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Survivor Blog Series - EPISODE 11

May 31, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 11, PART 1 : It’s Just Math

When Atom got voted out, Ali and Jenny voted for Parker, in the minority on the tribe, they were ostracized on the tribe, in the minority.

When Georgia wins reward and was able to share it with 2 people, she chose Jenny and Nile, leaving Sonja hurt by this.

Elle tries to take control of the situation, having Sonja turn on Jenny, because of Georgia choosing her, and ultimately Elle tries to get everyone to turn on Jenny, thinking she’s a bigger threat than Ali. Jenny has an idol, as does Georgia, Nile and Zach.

Georgia goes to Sonja to apologize, and Sonja agrees, as long as Georgia votes for Jenny, to see if she can really trust Georgia.

Everyone slowly starts realizing Elle is a strong social player and has good argument skills, as a lawyer, and that makes people think she’s a big threat. Sonja and Zoe specifically see Elle as a big threat, and try and get other people on board, Zoe going to Nile and Parker. Nile agrees, but also sees Zoe as a big threat.

Both Sonja and Zoe go to Jenny, who has an Idol, and ultimately Jenny idols out Elle, *6*-3. Georgia is confused by Sonja’s reactions, after Sonja told Georgia to vote for Jenny. Tensions may arise between that alliance!

Alison (Una)
Georgia (Una-Swap-Dos)
Jenny (Una-Dos-Una)
Nile (Dos-Una)
Parker (Dos-Una-Dos)
Sonja (Dos-Una)
Zach (Una-Swap-Dos)
Zoe (Dos-Una)

20th - Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th - Harley (5-4)
18th - Mitch (3-3/2-2/ROCKS)
17th - Ho (4-2)
16th - Bill (3-2)
15th - Lynn (5-1)
14th - Tim (4-2-1)
13th - Terry (11-2)
12th - Veronica (8-4)
11th - Darnell (6-5)
10th - Atom (7-3)
9th : Elle (*6*-3)
Jenny, CF - I finally played an Idol successfully, but now I’m vulnerable, this is a short lived victory, but it’s a victory.

*Ali, Jenny and Sonja gather around in the shelter, laughing*

Sonja, CF - I didn’t know Jenny was going to play an idol. I had no idea! I’m very shocked by that, actually! I feel as though I have a new bond with her and Ali, and I’m going to be taking advantage of this for the time being.

*Ali smiles*

Ali, CF - This turned my game around, and it makes me feel more connected with Jenny, for sure. I don’t trust Sonja, and I think she’d cut our throats if she had a chance. But, this is the first time in DAYS I feel accomplished. I feel like Darnell would be proud.

*Georgia looks over at Sonja, annoyed*

Georgia, CF - Sonja manipulated me, that’s perfectly clear now. She was in cahoots with Jenny, and that is shady as hell. But, I am not going to blow up. I’m going to be calm and collected… but I will get my revenge on Sonja. She betrayed me harder than anyone has ever betrayed me before in my life. She ****ed up.

Jeff Probst - It is time for the infamous, long awaited, Loved Ones visit.

*Everyone starts crying and freaking out*

Jeff Probst - Ali, here for you… JESSICA ALBA. Infamous actress, business woman and your inspiration!

Ali, sobbing - NO WAY, HOLY ****. NO WAY. AH!

Jessica Alba, CF, Actress/Businesswoman - Hey, everybody. It’s Jessica Alba, and I’m here to tell you… to binge LA’s Finest, on Spectrum Streaming Services near you! And I’m here for Ali, who listed me as her personal hero.

Jeff Probst - Georgia, here for you… your sponsor, and best friend, Gabriel!

*Georgia starts shrieking with tears*

Jeff Probst - Jenny, here for you.... Your mother, Donna!

*Jenny slightly rolls her eyes, but smiles, waving to her*

Jeff Probst - Sonja, here for you… your daughter, Cali!

Sonja - Oh, my god!! Thank god, I was so worried it’d be my husband! *starts crying, waving to her daughter*

Jeff Probst - Zoe, here for you… your favorite trainee, Bradley!

Zoe - Oh, my god! We ****ed once! Hi, Brad!

*Bradley waves at Zoe, shirtless*

Zoe - Where’s his shirt?!

Jeff Probst - He refused to put one on, saying “you’d know why”.

Zoe - Ohhhhhh, okay, cool.

