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Survivor Blog Series - EPISODE 8

May 28, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 8, PART 1 : The Queen And King Of Survivor
Previously on #Kaseyvivor...
Another swap leaves the tribal dynamics very muddled - some people having relationships and alliances from original tribes, some people from their swap tribes, and some people having been on the same tribe from the start to the swap.

On Unatriba, When Elle tries to fit into an alliance with Nile, Sonja and Zoe - they quickly aren’t so warm to welcome her - considering her a number for now, but long term, they wouldn’t stick their necks out for her. Also on Unatriba, Ali and Darnell get closer and closer, leaving Jenny on the outside, and nervous for her safety.

On Dostribo, Terry immediately tells her original tribemates, Atom and Parker, about her bad experiences with Nile, Sonja and Zoe before the swap, which leads to Atom and Parker being concerned about Terry and how reliable her word is, and whether there is more to the story, as Georgia, Veronica, Tim and Zach form an alliance together. Although, Zach is concerned about Tim, as he has many social connections on their tribe alone.

When Unatriba wins immunity, Jenny goes to Elle to form an outcast bond, as both of them don’t have anyone they can truly rely on.

Meanwhile, Zach expresses his concerns about Tim to Georgia and Veronica, they reluctantly agree to follow that target, so he goes to Atom and makes a deal to target Tim with him. Meanwhile Terry talks to Atom, Parker and Tim about targeting Veronica, for being the smarter of that alliance, being the “brains to Zach’s brawn”. Parker and Tim want to target Terry for being stubborn and a bad ally, and Atom, who originally wanted to target Zach - is torn. Parker and Tim target Terry, and tell Georgia and Veronica about that - who trust Tim more than they trust Terry - making them the swing votes. Ultimately, it is Tim who goes home in a blindside 4-2-1 vote, leaving Terry alone and blindsided as well.

Alison (One)
Darnell (One)
Elle (Two-Swap)
Jenny (One-Two)
Nile (Two)
Sonja (Two)
Zoe (Two)

Atom (Two-One)
Georgia (One-Swap)
Parker (Two-One)
Terry (Two)
Veronica (One-Swap)
Zach (One-Swap)

20th - Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th - Harley (5-4)
18th - Mitch (3-3/2-2/ROCKS)
17th - Ho (4-2)
16th - Bill (3-2)
15th - Lynn (5-1)
14th - Tim (4-2-1)

*Everyone fakes shock and excitement*

Alison (Una)
Atom (Dos-Una-Dos)
Darnell (Una)
Elle (Dos-Swap-Una)
Georgia (Una-Swap-Dos)
Jenny (Una-Dos-Una)
Nile (Dos-Una)
Parker (Dos-Una-Dos)
Sonja (Dos-Una)
Terry (Dos)
Veronica (Una-Swap-Dos)
Zach (Una-Swap-Dos)
Zoe (Dos-Una)

Terry, CF - I am relieved I am finally at a merge, because anything can happen at a merge. I have yet to feel safe at any tribe I’ve been on yet, and I think it is time to change that. I’m gonna take control of my game. This is the best time to try and shift the game.


*Atom, Elle, Nile, Parker, Sonja, Terry and Zoe sit on one end of the table*

Sonja - Terry, I just want to set the record straight now, we had nothing with Jenny, whatsoever. We are loyal to you.

Sonja, CF - Terry is a firecracker, and I want to make sure the fire is extinguished, because we need the numbers going into this merge. If we can get Terry on our side 100%, we have 7 out of 13. OG Dostribo would be indestructible. And, if it came time to it. We can just cut her ass out. But FOR NOW… I think we need her.

Terry - I just feel as though you people isolated me, and didn’t give me a fair chance.

Zoe - Terry, we are on your side, you were acting a bit distant that entire day. We would’ve spoken to you, but you were acting closed off.

Terry - I guess it’s a difference of perspective.

