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Survivor Blog Series - EPISODE 10

May 30, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 10, PART 1 : One By One
Previously on #Kaseyvivor
When the merge hit, power couples formed in Zach and Veronica, and Darnell and Ali.

When Atom lied to Georgia, saying he was voting Darnell, Georgia was as blindsided as Veronica, when Veronica got voted out. Leading her to be angry at Atom, and when he throws Sonja under the bus, too, his relationships with the tribe gets harmed overall. Leading to a division in the tribe, down the middle.

When Nile wins an advantage to steal a vote, Nile had both that advantage and an idol. Georgia has an idol and Zach has an idol. No one has found the Merge Idol yet.

With the Tribal Council approaching, the tribe was split down the middle, with Zach being in between targets. As Atom and Nile were starting to lean towards target Georgia, Zoe bluntly told them to not be dumb, and work as a team, leading to a riff in the alliance.

But ultimately, with Nile using his advantage, Ali lost her boyfriend, Darnell, in a 6-5 vote.

Alison (Una)
Atom (Dos-Una-Dos)
Elle (Dos-Swap-Una)
Georgia (Una-Swap-Dos)
Jenny (Una-Dos-Una)
Nile (Dos-Una)
Parker (Dos-Una-Dos)
Sonja (Dos-Una)
Zach (Una-Swap-Dos)
Zoe (Dos-Una)

20th - Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th - Harley (5-4)
18th - Mitch (3-3/2-2/ROCKS)
17th - Ho (4-2)
16th - Bill (3-2)
15th - Lynn (5-1)
14th - Tim (4-2-1)
13th - Terry (11-2)
12th - Veronica (8-4)
11th - Darnell (6-5)
*Ali sits down on the shelter, sad*

Ali, CF - I lost my best friend. And it sucks. I just have to win now, for him. I am not letting anybody get in my way now. I will defeat everybody one by one. It may shock you, but Atom may not necessarily be who has to go first. There’s a lot of snakes in the beach sand right now. We shall see who becomes the true target on my list. It isn’t always the obvious way to go.

Atom, CF - I definitely grinded some gears last tribal. Both from my side and theirs. But, hey. I’m still here. I’m still going to be here tomorrow. They may want me gone, but I have the numbers! I feel good.

Nile, CF - I used my advantage, but I’m not sure if it was the right decision. We had the majority either way. Me and Atom are definitely on the same wavelength, and that may be threatening in the bigger picture. Because, I know I’m a smart player. Up until this point I felt I needed Atom in my game, and I even used my advantage on him, but now I need to think about the big picture. I know the numbers are there, but can I afford to plot against someone I can trust when I know there are people who don’t like me here?

*Camera cuts to an annoyed Georgia and Sonja*

Nile, CF - We’ll see.

Georgia whispers to Sonja - Do you think we can get him out next time?

Sonja - I’m gonna be trying until it works.

Sonja, CF - Atom unnecessarily threw my name under the bus, so I’m going to throw his ass OUT OF THE GAME.  If not today, tomorrow, if not tomorrow the day after that. I want Atom gone. That’s that.

Parker, Elle, Georgia, Zoe and Ali win reward, a trip to a Cambodian Circus.

Zoe, CF - Atom was a bit of a prick about voting for Darnell, and I just don’t like that behavior around camp. It spiritually just makes me feel so dark inside, and unhappy. He is polarizing the tribe, and he’s just causing so much unnecessary conflict. Whilst on this reward, I might spiritually vibe with these people, to try and figure out if we can try something to get rid of Atom.


*Parker, Elle, Georgia, Zoe and Ali sit on the bus, on their way to the circus!*

Zoe - Who here feels as though they’d rather have Atom out next than anybody else?

*Georgia raises her hand, immediately*

Ali, CF - If this was the last round, obviously I’d have wanted Atom out. Now, there is NO REASON why I should target the easy vote now, because there are people who lied to me, manipulated me, and targeted my boyfriend. Atom is the enemy I know, which means… I am not convinced I want him out now. Because the sneaky enemies are the dangerous ones.

Parker - I know Atom can be difficult, but I think there are other threats.

Zoe - I’m not saying there aren’t, but we have the perfect opportunity now.

Georgia - He and Nile are officially the new power duo, Nile will go out on a limb to protect him.

