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Survivor Blog Series - FTC/Reunion

Jun 1, 2019 by Kaseyhope101


Ali, Georgia and Jenny face the jury.

Jeff Probst - You each get a chance to make a speech and plea to the jury, then we’ll be open to questioning, then you’ll get a final plea and then they will vote. Ali, you’re up first.

Ali - I came into this game with one goal. To get to the end, with zero votes casted against me. And I did that. I started out on a tribe with 2 rival alliances. I was in the middle. I made the most of that position, voting in the majority both times pre-swap, and even was the head of the Harley blindside, bringing in the other members of the middle, AND using the people in the minority to take him out. I always made moves in the best of my power to avoid being the target. It has clearly worked, and when I needed to, I won challenges. I don’t think I relied on immunities, but I used them to assure I reached my goal, and I avoided a target, even when I was in a bad position on the tribe, which was most of the game. I made sure I wasn’t the main target, and when I was worried about my position, I took action. I will obviously answer any question you may have, and I hope you consider who played a game that both considered jury management, while still playing a self sufficient game, that objectively succeeded in what they set out to do. No matter who that may be.

*The jury nods along, reacting to that speech*

Jeff Probst - Georgia, you’re up.

Georgia - Um, hi. I was targeted at an early stage in the game, but had an alliance who had my back. I had an idol used on me day 3, by Jen, and we weren’t even allies, so that says a thing or two about my social game, I believe. I then found an idol myself, in which I kept in my back pocket the majority of this game. Me and Veronica were in the middle by the swap vote, and we made the move of getting rid of major social threat Tim. By merge, I was in the middle position between the 2 power couples, and once Atom lied to me about the vote, I targeted him, ultimately succeeding in getting him out. Then, when Sonja lied to me, I ultimately targeted her, and although changing my target to Zoe, Sonja still got out. When I became targeted, I successfully used my idol, blindsiding Nile, and then ultimately, I became into a power position, after the rock draw sent Zoe out - and I ultimately targeted and succeeded in getting out both Parker and Zach - getting into the final 3 with all women.

Jeff Probst - Jenny, you’re up.

Jenny - Hey, everybody. I had all the cards stacked against me in this game. I made both sides mad at me at first, by idolling Georgia, while also voting for her, which caused me to be the target from early on. Then, I swapped onto a tribe in the minority, only ensuring my safety by scheming against my only ally, Ho, and then swapping in the minority… AGAIN, ultimately leading to me being in the minority come merge. But, by the merge, I actually found a way to be in the middle position - after Terry got out and the game was the power couples being pinned against each other… ultimately, I still had struggles voting in the majority, but once I found ANOTHER idol, I think my game changed. I idolled out Elle, was in the majority the Sonja vote, and was apart of the Nile blindside. My alliance with Zach and Georgia was officially half the tribe, and I went to rocks for them, and then made a deal with Georgia, so that if Ali won the final immunity, it’d be an all female final 3. As a Generation-Z feminist, I think it’s important to have girl power outweigh social expectations, and we proved the social standard wrong, having an All-Female Final 3.

Jeff Probst - We will now open the floors to questions from the jury. Terry, you’re up.

*Terry stands up and walks into the center of the room*

Terry - Jenny, I was WOKE from the start. I knew you were the Parvati Shallow of the season, that we had to get you out while we had the chance.

Jenny - I think that’s a stretch, but proceed.

Terry - Not really. Dostribo had the majority coming into merge, and the final 3 are all from Unatriba. Jenny, do you feel any regret on being petty and rude to the rest of the tribe throughout the season, and ostracizing those who didn’t directly benefit your gameplay?

*Zoe rolls her eyes*

Jenny - I… have regrets about my gameplay… I do not think that is one of them, because that is not how I perceive the events this season. But, I will not doubt your own perception, because I believe women.

Terry - You and Georgia were bullies, through and through, and I am making a stand against you, by supporting the greatest victim at this Final Tribal Council. Ali, you had been so ostracized on this tribe, you had to win immunities to make sure they didn’t topple you down. I am your champion. You played a great game, and the statistics alone show that. 0 votes throughout all 39 days is incredible, and you did what you had to do, without being a rude presence. That is all I have to say.