*Zoe sighs*

Zoe, CF - I am trying with Terry, I really am. But if she can’t get past her self-made conflicts, I am not bothering working with her. Her spirit is really bumming my spirit out.

Nile, CF - My core with Parker and Zoe is very strong still, I feel. As is my bond with Sonja. I also have an idol, BUT having Atom, Elle and Terry on our side literally would mean… I have majority WITH my idol. I think Atom and Elle shouldn’t be a problem, but GOD Terry is one difficult person. Good thing I don’t actually need her, because I got a secret weapon. My idol.

Elle, CF - I don’t actually know what I’m going to do with this merge, because I have quite a few options from those swaps. Ultimately, my core is with Sonja and Zoe, because I’ve bonded with them the most overtime, and they seem up for working with our original tribe, but… really, it’s a merge. I’m not going to play a safe game. It’s time to play.
*Ali, Darnell, Georgia, Jenny, Veronica and Zach sit together*

Ali - We are in the minority, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t make this work.

Georgia - I am not very concerned, Terry seems to be giving them problems.

Veronica - Do you think it’s bad enough that they’d turn on her though?

Georgia - Only a matter of time.

Zach - I agree.

Georgia, CF - Ultimately, although we may seem to be in the minority.. I have an idol, Zach probably has an idol and Terry is clearly the odd one out of that alliance. Plus, with so many swaps. We don’t officially know the dynamic. I am not sweating it yet.

Ali, CF - Georgia’s coolness definitely has my nerves down a bit. I definitely don’t intend on being in the minority at the start of merge, because historically speaking… being picked off come merge isn’t an uncommon strategy. If you can start off the merge strong, you can be set in the bigger picture.

*Ali rests her head on Darnell’s shoulder*

Zach, CF - My core is Veronica and Georgia. Ali and Darnell are way too close, and Jenny is sort of the outsider. Ultimately, Veronica is my ride or die, Georgia is my #3. I have my eyes on Ali and Darnell, because a power couple could end up screwing you over in the end. And I want that power couple to be me and Veronica. I don’t trust anybody else to have that power in this game. If I sense shadiness, I will act upon it.


Elle, CF - YES! I have had my ups and downs in this game, so starting off merge on such a high is so redeeming. I just feel. Ecstatic. If things keep looking up like this, maybe I have a chance to win this thing!

*Nile, Sonja and Zoe meet in the woods*

Zoe, CF - It’s time to address targets in the alliance, and… spiritually, I’m a straight up person, I think I have to address what I want to do. Knowing it might not be the popular option.

Zoe - I just think Terry is being progressively more difficult. I think we need to get rid of her.

Nile - I don’t think we can do that, we’d be wasting our majority.

Zoe - She will turn on us if we don’t cut her first. Now is the only time we can make the move, because she WILL make the move first.

Sonja - No, I don’t think that’s necessarily the truth. I think I can at least get Terry to vote somebody else.

Nile - Who?

Sonja - She hates Veronica.

Sonja, CF - I don’t trust Terry as much as anybody else, but I do think there is benefit in keeping the numbers on our side.

Zoe - I think we can unify the tribe, and build trust if we keep everyone on board with getting rid of Terry. That is where my mind is at.

Zoe, CF - I think this is the first time my alliance has had such opposing viewpoints, but.. I guess that means I have to do some work on my own.
*Zoe pulls Atom, Elle and Parker aside*

Zoe - Atom, Parker, you were on a tribe with Terry before we merged, right?

*Atom and Parker nod*

Zoe - Be real, what did you think of her, spiritually?

Atom - She was very adamant about her distrust in you and Sonja specifically.

Zoe - Tell that to Nile and Sonja, because they have been defending her relentlessly.

Zoe, CF - It’s good to hear my beliefs internalized and formed into valid complaints. Terry has dug her own grave, and if she can’t trust us, why are we wasting our time?

*As Zoe walks away with Elle, Parker pulls Atom aside*

Parker - Are we sure we should throw Terry under the bus?