Jeff Probst - Nile, here for you… your BIRTH father, [REDACTED IN POST PRODUCTION, DUE TO LEGAL MATTERS]!

*Nile gasps, shocked that that’s his actual birth father*

Jeff Probst - Parker! Here for you… TONY HAWK!

Parker - HOLY ****ING S**T?! WHAAAT?!

Tony Hawk, CF - I got a call, getting told he was a fan, and… I figured, I might as well support a fan. I’d love to meet a fan. Plus, I heard they got Jessica Alba.

Jeff Probst - And finally… Zach… your hockey coach, your father figure, Coach Partell!

Zach, sobbing - COACH PARTELL.

*Coach Partell waves at him*


Jeff Probst - Parker, you win reward. You get to bring 4 people with you, to a barbeque, with your loved ones.

Parker - I understand the wanting to meet with people who have inspired you your entire life. Ali.

*Ali starts crying, and Jessica Alba walks up to her, smiling*

Jeff Probst - 3 more, Parker.

Parker - Georgia.

Georgia, shrieking - GAAAAAABBBBRRRIIIIEEEEELLLL!!! *hugs Gabriel*

Jeff Probst - 2 more.

Parker - Sonja.

*Georgia goes stone faced, evilly glaring at Sonja, who is hugging her daughter*

Gabriel - Who’s that?

Georgia - A punk ass bitch.

Jeff Probst - One more.

Parker - Zach.

*everyone who doesn’t get picked is bummed out, besides Jenny, who flips her mom off when walking away, happily*

Ali, CF, crying - I’m getting to meet my inspiration in life. Jessica Alba. She is the self marketing icon I want to be. She is an incredible business woman, whilst still being gorgeous, and everyone assuming nothing from her. This is the motivation I needed… I need to pull through and keep fighting. For Jessica. She’s here for me and me alone.



Jeff Probst - One man and one woman will win immunity this round.

Nile and Ali win immunity!

Nile, CF - I don’t know if I NEEDED immunity, but winning it definitely makes me feel better. I have an idol, and I want to keep it as long as possible, but.. It’s getting to the point where… we either make a move or we get played. I might use it. Who knows.


*Georgia and Sonja sit together in the shelter*

Georgia, CF - I avoided Sonja on Reward, I just grasped my chances to talk to my gay bestie Gabriel, and just… relax. I didn’t let anything bother me. Now, I have to address my issues.

Georgia - You lied to me, Sonja. You manipulated my vote, knowing you were going to work with Jenny.

Sonja - I did not know about Jenny’s idol, I just didn’t care. I was simply going to peacefully protest with my vote.

*Georgia rolls her eyes*

Sonja, CF - I don’t think Georgia is exactly happy with me, and I’m nervous over the power Georgia has in this game. This could end poorly for me, so I kind of feel the need to try and… counteract what Georgia could possibly do. Or I have to try and work with Georgia.

Sonja - What do you want me to do?

Georgia - This time… YOU vote for Jenny.

Sonja - Are we going to vote out Jenny?

Sonja, CF - I don’t want to vote out Georgia. I screwed her over, I admit it. And for petty reasons. So, if Jenny is the vote to go for. I guess… I just have to go with it.

Georgia, CF - I want Sonja out.
*Georgia sits with Ali*

Georgia - Listen, Ali. I feel good with you as a player.

Ali - We used to be allies, I don’t know why we stopped.

Georgia - Me neither, girl! Listen, Sonja is walking around saying she wants Jenny gone.

Ali, CF - I don’t believe in Georgia saying that Sonja suggested Jenny, but I DO believe Sonja is VOTING FOR Jenny. Which is just as problematic to my game.
*Ali sits by Zach*

Ali - I think we should work together. We both don’t have official alliances or anything, I think it’d be good if we re-grouped together. You know you’re a threat, I know I’m a threat, if we bond together, we can have each other’s backs and everything. Like, now more than ever, you just lost immunity, I just won another immunity. We are the strongest physically, we could do some damage.

Zach, CF - If I’m being honest, working with Ali makes a bit of sense. We were allies, but then became enemies. But now that our closest allies got picked off.. Why haven’t we tried to regroup yet?

Ali - I think protecting Jenny and taking out Sonja is in our best interest.

