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Jun 16, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 1, PART 1 : Play Or Be Played

Brawn Tribe :
Bruce, 33, Firefighter
Dana, 40, Truck Driver
Harriet, 35, Police Officer
Ryker, 65, Ex-Interrogator
Tonya, 48, Ex-Professional Athlete
Vince, 36, MMA Trainer

Beauty Tribe :
BryAn, 23, Skin Care Enthusiast
Gabi, 20, Instagram Model
Irielle, 19, Pageant Second Runner-Up
Leo, 23, Motivational Social Media Influencer Who Specializes in Fitness
Samantha, 26, YouTuber/Beauty Guru
Tayvian, 25, Male Model + Actor + Ex-Football Player + Activist

Brain Tribe :
Becky, 32, Chemist
Harrison, 50, Law Professor
Jai, 31, Doctor
Kyrah, 40, Surgeon, Activist, Self Proclaimed “Single Super Mom”
Laura, 23, Law Student
Martin, 45, Entrepreneur/Inventor
*Insert here : a Jeff Probst monologue about the brawns and beauties and brains*

*The camera cuts to the Brawn boat, and Harriet, looking out into the water*

Harriet, CF - I’m a Police Officer from the Big City…. Of Augusta, Maine. I am single since High School. I have hooked up before, but never had a stable relationship since my High School boyfriend moved to Texas. People make assumptions about me, but I don’t care. I am not here to find a boyfriend, though, I am here to play Survivor... But, if I DO find a boyfriend… win-win.

*The camera cuts to Irielle, sitting in the beauty boat, smiling*

Irielle, CF - I am young, but I have had so much life experience. I got Second Runner-Up at a pageant in my University, and I don’t like to lose. This will be a second chance for me, and I will NOT be getting runner-up this time. OR second runner-up. I am in it to win it. I know there are people who perceive beauties as people who are used to getting what they want, and… I will use that to my advantage. The perception, that is. I work for what I want, but if I can use the perception to my advantage, I will take the chances I can get. I can play, just wait.

*The camera cuts to the brain boat, with Kyrah staring right into the camera, smiling*

Kyrah, CF - I am a brain, but also a beauty. And a brawn. Which is why I will win this season, because I’m the best of all three. I am 40 years old, but look like I’m 23, I am a Surgeon, but also an activist, AND a single super mom. Now, you may hear I’m an activist and assume I’m a feminist, but NO. I truly believe the Republicans and people such as Donald J. Trump are necessary to keep this Country one as a union. I won’t say I agree with all of his actions, but he does more good than harm. In my day to day life I am outspoken about these beliefs, but for the game, I will use my… brain *winks* so I can win the game.


Martin, CF - I am Martin, and although I’m a Brain, I do feel as though my personality also correlates with one of a Brawn. I am a hustler, I am an Entrepreneur, and in the past 20 years, I have grown and grown as a businessman and now I’m a multi-millionaire. I think that took, not just my brains, but my hustle. If I won, it’d go to charity, for sure, and some rising businesses, because I know what it means to those people. I want to encourage success, and help them reach my level.

*Jeff Probst stops introducing the season*

*Bruce, Ryker, Tonya and Vince casually walk through the woods*

Ryker, CF - I immediately notice the one, the only, Tonya Harding… due to my problematic past, this would be a great alliance, because… my scandal was pretty highly publicized. I want to lose my target as much as possible. I just need to be nonchalant for sure-

Ryker - Are you Tonya Harding?

Tonya - *chuckle* No way! I am Tonya, I share a striking resemblance, and am a retired Figure Skater, but I am not Tonya Harding.

Tonya, CF - I knew going in… I’d be a huge target, due to my similarities to Tonya Harding. I need to make sure everyone knows I am NOT Tonya Harding.

Vince - I get good vibes from you people, I think we should form this now. The alliances from day 1 together stick together.

Ryker - I dig it.

Vince, CF - Alliances need to form from the start to be stable and strong. In my opinion, going off of initial vibes makes it stronger. First impressions are important, and based on those, I feel, makes us more stable. I feel good with my crew.

Bruce - This could be such a strong group!

Tonya - Brawns for life!


*BryAn and Gabi smile at each other, sitting across from each other*

BryAn, CF - I follow Gabi on Instagram. I am a BIG fan.

BryAn - I follow you on Instagram.

Gabi - Oh, my god?! Really?

BryAn - Yess!

Gabi - Thank you!

Gabi, CF - I love my fans, so having a fan on the tribe is just a HUGE win for me. It makes me feel more well connected.

