Jeff Probst - Becky, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Becky leaves*

Jeff Probst - The odd one out has evidently been handled, and every brain woman is now out. Will this tribe manage to surprise much longer? Grab your torch and head back to camp.

14th - Becky (2-*1*-1)

Becky, Leaving Words - I guess it ultimately doesn’t matter that I tried to make a move on Jai. If I worked with him, it would’ve just tied. I don’t see what I could’ve done differently in my position. I was put on the wrong tribe, I think. It was just a bad tribe, and… I was the last woman standing, I guess! I was targeted from the start and made it this far, I think I did alright. I’m proud of myself.

Harrison - Becky.
Jai - Harrison.
Martin - Becky.
Becky - Jai.


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