*Jenny and Georgia exchange a glance*

Jeff Probst - Veronica, you are up.

Veronica - Ali, I think game wise, I relate most to you, as you were the other girl in a power couple. I also respect your physical gameplay, even if I do believe you winning so many challenges by the end was to make up for your lacking social connections. But I also do think it needs to be pointed out that Georgia and Jenny both needed idols to avoid being VOTED OUT of the game. So, I think in that regard you’re all pretty even. So, that leads me to a crossroads. I want all 3 of you to say what you think you did BETTER than the other 2. Ali?

Ali - Statistically speaking, I was more physically oriented than the other 2, but I don’t think it was a reliance, because I only won, mostly, at the very end, and a little bit at the beginning of the merge - surviving most of the middle portion with my own plays and not by relying on immunity challenges. I set out on a goal, and I made it here, doing whatever it takes to take the target off my back, and getting here without any votes cast against me. I, obviously, have already drilled that fact in, but it definitely applies to my gameplay, because it was my personal objective, and I succeeded at it.

Veronica - Georgia?

Georgia - I think if I set my eye out on a plan, I followed through. Obviously, I changed my mind from time to time, but I was never afraid of doing what I wanted, and getting others on board. I liked being in the driver's seat - when Rhonda was the target, I followed through and she got out. Any times it had to go to rocks, I risked it all, and followed through, when it was Tim, I followed through and blindsided Tim, and by merge, I feel as though I really came to terms with my gameplay, and was more assured in my actions. I wasn’t always successful at first, but by the end, I’d say all of my targets I had a hand in getting out.

Veronica - And Jenny?

Jenny - I think my story had the most adversity in front of me. I started in the minority, and then I swapped into the minority twice. I came into the merge in the minority - yet I still found a way to make it through, with minimal target come merge. I did need to use my idol, yes, that is true, but afterwards, I managed to get to this point without any immunity wins or anything. I was self reliant, and I think that is something to be proud of, I think.

Veronica - Thank you.

Jeff Probst - Next up, Darnell.

*Georgia and Jenny roll their eyes*

Darnell -  Hey, Ali.

Ali - Love you, Darnell.

Darnell - Love you, too. Okay, I think it should be obvious who I am rooting for, but I also want the deserving person to win, above all. I want to ask all 3 of you, how did you play the game in a physical sense, strategic sense and social sense?

Ali - I think I did the best of my abilities in all 3 categories. Physically I’ve won the most competitions out of everybody. Socially and strategically, I have had 0 votes casted against me, but specifically, I started out in the middle, and never really had any rides or dies, besides you, Darnell, but after you got out, I was my own person, keeping my options open as much as possible, and always made the movies that got me to this point.

Georgia - Physically I did win a reward, and pre-jury, I had been a valuable asset to whichever tribes I were on. Socially and strategically, I had an alliance from the start, BUT I didn’t just follow them, I made my own decisions, and used my bonds to work with who would target the people I wanted to target. For example, the Tim blindside, me and Veronica were in the middle, and we ultimately decided ourselves what we wanted to do. After that, my alliance was definitely my core, but I had sub-bonds so that I’d have people who would take me to the end, and I had bonds that would have my back in the bigger picture.

Jenny - Physically, I didn’t win anything. I relied on my strategic and social prowess. I’ve attended a good portions of the tribal councils, and pre-merge I was such a target throughout all of them, by being in the minority - but then by the merge, I attended EVERY tribal council, and was only the main target once… which, admittedly, I had to use my idol to escape - but ultimately, after that I was never the target ever again.

Jeff Probst - Atom, you’re up.

Atom - I don’t really have a question. Georgia, you were rude to me, and that’s all I have to say about it. You were very insensitive and rude, and you bullied me. Terry was right. You’re nothing but a bully.

*Georgia rolls her eyes, scoffing*

Atom - There you go again with the eye roll. All you know how to do in life. And, Jenny. I don’t really get your gameplay, I couldn’t see it at all, and Ali, same with you SORT OF. But, I think now I have a good enough of a grasp of both of your games, to know… who deserves this win. Basically, all I ask from you jurors is… don’t vote for Georgia. *he sits back down*

*Georgia flips him off*

Jeff Probst - Elle, you are up.

