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Survivor : Diva Island 2 Episode 9

Feb 24, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Broadway Tribe -
Alicia Keys
Iggy Azalea
Lea Michele
Loretta Lynn
Reba McEntire

Rap Tribe -
Idina Menzel - IDOL HOLDER
Missy Elliott
Nicole Scherzinger
Queen Latifah

20th - Ciara (4-1) - 16th, 20th.
19th - Azealia Banks (3-2) - 8th, 19th
18th - Barbra Streisand (4-4/4-2) - 17th, 18th
17th - Emmylou Harris (6-2)
16th - Carrie Underwood (5-4)
15th - Danielle Bregoli (4-3)
14th - Dolly Parton (4-2-1) 10th, 14th
13th - Liza Minnelli (4-3)
12th - Kristin Chenoweth (4-3)

Broadway Tribe Alliances -
Original RnB Tribe Alliance : Alicia & Ashanti

Original Country Tribe Alliance : Loretta & Reba

New Broadway Tribe Alliance : Ashanti, Iggy, Lea, Loretta

New Rap Tribe Alliance : Alicia & Reba

Rap Tribe Alliances -
RnB Tribe At Rap Tribe/Original RnB Tribe Alliance : Nicole & Tinashe

Rap Tribe at Rap : Missy & Queen Latifah

New Rap Tribe Alliance : Missy, Nicole, Queen Latifah & Tinashe.



Reba, CF - Good thing I stuck to my guns, or else Loretta Lynn woulda taken my Texan ass right out... but we made jury. We’ve reached an ERA in this game that is a HUGE turning point. Any time now, hopefully we will merge... but, expect the unexpected..

(Producer - That’s Big Brother.)

Reba, CF - Oh, who care-


-Broadway Tribe enters after Rap Tribe, leading to a shocked expression from Idina-

Idina - Holy ****!

Idina, CF - Seeing Kristin go shook me to the very core... but, ultimately... we were having strains in our alliance. I am shocked, I know her to be nothing but a competitor... but I’m relived. She definitely caught on to me having the idol, so I’m happy that situation is handled before it began.

Barbra - With Kristin out, she became the first member of the jury!


Tinashe, CF - Making jury is HUGE... but where’s the merge announcement? This is getting more and more cutthroat.. merge can be a saving grace in this game, and can turn it on its head. I need it to be when my numbers stay strong.

Barbra - Time for reward...

They win a flight to an island where they will take part in a local feast!

They can also send one player from the losing tribe to Exile Island

They choose Lea.

Lea - What the ****?!

Missy, CF - We hit Jury. We are getting to the halfway point, only 11 remain. Yet we still are waiting for a merge. It’s an exciting game, but... it’s getting down to the wire, here! I’m here for the journey and am prepared for anything, but... a merge is what we NEED. Then the game. Is ON.


Lea, CF - Idina is shady. First she mutinies, then sends me to exile island? A place she inhabited pretty early on... and no idol has been found YET. I think she wants Broadway gone because they know what’s up with her. A little bit of trust died FOR SURE. This SUCKS. I just want tea or something... or a snack. This isn’t primal conditions for a Broadway and film star diva.


-Lea comes back-


-Broadway Tribe receives a message in a bottle to be read after tribal-

Lea, CF - I’m unsure what this message could be... I hope it’s FINALLY something good for me.


-Tinashe and Nicole are sitting in the shelter-

Tinashe - Do you think Alicia knows how shady she looks to us?

Nicole - I really don’t think so...

Tinashe - I hope they just handle her.

Nicole - You know, I actually don’t hope that.

Tinashe - Why not?

Nicole - I wanna take her out myself.

*Tinashe starts cackling*

Tinashe, CF - The RnB trio is done. All trust was lost when she mutinied. I don’t take much of a liking onto Nicole, but she seems on board... Alicia Keys may be needing her keys back to her home soon, because she may be going bye bye bye soon.


-Alicia and Reba sit on the shelter together-

Reba - You know I find you to be one incredible person in the industry?

*Alicia looms over at Reba, shocked*

Reba - You’re unapologetically you and you’re setting a terrific example for self love and bravery in young girls everywhere.

Reba, CF - I think Alicia Keys is a strong woman and a role model, and I want her to know that. Before I go.

Alicia - You don’t know how much that means to me coming from you. You’re a living legend.

*Alicia and Reba hug*

Alicia, CF - Reba is incredible, and the fact she called me a role model is incredible, coming from a LIVING. LEGEND. But, she isn’t on my side... I mutinied, but I have an understanding of what’s up... and Reba and Loretta are a power duo, Iggy and Lea are vulnerable. That’s the facts.

*Alicia and Ashanti talk in the woods*

Alicia - Reba tried to talk to me. I mean, we talked, but.... she and Loretta are the only other duo on this tribe. And mutinying is no joke.

Ashanti, whispers - Do you really think that’s the best idea? Is it too much?

Alicia shakes her head - But I think a smart move.. would to get them to target each other, so they can’t flip Iggy or Lea. It’d be to no avail.

