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Survivor Blog Series - EPISODE 9

May 29, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 9 : The Greater Good
Previously on #Kaseyvivor
After a united merged tribe gets rid of Terry, Veronica and Zach quickly take a position of power over the merge tribe, and quickly shift their targets on the other power couple, their allies Ali and Darnell.

Ali and Darnell also want to target Veronica and Zach, and when Atom wins immunity, it becomes a battle, and everyone was quickly picking sides.

Sonja and Zoe were gathering numbers to take out Veronica, as Veronica and Zach were forming numbers against Darnell.

Georgia was conflicted, especially after growing concerned about Zach’s idol, and not knowing what she should do with her own. Ultimately, when she got reassurance from a lying Atom, she sided with Veronica and Zach.

At tribal, despite Zach’s threat of having an idol, Veronica got sent out 8-4, leaving Georgia blindsided by Atom’s lies, and Zach still with his idol.

Alison (Una)
Atom (Dos-Una-Dos)
Darnell (Una)
Elle (Dos-Swap-Una)
Georgia (Una-Swap-Dos)
Jenny (Una-Dos-Una)
Nile (Dos-Una)
Parker (Dos-Una-Dos)
Sonja (Dos-Una)
Zach (Una-Swap-Dos)
Zoe (Dos-Una)

20th - Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th - Harley (5-4)
18th - Mitch (3-3/2-2/ROCKS)
17th - Ho (4-2)
16th - Bill (3-2)
15th - Lynn (5-1)
14th - Tim (4-2-1)
13th - Terry (11-2)
12th - Veronica (8-4)

*Zach sits in the shelter, insanely disappointed*

Zach, CF - I have an idol, and I didn’t use it. Now, my future girlfriend is out of the game, and I feel responsible. It sucks, so badly. I just feel so hurt by everyone.

Georgia, annoyed - Hey Atom, did you lie to me?

Atom - Yes. I was told not to tell anyone, incase of an idol.

Georgia, chuckling - You ****ed me over for no reason, and proved you can’t be trusted.

Georgia, CF - Atom lied to my face. Through his teeth. He is a punk to me, now. I don’t like liars, at all. This was so unnecessary, too. So unnecessary. Atom lost all trust in me. For no reason. Annoying. *rolls eyes*

Atom - Georgia, I was told by Sonja to not tell anyone-

Sonja - No, I didn’t give a ****, don’t bring me into your lies.

Sonja, CF - I thought Georgia was overreacting at first, but now that he dragged me into it, I realize how annoying it is. Maybe Atom is a problem, I don’t know! I just don’t like my name being brought up, it’s very sketchy of him. Atom is very sketchy.

Atom, whispering to Sonja and Georgia - I am sorry if I have offended either of you, I may have made a few mistakes, but I don’t think I’m the enemy.

Atom, CF - I lied to Georgia, I thought Sonja wanted me to do so. I thought everything I was doing was for the greater good. But, I guess that blew up in my face. Hopefully I can do some serious damage control. Because, I feel as though my game is slipping through my fingertips slowly.

Georgia - You lied to me, and you can never rebuild that lost trust. That is that on that.

Darnell, CF - Can I trust Georgia now? I can’t say for sure, because apparently Atom lied to her and said I was the one going. She was a victim of a snake in the grass. I distrust Atom more than I distrust Georgia right now.

Sonja, Atom, Nile, Georgia, and Jenny win reward to a Survivor Spa!

Georgia, CF - Ever since tribal, the last thing I want in the world is to be in the same area as Atom, and now I’m forced to be doing so. But, at least I get this spa day.

Atom, CF - This could be serious time I get to make amends with everyone on this tribe, and start to gain forgiveness with Sonja and Georgia.


*Everyone is completely silent*

Jenny, CF - Since Atom, Georgia and Sonja had that situation after Tribal, this reward, with all 3 of them on it, was.. VERY awkward. It was definitely a short lived victory, because this was excruciating, I’m almost jealous of the people at camp.


*Zoe and Parker sit by the water*

Zoe - That reward must be awkward.

Parker, CF - Sonja and Georgia got into a slight… argument after tribal, so it was very uncomfortable at camp, so now that they are 3 out of 5 of the people on reward it must be PAINFUL. I am nervous for my position on the tribe, because I am friends with him for sure. It’s good to make sure my own social position is solid.

Parker - It’s for sure rough. Do you think Atom is in trouble?

Zoe - I guess, but I don’t want him out.