Gabi - Let’s start an alliance. Let’s be a final 2.

BryAn - Oh, my god. Really?!

Gabi - Yeah!

*BryAn hugs Gabi*
*Irielle and Leo, sitting near the camp, stare at Gabi and BryAn, hugging*

Irielle - Already forming alliances.

Leo - Moving way too fast.

Leo, CF - When other players are moving too fast, that means you’re moving too slow. I feel like me and Irielle are on similar wavelengths about that…

Leo - I think we should probably form something, too. Just because I don’t want to get screwed over by people like… *motions to BryAn and Gabi, laughing while walking down the beach* That.

Irielle - I’m with you.

Irielle, CF - I don’t dig being shady, but… Gabi and BryAn were getting too close, so I need to make sure I don’t fall behind in forming connections, because clearly these people are already getting chummy. Play or be played, ya know?


*Everyone gathers around the fire*

Tayvian - I just love my career.

Irielle - What is it?

Tayvian, smiling - Which one? I’m set to be a multimillionaire, with my long list of jobs! More like hobbies, really. I do what I love and I love what I do! And I love every paycheck.

*Irielle slightly cringes*

Tayvian, CF - I know people will be intimidated by me, but I was raised to be honest with my success. I worked like hell to get here, I’m gonna flex on it. I deserved this.

*The rest of the tribe share cringing glances, as Tayvian flexes on his accomplishments*


*Becky and Laura lay in the sun, next to each other*

Becky, CF - Laura and I are sort of the young girls on the tribe. We’re the youngins. This is a surprisingly old tribe. I want to create the bond now, because we could be super girl power this season.

Becky - Listen, we’re both young. We’re both relatively attractive. I think we can do some damage in this game.

Laura - Like, a girl power alliance?

Becky - Yuh!

Laura - Wow, I love it.

Laura, CF - Becky comes to me, as the young girls on the tribe, suggesting some sort of alliance, and I literally love it even though she’s 10 years older than me! Being on this tribe, I feel like the odd one out sort of, so if Becky is interested in a girl power alliance, I’m so in!

*Harrison and Martin sit together*

Harrison, CF - Martin and I are the outliers, we are the oldest men, and that means we need to stick together.

Harrison - The only way we have any chance in this game is together.

Martin - I agree.

Martin, CF - Harrison is 50, I am 45. The odds are AGAINST us. And that means, to survive. We need to stick together. Obviously. For sure. Or else, we’d get picked off right away.


BRAWNS WIN IMMUNITY - and also a fire making kit.

BEAUTY’S WIN IMMUNITY - they also win flint.

Jai, CF - Going into tribal, I am feeling very unsafe, knowing I have no official bonds or alliances. It seems as though the game is flying by too fast, and I need to make sure I am not going to get screwed over. Because, first person out is NOT what I came here for.

*In the woods, Dana stumbles upon an idol*

Dana - Holy truckoli!

Dana, CF - I feel as though people will write me off in so many different ways before taking me seriously, and I am just so stoked I already have this power in this game. In the bigger picture… I could do some damage.... With this idol... specifically.

*Bruce is starting the fire, and setting up the camp*

Bruce, CF - I just love to work. And I love to help people, obviously. It just makes me feel so internally satisfied to make people’s lives easier and helped.

Harriet - Good job, Bruce.

Harriet, CF - Bruce was helping the camp out, so that some of us can get some rest, because… we’re all very tough aggressive players, so getting rest before a challenge is very important. I think we’re all very grateful for Bruce’s selflessness.

*The tribe is gathered around the camp*

Tayvian - Y’all, someone should set up the fire so we can get to know each other.

Irielle - Why not you?

Tayvian - I just think I did the most in the challenge. Also, I am the most successful of all of you, why would I bother?

Irielle, CF - Ever since getting introduced to Tayvian, he’s just been flexing. His occupation title would fill the entire screen if written out. He loves himself, it’s painfully clear.

Tayvian, CF - I feel as though the tribe doesn’t see what I bring to the table. I’m a male model, actor, ex-football player and an activist.

Irielle - I think I got to know you enough, Tayvian. *gets up and walks away*

*Tayvian walks up to Samantha*

Tayvian - What’s her problem?

Samantha - You come off… a bit strong, if I’m being honest.

*Leo follows Irielle*

Irielle - He is SUCH a tool.

Leo - The biggest.

Leo, CF - I don’t like Tayvian. It’s almost like he’s only here to talk about himself. Irielle sort of confronted him, so maybe that will bring him down a notch. If not… he will be a problem big picture.