Ashanti, CF - Alicia is doing... THE MOST. But, she’s kind of onto something. We need to separate the only duo left, because that gives us all the cards in the bigger picture.


-Ashanti lies with Loretta-

Ashanti - I hope you know that you and Reba got a big ass target on your backs.

Reba - But aren’t we... good? Aren’t we allies?

Reba, CF - I don’t GET disloyalty. I could never imagine being untrue to my word, so... this news is distressing! I’m in a panic.

Ashanti - It’s likely you or Loretta.

Reba - Really?

Ashanti - Just be smart doll.

Reba, CF - It’s possibly either me or Loretta... which is a lose lose... I just hope she doesn’t turn on me, then...


Alicia - It’s either you or Reba.

Loretta, CF - Reba’s got to go.


*Loretta sits near Iggy and Lea*

Loretta - Reba mutinied. Fact of the matter is she is playing balls to the wall. She’s the odd diva out, and is a redhead... they’re FIERY. Do we want someone so unpredictable and crazy with us on this tribe?

Loretta, CF - I’m not throwing Reba under any bus, I’m just giving her a little nudge. Hehehe! I’m sorry, I did NOT come here for any placement that isn’t 1st.

Lea, CF - As being the sole Broadway Triber left on this tribe, I’m ecstatic the country hillbillies are turning on each other. It’s a second life in this game! I’m stoked!

*Iggy goes to Ashanti*

Iggy, whispering - I thot you should know, so you don’t vote for da wrong people again... Loretta thru’ Reba unda da bus.  Totes dragged ha’ thru’ da’ mud. I think it’s one of ‘dem going tonite.

Ashanti, CF - Alicia’s plan worked. Loretta is at least targeting Reba... but I need to make sure it’s 100%.

*Ashanti and Reba sit by a fire, before tribal*

Ashanti, whispering - Reba, Iggy told me... Loretta threw you under the bus and dragged you for FILFTH.

*Reba immediately starts sobbing*

Reba, CF - I gave Loretta nuttin’ but kindness, loyalty and genuinity... and she TARGETS me? No. I am going to STAY and WIN.

Alicia walks over - What’s wrong?

Ashanti - She knows Loretta dragged her through the mud.

Alicia sits down next to Reba - Girl, don’t cry. You are STAYING... if you promise us to vote out Loretta. She ain’t got no loyalty to you.

*Reba nods, wiping away tears*

Alicia, CF - We got Loretta voting for Reba, and now I think we convinced Reba to vote for Loretta... now... we just need to decide........................ who goes?


Barbra - I will... read the votes.

First vote.... Loretta.

Second vote.... Reba.

Third vote... Loretta.

Fourth vote... Reba.

2 votes Loretta, 2 votes Reba.

*Reba breathes out, wiping a tear away. Loretta is super bummed out*

*Lea smiles, surviving the vote*

Barbra - Fifth vote.. Loretta.

Sixth vote.... Reba.

We are tied, we will have a Revote, Loretta and Reba will NOT vote, and if we tie again... it’ll go to rocks.

*They all revote*

Barbra - First vote... Loretta.

Second vote... Reba.

Third vote... Loretta.

Final vote...

*the camera zooms in on Loretta and Reba, sitting by each other*

Barbra - And Second member of the jury... Loretta.

Loretta - Dammit.

Reba - I would’ve stayed true to you.

Loretta - And that’s why we were targeted.

Barbra - Loretta, the tribe has spoken.

*Loretta leaves*

11th - Loretta Lynn (3-3//3-1)

Alicia - Loretta
Ashanti - Loretta
Iggy - Reba / Revote : Loretta
Lea - Reba
Loretta - Reba
Reba - Loretta

Barbra - Now, you have a message in a bottle you should read... right now.

Ashanti, reading the message - Now, you must vote another member off... immediately.

*Everyone gasps*

Ashanti - Well, ****!


Barbra - I’ll read the votes...

First vote... Reba.

Second vote... Ashanti.

Third vote... Reba.

Fourth vote... Ashanti.

2 vote Reba, 2 votes Ashanti.

Final vote and 3rd member of the jury............. Reba.

Reba - Aww... flippers!

Barbra - The Tribe Has Spoken.

Reba - Good game, y’all.

Barbra - A 2 for 1 special you could say... bye bye country... have fun at camp, divas.

10th - Reba McEntire (3-2)

Alicia - Ashanti
Ashanti - Reba
Iggy - Reba
Lea - Reba
Reba - Ashanti


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Loretta Lynn, Leaving Words - I’m sort of bitter that if Reba just... didn’t do that... any of that... I’d be staying now, but... I have no regrets in my game. I think my flaws didn’t stem from my own gameplay, and that a lot of outside factors lead to my demise. I’m proud of myself, I did it!

Reba McEntire, Leaving Words - I guess you could say... a twist is what got me into this tribe, and a twist is what got me out. I love every single lady there, and I can’t wait to vote for who wins! No hard feelings AT ALL... if I had time to strategize, maybe it wouldnta happened!

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