Zoe, CF - Atom is someone I feel can be trusted, especially in comparison to others. He is someone I can trust more than… probably Darnell and Ali even.

Zoe - I think we should try and make a move.

*Parker smiles*

Zoe - Let’s wait until after immunity. We could possibly take control of this game.

Nile wins the advantage to be able to steal a vote from another player at any tribal council up until the final 5.

Ali wins immunity!

Nile, CF - This advantage could be GAME CHANGING. Especially knowing Atom is in a bit of trouble, I could do whatever I wanted. Atom, Parker and Zoe are important numbers in my game, and if you take one of them out, you dwindle my chances in this game. This advantage could be what protects my numbers.
*Ali and Darnell start making out in the shelter*

Darnell - Congrats on immunity.

Ali - Thank you. *kisses him*

Ali, CF - Me and Darnell are definitely stronger than ever, in terms of our relationship. We are BIG targets, for SURE… but I’m immune, so that IS cause for celebration, I’d say!

*Georgia rolls her eyes, at Ali and Darnell making out*


*Parker walks up to Elle*

Parker - Elle, you gotta listen. Atom is CRUCIAL for our position in this game.

Elle - I don’t like that side, they’re very cliquey.

Elle, CF - Atom is just another victim of the other side’s pettiness. Ali and Darnell and Georgia.. They’re the cool kids, and they target the people who have brain cells.

Elle - Let’s just take out Darnell, he’s the other half of the power couple.

Elle, CF - If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Let’s take out Darnell.

Parker - Let’s do it. You, me, Atom, Zoe. Don’t you think Zach would be on board?

Elle - Totally.

Parker - And with Nile, there’s nothing holding us back.
Atom, CF - I want Georgia gone.

*Atom, Nile, Parker and Zoe sit together*

Atom - I want Georgia out.

*Parker and Zoe sigh, and roll their eyes*

Zoe, CF - I don’t know why Atom is trying to cloud my aura of him, but he is being very difficult, like… spiritually, I thought we were on the same wavelength, but if he’s going to be difficult, he’s, like… gonna be a spiritual red flag.

Zoe - Atom, you need to be reasonable.

Atom - No, Georgia is targeting me, I’m going to target her.

Nile - I think that’s kind of valid. What’s the alternative?

Parker - Darnell.

Atom - Darnell didn’t do anything to me, Georgia attacked me.

Zoe - Because you ****ing lied to her, Atom. She had every reason to be mad.

Zoe, CF - Atom is seriously bothering me, I’m a love and light human being, but when you’re being silly I am done with you. I can’t stand a silly goose.

Nile - I just think it isn’t as cut and dry as we are making it out to be.

Zoe - I am saying, that the majority of us are in agreement, and just because Atom pissed off Georgia, doesn’t mean our plan has to change.

Nile, CF - *eye roll* Hippy bitch Zoe has taken a break from her meditation to start being a tyrant. It’s annoying. But, I am the one with the idol, I am the one with the advantage. I hold the power.

Parker - I am with Zoe on this one, we already have the numbers to take action against Darnell, and it doesn’t seem practical to change the plan just because you got into a thing with Georgia and Sonja.

Parker, CF - Nile and Atom are being difficult, but at the end of the day… we have made a decision, they don’t get to be this problematic because they’d prefer another person over that person. Our alliance came to a decision, they can discuss it with us, but they don’t get to straight up say “no, I want to do this instead”, that isn’t a conversation. It is very irritating. I hope Nile and Atom don’t act stupid. They’d be making mistakes.

Atom, CF - I am the person being discussed as a vote, it is rude I am being silenced by my own allies. I really don’t know what to expect at tribal, but right now I am annoyed by my allies.


*Ali, Darnell, Georgia, Jenny, Sonja and Zach gather around*

Georgia - We need to take Atom out.

Sonja - I agree.

*Ali and Darnell nod along*

Jenny, CF - I am sort of grouped together with these Atom haters, and I mean… I’m with it! He’s quite problematic and everything, I just am happy… there is no target on my back anymore. It’s been an uphill battle and I’m finally in the background, just not having to worry anymore.

Ali, CF - Darnell and I are definitely glowing targets right now, so hopefully maybe Georgia and Sonja have made themselves targets with this Atom drama, but… I don’t count on it. I am very worried for Darnell, since I am immune.

Georgia, to Darnell - Who do you think it is? Me or you?

Darnell - You’re good, girl. Trust me.

Georgia, CF - I have an idol, so I don’t want to take any chances, but I also don’t want to waste it. I don’t think I have anything to really worry about, but I also don’t want to get voted out with it in my pocket. Those people look so dumb.