*Zach nods*

Ali, CF - I need to use my leverage with Zach to try and infiltrate his alliance, and try to make sure Sonja becomes the target INSTEAD of Jenny.
*Zach approaches Nile, Parker and Zoe*

Zach - Apparently both Jenny and Sonja has been discussed. I think we should get rid of Sonja, personally.

Zoe - Who was targeting who?

Zoe, CF - Spiritually, I don’t like being told what to do. So, I want to get this information and then use it to my advantage as much as I can.

Zach - Apparently Georgia is targeting Sonja, but threw Jenny’s name out there, as well.

Zoe, CF - I am going to use this information, and cause drama amongst the tribe. The only rational decision.
*Zoe approaches Georgia*

Zoe - I heard you were targeting Sonja, although you told Sonja you were targeting Jenny. You realize how problematic that is, right?

*Georgia rolls her eyes*

Georgia, CF - Zoe is trying to play mind games on me, and I don’t feel like listening to it.

Georgia - What is your point, Zoe?

Zoe - I think you should probably watch yourself, and not get people upset or lie to people.

Georgia, CF - I have an idol, so Zoe’s games are unappreciated. I don’t **** with that. Zoe, you are messing with the wrong person.
*Georgia approaches Zach, Parker and Nile*

Georgia - Zoe came to me, like, “you shouldn’t be lying or upsetting people” and, like, “you should WATCH YOURSELF”. I think we should take her out.

Nile, CF - I wanted to take Zoe out before. I’ve seen her as the threat she is… but, Georgia is starting to throw a lot of names out. She’s brought up targeting Jenny, Sonja AND NOW Zoe. I might need to use my idol…because I don’t know what Georgia is doing.

*Zach, Parker and Nile group together*

Nile - Georgia is doing too much.

Zach - So, who is it? Zoe or Jenny?

Parker - Should we just do Sonja?

Zach - I don’t know. Could we do Georgia?

Zach, CF - I am getting stressed. Georgia has thrown so much at the wall, and we don’t know what will stick. But, at least I haven’t heard anything about me, which is a good sign. I’ve won 3 immunities in a row and I’m finally safe. But, I can’t afford to lose my allies. I don’t know what’s going on, too much has been thrown out there. It’s up in the air on what will happen. There could be a blindside, and that’s scary.

Jeff Probst - Welcome the members of our jury, Terry, Veronica, Darnell, Atom and Elle voted out at the last tribal council.

*Elle waves at the players*

Jeff Probst - Ali, you had a good round. Meeting your inspiration, Jessica Alba, and then winning immunity. Do you feel better than you have before?

Ali - Totally! I feel better than ever. I can’t believe I met my hero. I think that gave me the motivation to win Immunity. I feel stronger than ever, and I think I needed it. For a while, I’d been sort of pushing people away and everything, and this gave me more motivation and strength to make up with my friends, and just re-group. I feel good now, and much more mentally into the game now.

Jeff Probst - Jenny, after the last round, you used your idol SUCCESSFULLY this time, and it saved yourself. Do you feel as though you’re the easy vote now?

Jenny - Yes, but the easy vote isn’t always the vote that goes through.

*Sonja looks relatively shocked at that statement*

Jeff Probst - Sonja, why did you make that face?

Sonja - I just don’t know what to expect, I only know what I’m told, and I don’t know what goes on in other people’s games, it makes me paranoid.

Jeff Probst - Nile, as someone immune, do you think you know more of what to expect going into this vote?

Nile - No.

Jeff Probst - Georgia, with the more time that passes, that means less and less time for other idols to be played, and with Zach threatening an idol a few rounds ago, could ANYBODY be going home tonight?

Georgia - Besides Ali and Nile, for sure.

Jeff Probst - Since this is the first time since then that Zach hasn’t been immune, is there talks of him using his idol tonight?

Georgia - We’ve talked about a lot since then. Who knows if Zach is going to use his idol or if he even has one, we don’t know anything. Anything could happen, but I think we know who the target is and who the target should be. And if they want to listen, great, if an idol is played, cool. We’ll see what happens.

Zach - I have no comment.

Jeff Probst - Let’s get to voting. Ali, you’re up first!


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.

*Nile stands up*

Nile - Been holding onto this from the start. Playing it on Zoe..

*Georgia gasps*

Zoe, smiling, slightly shocked - Thank you?

Jeff Probst - This IS a Hidden Immunity Idol, any votes for Zoe will NOT count.

*Zach stands up*

Zach - I’ve had this from the start, too. Jenny, here ya go.

