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Big Brother : Diva House 2 PREMIERE

Mar 10, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

A mini season before a special season!

Aly Michalka
Dua Lipa
Hilary Duff
Janelle Monae
Kacey Musgraves
Katy Perry
Mary-Kate Olsen
Rumer Willis


Alliance #1 : Kacey, Katy, Monica, Rumer

Alliance #2 : Hilary, Kacey, Monica, Rumer

Alliance #3 : Katy & Monica

Alliance #4 : Monica & Normani

Alliance #5 : Kesha & Monica


Monica, DR - I feel like I’m well positioned, I have many allies and loyalties, and that’s important in the big picture. Numbers are Power!


Mary-Kate finishes last.

Mary-Kate, DR - UGGGHHHH Ashley is gonna be SO disappointed in my flop ASS. This is the first time I’ve been away from her, so I’m gonna need to go up from here.... I’m used to being in a full house, so hopefully I can pull this off.

Rumer finishes 11th.

Rumer, DR - I am in a house full of women ALL the time. I have more women in my family than the Kardashians. Diva house has NOTHING on me. The lion is out... roar.

Aly finishes 10th. Normani finishes 9th. Katy finishes 8th. Kesha finishes 7th.

P!nk, DR - I think my edgy persona definitely can rub people the wrong way, so I need to win this to kee-

P!nk finishes 6th.

Hilary finishes 5th, Monica finishes 4th.

The competition comes down to Janelle, Kacey and Dua.

Kacey, DR - I’m the only country girl here, I need to get this win, because everyone targets the country queens!

Kacey finishes 3rd.

Janelle, DR - I’m the most alternative girl here, I’m black, pans, wear suits and make experimental music... these women don’t know what hit ‘em! This Dirty Computer is going to program to the to-

Janelle finishes 2nd.

Congratulations, Dua Lipa! You have won the Head Of Household!

Dua Lipa, DR, Head Of Household - Wahoo! I probably am the most new artist here, so I haven’t made my name in the community yet, necessarily. I am facing up against legends! Like Monica, P!nk, Katy Perry. Dua Lipa is coming for them.

P!nk, DR - I don’t know if I trust Dua Lipa. She’s a modern pop star, I’m a alt. pop rockstar who’s got like a decade on her. There definitely is a bit of disconnect there.

Monica, DR - Dua Lipa is one of the few divas here I don’t have a strong connection with, so I’m slightly sketched out by her being the Head Of Household. I hope... I can be blessed with safety.


Dua Lipa - I will pull the first key and that person is safe.. and I will go so on and so forth until 2 people don’t have keys. They are my nominees.

First key... Normani, you are safe.

Normani - Thanks, sis!

Dua Lipa - Second key... Katy, you are safe.

Third key... Mary-Kate, you are safe.

Fourth key... Monica, you are safe.

Monica - Thank you!

Dua Lipa - Janelle, you are safe.

*Janelle smiles*

Dua Lipa - Sixth key... Hilary, you are safe.

Seventh key... Kacey, you are safe.

Eighth key... Kesha, you’re safe.

Final key...

*Camera zooms in on Aly, then P!nk, who is laughing, and then on Rumer*

Dua Lipa - Aly, you are safe.

*P!nk laughs*

Aly - Thank you, Dua Lipa!

Dua Lipa - P!nk, we just aren’t connecting. Rumer, I don’t feel any, like... bond with you.

Rumer - Cool.

Dua Lipa - This meeting is adjourned.

Dua Lipa, DR, Head Of Household - This is no hate at all, I just don’t feel a connection to either of them. P!nk and I just are different people. We have different cliques, we stride different waves. And Rumer is just.... so weird. Like why is she a Diva anyways? Overall, I don’t feel bad about these noms. I had a responsibility and carried it through.

P!nk, DR, Nominee - Shocker! I’m kind of bummed... I’m VERY competitive. First boot is simply not up to my personal standards. I’m gonna fight hard.

Rumer, DR, Nominee - I’m not really phased by this. I made it pretty far in The Masked Singer, this is CHILD’S PLAY to me.


Players : Dua Lipa, P!nk, Rumer, Janelle (Dua’s HG Choice), Kacey, Mary-Kate.

Dua Lipa, DR, HOH - I picked Janelle because... I don’t think she’ll win... in all honesty.. and I want the noms to stay the SAME.

P!nk finishes last.