Atom - We don’t know the damage Terry can do, she’s a wildcard, and we don’t need those at merge.

Parker, CF - It’s a double edged sword. We don’t know the damage Terry can do, but getting rid of her leaves our tribes at a 6-6 tribal gap come top 12. But, I do ultimately trust my alliance. I will work with them. But, I am very concerned in this decision.

*Sonja sits with Terry*

Sonja - I know you don’t trust us, but we are on the same page about one thing. We got to come together and get rid of Veronica.

*Terry nods, smiling*

Terry, CF - Sonja came to me and reasoned with me, and I think we are all on the same page, and we will get rid of Veronica. I think I can trust them for now.
*Atom sits with Nile and Sonja*

Atom - Terry doesn’t trust you guys. When we were on the swap tribe, she basically said she thinks you would keep Jenny over her..

*Sonja rubs her forehead, frustrated*

Sonja, CF - Terry makes it harder and harder to be on her side. She is just so difficult. *rolls eyes* Why is she talking about us to our other allies? That isn’t smart. She is creating distrust amongst EVERYBODY. Maybe Zoe was right.

Nile, CF - I don’t know what to do. I have an idol, I feel safe no matter what. But I want to be safe LONG TERM. This is just a very difficult situation for our tribe. Terry has blown up all trust between all of us. And this could screw us long term.


*Zoe pulls Ali, Darnell, Georgia, Jenny, Veronica and Zach to the side*

Zoe - Guys, I want to work with you a bit more, I don’t expect anything in return, but this tribal, I think we can be unified, if we get rid of Terry.

Veronica - I’m in, for sure.

Veronica, CF - Terry has had this… jealousy almost. Towards me. I’m a strong woman, and nothing is worse than a woman who is jealous of other women. I am so down with unifying the tribe against her.

Ali, CF - This plan is risky, but it also could be good for us. If the other side is ACTUALLY willing to follow through with this… we even the score board 6-6, and that is important for numbers in this game. Numbers are everything, after all. This could be perfect.

Jeff Probst - Elle, you are immune tonight. How does that safety feel?

Elle - Oh, Jeff, it’s perfect. I get to chill a bit. First time all season I actually feel safe. It’s a change I can get used to, for sure.

Jeff Probst - But, of course, keeping it is just as important. Nile, long term, safety is more than just winning challenges, it’s looking at the big picture, and assuring your numbers. With Original Dostribo holding the majority in this merge, 7-6, is that where some people’s heads are at - keeping Dostribo strong, and just steamrolling from there?

Nile - It’s an option, obviously, and some people think Tribe Strong is the way to go, but there are other elements.

Terry - Like Dostribo constantly alienating me every round post swap.

*Big reactions all around, and a notable eye roll from Zoe*

Jeff Probst - Big reaction from a big statement, Zoe, why did you particularly respond with such an expressive eye roll?

Zoe - Terry would isolate herself in her tent, avoiding talking to anybody and then randomly call us out for not talking to her. She creates her own problems, and then blames everybody else for them. She is why it’s hard to go Dostribo Strong, and I seriously don’t know how she doesn’t realize it.

*Terry shakes her head*

Jeff Probst - Terry, do you disagree with that?

Terry - Ultimately, anybody can have their own perspective on the situation, but hers is just simply wrong.

*Veronica smiles*

Jeff Probst - Veronica, you seem to be enjoying this?

Veronica - I just feel as though Terry has made so many people feel a certain way, and she’s been on record so many time saying she doesn’t like me. It just feels like karma.

Terry - You’re a stuck up bitch, Veronica. That’s why I don’t like you.

*Zach frowns*

Veronica - Well, that’s cool. Good for you. You have hardly talked to me, but whatever.

Jeff Probst - Zach, you seem to be more upset by Terry’s words than Veronica is.

Zach - I just think Veronica is a really amazing person and doesn’t deserve that.

Terry - The jock and the model, how predictable.

Sonja - Terry, seriously knock it off.

Elle - Literally, you’re not helping anybody by saying this stuff, Terry.