Jenny laughs - Awesome, thank you!

Jeff Probst - This IS a Hidden Immunity Idol, any votes for Jenny won’t count.

*Camera zooms in on Georgia, who doesn’t stand up*

Jeff Probst - I’ll read the votes.
First vote… Zoe, does not count.
Second vote… Zoe, does not count.
Third vote… Jenny, does not count.

*Zoe and Jenny look at each other, Georgia looks confused*

Jeff Probst -
Fourth vote… Sonja.

Sonja - What the ****...

Jeff Probst -
Fifth vote... Sonja.
Sixth vote and next episode of our jury… Sonja.

*Georgia’s jaw drops*

Sonja - What the ****, Georgia?

*Georgia avoids eye contact*


*Sonja grabs her torch, and walks over to Jeff Probst*

Jeff Probst - Sonja, the tribe has spoken.

*Sonja pouts and leaves the area*

Jeff Probst - Seemingly, a blindside. And 2 idols wasted. What will happen next? Grab your torches and head back to camp.

8th : Sonja (5-*2*-*1*)

Sonja, Leaving Words - It’s obvious Georgia lied to me. I don’t know how to feel about this. But, I don’t know what I could’ve done. I trusted the wrong person. I don’t know. I don’t really know why I’m gone and I’m sad about it. Whatever, I don’t know. I feel blindsided and I don’t like it.

Ali - Sonja.
Georgia - Zoe.
Jenny - Sonja.
Nile - Sonja.
Parker - Sonja.
Sonja - Jenny.
Zach - Zoe.
Zoe - Sonja.

PART 2 :

*Georgia sits on the shelter, shocked*

Georgia, CF - I just got blindsided by my own plan… I suggested to do Sonja first, and she went home… and somehow I’m the fool.

*Nile and Zoe sit down by each other*

Nile, CF - I used my idol. On Zoe. Someone I felt threatened by at first. Was that a waste of my idol? I don’t think so. I feel comfortable right now. I’m feeling good.

Zoe, CF - I got 2 votes, which was a wake up call. Nile used his idol on me, though. I don’t really know why, or what happened. But, I feel better about my bond with Nile now. I feel good!

*Parker wins reward!*

Jeff Probst - Now, Parker, you get to share the reward of a trip to the Temples of Siem Reap with 2 people!

Parker - Nile. And Zoe.

*Jenny frowns*

Jenny, CF - Nile and Zoe are my main alliance, so it’s alarming out of EVERYBODY that Parker chose those 2 SPECIFICALLY to go on reward with. It’s a slap in the face to me. And after Nile used the idol on Zoe and ZACH used the Idol on me, it’s like… wow. You ****ing SUCK, Nile. He is closer with Zoe than he is with me, it’s just obvious.


Parker, CF - Am I making myself a target by winning all of these challenges? If it keeps me safe, I can’t say I care. Winning immunity is the only way I can assure my own safety, and I need it. I need all the safety I can get.

*In the woods : Jenny, Zoe and Nile gather around*

Jenny, CF - This has been bothering me since reward. I need to address it.

Jenny - I am just going to be honest. I’m out. You two are clearly closer to each other, than you are to me. You two went on reward with Parker. Nile, you used the idol on Zoe, not me.

Nile - Well, Zach then used his idol on you.

Jenny - Did I ****ing say Zach didn’t? No, I said YOU didn’t.

Nile, CF - Jenny sort of went off on me and then left our alliance… our alliance sort of just fell apart then.

*Jenny walks away*

Nile - This sucks…

Zoe - What should we do?

*Parker walks over*

Zoe - Jenny is pissed at us.

Parker - I think after last tribal, Georgia is pissed at us, too.

Zoe - What should we do about it?

Parker - I think we just need Georgia out, she is more threatening than Jenny.

Nile - Georgia just pissed Sonja off, I think we can keep her around, and just get rid of Jenny.

Parker - Nobody respects Jenny, Georgia has been making moves, and ultimately can say to Sonja, “I didn’t vote for you”, and get her back on her side.

Zoe, CF - With so many people targeting us, Nile and I have to vote together, with Parker, and hopefully get one other person on board JUST TO SURVIVE this tribal. We need to make decisions.
*Parker walks up to Zach*

Parker - Vote Georgia, bro. We good?

Zach - Totally.