Parker - I just think there’s more to consider.

Ali, CF - I don’t think I need to get the target off of Atom… I don’t care if Atom goes to jury. I just want to polarize the tribe, and create a split. I don’t like Atom, so if he goes home, no problem from me, but I don’t want to let the tribe off that easy. They wronged me. I don’t let those things go. Who’s being awfully protective of Atom right now? Parker. The real snake here.

Parker, CF - There is a lot of talk on targeting Atom, and I don’t know if that’s in my best interest. I need to make sure I am making my own decisions, and Atom being the target isn’t what I think is right.

If 5 or more Castaways sit out, giving up a chance at immunity, the entire tribe will return to a new shelter built at their camp. Ali, Elle, Nile, Parker and Zoe sit out.

Ali, CF - I already won the last immunity. I don’t need more of a target on my back. I figure, might as well give something to the tribe, rather than making my target even bigger.

Atom, Georgia, Jenny, Sonja and Zach compete.

Zach wins immunity!

Zach, CF - I am making Veronica proud, and… although I don’t think I necessarily needed it… it’s possible that someone tries to make a bold move this round, so I’m happy to be safe for it.

Atom, CF - After being targeted, I wanted immunity. I’m not sweating it, though. I think I could be fine going into this next vote.
*Jenny finds the Merge Tribe Idol!*

Jenny, CF - I find ANOTHER idol, which makes me the Idol Queen, I guess! I definitely feel as though my position is better than it used to be, I don’t think anybody is necessarily targeting me now. This is good to have in my back pocket, and I won’t waste it this time. No way. I am ready for success. I have power now, and I feel great!
*Parker, Zach, Elle, Zoe and Atom are standing in a group*

Atom - I think we should take out Georgia, Sonja or Ali.

*Elle and Zoe roll their eyes*

Zoe, CF - There he goes again just targeting the people who are inconvenient for HIM rather than what’s good for our group. It’s vaguely sexist out of the top 10 he named 3 women to target… just a spiritual observation.

Parker - I’m thinking Georgia, she’s caused too many problems.

Parker, CF - Georgia is a confrontational problematic presence on the tribe. It’d be good to take her out now! Just my personal opinion. I want that problematic presence out of the game. She doesn’t deserve to be here. She’s rude.

*Everyone nods along*

Elle, CF - I don’t see this plan panning out. People have been targeting other people, and…. I don’t see Georgia as a threat, personally. It just is a plan I can’t get behind. We’ll see what happens later, because I definitely am not on board the vote Georgia train.
*Ali talks to Georgia, Elle, Sonja and Jenny in the woods*

Ali - I just feel like, we should try to take over this game, and the first step should be taking out Parker instead of Atom.

Ali, CF - The target is Atom, so why should I waste my time targeting who everyone wants out, when everyone screwed me over last tribal? I am not going to do what everyone expects me to do, because everyone sucks.

*Sonja and Georgia exchange a look at each other*

Georgia, CF - Ali is someone I’ve trusted and worked with throughout this season, and I really trusted she was a smart person, but this is stupid. Atom wronged me, and I don’t intend on letting him slide by.

Ali - Parker is much more likely to continue sliding by and ultimately winning.

*Sonja rolls her eyes*
*Sonja and Georgia speak in the middle of the woods*

Sonja - We can’t listen to her.

Georgia, with an eye roll - HELL no.

Sonja - We’re targeting PARKER over Atom, someone who slid by last tribal, because PARKER is more likely to slide by? So we’re letting someone slide by AGAIN, because someone is MORE LIKELY to slide by?

Georgia - It’s… gibberish.

Sonja, CF - I need to secure the votes against Atom. Georgia is on board. Zoe is on board. I think what it takes is getting Elle, and if we can get Parker to see that he’s the counter, we only would need one more for majority. Maybe Zach, he’s good with Parker. But first. Secure Elle.

*Sonja and Georgia approach Elle*

Sonja - You don’t believe in Ali’s bull****, right? You have to vote Atom with us. He’s proven to be totally sketchy.

Elle, CF - It’s interesting being in the middle. I could either vote with Sonja and Georgia right now, or vote out Parker with Ali. I know the numbers are leaning towards Atom going tonight, but I could use my numbers to make a big move if I wanted to. But, is it worth it? I don’t want to stretch my power too far right now, because it could blow my game up.
*Elle approaches Zoe*

Elle - Zoe, what do you think?