*Zoe smiles*

Jeff Probst - With that it is time to vote, Ali, you first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.


Jeff Probst -
First vote… Terry.
Second vote… Terry.
Third vote… Terry.

*Terry looks over at Zoe, upset*

Jeff Probst -
Fourth vote… Veronica.

*Veronica flips Terry off*

Jeff Probst - 3 votes Terry, 1 vote Veronica.
Fifth vote… Terry.
Sixth vote… Terry.
Seventh vote… Terry.

6 votes Terry, 1 vote Veronica.

Terry - ****, you guys…

Jeff Probst - Eighth vote… Veronica.

6 votes Terry, 2 votes Veronica.

*Concern arises in Veronica’s face, knowing the rest could be for her*

Jeff Probst - Ninth vote… and first member of our jury… Terry.

Terry - ****. All of you.

Sonja - ‘Cept for me. *sighs*

*Terry grabs her torch, upset*

Terry - I knew you all were plotting against me.

Zoe - It wasn’t until after the fact, Terry. You did this to yourself.

*Terry flips off Zoe, who in return rolls her eyes*

Jeff Probst - Terry, the tribe has spoken.

*Terry starts crying as she leaves the area*

Jeff Probst - Although not a blindside, a shocking result. Almost everybody banding together to take out someone who caused drama around camp. Will the tribe remain united? Grab your torches and head back to camp.

13th : Terry (11-2)

Terry, Leaving Words - I knew I couldn’t trust them, and ultimately they were shady and they played me. I should’ve trusted my gut and flipped on them, but I was too loyal to do it. I hope they know how badly they messed up, and one by one… they will all lose. Just watch.

Ali - Terry.
Atom - Terry.
Darnell - Terry.
Elle - Terry.
Georgia - Terry.
Jenny - Terry.
Nile - Terry.
Parker - Terry.
Sonja - Veronica.
Terry - Veronica.
Veronica - Terry.
Zach - Terry.
Zoe - Terry.

PART 2 :

*Sonja sighs*

Sonja, CF - It isn’t cute being the only person to vote in the minority, but I sort of knew I was going to at tribal. Terry continued to dig her grave deeper and deeper. I guess maybe I should’ve flipped, but… I suppose internally, I was slightly worried about what would’ve happened with an idol. You can never be too careful.

*Veronica lays down in the shelter, cuddling with Zach*

Veronica, CF - It feels good being the Queen. Bill tried me, Bill left, Terry tried me, Terry left. I feel empowered, right now. Me and Zach are the Queen and King of Survivor. I am not sure what to do next, necessarily, but I do know who the bigger threats are here.

Atom, Ali, Parker, Sonja, Jenny, and Zach win reward! They win a trip to the Survivor café on tuk-tuks.

Zach, CF - It sucks to win reward without Veronica, but maybe it’s for the best. She can secure some bonds at camp, I can secure some bonds on the trip. Win-win!


*Veronica spends the whole time sunbathing*

*Darnell approaches Georgia, in the shelter*

Darnell - If I tell you something, will you keep it between us?

Georgia - What?

Darnell - I’m started to get sketched out by *whispers* Veronica and Zach.

*Georgia pauses*

Georgia - What do you mean?

Darnell - I think they don’t like how close I’m getting with Ali.

Georgia, CF - I just wanted to chill with my alliance for two tribals, and they already are turning on each other. *rolls eyes* I just don’t get the point. We survive a tribal miraculously and are already planning turning on each other?

Georgia - Darnell, wait until everyone gets back, wait until someone wins immunity. You don’t want to do something stupid for them to throw a wrench in your plan by being immune.

*Darnell nods, in agreement*

Darnell, CF - Georgia sort of grounded me, I don’t want to get too caught up in a plan for it to be ruined… but I do think we have to cut the head off of the snake before it bites me. I don’t trust Veronica or Zach anymore. They have too much power, and I have to make a move before they make a move on me or Ali.