Zach, CF - A little known fact is… I’m good with Georgia, and I trust her. I say little known, because… Parker just came up to me and told me to vote for her?

*Zach walks over to Georgia, as Jenny sits down on the shelter, with them*

Zach - Georgia, people are after you.

Georgia, CF - I sort of assumed people would be targeting me this round… so it’s a good thing I have an idol as a crutch! If I can’t spin this around, I might have to pull it out.

Jenny - Guys, if we don’t take this shot at Nile, while he’s still vulnerable. We’ll be messing up.

Jenny, CF - It’s time for Jen to start making moves. First move, take the OBVIOUS CONTENDER out of here.
*Ali sunbathes*

Parker whispers to Ali - Vote Georgia.

Ali, CF - I don’t feel good about targeting Georgia, but if it keeps me out of anybody’s mind, I will happily just take her out. I don’t have the social positioning to play hardcore yet, but I can get it, hopefully.

Nile, CF - It will be an interesting tribal, with quite a few names being thrown around. It sucks being vulnerable, but HOPEFULLY I am not in too bad of a position right now.

Jeff Probst - Bring in the members of our jury : Terry, Veronica, Darnell, Atom, Elle and SONJA, voted out at last tribal council.

*Sonja waves at everyone*

Jeff Probst - Georgia, after last tribal, you got called out by Sonja sort of, and you had quite the shocked expression. Do you expect another blindside tonight?

Georgia - Somebody will be blindsided tonight, for sure.

*Nile smiles and nods*

Jeff Probst - Nile, you’re nodding... do you have something to add? Or just agreement.

Nile - Full hearted agreement… SOMEBODY will be blindsided tonight.

*Georgia rolls her eyes*

Jeff Probst - Jenny, how do you feel about that?

Jenny - I don’t feel about that.

Jeff Probst - Parker, you’ve had quite the winning streak this round. Winning both reward AND immunity. Do you have a growing target on your back?

Parker - Any tribal I survive, the numbers dwindle, and my target increases. It’s just math.

Jeff Probst - Zoe, do you think this will be a unified vote?

Zoe - In concept, I think it might be.

*Georgia rolls her eyes*

Jeff Probst - Do you agree, Ali?

Ali - No.

*Zoe turns her head to Ali, Nile’s eyebrows crunch together*

Jeff Probst - With that, it’s time to vote. Ali, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol-

*Georgia stands up before Jeff Probst finishes the sentence, and hands him her idol*

Georgia - On myself.

*Everyone’s jaw drops, besides Ali’s and Jenny’s, both of whom are indifferent*

Jeff Probst - This IS a Hidden Immunity Idol, any votes cast against Georgia will NOT count. I’ll read the votes.

Nile, mumbling - ****.

*Zoe looks nervously at Nile*

Jeff Probst - First vote… Georgia, does not count.
Second vote… Georgia, does not count.
Third vote… Georgia, does not count.
Fourth vote… Georgia, does not count.

Georgia - Bon effort, mes amies.

*Zoe nervously leans in, waiting for the next vote*

Jeff Probst - Fifth vote… Nile.

Nile - ****. *rubs his eyes, frustrated*

Jeff Probst - Sixth vote and next member of our jury… Nile.

*THE JURY IS SHOOK, everyone’s jaws dropping, they’re entirely bamboozled*


*Nile rolls his eyes, and grabs his torch*

Nile - Good luck, Zoe. *hands Jeff his torch*

Parker - Thanks, bro…

*Nile rolls his eyes*

Jeff Probst - Nile, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Nile leaves, slouching*

*Zoe wipes a tear away*

Jeff Probst - Shocked reactions from the jury indicate a contender has fallen, going into the final 6. Things. Got. Real. Grab your torch and head back to camp, bye.

7th : Nile (*4*-3)

Nile, Leaving Words - I didn’t even get to the finale, and I’m bummed out. I feel I played a good game, I made moves, I found idols, I won competitions, I used advantages. I just feel like I played a strong game, and didn’t get far enough for that to be represented. It sucks. But, I’m proud of myself, and nobody can take away how I feel about my own gameplay. It took an idol to take me out, so… I can feel good about that. Even if I lost.

Ali - Georgia.
Georgia - Nile.
Jenny - Nile.
Nile - Georgia.
Parker - Georgia.
Zach - Nile.
Zoe - Georgia.



ofc i curse my winner pick and make them idol some rando
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