*In a creek, Martin stumbles upon the idol*

Martin, CF - This old man is doing pretty good! I have an idol and a final 2 now, and I think going into tribal council, I am doing quite well!


Laura - I just feel like equal rights should always come first in society. And we should treat all people as they are… people.

*Kyrah scoffs*

Laura - Is there something wrong, Kyrah?

Kyrah - How many more rights do you people need? *rolls eyes*

*Laura cringes*

Laura, CF - I feel as though all people’s views and opinions are equal. But Kyrah just made me totally uncomfortable, and attacked.

*Laura walks away*

Kyrah - Another sensitive snowflake.

*Harrison and Martin smile at each other*

Harrison, CF - It makes me feel so much better for Kyrah to be rubbing the tribe the wrong way, because I felt unsafe otherwise, being the oldest tribe member and all.

*Laura, Becky and Jai stand in the woods*

Becky - I think we should target Harrison, he is the oldest member of the tribe, and he is pretty weak.

*Laura and Jai make eye contact*

Becky, CF - I just find Harrison and Martin as VERY hurtful to the tribe. They’re older and weaker, for sure. I don’t want a weak tribe.

Laura - I just don’t like Kyrah.

Becky - Well, that sucks for you, but she is more helpful than ****ing Harrison and Martin.

Laura, CF - Becky is basically saying “I want Harrison out, and you disagreeing with me is wrong”, which is NOT feminism or supporting women, so Becky… I don’t want to work with you anymore.

*Laura pulls Jai off to the side*

Laura - I think we should target Kyrah instead, she is problematic and her mouth will divide the tribe eventually.

Jai - I agree.

Jai, CF - I didn’t appreciate Kyrah’s behavior earlier. It was so disrespectful towards Laura. Instead of talking to her, she made a very rude comment. But, I also will not go out on a limb to get rid of her. It’s too soon to create waves.


*Kyrah sits with Harrison and Martin*

Kyrah - Wasn’t Laura such a ****?

*Harrison and Martin look at each other*

Harrison, CF - Kyrah is really just so controversial, and rude… she’s a bully. And I can’t STAND it. I have to make a move.
*Harrison, Martin and Laura meet together*

Harrison - Kyrah came to us and called you some very rude names. The C-word.

*Laura shakes her head, and sighs*

Laura, CF - It isn’t shocking that Kyrah is calling me these names and behaving so rudely. I will happily take her out of the game right now.


Jeff Probst - Behind each of you is a torch, dip it in the flame to make fire, fire represents your life in this game, once your fire is out… so are you.

Harrison, you are the oldest person in the game. Do you think that could lead to a target on your back?

Kyrah - Oh, don’t even ask him. For SURE. He’s the target.

Jeff Probst - Kyrah, do you care to elaborate?

Kyrah - He’s the oldest, he’s the weakest. His old ass is outta here.

*Laura starts laughing*

Jeff Probst - Laura, why that reaction?

Kyrah - She’s a jealous ass bitch. Don’t even ask her. She wants me out, and sadly, it won’t work. Laura, you aren’t a boss, you aren’t a strong woman. Your faux feminism and activist instagram bio will be put on FULL BLAST, ‘cus you got NO POWER.

Becky - Kyrah, please calm down.

Harrison - To answer the question you asked ME, Jeff. I am obviously a target, but I don’t think everything is what it seems.

Jeff Probst - It is time to vote. Harrison, you’re up first.


Laura, holding up “KYRA” to the camera - You really really really need to get a new personality. I believe you’re a strong woman, but you don’t support other women, which makes me feel truly bad for you.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and wants to use it, now is the time to do so.


Jeff Probst - First vote… Kyrah.

Kyrah - HUH?!

Jeff Probst - Second vote… Harrison.

Kyrah - Ohhhh. *wipes sweat off head, and laughs*

Jeff Probst - Third vote… Kyrah.


*Laura rolls her eyes*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… Becky.

Fifth vote… Kyrah.

*Kyrah starts sobbing uncontrollably*

Jeff Probst - Final vote and player leaving… Kyrah.

Kyrah - I think you’re all awful ****ing human ****ing beings. *grabs torch, bitterly, and walks over to Jeff Probst*

Jeff Probst - Kyrah, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Laura smiles, Becky realizes Kyrah voted for her*

Becky - The ****?!

Jeff Probst - Two people completely blindsided, despite a unified tribe. Could the dynamics shift, or is this what will last long term? Grab your torches and head back to camp.

18th - Kyrah (4-1-1)

Kyrah, Leaving Words, wiping tears away - I just feel so blindsided and hurt by these closed minded individuals. I should’ve kept my mouth shut, but if I can’t be accepted for who I am, I don’t care. I am never going to stop being myself, and I won’t apologize.