Darnell, CF - I don’t feel safe, but I don’t have anything else to do. They made up their minds, and I have the numbers I feel comfortable with, I just have to go with it.

Zach, CF - I am in the middle this time, because… Darnell is an enemy, who got out my girl, and all of that. And Atom is targeting my good friend Georgia… I just don’t really know what I’m doing.

Jeff Probst - Bring in the members of the jury. Terry, and Veronica, voted out at the last tribal council.

Jeff Probst - Ali, being immune this time, after being apart of the big battle of the pairs, do you feel as though you needed it?

Ali - For sure, but now I feel nervous for Darnell, because after last time… there’s an entire dynamic shift. But, the thing staying the same is the easy targets being me and him.

Atom - There’s a bit more than that.

Georgia - Oh, shut up.

Jeff Probst - Atom, Georgia, care to elaborate?

Georgia - Atom lied to my face last tribal, so I was pretty annoyed. There’s nothing I hate more than liars.

Atom - I thought Sonja would’ve wanted me to lie, to keep the information from leaking.

Sonja - Don’t bring me up in your lies, I never said anything of that nature, and would’ve told Georgia myself if she came to me instead of you.

Jeff Probst - Tell her what?

Sonja - I voted for Veronica.

*Zach frowns*

Jeff Probst - Zach, how do you feel during all of this?

Zach - Bummed Veronica isn’t here with me. *waves at Veronica, on jury* Miss you, babe.

Jeff Probst - Elle, where does Nile’s advantage come into the strategy?

Elle - It depends what side you’re on, I suppose. Because for some people, it means nothing.

Jeff Probst - Jenny, do you feel the same way?

Jenny - I think Elle is kind of being an over arrogant bitch, honestly. But, I’d never say that in a negative sense, because I’m a Generation-Z feminist. I think she should get her head out of her ass, though. Such a dumb thing to say.

Elle - I wonder how I could possibly take that negatively.

Jeff Probst - Nile, how likely is that an advantage or idol is played tonight?

Nile - I guess we’ll see. Who can say. Only the people with the advantages and idols. It was probably considered, though!

Jeff Probst - And with that, it’s time to vote. Ali, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it now is the time to do so.

Nile stands - This isn’t an idol, I get to steal a vote. I am playing it now.

*Darnell and Ali shrug, and roll their eyes, Atom smiles*

Nile - I’m stealing Georgia’s.

Georgia - Of course. *rolls eyes* ****.

*Zoe angrily glares at Nile*

*Nile steals Georgia’s vote*

Jeff Probst - Now, I will read the votes.
First vote… Atom.
Second vote… Darnell.
Third vote… Atom.
Fourth vote… Darnell.

2 votes Atom, 2 votes Darnell.

Fifth vote… Atom.
Sixth vote… Atom.
Seventh vote… Atom.

5 votes Atom, 2 votes Darnell.

*Darnell slightly smiles, looking over at Ali, who is still concerned*

*Atom frowns, nervously*

Jeff Probst - Eighth vote… Darnell.
Ninth vote… Darnell.
Teneth vote… Darnell.

5 votes Atom, 5 votes Darnell. One. Vote. Left.

*Ali wipes a single tear away, Zach smiles, Atom and Darnell both are very concerned*

Jeff Probst - Final vote and 3rd member of our jury… Darnell.

*Darnell kisses Ali, before grabbing his torch, as Atom smiles, largely.*

Jeff Probst - Darnell, the tribe has spoken.. *snuffs torch*

Darnell - Bye, you all. Good luck, Ali. *leaves*

Ali - Bye. *wipes tear away*

Jeff Probst - Another half of a pair gone, as the tribe is officially split down the middle. Grab your torches and head back to camp.

11th : Darnell (6-5)

Darnell, Leaving Words - I gave this my all, and could’ve done nothing else in my power to change what happened. I could’ve probably done things differently before the merge, and socially I made myself too big of a threat, but… You either love me or you hate me, and these people turned on me. I hope Ali wins, I love her. She’s amazing. Everybody else sucks.

Ali - Atom.
Atom - Darnell.
Darnell - Atom.
Elle - Darnell.
Georgia - Atom. *STOLEN VOTE*
Jenny - Atom.
Nile - Darnell.
Parker - Darnell.
Sonja - Atom.
Zach - Darnell.
Zoe - Darnell.



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Second Chances
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i feel like nile just basically ruined the season
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