Atom wins immunity!

Atom, CF - It’s so great winning immunity, because… nobody would expect that from me. It proves how capable I really am. I am not just a nerd, I can win challenges, too… I’m proving my abilities to myself. I am growing.

Darnell, CF - It’s official. Zach and Veronica lost immunity. I think it’s time to start planning. I want to get to the end with Ali, and I feel as though Zach and Veronica are dangerous to us. I am protective of my girl, I don’t know. She’s strong, and I am just as nervous for her as I am for myself.
*Nile, Sonja and Zoe meet in the woods*

Zoe - I want to apologize for my aggressive behavior and adamance on taking Terry out, but after her behavior at tribal council, I’d like to think you can all see where I was coming from.

Nile - One. Hundred. Percent.

Sonja - I was the one vote for her to stay, but I understand. She went overboard.

Nile, CF - I wasn’t crazy about taking out Terry at first, but she could have blown up any of our games at any time, so I turned around on it. I think my trio with Sonja and Zoe has a lot of trust in me, and I think ultimately, we have to put aside our differences and notice how it benefit us.
*Ali and Darnell sit in the shelter*

Darnell - You might not like this.

Ali - What? Don’t do something stupid. Don’t say you did something stupid, Darnell.

Darnell - I haven’t done anything yet.

Ali, CF - Me and Darnell are sort of in showmance territory. I really like him, and definitely want to see how this works out outside of the show. But, I swear to God if he messes up my game I am going to be so pissed. I have done a lot to get here and it was not all for nothing. I will not be remembered as another girl who got screwed over by her dumb ass showmance.

Darnell - I think we need to target Veronica or Zach.

Ali bites her lip - Do you really think we should make the move?

Darnell - It’s either we make it, or they do it to us first.

Ali - You’re super smart, so I trust you know what you’re doing. But, know that your actions do reflect onto me, and if you pull some dumb s**t, I will face repercussions for that. If we are going to make a move against 2 of the most powerful people in this game, we are going to be f***ing smart about it. Got it?

*Darnell nods, and kisses Ali, for the first time!!!!!!!!!!*

Darnell - I’m sorry, I just really wanted to do that.

Ali - I liked it. *kisses him back* But, for real. We are going to have to be smart about this.

*Darnell nods*


*Georgia sits with Veronica and Zach*

Veronica - I don’t fully trust Ali or Darnell.

Zach - Me neither.

Georgia, CF - I have a conflict of interest, because Ali and Darnell don’t trust Zach and Veronica, and vise versa. I know this information on both sides, and I don’t know exactly what to do with it? Like, I trust Veronica and Zach more, but do I want to actively work AGAINST Ali and Darnell? I’m in the middle here. And I don’t know how to use this position.
*Veronica and Zach stand in the water with Elle and Jenny*

Veronica, CF - I know there’s weak spots on the tribe that I can use to my advantage, to get my target, Darnell, out. Darnell is shady, he’s strong in challenges, he is unpredictable, and I don’t trust he will be loyal to me, so why should I be loyal, if it could possibly screw me over?

Veronica - Elle, Jenny. You two are smart, right?

Elle - I’m a lawyer!

Veronica - Okay, good for you! Now, I want to make a deal with you guys. I don’t trust Darnell or Ali anymore, not one bit. If we can take out that power couple now, and unify the tribe again. We could create a core four with us, and we can always be the King and Queenpins of the tribe, and skate to final four, always deciding who goes and where the votes lie.

Jenny, CF - I don’t necessarily feel as though what these people are telling me is for the tribe or my best interest, to be honest. I don’t like how these women have clung to men in this game… like, can’t you be a strong woman by yourself? It is kind of petty how they also are targeting other women for being in the same spot they’re in, it’s just all so 2005 of them. *sigh* It’s a bad tribal, honestly. But, at least I’m not being targeted!