Harrison - Kyrah.
Jai - Kyrah.
Kyrah - Becky.
Laura - Kyrah.
Martin - Kyrah.
Becky - Harrison.

PART 2 :

*Becky is confused, sitting down*

Becky, CF - I just got voted for by Kyrah… despite being the only person who didn’t vote for Kyrah. I am so alone and blindsided right now.

*Laura sits down by Becky*

Laura, CF - That was sort of me telling Becky I’m not aligned with her anymore, so I’d suspect she’d be pretty pissed at me.

Laura - I’m sorry.

*Becky ignores her completely*

Laura, CF - She isn’t reacting, so… I guess she’s taking it better than I thought!

Becky, CF - Laura’s fake ass apology means nothing to me. I’m over her.


BRAIN TRIBE WINS IMMUNITY - they also win a fishing kit and boat!
BRAWN TRIBE WINS IMMUNITY - they also win fishing gear!

Jai, CF - Winning immunity, despite taking out a relatively strong competitor, tells me we made the right call. Kyrah was dividing the tribe, and causing waves, and clearly we didn’t need her to succeed. We did good. We get to chill now.

Irielle, CF - We’re going to tribal. I personally want Tayvian out. He is full of himself and just all around is an unenjoyable presence around camp. We get it, you have 27 jobs, you are hot. You are successful. You don’t need to act like you are superior to us. I am going to get Tayvian out, because if not my head will explode.


*Vince and Ryker sit by each other*

Vince - You were an ex-FBI investigator.

Ryker - Yes.

Vince - But you got…

Ryker - I retired.

Ryker, CF - Nobody recognizes me from my controversy, so I need to AVOID drawing attention to it.

Vince - I wanted to be an MMA fighter, but I got into an accident, so as a result, I just stuck as a trainer.

Ryker - That sucks.

Vince, CF - I had dreams of being a pro, and I failed. It’s really nice to open up to someone with such experience of getting people to talk to him. He’s sort of like a therapist who questions criminals. Ryker might be someone I could rely on.


*Harrison and Martin sit by each other on the shelter*

Martin, CF - Being 2 of the oldest people, not just on the tribe, but on the SEASON, I definitely have a bond with Harrison. It’s an immediate connection, because we have life experience.

Martin - I think we could really do well in this game, if we position ourselves right.

Harrison - And I think we’re positioned right.

Martin - We got targeted, and with Kyrah gone, we might be in more trouble now.

Harrison - I think Becky and Laura will target each other now. I feel good.

Harrison, CF - After last tribal, I feel pretty good. I think Laura and Becky aren’t on good terms.. I feel as though, although me and Martin are the odd ones out, I feel as though this is a good place to be in.


*Gabi stumbles upon an idol, and she is immediately overcome with emotion, tears filling her eyes*

Gabi - Is this real?!

Gabi, CF - I just feel as though nobody expects anything from me. So finding this idol, and already having trust in BryAn, I feel like… I’m doing way better than anybody would ever expect. And, maybe I can continue to prove what people think of me wrong. This is so huge for me.


*Irielle and Leo walk through the woods with Samantha*

Irielle - Samantha, does Tayvian not drive you insane?

Samantha - I want him gone… BAD. We are all strong without him, he’s nothing but conceited.

Samantha, CF - There is no question about it. The vote is all but definitely between Irielle and Tayvian. I hate Tayvian, he’s a prick. I will be voting with Irielle and Leo tonight.

*Tayvian sits with Gabi and BryAn*

Tayvian - I think Irielle is a negative person. She isn’t a strong competitor, she’s just a negative bitch, and needs to go.

*Gabi and BryAn glance at each other*

BryAn, CF - I feel like Tayvian thinks he’s so much better than everybody else, he has 0 self awareness. Which could be helpful long term. If he continuously proves to be not a threat whatsoever, we could use him. He isn’t, like, a threat? But, I don’t know. I feel like it just depends if I can push aside my personal opinion of him.


*Tayvian approaches Samantha*

Tayvian - Hello, Sam!

*Samantha rolls her eyes, and walks away*

Tayvian, CF - I guess these people are getting so jealous of me, they don’t even want to SPEAK to me. All I know is I got a solid 3, which means I am safe tonight. I don’t care about Samantha, she’s a dumb bitch.

*Irielle and Leo approach Gabi and BryAn*

Leo - I think Tayvian is just too negative for our tribe.