Zoe - I thought it was just between Atom and Ali?

Elle - No, there’s another target. Parker.

*Zoe smiles*

Zoe, CF - Parker has been defending Atom this entire time, if I drop a seed of doubt in his mind, it might grow into a spiritual flower of distrust and he would be on board voting for Atom.
*Zoe sits in the shelter, by Parker*

Zoe - I heard your name flying around.

*Parker sits up, shocked*

Zoe - Atom came up to me and suggested to me to vote for you.

*Parker looks conflicted*

Parker, CF - I don’t blindly trust Zoe, but I do believe it’s at least partially true. I believe. This vote. Is between. Me and Atom. Georgia is off the table.
*Elle sits by Atom*

Elle - Hope you know the vote is between you and Parker.

Elle, CF - I want to make bonds and keep the trust around me. If Atom stays, now I’m the person who threw him a bone.

Atom - Are you sure?

Elle - Trust me, Georgia is off the table.

Atom, CF - Elle gave me scary information. I could be in trouble tonight, and it’s in between me and one of my closest allies.
*Atom approaches Nile*

Atom - Are you still on my side?

*Nile looks confused*

Atom - It’s me or Parker.

Nile, CF - I just went out of my way to protect Atom, so I’m conflicted now. Do I go out of my way again? Or do I just cut him out? Both have been options in my mind. Now, I have to act.

Jeff Probst - Welcome our jurors. Terry, Veronica and Darnell, voted out at the last tribal council.

*Ali smiles*

Jeff Probst - Zach, you have immunity. Do you feel as though it was necessary?

Zach - Obviously anything can happen in Survivor, and 5 people didn’t think that through, I don’t think.

Jeff Probst - That’s a good point. Ali, you sat out. Is that a tell of confidence?

Ali - No. It was for the greater good. We needed 5 people to get the better camp. I’m a selfless person.

Jeff Probst - Jenny, as someone who competed, do you feel as though Ali and the people who sat out were being over confident? Or do you think they just were selfless?

Jenny - I don’t know if it was over confidence, but I feel as though some people didn’t think they could AFFORD not to at least TRY in immunity. I won’t say anything about Ali, Elle, Nile, Parker or Zoe’s comfort levels in this game, but I guess some people just thought they would rather try to assure their safety in the game than get the renovated camp. I don’t want to say they aren’t serious about this game, because I am super grateful they got us this new camp, but I personally thought if I got out after sitting out… I’d never forgive myself. I had to give it my all.

Jeff Probst - Atom, after narrowly surviving last round, were you feeling extra pressure in winning immunity?

Atom - Yes.

Jeff Probst - Do you think you’re still a target now?

Atom - Yes.

Jeff Probst - Nile, do you stand by your decision?

Nile - I don’t regret it.

Jeff Probst - With that, it is now time to vote. Ali, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.

*camera zooms in on Nile*
*camera zooms in on Jenny*
*camera zooms in on Georgia*
*camera zooms in on Zach*

Jeff Probst - First vote… Atom.
Second vote… Parker.

*Parker and Atom glare at each other*

Jeff Probst - Third vote… Atom.
Fourth vote… Atom.

3 votes Atom, 1 vote Parker.

Fifth vote… Atom.
Sixth vote… Parker.
Seventh vote… Parker.

4 votes Atom, 3 votes Parker.

*Parker frowns, nervously*

Jeff Probst -
Eighth vote… Atom.
Ninth vote and 4th member of our jury… Atom.

*Parker smiles, relieved*

*Atom bitterly grabs his torch and walks to Jeff Probst*

*Sonja and Georgia fist bump each other, Elle smirks*

Jeff Probst - Atom, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Atom leaves*

Jeff Probst - A looming target’s torch is snuffed, and the tribe is more unified than it was before. Let’s see if that lasts. Head back to camp.

10th : Atom (7-3)

Atom, Leaving Words - I feel as though I could’ve done better, and my gameplay is better than my result, but… I can’t say anything I did was wrong, or anything about my gameplay lead to my demise. I just feel unlucky, honestly. I am just happy I got to the jury. I wish I could’ve done better, though.