Elle - I think a lot of people are overestimating Ali’s game because she had 0 votes cast against her… literally, the same could be said for Mitch.

Ali - Mitch got out before day 10, I lasted all 39 days.

Elle - And you had immunity for half of those. Georgia, I was on a tribe with you for… a good portion of this game, and although I wouldn’t call you a bully, I would say that you were extremely confrontational, and… a BIT petty. Do you have anything to say on that?

Georgia - I think in my day to day life I just don’t shy away from addressing what bothers me, and if that upsets you, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to come off as, in what Atom said, “a bully”, whatsoever, that simply is not me. But, I can’t say how people perceive me, and I’m sorry if I offended anybody, truly.

Elle - Jenny, I probably have bonded with you the most, despite spending the least amount of time with you. Which tells me, I think you’re underrating your own social and strategic game, and I think the jury needs to hear more of that from you.

Jenny - I definitely took the social opportunities I had in front of me, specifically with you when we swapped together, I took advantage of that social opportunity, but the problem is that so often, since I was in the minority, nobody gave me too much room to take action. In the first swap, Terry did the most for me, blowing up her own alliance, which I think might be why she got out come merge, and not me.

Jeff Probst - Sonja, you’re up.

Sonja - I have a question for Georgia and nobody else. Georgia, so far, the jury hasn’t exactly expressed praise for you. If this was 15 days ago, I’d have been inclined to defend you, but… you manipulated me, lied to me, entirely out of pettiness. But, the real confusing move you’ve made, that I still can’t process is... Why did you lie to me? Tell me to vote for Jenny, when you were just getting other people to vote for ME - and then you voted for Zoe? I can’t even wrap my mind around it while reciting your actions right now.

Georgia - I’d argue that and Jenny’s move the first tribal council were the 2 most WTF moments of the season. I originally thought for sure I wanted you out, but then Zoe tried to manipulate me, and I clocked it, simply. And nobody would work with me to get her out, which I suppose is why everyone turned on me the next tribal council. It was definitely my biggest mistake.

Sonja - Oh, it was definitely your biggest mistake. *SITS BACK DOWN*

Jeff Probst - Nile, you are up.

Nile - I have all but made up my mind, but I do have a question for Georgia and Jenny… why did you target me? It’s a selfish question, but.. Georgia, the tribal prior you were so dead set on voting Zoe, why did you shift your target on me all of the sudden?

Georgia - The tribal beforehand you were immune.

Nile - Fair.

Jenny - I just couldn’t really trust you or Zoe, and figured since Georgia was targeting you, I’d shoot my shot.

Nile - You could’ve trusted us, you just didn’t want to.

Jenny - After you two specifically were taken on reward by Parker, I just sort of figured out where your gameplay was at.

*Nile sits down*

Jeff Probst - Zoe, you’re up.

Zoe - I think, right now… you people on the jury… are bullying Georgia more in the past hour than Georgia has bullied anyone in her entire life. It’s actually disgusting. You jurors are bitter and rude, and attacking Georgia because her decisions didn’t necessarily align with your own throughout this season, and I am here to speak for her right now. Georgia is a strong woman, a brave woman, who has put herself first in this game, and because a WOMAN did that, you all are acting as though she has done something disgusting and vile, but if a MAN did that, nobody would blink an eye. I hope you all wake up, because I see who the real hero this season was. And it isn’t any of you. *sits down*

Georgia - Thank you, Zoe.

Jeff Probst - Parker, you’re up.

Parker - I feel as though, on a gameplay level… I definitely relate to Ali’s physical capabilities, but at the same time. I have to ask, why didn’t you work with me in that final day? And why didn’t you give me more of a chance this season?

Ali - I guess ultimately, maybe it’s because we were so similar in gameplay, almost. Or, actually, no. I think it’s more so that I saw you as my biggest threat at the time. By the end, you and Zach, I felt, were the most physical players, and both had people on jury who would vote for you over me, no matter what. I had to take the shots in my path, when it was down to us 5. In your case, even if I did take a chance there, it wouldn’t have made a difference. As for why I never gave you much of a chance, I think I tried with you, but we saw the game differently, or at least in my perspective, maybe that was a prejudice I had, though.

Parker - Jenny, pre-jury, Terry said you had an alliance with Sonja, Zoe and Nile, and their alliance blew up, what did you do to capitalize on that, at the time?

