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Survivor : Diva Island 2 Episode 13

Mar 9, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Ashanti (RnB)
Idina Menzel (Broadway)
Iggy Azalea (Rap)
Nicole Scherzinger (RnB)
Queen Latifah (Rap)
Tinashe (RnB)

20th - Ciara (4-1) - 16th, 20th.
19th - Azealia Banks (3-2) - 8th, 19th
18th - Barbra Streisand (4-4/4-2) - 17th, 18th
17th - Emmylou Harris (6-2)
16th - Carrie Underwood (5-4)
15th - Danielle Bregoli (4-3)
14th - Dolly Parton (4-2-1) 10th, 14th
13th - Liza Minnelli (4-3)
12th - Kristin Chenoweth (4-3)
11th - Loretta Lynn (3-3/3-1)
10th - Reba McEntire (3-2)
9th - Missy Elliott (5-4)
8th - Lea Michele (6-2)
7th - Alicia Keys (*5*-2)

RnB at Rap Tribe : Nicole, Tinashe

Original RnB Tribe : Ashanti, Nicole, Tinashe

New Broadway Tribe : Ashanti, Idina, Iggy

New Rap Tribe : Nicole, Queen Latifah, Tinashe

New Broadway Tribe Alliance 2 :  Ashanti, Iggy

New Rap Tribe Alliance 2 : Idina, Nicole, Queen Latifah, Tinashe


Tinashe, CF - Alicia is out, and I’m not upset. *smiles* I’m very happy. Was I apart of it? Nah, but it makes my life... A LOT easier. Now, at first.. last tribal, Idina seemed like a good choice to go, she was the easy choice. But at final 6... the easy choice isn’t always the right choice.

Idina, CF - Last tribal, Barbra Streisand revealed there is another idol hidden on Exile... that could be MAJOR.


-Nicole, Queen Latifah & Idina win a trip to the spa, and get to send one person to exile-

Queen Latifah, whispering to Idina - Iggy?

Idina - Oh, yeah!

*Nicole reluctantly nods along*

Queen Latifah - We’re sending Iggy.

-Tinashe and Ashanti look very confused-

Ashanti, CF - Why would.. people who are supposedly with us... agree to send someone... NOT with us... to exile island... with an idol there? Something’s sus.


Iggy, CF - I was shocked being chosen, because I technically voted in da minority last time, and considering there be an idol here, it just was a weird choice on ‘deir part. I definitely need this idol, but I could bluff one if I don’t find it.

*Iggy finds the idol*

Iggy, CF - But BIIIIIITCH I found it. I’m so stoked, like, yes I did dat. I am guaranteed top 5. At least.


-Iggy comes back-


Iggy, CF - I. AM. GUARANTEED. TOP. 4. COME AT ME. COME AT ME. COME AT ME. YASSSSSSSSSS. *smiles* Remember when Nicki got 12th in Diva House? *Cackles* HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!


-Nicole gathers around with Ashanti and Tinashe-

Nicole - Sis, I don’t know what’s up.. Queen Latifah was like “Iggy” and Idina was like “omg yes” and I was like.... I couldn’t say no? It was 2 against 1.

Nicole, CF - I was soooo confused about Queen doing that. What is she trying to pull? 

Tinashe - Do we make a move on Queen L now? She was the snakier one there. We can’t trust her.

Nicole - We can’t trust Idina either, just to be the devil’s advocate.

Ashanti - Yes, but we knew we can’t trust Idina to begin with. Now she’s in a powerless position, where we can just handle her next time..

Nicole - But, that logic could get her to the end.

Ashanti - Same for Queen, and she’s much more likely to win.

*Nicole nods*

Ashanti, CF - I’m over Queen Latifah. She is playing ALL OF US... and that was a bad move. Sending Iggy to Exile. Good try, sis.


-Queen Latifah, Iggy & Idina lay down together-

Queen Latifah - Us 3 is half. They won’t stick on the Revote, TRUST.

Queen Latifah, CF - I want to stick with Ashanti, Tinashe and them, but  I need to cover ALL my bases. Sending Iggy to Exile was an olive branch of sorts.

Queen Latifah - I think Nicole is the social threat of the group.

Iggy - Yah.

Iggy, CF - I owe Latifah big time for sending me to Exile. Because now I got immunity AND the idol. Thank you QL, sis you did this.

Idina, CF - Now... normally, this sounds great. I can possibly make final tribal council with Queen Latifah and Iggy Azalea. But, quite simply... that isn’t the majority.


-Idina, Tinashe, Ashanti & Nicole gather around*

Idina - Queen Latifah is shady.

Tinashe - We know, sis. Why?

Idina - I want to be apart of the majority, because if you vote for, for example, me, it goes to 3-3. If I vote with you for Latifah, that’s 4-2, we are good.

Tinashe - We were voting Latifah anyways.

Idina - Oh!


Idina - Perfect!


-Queen Latifah walks up to Tinashe & Ashanti-

Queen Latifah - I think Iggy has an idol.

Tinashe - Yep! Now whose fault is that?

Queen Latifah - Well, listen. If the votes are on me, I’m confident she’ll use it on me, so... be careful.

Queen Latifah, CF - Shadiness was going down, so if I can cause paranoia and doubt. I will, because I am not getting SIXTH. PLACE. NUH-UH darling, that is NOT where the Queen is getting out.

-Tinashe and Ashanti gather with Nicole-

Tinashe - Do we think an idol would be played?

Nicole - If Iggy was stupid, maybe. She has a free path to Final 4. Would she waste that for Queen Latifah?

Tinashe, CF - We don’t know what will happen next... we need to take risks, though, and I think this risk will pay off.


Barbra - First vote... Queen Latifah.

*Queen Latifah rolls her eyes*

Barbra - Second vote... Queen Latifah.

Queen Latifah - Ha.

Barbra - Third vote... Nicole.

Fourth vote... Idina.

2 votes Queen Latifah, 1 vote Nicole, 1 vote Idina.

Fifth vote... Queen Latifah.

Final vote... and player leaving... Queen Latifah.

*Queen Latifah looks annoyed, and looks at Iggy*


Queen Latifah - Hmph, Bye. *leaves*

Barbra - The Tribe has spoken. Divas, you’ve made the finale! Good bye.

6th - Queen Latifah (4-1-1)

Ashanti - Queen Latifah
Idina - Queen Latifah
Iggy - Nicole
Nicole - Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah - Idina
Tinashe - Queen Latifah


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Queen Latifah, Leaving Words - I think Iggy is a dumb bitch. She should’ve kept me, but it’s all good. Maybe she didn’t have the idol, but... it’s allllllll good. I’m curious to see how Iggy will do, but I doubt it’ll be good for her. She could pull a W, maybe. Don’t know, can’t care...
Latifah out.


bye queen
Sent by D882,Mar 9, 2019

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