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Kaseyvivor 2 : Episode 3

Jun 19, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 3 : You Never Know What Will Happen
Previously on… #Kaseyvivor2

After the Beauty tribe took out a toxic energy, by taking out Tayvian, tensions between Gabi, who used her idol to avoid getting rocked out, and BryAn rose, after he flipped his vote on the re-vote.

When the Beauties are immune, Leo found the newly hidden idol, as Irielle and Samantha bond closer together.

On the Brains tribe, Laura starts to suggest things to Jai, Harrison and Martin, such as throwing the next immunity to take Becky out, she makes the tribe nervous of her, as they start becoming aware of her problematic nature.

And then on the Brawns, Dana was seen as the weak link, but she has an IDOL. Tonya and Harriet, nervous about the potential idol threat, use that to their advantage and throw Ryker, the person banding the tribe together against Dana, under the bus, and in a unanimous vote, Ryker is idolled out by Dana.

Brawn Tribe :
Bruce, 33, Firefighter
Dana, 40, Truck Driver
Harriet, 35, Police Officer
Tonya, 48, Ex-Professional Athlete
Vince, 36, MMA Trainer

Beauty Tribe :
BryAn, 23, Skin Care Enthusiast
Gabi, 20, Instagram Model
Irielle, 19, Pageant Second Runner-Up
Leo, 23, Motivational Social Media Influencer Who Specializes in Fitness
Samantha, 26, YouTuber/Beauty Guru

Brain Tribe :
Becky, 32, Chemist
Harrison, 50, Law Professor
Jai, 31, Doctor
Laura, 23, Law Student
Martin, 45, Entrepreneur/Inventor

18th - Kyrah (4-1-1)
17th - Tayvian (3-3 // 3-1)
16th - Ryker (*5*-1)


*Tonya and Harriet sit off to the side. Dana lies down in her shelter, feeling accomplished, smiling*

Harriet, CF - So, we definitely did the right thing securing a bond with Dana, but that was the most on edge I’ve ever been since I got shot. Dana is unpredictable. She could’ve blindsided any of us. Now, she doesn’t have an idol, so anything could happen.

*Dana laughs to herself*

Dana, CF - I used my idol, and exposed where the tribe lies. This gives me a second life in this game. I have information now. Harriet and Tonya lied to me, and they also threw Ryker under the bus. I can use this to at least cause some trouble throughout the tribe. Harriet and Tonya aren’t to be trusted, and I think Bruce and Vince would do something about that if they knew.

*Bruce lies down on the sand, staring at the sky*

Bruce, CF - I wanted Dana out, I admit it. But, I won’t say I can’t be swayed. She knew she was the target somehow, and she did call out Harriet and Tonya after tribal… maybe there’s a snake in the grass? I won’t be blind to what’s going on. I will be smart.


Beauty Tribe wins reward! They win a Survivor Kitchen Set!

Brawn Tribe wins reward! Salt, pepper and some dishes!

Tonya, CF - We, as a tribe, did better than ever in that challenge, and we pulled through. Maybe Dana wasn’t the problem we made her out to be. But now… we don’t know where she’s at. So, if we can win immunity again, we just need to figure her out. Because, I want us to be a unit, not divided.

Laura, CF - We lost reward, which is awesome, because it means that we are one step closer to losing immunity, and I think it’s time to handle the cancer of the tribe… Becky.


*The tribe is bonding together, enjoying their new Kitchen Set, eating rice and beans*

Gabi, CF - So, I think I could’ve gotten very lucky by going on a winning streak, so hopefully we can pull through again and win immunity. It seems as though we are growing VERY strong as a tribe, and we can win. Because, I definitely don’t feel comfortable on this tribe right now, after I was the only one to keep my vote on Irielle. So, I am happy we won the reward, because I feel as though we are stronger than ever.

*Irielle looks over at Gabi, with a light hairflip*

Irielle, CF - Gabi is sketchy to me, but I am not going to go after her, unless it has to come to it.  I think I could get the numbers IF NECESSARY, but I don’t need to cut all ties with her. If we swap or merge, I don’t need her completely distrusting of me. But, I got my eyes on her. Gabi, girl, I got my eyes on you.


*Laura sits near Harrison, Martin and Jai*

Laura - Now, we lost the reward, we are one step closer. We should have a plan if we lose immunity.

*Jai sighs*

Jai, CF - Laura, I was really hoping you’d just… calm down about this. But, you just really are making it hard for me to support you. She is dead set on Becky, and she won’t stop talking about it. We aren’t even going to tribal yet. Laura is just screwing herself over.