*Irielle nods, smiling*

*Gabi bites her bottom lip*

Gabi, CF - I just don’t know… if it’s worth going to rocks for someone like Tayvian. But, I do think Irielle is a bigger threat, so… who knows. This tribal is unpredictable.

*Irielle and Leo walk away*

Gabi - BryAn, what should we do?

BryAn - I don’t know. I think Irielle is a bigger threat, but I agree. Tayvian is a huge jerk.

*Gabi nods*

BryAn, CF - I literally personally dislike Tayvian, so it’s hard to see the objectivity of this vote. I feel like I’ve come to the right decision though. I may change my mind, and who knows how the vote will turn out. This could go in two very different ways, and it’s sort of a war between Irielle and Tayvian.

Jeff Probst - Behind each of you is a torch, dip it in the flame to get fire, fire represents your life in this game, and once your fire is out, so are you.

Sam, coming into tribal today, you lost to the 2 tribes with castaways in their 40s, 50s and even 60s. As the youngest tribe, do you think it’s a disconnect as a tribe? Or was it an off-game?

Samantha - If you call me Sam, I will throw a shoe at your head. It’s Samantha, thank you. But yes, it was just a weird challenge, we just failed. I don’t think it’ll happen again, personally. We are strong. But, I think if we can be unified as a tribe, we can be stronger.

Tayvian - I agree Samantha. So, Sam, Leo, vote for Irielle.

*Irielle rolls her eyes, and she smiles at Jeff Probst*

Jeff Probst - Irielle, are you used to be publicly bashed like this?

Tayvian - It isn’t bashing.

Irielle - I wonder how there would be confusion, Tayvian.

Tayvian - You have been nothing but rude to me, Irielle. This is karma.

Irielle - Literally, Tayvian. Shut up.

Tayvian - See, she’s being a bitch again.

*Gabi cringes, looking over at BryAn, conflicted*

Leo - Tayvian, you are making yourself look… so dumb.

Tayvian - I don’t care, your net worth is an entire digit less than mine. *rolls eyes*

*BryAn sighs*

Jeff Probst - With that.. It is time to vote. BryAn, you’re up first.


Irielle, holding up “TAYVIAN”  to the camera - I don’t feel bad. You have not shied away from talking about how you’re gonna be a multimillionaire and all soon. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine going home. Maybe, with all your money, you’ll pay someone to teach you how to talk to other people, because… Jesus. Christ.
Tayvian, holding up “IRIEL” to the camera - You have been nothing but a rude bitch to me, and I hope to see your fire die out.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.

*The camera zooms in on Gabi, who stands up*

Gabi - I’m not getting rocked out. *hands Jeff her idol* I’m using it on myself.

*BryAn stares at Gabi, dumbfounded*

Jeff Probst - This IS a Hidden Immunity Idol, any vote for Gabi will not count.

First vote… Tayvian.

Second vote… Irielle.

Third vote… Tayvian.

Fourth vote… Tayvian.

3 votes Tayvian, 1 vote Irielle.

Fifth vote… Irielle.

*Irielle rolls her eyes*

Jeff Probst - Final vote… Irielle.


Jeff Probst - If it ties again… it’ll go to rocks between Samantha, Leo and BryAn.

*BryAn and Gabi make eye contact, both of them on edge*

*Irielle slightly smiles, feeling safer now*

Jeff Probst - First vote… Tayvian.

Second vote… Tayvian.

*Irielle smiles, a happy tear fills her eye, knowing she’s officially safe*

Jeff Probst - Third vote… Irielle.

Final vote and player leaving… Tayvian.

Tayvian - ****, damn.

*Gabi stares at BryAn, disappointed*

Jeff Probst - Tayvian, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Tayvian leaves, slightly upset*

Jeff Probst - A drama starter has gotten taken out early on, but with a split vote, the tension isn’t gone yet. Grab your torch and head back to camp.

17th - Tayvian (3-3 // 3-1)

Tayvian, Final Words - I definitely feel as though this is jealousy. They know I am more successful than them, and they got too scared, knowing I am always going to be better than them. I am richer than they’ll ever be, if they even win the money, so I can’t be bothered by the opinions of the peasants. I’m the King, and goodbye.

BryAn - Irielle -> Tayvian
Gabi - Irielle
Irielle - Tayvian
Leo - Tayvian
Samantha - Tayvian
Tayvian - Irielle


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dont like becky that much
Gabi is pretty bad too
Sent by Jasoi,Jun 16, 2019
Gabi really came to play hard episode 1 and the gays once again ruined everything
Sent by BluJay112,Jun 19, 2019

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