Ali - Parker.
Atom - Parker.
Elle - Atom.
Georgia - Atom.
Jenny - Parker.
Nile - Atom.
Parker - Atom.
Sonja - Atom.
Zach - Atom.
Zoe - Atom.

PART 2 :
*Ali sits on the shelter, next to Jenny*

Jenny, CF - I voted in the minority, but I’m not sweating it. I voted for whom I felt was a scarier player, and I honestly don’t feel as though there’s anything to worry about. Besides maybe Parker targeting me now, but I feel as though Ali would be the bigger threat as a result of this, so who cares?

*Ali wipes a tear away*

Ali, CF -  I thought this was a long shot, but this definitely makes me feel as though I am alone in this game. I need to change my game, or else I won’t last, and I intend on winning. Simply, I can’t let anyone get in my way of that. I might have to take risks this round, because I am going to be targeted by Parker unless I can manipulate the target onto… anybody else… somehow.

*Parker lies down, smirking*

Parker, CF - I survived tribal, and… even though my friend is gone, I feel better than ever. My allies kept me over Atom, and that makes me feel more comfortable than ever with the people I’m with.

Georgia wins reward!

Jeff Probst - Georgia, you get to bring 2 people with you to your trip to a local resort.

Georgia, smiling, excited for winning award - I bring Jenny and Nile.

*Sonja frowns*

Jenny - Oh, my god.. Thank you so much. *smiles*

Georgia, CF - I am so so so so grateful I won reward, but picking Jenny and Nile might’ve upset some people. I saw Sonja look pretty upset, but it was actually pretty strategic. I need to secure my bonds with Jenny and Nile. I doubt Sonja will target me over this.


*Sonja sits down on the shelter, upset, next to Ali, who is completely avoiding everybody*

Sonja, CF - Georgia took Jenny and Nile to the reward… instead of me. And, it makes me feel as though… there’s side deals going on, and that Georgia may not be 100% with me.

*Elle sits by Sonja*

Elle - Hey, girl. You seem bummed, I’m so sorry!

Elle, CF - I swooped in to capitalize on Sonja’s clearly upset state. If I can get her on my side, I can emotionally manipulate her, and get her to vote with whoever I want. I can take power in this game, and use my middle position to have myself succeed in the big picture.

Elle - Think about this. You’re close with Georgia, right?

*Sonja nods*

Elle - Jenny could be a roadblock in your alliance in the big picture. Just think about that. *stands up and walks away*

Elle, CF - I called out Jenny instead of Nile, because I truly believe Jenny brings nothing but tension to the tribe. She’s been the source of drama before, and she’s sort of been skating by undetected for quite a while. It’d be a good idea to try and capitalize on Georgia bringing Jenny to the trip to try and paint a target on Jenny. Do I have anything against Jenny? No, but she is sliding by undetected, and I have to snatch the chances I can to get the people who need to go out of here.

Ali rolls her eyes - What a bitch.

*Sonja laughs*

Sonja, CF - I was going to target Jenny anyways, but when Elle comes to me in such a direct and condescending manner, I just can’t help but roll my eyes. She gives such a pushy condescending attitude, probably because she’s a lawyer.

Ali whispers to Sonja - Maybe we need to take HER out instead.

*Sonja nods, slightly*

Ali, CF - My strategy this round, especially if I lose immunity, is to limit communication entirely - so if the tribe works with Parker in taking out the people who voted for him, they’d target Jenny over me, because I’d be in my shell, and not a threat to anybody… but if I can have a say in who goes… I’ll take my chances when I can. Elle, you may be in some trouble, girl.

Zach wins immunity!

Zach, CF - I definitely don’t know if I’m safe currently, after Veronica left I’m alone in this game. I am definitely making the target on my back more and more obvious, but I’m not risking it. I will win any immunity I have to win if it guarantees my safety. I am a competitor, and I want to stay in this game as long as possible, and immunities assure that. I have my idol, too… I feel like I’m pretty set for the next 2 rounds at least.
*Ali stays in her shelter, avoiding everyone*

Georgia, CF - After coming back from immunity, I definitely know I need to do damage control… but before I do that. Elle stops me, and gives me some interesting information.

