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Troy Bolton [High School Musical.] +/-?

20thApr 12, 2019 by Kaseyhope101


Troy Bolton is the main character in the High School Musical trilogy. He is the basketball all-star at East High and the captain of the Wildcats. He is best friends with Chad Danforth. Chad and him are teammates and have been like brothers since they were in preschool.

Troy dazzles the school, and is a source of pride due to his handsome looks, strong morals, charm, and his standing up for his fellow classmates. He is undoubtedly idolized by all. In this department, he is a responsible, intelligent, motivational, and charismatic leader. Troy is the boyfriend of Gabriella Montez. He grew up with the perfect parents, Jack and Lucille; they were supportive, loving and happy. Troy was captain of the East High basketball team, which included Chad, Zeke and Jason. His dad was the coach, so every now and then — especially on big games — his dad would organize college scouts to come and watch him play.

Troy is portrayed by Zac Efron.

+ if you thought “oh yum yum!” when you watched the High School Musical Movies
- if you thought “lmfao fuck this loser Gabriella deserves better!”


zac efron was at his hottest during HSM2
Sent by joey96,Apr 12, 2019
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