P!nk, DR, Nom - It does suck losing the challenge... I really wanted Veto, and it’s just a bummer. I want to stay... f**k!

Mary-Kate finishes 5th.

Janelle finishes 4th.

Dua Lipa, DR, HOH - It comes down to me Kacey and Rumer, and I or Kacey just HAVE to beat-

Dua Lipa finishes 3rd. Kacey finsihes 2nd.

Congratulations Rumer! You have won the Golden Power Of Veto!

Rumer, DR, POV/NOM - Sorry, Dua Lipa. You really did try. It was an A PLUS for Effort.  But Bruce Willis didn’t raise no WEAK BITCH. He raised a badass.

Dua Lipa, DR, HOH - Getting more blood on my hand isn’t a look... I’m gonna have to piss someone off.

P!nk, DR, Nom - I’m happy for Rumer, but I don’t think Dua had a backdoor in mind. I think I might be in trouble.


Rumer - I’m using it on myself.  Sorry, P!nk, I just didn’t come here to only stay a week.

Dua Lipa - Sorry, Normani. Take a seat.

*Normani scoffs*

Dua Lipa - We haven’t connected much. Sorry..

Normani - Sure.

Normani, DR, Nom - Not shocked. Disappointed. Dua Lipa, you made an enemy out of the wrong ex-Fifth Harmony member.

P!nk, DR, Nom - I don’t really know what I’m gonna do... Normani is kind of super nice and funny and young... I’m old and funny and... I think I’m nice? It’s just a bad week for P!nk.

Dua Lipa, DR, HOH - Finally my HOH is OVER. I’m over it.

-Dua Lipa is hanging out with Aly, Hilary & Katy-

Dua Lipa - I may seem... young, rich and beautiful, but... I only have so much money. I want more... to give to the children of Africa.

*Aly and Hilary wipe away tears*

Katy, DR - I don’t buy it. She’s like one of the biggest rising stars out there, next to... like, Camila Cabello. I do think it’s noble of her... giving her earnings to charity, but... I don’t buy this whole “I need more money” thing. It’s fake.

Dua Lipa, DR, HOH - I’m trying to socially position myself more, and what better way is there than bringing up charity?! It’s not a lie, but... it was a sob story, for sure. I need to get to the end to get the money. Who wants to get rid of a charity worker?


-Hilary, Kacey, Monica & Rumer gather in the backyard-

Hilary, DR - If we can get the numbers the first vote, we can be set for the season. It’s just about getting the numbers for the first vote, so we can be set for the season... by getting the numbers for the first vote.

Hilary - Who do you people trust?

Monica - Sort of Janelle?

Hilary - I trust Aly a little, we need the numbers to be sure, for sure.

Rumer - Who do we want out?

Monica - I see this drive in P!nk that I don’t see in Normani. I feel like ‘Mani will be an easier person to beat in the bigger picture.

Kacey - I agree.

Rumer - I agree.

Hilary - I agree.

Monica, DR - I feel like if we can get the numbers, P!nk is a bigger threat than Normani. She’s just tougher, she’s edgier, she’s got this badass vibe. That’s a fact. We can’t trust her!


Host Barbra Streisand - The two nominees, you got a chance to plead why you should stay right this moment. P!nk?

P!nk - I am... a loyal... player. And I hope... you like... loyalty, because if so... I am... loyal. Normani wouldn’t even be loyal to 5th Harmony, so...

Host Barbra Streisand - Shade thrown. Normani, it’s your turn.

Normani - I’m a loyal player. And I won’t slash your tires, like P!nk would.

Host Barbra Streisand - Shade thrown, as it’s time to vote. Aly, you first.

Aly - I vote to evict... P!nk. Love you, AJ!

Hilary - I vote to evict P!nk.

Janelle - I vote to evict... Pynk! Get it?! Hehe...

Kacey - I vote to evict P!nk.

Katy - I vote to evict ‘Mani.

Kesha - I vote to evict the strong warrior queen.. P!nk.

Mary-Kate - I evict P!nk.

Monica - I vote to evict P!nk.

Rumer - I vote to evict P!nk.


Host Barbra Streisand - By a vote... of 8 to 1... P!nk. You have been evicted from the Diva House.

P!nk - No hard feelings to any of you. Bye, ladies. May the best diva win. *doesn’t hug anyone, and just leaves*

*Normani smiles, and glares at Dua Lipa*

*Katy frowns, being in the minority*

12th - P!nk (8-1)



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