*Elle walks up to Georgia*

Elle - Georgia, Sonja was very sketched out by you choosing Jenny to go on the reward rather than her.

Georgia - But it was purely strategic, I wanted to make a bond with Jenny.

Elle - I know that, but I think you have to prove it to Sonja, I don’t know.

Georgia, CF - I think maybe Jenny has to go now? Because I definitely don’t want tension between Sonja and I. That’s the last thing I need.

*Georgia sits down next to Sonja*

Georgia - You need to know that I am not against you at all, Sonja. I would’ve brought you on the reward, but I felt I needed an opportunity to connect with Jenny and Nile to be able to trust them in the future.

Sonja - It just would’ve been nice to go on the reward. I feel like rewards are a personal thing, where you don’t need to think of it on a strategic level. It just felt… inconsiderate.

Georgia - Obviously it was. Because I wasn’t considering your feelings. I’m sorry.

Sonja - If you’re so sorry. Vote for Jenny. If she means nothing to you, vote her out.

Georgia - Done.

Sonja, CF - Am I voting for Jenny? No. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to see if Georgia would. It’ll be a test of loyalty. I am not going the easy route this time, though. Elle just rubs me the wrong way.
*Elle approaches Nile, Parker, Zach and Zoe*

Elle - I just think Jenny is getting too close to Georgia, and if we can take the opportunity to get Georgia on our side, we can take out Jenny, who has defeated the target on her back almost entirely up until now. We might not have many more times to do this. Georgia exposed her bond with Jenny today, and we need to capitalize it when we still can.

Parker - Plus, Jenny voted for me. I’m on board. For sure.

Elle - Yeah, and I don’t think Ali seems to threatening right now, she’s curled up in a ball in the shelter basically.

Nile, CF - Elle suggests that Jenny and Georgia’s relationship is threatening, and that we should take the advantage we have now, and get rid of Jenny. It’s almost as though at this point… I won’t even need my idol! I’m doing great and the people I want out are getting targeted anyways. I am chilling!

Zoe, CF - Elle has amazing communication skills, she is good at speaking, and explaining her thoughts on a situation, and how to execute plans. Which means, if she gets to the Final Tribal Council, she will speak circles around whomever she is up against. Although I do agree Jenny should go… I don’t see a benefit in keeping Elle much longer, either.

*Nile, Parker and Zoe sit together as Elle walks away*

Zoe - Guys, I think we need to seriously consider how Elle benefits our game.

*There’s a pause*

Zoe - Exactly. She doesn’t. She is nothing but a threat in the big picture. She isn’t someone we can trust, she would cut our throats in a second. She has amazing speaking skills, she is a ****ing lawyer. If we get her far enough, she can clearly win challenges. She could beat us at the challenges, and win if we get her close enough to the end.

*Nile and Parker nod*

Nile, CF - Zoe brings up a point, Elle is a total threat. She wins challenges, her communication skills are incredible.

Zoe - I think we can get rid of Jenny now, but Elle is a backburner plan, because she could be a threat in the bigger picture.

Nile, CF - But…. Zoe is kind of showing her cards. She has great observational skills and reads on people, and that’s just as threatening in this game than anything about Elle. The only difference is… Zoe works with me, so I will save her for later. But, she definitely is on my radar now.

*Nile and Parker walk into the woods, by themselves*

Nile - Zoe is really pushing her limit.

Parker - Totally.

Nile - Elle is obviously a bigger threat, because she isn’t with us, really. We can trust Zoe, at least for the time being. But, Zoe is smart and knows how to read people, which means she knows how to manipulate them.

Parker - I agree.

Parker, CF - Nile was talking to me about Zoe, and how big of a threat she is, and that’s completely valid. But, I don’t see how we could do anything about it for the time being.
*Zoe sits by Jenny, who is lying in the shelter*

Zoe - Jennifer, have you heard what Elle has been saying?

*Jenny sits up, shocked*

Zoe - Elle is trying to get you out.

Jenny - Does she have the votes?

Zoe - Be careful.

Zoe, CF - Planting seeds is my specialty. If Jenny thinks something is about to happen, she might get reckless and blow up Elle’s game. Or at least call her out or something. The worst case scenario is she throws me under the bus, but I am willing to take that risk. If Jenny does somehow stay, if she has an idol, et cetera, Elle being the alternative would be very convenient for me.