*Laura laughs maniacally, as Jai makes a look to Harrison and Martin, who are cringing*

Laura, CF - I think I’m totally getting them on board, at first they were skeptical, now I feel like they’re on the same page as me.


*Jai, Harrison and Martin are talking*

Jai - I’m nervous by Laura.

Harrison - I agree, completely.

Harrison, CF - Laura is very eager to cut people out of the game, for no reason. Becky hasn’t really even done anything to her? It makes me nervous long term. In the big picture, she could scheme against me, try to throw the challenge, just to take me out.

Martin - Let’s see if we win immunity, but… I think Laura might be more of a wildcard than Becky.


Beauty Tribe wins Immunity!
Brawn Tribe wins Immunity!

Leo, CF - My tribe is on a winning streak of sorts, I have an idol, I have an alliance with Irielle. Things are looking up for me! I feel good right now.

Becky, CF - I definitely don’t feel safe, so losing immunity definitely has me on edge. I hope to find a way to stay safe, but this is not ideal.

*Tonya finds the Idol, and smiles into the camera holding it up*

Tonya, CF - It’s like my Gold Medal. This is so exciting. I have never expected to have such power in this game. I never expected to do this well in the game, so finding this makes me feel so much better. After last tribal, this makes me feel better off. Dana can try to make a move against me, but I have this now. *smiles* I am proud of myself!

*Gabi and BryAn sit next to each other, on the beach*

Gabi, CF - I need to revamp my relationship with BryAn, because we definitely weren’t on the same page the last tribal we went to.

Gabi - Hey, Bry. I just wanted to tell you… I really appreciate our friendship we’ve formed, and I don’t want to waste that because of one tribal.

BryAn - Yeah.

Gabi, CF - I don’t give a **** about our relationship or friendship, it’s been, like, 10 days. But, I came here to win, and I will manipulate whatever I have to manipulate to further myself in this game.

BryAn - I just want to say, nothing I did was against you, it was for me.

Gabi - I understand, and that’s what I did, too.

BryAn, CF - I don’t fully trust Gabi, but I do trust her more than I trust, for example.. Irielle or Leo. It’s for the best that I don’t do anything to further strain our relationship.

Gabi - You’re my ride or die.

*BryAn smiles and nods*


*Martin sits with Becky*

Martin, CF - Laura has become a problem. It’s plain and simple. So, I am going to do something about it. It may seem deceitful, but, you know, that’s the game!

Martin - Becky, Laura is after you. Hardcore. The last round, she wanted us to throw this immunity, just to take you out.

*Becky rolls her eyes*

Becky, CF - Laura is seriously pissing me off. I did NOTHING to her and she wants ME out. You know what, Laura. I want you out... Ha!

Becky - You, me, Jai, Harrison. Vote Laura out. Our tribe is less divided.

*Martin nods*

Martin, CF - I want Becky here over Laura, and I think I can get Jai and Harrison on board.


*Laura is walking with Harrison and Jai*

Laura, CF - I am sketched out by Martin and Becky hanging out so much. Martin, we had a plan. Stick to it.

Laura - I saw Martin talking to Becky, I don’t think he’s to be trusted.

Harrison - Yeah.

Harrison, CF - I don’t like Laura, she is unpredictable and has been very eager to make destructive decisions, such as throwing challenges to get out who she wants out. I don’t want someone who is willing to go so far for such little reward. If she’s going this hard to take Becky out, for seemingly no reason, I don’t know what she’ll do next.

Harrison - I think, Laura, you shouldn’t get too paranoid.

Laura - Yeah.

Laura, CF - Harrison is trying to make sure I stay calm… which makes me think he’s in on the plan. He wants me blindsided, right?

*Harrison walks away*

Laura, to Jai - I think he’s planning a blindside.

Jai - Who?

Laura - Harrison. “Don’t get too paranoid”? Really? That’s literally what you say when you’re plotting something.

Jai, CF - Laura has percepted some energy from Harrison, and thinks he’s trying to blindside her. That isn’t too far off from the truth, but I don’t want to say the wrong thing. She is way too quick to flip on someone.

Jai - What do you think we should do about it?

Laura - I guess… go to Becky.

Jai, CF - Holy ****. Laura wants to go to Becky, the girl she’s been dead set on taking out.  I don’t think I can do much to stop her. So, I guess I might as well just say the bare minimum, so she won’t go after me next.

Jai - Tell me how it goes.

*Becky and Laura sit next to each other*

Laura, CF - Sometimes you need to play so you won’t get played. Reaching out to Becky, my original target, is exactly how I can do that.