Elle, CF - I don’t trust Veronica whatsoever, in the sense that I don’t trust that she actually intends on taking me to the final four whatsoever, but I do trust that she wants Darnell and Ali handled once and for all. Even if for selfish reasons. I agree with her, I think #DarnAli is scary. If I agreed with her, it’s not for an alliance with her and Zach, it’s because I’m also sketched out by Darnell and Ali.

*Elle and Veronica sit with Atom, Parker, Zoe and Sonja*

Veronica - Guys, we totally have to get rid of Darnell. He is scary close with Ali, and if we don’t take action now… they will target us later, and pick us off one by one.
*Sonja goes up to Ali and Darnell*

Sonja - Veronica is targeting you both.

Ali - Oh, really?

Ali, CF - It’s very good to get some validation. I was wary of Darnell targeting them at first, but Sonja lit something inside of me, that tells me. I have to get Veronica out. It’s so obvious now.

Sonja - I think I have Zoe on board, and I know other people don’t like Veronica much at all. Darnell, do you think you can get people on board getting Veronica out?

Ali - I think it should be relatively easy, right?

Sonja - But we only can tell people we can trust one hundred percent to take Veronica out, because if they find out, an idol could be used. It has to be a blindside.

Ali - I agree.

Ali, CF - With no idols on our side, this move is risky. Any time we are blindsiding powerful people, it is a gamble. We gotta roll the dice now to assure our stance in the game long term. It’s do or die.

*Parker, Nile and Zoe are talking in the woods*

Parker - Zoe, you already know this, but Nile. People are trying to take Veronica out this week, but I think it’s between Veronica and Darnell.

Zoe - I personally think, spiritually, that Veronica is more strategic than Darnell. I think Darnell is less likely to be a threat in the bigger picture, in comparison to Veronica, but I am open to any discussion.

*Parker nods*

Nile - I could go either way, if you two want someone out bad, I will follow through with it, right now both of them are on my radar as threats.

Nile, CF - I have an idol, so it’s good that so many names are out there that aren’t mine, because I want to hang on to it for a while, and this seems to be good odds for me. I don’t know exactly the plan, but I feel safe.


*Zach and Veronica kiss before tribal, Georgia gives them a look*

Georgia, CF - I am feeling conflicted. I don’t know where people’s heads are at, and I am very nervous that if I vote wrong, it will cause my downfall.

*Georgia approaches Atom*

Georgia - You thinking Darnell?

Atom - Absolutely.

Georgia - Good, good.

*Atom turns around, expressing a concerned expression*

Georgia, CF - If I am making a mistake right now, I could be left blindsided, with only an idol to protect me for the upcoming rounds.

Jeff Probst - Welcome in our first member of our jury, Terry!

*Terry walks in, waving at everybody, as she sits in the jury section*

Jeff Probst - After a united vote last tribal, Atom, do you feel good to be immune? The tribe can only be united for so long, and there is no clear target based on the last vote. Is it good to have extra safety?

Atom - Does it feel nice? Yes. Do I think I needed it? I can’t say for sure. It’s nice not to have to worry, though, for sure.

Jeff Probst - Elle, you were immune last tribal, so that means you’re a certified competition threat. Do you think you have to worry?

Elle - I will never NOT feel a TAD worried headed into tribal. But this time, I think there are clear targets, and that makes me feel slightly less worried.

Jeff Probst - Do you want to say who the clear targets are?

Elle - I don’t think it’s my place to announce it to the room.

Veronica - Me, Zach, Ali and Darnell.  Specifically me and Zach versus Ali and Darnell.

*Georgia sighs*

Jeff Probst - Jenny, does everybody on the tribe know there was a line being drawn in the sand between those 2 pairs of people?

Jenny - To my knowledge, it was getting progressively more discussed as the day went on, to the point where I do believe everyone on tribe knew it was coming down between 2 very specific people.

Jeff Probst - Veronica, why? Why did it come down to two people from Original Unatriba?

Veronica - I think it’s because me and Zach, and also Ali and Darnell have become duos. And duos are threatened by other duos, and one has to disable the other to have power in this game.