Jenny, CF - ****. I am being targeted. Or, at least Zoe tells me I am. Do I trust Zoe? What gain does she have for lying? I have an idol… can I afford to not use it? I don’t like this feeling. I feel nervous about tribal, and I don’t know what to think. When Zoe pointed this out to me, and I thought about all my interactions with people, I realize… that I haven’t had that many, and people are sort of being shady to me.

*Sonja, Jenny and Ali sit together in the shelter*

Sonja - Jenny, you are being targeted, Ali, you were spared for now. We should vote together. I think we can get people on board for voting Elle. She’s who suggested you, Jenny.

Ali, CF - Apparently avoiding everybody did work for this round, and I apparently am going to be safe.. And the vote is between Elle or Jenny, apparently. I got lucky, for sure.

Jenny, CF - Sonja came to me telling me that I am being targeted by Elle, basically. So… everyone is throwing Elle out there… and I am inclined to trust it, because strong women should be honest to other strong women, and… both Zoe and Sonja have told me this stuff. I feel nervous, but my idol may be being played tonight.

Jeff Probst - Welcome the members of the jury. Terry, Veronica, Darnell and Atom voted out in the last tribal council.

Jenny, the last idol played was you, day 3. And it was wasted.

Jenny - Facts. Thanks for bringing that up.

Jeff Probst - Do you think another one will be played soon?

Jenny - Eventually, for sure. It’s getting late in the game. It will eventually become a problem for some people, for sure.

Jeff Probst - Do you think it’ll be you?

*Elle chuckles*

Jenny - Well… for example, Zach bluffed an idol a few rounds ago, and we don’t know for sure he was lying, so it’s definitely something to be made aware of, but… I think everybody knows who the target is this round, and I just want to say to everyone, I am not blind!

Jeff Probst - That was hardly even an answer to my question, but it does lead to my next question. Zach, has your idol been a topic of conversation around camp?

Zach - I’ve been immune since then, basically, so… not that I’m aware of, not really.

Jeff Probst - Do you think your target gets bigger and bigger the more you win?

Zach - Obviously. But all of our targets get bigger and bigger the more we survive in this game.

Jeff Probst - Elle, if your torch got snuffed tonight, how upsetting would it be?

Elle - I’ve come a long way, it’d be a shame for my journey to be cut this short.

Jeff Probst - Parker, after getting votes last tribal, are there clear targets for you?

Parker - There were, now there aren’t at all.

Jeff Probst - Ali, does that vague statement mean anything to you?

Ali - The game isn’t black and white, there are layers to it, and things that could come around any corner that changes your perception entirely.

Jeff Probst - It is time to vote. Ali, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it… now is the time to do so.

*Jenny stands up*

Jenny - Using this on myself.

Jeff Probst - This IS a Hidden Immunity Idol. Any votes cast for Jenny… won’t count.
*Elle looks angered*

*Ali and Sonja smile - Georgia is confused by Sonja smiling*

Jeff Probst -
First vote… Jenny, does not count.
Second vote… Jenny, does not count.
Third vote… Jenny, does not count.
Fourth vote… Jenny, does not count.
Fifth vote… Jenny, does not count.

Jenny - ****, y’all really wanted me gone!

*Elle exhales, rolling her eyes*

Jeff Probst - Sixth vote… Jenny, does not count.
Seventh vote, Elle.

Elle - ****. ****. ****ity **** ****.

Jeff Probst - Eighth vote and next member of the jury… Elle.

*Elle grabs her torch, upset*

*The Jury has shook reactions*

Elle - Bye, everybody.

Jeff Probst - The tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Elle walks out*

Jeff Probst - Finally, a successful idol play. Could this mean the game is getting more cutthroat? Or will it be the same majority and minority. We shall see. Grab your torch and head back to camp.

*Jenny smiles, grabbing her torch*

*Georgia gives Sonja a dirty look*

9th : Elle (*6*-3)

Ali - Elle.
Elle - Jenny.
Georgia - Jenny.
Jenny - Elle.
Nile - Jenny.
Parker - Jenny.
Sonja - Elle.
Zach - Jenny.
Zoe - Jenny.




now imagine if jenny didnt waste her idol at the first tribal.  parvati who?
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