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Survivor : Diva Island 2 Episode 12

Feb 25, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Alicia Keys (RnB)
Ashanti (RnB)
Idina Menzel (Broadway) - IDOL HOLDER
Iggy Azalea (Rap)
Nicole Scherzinger (RnB)
Queen Latifah (Rap)
Tinashe (RnB)

20th - Ciara (4-1) - 16th, 20th.
19th - Azealia Banks (3-2) - 8th, 19th
18th - Barbra Streisand (4-4/4-2) - 17th, 18th
17th - Emmylou Harris (6-2)
16th - Carrie Underwood (5-4)
15th - Danielle Bregoli (4-3)
14th - Dolly Parton (4-2-1) 10th, 14th
13th - Liza Minnelli (4-3)
12th - Kristin Chenoweth (4-3)
11th - Loretta Lynn (3-3/3-1)
10th - Reba McEntire (3-2)
9th - Missy Elliott (5-4)
8th - Lea Michele (6-2)

RnB at Rap Tribe : Alicia, Nicole, Tinashe

Original RnB Tribe : Alicia, Ashanti, Nicole, Tinashe

New Broadway Tribe : Ashanti, Idina, Iggy

New Rap Tribe : Alicia, Nicole, Queen Latifah, Tinashe

New Broadway Tribe Alliance 2 :  Alicia, Ashanti, Iggy

New Rap Tribe Alliance 2 : Idina, Nicole, Queen Latifah, Tinashe



Iggy, CF - After being the second most vote getter, I snatched immunity... YOOOOOOOOOOOO! Take that, IDINA MENZEL. YOUR ASS IS NEXTTTT.


-Nicole is sleeping, and Idina sits by her-

Idina, CF - Lea attacked Nicole. That is not okay. I got to make it up for her.

-Idina wakes her up-

Nicole - Huh?

Idina - I feel like.. because of Lea... I have to apologize.

Nicole - No, no... stop. It’s fine, you just were allies. You did Glee together and everything. You aren’t her. It’s fine.

Idina - No, I voted with her. I was teammates with her-

Nicole - And that’s why you stood with her. Not because you did anything wrong.

Nicole, CF - Idina is really feeling badly for Lea’s actions, and that really means a lot. She has nothing to be sorry about, and that’s just so sweet... she’s still the target, though. She’s the odd one out. Simply speaking.


-Alicia, Ashanti, Tinashe, Nicole and Queen Latifah gather around-

Alicia - Idina is simply an easy vote. Done and done.

-Everyone nods along-

Alicia, CF - If everyone can stick with the plan. Today Idina goes, tomorrow Iggy goes. Then we go from there. Maybe Queen L, then Tinashe. Ashanti, Nicole and I chill at the final 3.


-Idina crawls over to Iggy-

Idina, whispering - Do you know what’s going on?

Iggy - Huh?

Idina - They’re all in the woods... without you.

-Iggy is silent-

Idina - Think about it.

Iggy, CF - Idina is tryna make me paranoid.... but she right.. why you in the woods without me?

Idina, whispering - Vote for Alicia with me... I promise it’ll end well for you.

Iggy, CF - Me thinks Idina has an idol now... and if she thinks I’s with her, maybe I can change da game and make it deadlock. It depends... do I want Alicia out?


-Queen Latifah, Ashanti and Tinashe stand around-

Ashanti - I don’t like dictatoricia.

Tinashe - I’ve been saying I don’t like her gameplay since day 2.

Tinashe, CF - Do I want Idina out now? Hell yeah. Do I want Alicia here much longer? No.

Queen Latifah, CF - If these women want Alicia out sooner rather than later... YES PERFECT. I am one step closer to the Final 3... but I’m not getting excited. I’m just taking it one tribal by a time.


Barbra - First vote... Idina.

Second vote... Idina.

Third vote... Idina.

Idina - HA!

Barbra - Fourth vote... Alicia.

Fifth vote... Alicia.

Sixth vote... and player leaving... Idina.

Idina - Oh, honey not so fast.

*Alicia’s jaw drops, as Idina takes out her idol*

*Tinashe starts cracking u laughing, Iggy smiles*

Idina - I have an idol. *hands Barbra the idol* Bye Alicia.

*The Jury gasps*

Barbra - Alicia, the tribe has spoken.

*Alicia just leaves, smiling*

Barbra - The Idol from Exile... is GONE.

*Everyone claps*

Barbra - It will be rehidden, though. So maybe... Exile isn’t a disadvantage anymore.

*Everyone looks worried, and leaves*

7th - Alicia Keys (*5*-2)

Alicia - Idina
Ashanti - Idina
Idina - Alicia
Iggy - Alicia
Nicole - Idina
Queen Latifah - Idina
Tinashe - Idina


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Alicia Keys, Leaving Words - Y’all, I thought I almost had the W, but... Idina saw me.  I should’ve saw it coming, I should’ve split the votes, but... I didn’t want to come off too overbearing. Darn! It bit me.


Bye Alicia
Sent by D882,Feb 25, 2019

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