Jeff Probst - So whoever wins this battle, you are saying, will become the most powerful players in this game?

Veronica - King and Queen, sort of.

*A few cringes, most notably from Zoe*

Jeff Probst - Zoe, do you disagree?

Zoe - I think what Veronica is saying is very nearsighted of her, as in the big picture, people with the most power, likely get cut sooner or later. Whoever, quote unquote, wins, will very likely be a short lived win.

Veronica, under her breath - We’ll see.

Jeff Probst - Sonja, was most of the strategizing around camp centered around this, quote unquote, “Battle”, and were they doing the most strategizing - or did people try to take advantage of the situation to make a move of their own?

Sonja - I think such a large portion of these castaways were picking sides and had so much to say about this specific situation, that the chances of pulling a fast one were shot pretty quick. The real concern was how idols could affect the outcome.

Veronica - Very true, idols could be deadly in this game.

Zach - Very true, and I have one in my back pocket.

*Very shocked reactions, Georgia’s jaw drops, Ali and Darnell exchange a glance*

Jeff Probst - Georgia, you have a very shocked reaction to this, arguably more shocked than Ali or Darnell. Why?

Georgia - I just don’t know how to process this information.

Jeff Probst - Ali, do you feel more nervous now that he seemingly dropped this bombshell on you and Darnell?

Veronica - She doesn’t have to be nervous.

*Ali looks over at Veronica*

Veronica - We aren’t targeting her.

Ali - Thanks? *rolls eyes*

Jeff Probst - Darnell, do you feel concerned with this recent revelation?

Darnell - I’m not going to sweat what I can’t control.

Zoe - Amen.

Jeff Probst - With that, it is time to vote. Ali, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to use it, now would be the time to do so.

*Everybody stares at Zach, who does not stand up, to the slight relief of Ali*

Jeff Probst -
First vote… Veronica.
Second vote… Darnell.
Third vote… Veronica.
Fourth vote… Veronica.
Fifth vote… Darnell.

3 votes Veronica, 2 votes Darnell.

*Veronica slightly squints, keeping a good poker face on, as Darnell is slightly indifferent at the votes he’s received, Ali more concerned than him*

Jeff Probst - Sixth vote… Veronica.
Seventh vote.... Darnell.
Eighth vote… Darnell.

4 votes Veronica, 4 votes Darnell.

*Ali holds Darnell’s hand*

Jeff Probst - Ninth vote… Veronica.
Tenth vote… Veronica.

6 votes Veronica, 4 votes Darnell.

Veronica - ****.

*Zach looks evidently upset, Georgia exhales*

Jeff Probst - Eleventh vote and the second member of our jury… Veronica.

Veronica - No hard feelings, guys. *smiles, grabbing her torch*

Darnell mouths to Ali - Thank God.

*Ali smiles at Darnell*

*Terry on jury, surprisingly, is frowning at this, upset at the outcome*

Jeff Probst - Veronica, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs her torch*

Veronica - Good luck, Zachary. Love you. *walks out of the area*

Jeff Probst - What seems to be the end of the battle, but could it be the start of a war? Grab your torches and head back to camp, guys.

12th : Veronica (8-4)

Veronica, CF - I feel like, I’ve been targeted for so long, that it was inevitable that eventually they’d take me out. I have had 16 votes casted against me, which is… a lot. Especially for a double digit placement. I definitely had to overcome a lot of adversity to get this far, and I am proud of myself. I made it to the jury, and I think I did pretty well. Not a perfect game, obviously, I am already thinking of everything I could do differently. Long story short, I gave it my all, and I’m walking out of it proud.

Alison - Veronica.
Atom - Veronica.
Darnell - Veronica.
Elle - Darnell.
Georgia - Darnell.
Jenny - Veronica.
Nile - Veronica.
Parker - Veronica.
Sonja - Veronica.
Veronica - Darnell.
Zach - Darnell.
Zoe - Veronica.


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