Laura - Listen, I think there’s lies being spread around the tribe, and I think the kingpins of said lies is both Martin and Harrison.

Becky - Martin did come to me trying to target you.

Laura - He did the same thing to me about you.

Becky, CF - Laura is telling me this stuff, and I don’t know what to do with this information. Or if I can TRUST it.

Laura - I say, let's do Harrison, so if an idol is used, it’d be wasted. I think I can get Jai on board.

Becky, CF - This has me so confused, I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do. This is the most difficult position I’ve ever been in, in my entire life. I don’t know whether I can trust Laura, but I also don’t know if I can trust Harrison or Martin. I’m at a roadblock.

*Harrison looks over at Laura and Becky talking, and looks over at Martin*

Harrison - This can’t be good.

*Martin nods*

Harrison, CF - Laura hasn’t even gone near Becky in days, so now that she is randomly approaching her… yeah. I feel nervous. Not ideal circumstances.

Martin, CF - I don’t trust Laura or Becky right now. 2 people on a tribe of 5 could do some damage, and I don’t necessarily know where Jai’s head is at. I got my idol, maybe I will actually need to use it. This is NOT going according to plan.


Jeff Probst - Jai, another day another tribal council. Now that all tribes have gone to at least one tribal, do you feel as going to another one so fast is the worst case scenario, with a potential swap upcoming?

Jai - In this game, any time you go to tribal, it’s the worst case scenario.

Jeff Probst - Harrison, if at all, how has the tribe dynamic changed since the first tribal council?

Harrison - Well, it’s constantly changing. For a while, Laura and Becky didn’t get along, not talking to each other whatsoever, and just a few hours ago they were being suspiciously friendly.

*Laura rolls her eyes, dramatically*

Jeff Probst - Laura, do you feel put on blast right now?

Laura - NEEDLESSLY so. I don’t know what Harrison is trying to pull, but he’s coming off as dramatic and petty, and that is NOT a good look on such an old man. He just is craving attention and feels nervous, so he is coming at someone half his age to project that to.

Jeff Probst - Becky, he also brought you up. How does that make YOU feel?

Becky - Like nobody is on my side right now. If he cared about my safety as much as he and Martin were pretending to, he really wouldn’t have done that.

Jeff Probst - MARTIN, now YOU are being dragged into this. Where’s your head at?

Martin - I had no intention of being involved in tribal drama, and it is disappointing Harrison and Becky both had to get involved in this, unnecessarily. I definitely know there’s a perception of me already, and an instant target on my back, because of my success and job, so the drama is the LAST thing I needed.

Jeff Probst - Jai, does not being involved in any of this make you feel safe?

Jai - If anything, it makes me feel singled out, which is the opposite of safe. The bottom line is… you never know what will happen.

Jeff Probst - With that, it is time to vote. Harrison, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.

*Martin reluctantly stands*

Martin - I will be using this on Harrison.

*Becky and Laura share a worried glance*

Harrison - Wow, thanks…

Jeff Probst - This IS a hidden immunity idol, any votes cast towards Harrison will NOT count.

*Laura sighs, a nervous expression covers her face*

Jeff Probst - First vote… Harrison. DOES NOT COUNT.

Second vote… Laura.

Laura - I ****ing knew it.

Jeff Probst - Third vote… Becky.

Becky - Did you not vote with me, Laura?

*Laura rolls her eyes*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote.... Laura.

2 votes Laura, 1 vote Becky. 1 vote left.

Jeff Probst - Fifth vote and player leaving… Laura.

Laura - Thanks, guys. Knew you were a bunch of snakes. *grabs torch, and walks over to Jeff Probst*

*Becky frowns, being in the minority… again*

Jeff Probst - Laura, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Laura flips the tribe off, and leaves*

Jeff Probst - A tribe seemingly unified, yet an idol is wasted, will the obvious odd one out get picked off? Or will the tribe shift? Grab your torches and head back to camp.

*Becky looks over at the rest of her tribe, and grabs her torch, upset*

15th - Laura (3-*1*-1)

Laura, Leaving Words - I would do things differently, for sure. But this is NOT a blindside. I knew it was coming since I saw Martin and Becky talking. I don’t regret the way I played the game. I made moves and did what I thought was best for me. These players just didn’t like a strong strategic woman taking away from their man fiesta. They were threatened, I truly believe.

Harrison - Laura.
Jai - Laura.
Laura - Becky.
Martin - Laura.
Becky - Harrison.


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Becky might go home...unless her tribe wins
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