Jenny - I think I probably should’ve done more, but I didn’t want to push my luck. I basically just let Terry self destruct more and more, and never let the emotions get the best of me. I wanted to avoid the target as much as possible, because my concern was just not getting out next, rather than getting caught up in the endgame. Clearly, it worked out for me.

Jeff Probst - Finally, Zach, you’re up.

Zach - I will sit out, and just listen to the final speeches.

Jeff Probst - Time for their final statements, Ali, you’re up first.

Ali - I don’t have much else to say that I haven’t already said. I set out on a goal, and succeeded. If I get rewarded for it, it’d be a blessing. I feel as though I’ve made amazing friends in this experience, and I feel as though my game respected all of you people on jury, while also progressing my own game to get me where I am now. Accomplishing my goal, while also respecting you all, and being as respectful to the other players as possible, I hope I did that successfully, because I think you’re all great people. Vote for me or not, I think we all made a special bond throughout this season. Thank you all for this memorable experience.

Jeff Probst - Georgia, you now.

Georgia - I am so sorry for those who think I’m a bully, or that I was rude. I didn't mean to come across that way at all. I am a strong woman, I sometimes can be a bit too blunt, but I never meant to personally offend anybody. I thought I played the game as strong as I could’ve, but I never meant to hurt anybody in the process. I am truly sorry.

Jeff Probst - And Jenny?

Jenny - Nothing came easy to me in this game. I had an uphill battle, always finding ways to get out of sticky situations, and by merge, I think I found my footing. Although I did need an idol to survive, and I wasted my first one on someone I did vote for, I got the hang of the game as time went by, and I think I truly played one of the best strategic games here. I am the second youngest castaway, and I think I proved I am a strong, capable, female player, and I hope I get rewarded for it. But, ultimately. We are a groundbreaking, all female final 3. I am proud to say, whoever wins it. Deserves it.

Jeff Probst - Alright, jury. It is time to make a decision. Vote to reward a winner. Either Ali, Georgia or Jenny. Terry, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - It’s time to reveal a WINNER. You want your name to be written down on these pieces of parchment. It’s votes to WIN.

First vote… Jenny.


Second vote… Jenny.


Third vote… Georgia.


2 votes Jenny, 1 vote Georgia.

Fourth vote…. Ali.


Fifth vote… Ali.


2 votes Jenny, 2 votes Ali, 1 vote Georgia.

Sixth vote… Ali.


3 votes Ali, 2 votes Jenny, 1 vote Georgia.

Seventh vote… Ali.


4 votes Ali, 2 votes Jenny, 1 vote Georgia.

*Ali starts crying, Jenny holds her hand, Georgia looks like she wants to die*

Eighth vote… and the winner of Kaseyvivor is… ALI.

*Ali starts crying, as confetti falls from the sky, and Jenny quickly hugs her, the room arupts in cheers*

1st : Ali (7 votes to win)
2nd : Jenny (2 votes to win)
3rd : Georgia (1 vote to win)

Terry - Ali
Veronica - Ali
Darnell - Ali
Atom - Ali
Elle - Jenny
Sonja - Ali
Nile - Ali
Zoe - Georgia
Parker - Jenny
Zach - Ali

Jeff Probst - Now, just as important. FAN FAVORITE… America has voted for… TERRY!

*The entire cast starts laughing, as Terry takes her check, smiling*

20th - Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th - Harley (5-4)
18th - Mitch (3-3/2-2/ROCKS)
17th - Ho (4-2)
16th - Bill (3-2)
15th - Lynn (5-1)
14th - Tim (4-2-1)
13th - Terry (11-2) -- FAN FAVORITE
12th - Veronica (8-4)
11th - Darnell (6-5)
10th - Atom (7-3)
9th : Elle (*6*-3)
8th - Sonja (5-*2*-*1*)
7th - Nile (*4*-3)
6th - Zoe (3-3/ROCKS)
5th - Parker (4-1)
4th - Zach (3-1)
3rd - Georgia (1 vote to win)
2nd - Jenny (2 votes to win)
1st - Ali (7 votes to win)


Kaseyvivor 2 : Brawn vs Beauty vs Brain... coming soon.


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