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Survivor : Diva Island Episode 9

Feb 11, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Diana Ross (Dion, Del Rey, Del Rey)
Janet Jackson (Del Rey, Cher, Del Rey)
Kelly Clarkson (Del Rey, Cher, Del Rey)
Selena Gomez (Del Rey, Dion, Del Rey)
Shakira (Dion, Del Rey, Del Rey)
Azealia Banks (Dion, Cher, Dion)
Brandy Norwood (Del Rey, Del Rey, Dion)
Dolly Parton (Del Rey, Dion, Dion)
Jennifer Lopez (Del Rey, Del Rey, Dion)
Miranda Lambert (Dion, Cher, Dion) - Legacy Holder
Stevie Nicks (Dion, Dion)
Tina Turner (Dion, Del Rey)

20th - Demi Lovato (9-1)
19th - Yoko Ono (8-1)
18th - Miley Cyrus (4-2)
17th - Barbra Streisand (4-4-3/ROCK)
16th - Ciara (3-3/ROCKS)
15th - Gwen Stefani (5-*2*)
14th - Christina Aguilera (5-2)
13th - Kelly Rowland (QUIT)

Del Rey Alliance #1 : Dolly, JLo

Dion Alliance #2 : Azealia, Miranda, Stevie

Del Rey Alliance #3 : JLo, Shakira, Tina

Gaga Alliance #1 : Azealia, Diana, Janet, Kelly, Stevie


Kelly, CF, crying - I hope I made my kids proud. And my amazing husband. I’m doing this to show them I can kick butt, and I’m doing it! Praise God!

-Kelly lies down on the shelter, and Miranda stares at her, angered-

Miranda, CF - Kelly winning is just turning her into a diva. Silent, brooding, lying on the shelter like she owns the place... true villain.

Miranda - Kelly, why are you acting like a bad bitch because you won a cute little challenge?

Kelly - Miranda, i don’t have time for this.

Miranda - You don’t have time for the TRUTH?

Kelly, CF - Miranda is really being obnoxious to me, but what else is new? I don’t get her deal, but she’s been doing this since the start, and I won’t let her get to me. I’ll prove to my kids that I’m better than that.

*Kelly ignores Miranda, and just puts her buff over her face*

Miranda - Hide from the truth, bitch.

Kelly, sitting up - Miranda, please don’t call me a bitch. I have children who are excited to see me play and I don’t want them to see me getting called that.

Miranda - Oh, so I’m just a crazy c**t who shouldn’t be shown in front of kids?

Kelly - When you’re setting a bad example for the women of the future...

Miranda, CF - I’m being personally attacked by Kelly Clarkson. First Gwen, now this... its RIDICULOUS. How much bullying I’m going through.

-JLo is refilling her cantine, when Shakira walks over-

Shakira - How does it feel to not be immune anymore?

JLo - I’m not worried.

Shakira, whispering - Why didn’t you try harder in that immunity?

JLo - I tried. I’m a bit older than Kelly.

Shakira - You’re in... MUCH better shape.

Shakira, CF - I feel as though JLo feels way too safe. And it’s bad for my game that she doesn’t care about her game.

JLo - Can you calm down? I just couldn’t keep up, okay?

-Shakira rolls her eyes-

JLo, CF - Shakira is a diva. A delusional diva, and... although she’s my loyal ally, she had no problem accusing me of disloyalty, when I’m the bigger threat. How does that make sense?

JLo - I’m not having this. *walks away, towards the shelter*

*Miranda pulls Brandy aside in the woods*

Miranda - It’s the first merge vote officially... I think we should put our differences aside, and have each other backs.

Brandy, CF - Miranda is a desperate human being. She’s tipped people off before, and I think she fears it’ll come back to haunt her, so.. she’s trying to form the numbers, but... after Kelly Rowland quit, you really don’t know what could happen next, so... I’m letting anything happen.

Brandy - I think that could be very beneficial.

Miranda - Who do you want out?

Brandy - You know...

Miranda - What?

Brandy - Azealia.

Miranda, CF - The same reason our deal didn’t work out before was that I was comforting and protecting Azealia, so I definitely need to play smarter this time, so I can keep Brandy appeased.

Miranda - Don’t you think she may have... *whispers* a hidden immunity idol.

Brandy, CF - *gigantic eyeroll* Miranda is playing the same game as before, but... for the time being. I can’t make myself a target, because I see through her little act.

Miranda - I think... *whispers* Janet... is a better bet.

Miranda, CF - I don’t trust Janet much, and I think she’s a big diva in a season full of divas, so... getting her out would be... *smiles* scrumptious.

Brandy - Y’all okay, but I’m not playing games. If you continuously keep trying to save Azealia and making excuses for her, I will end you.


-Brandy and JLo lie down together-

Brandy, whispering - I got your back girl, the vote is Janet.

-JLo nods-

JLo, CF - I know Azealia is targeting me, and Shakira and I got into a spat, so knowing Janet is a counter is BIG.

*JLO, Shakira and Tina gather in the woods*

JLO - Shakira, Tina. I think we have to vote out Janet if we want any chance for me to stay.

Shakira, CF - I don’t really feel as though Janet is the best move for me, but if it keeps JLo around, I can get the advantage and ultimately take Diana out. My REAL threat.

*Azealia, Stevie & Miranda*

Azealia - I think we need to take out JLo.

Miranda - But, we can get the votes on-

Azealia - Sis, Dolly hates your cracker ass. Dolly is like THIS *crosses fingers* with JLo. And Dolly is like hundred. If we don’t take our shot at JLo now, she’ll win.

Stevie, CF - We have an alliance of big personalities, and I think it’s great. The only person wanting me out is Selena, and I can handle passing that by for now if it keeps me off the chopping block.


-Azealia and Stevie stand off to the side-

Azealia - Do you think we got her off Janet’s back?

Stevie - Yeah... shes at least the bare minimum of rational.

Stevie, CF - Azealia and I are in 2 major alliances together, which sort of grouped us together. Janet and is apart of our MAJORITY alliance, so Miranda targeting Janet would be... bad.

Azealia - I’m gonna tell her, I think.

Stevie - Janet? We can’t start trouble. Plus we need the target on JLo. NOT Miranda.

*Stevie and Azealia bring Diana, Janet, Kelly & Stevie off to the side into the woods*

Kelly - I want to take out Brandy, personally.

Azealia - Hate to break it to you, but that is not happening.

Stevie - We all have to think logically.

Azealia - Because Janet’s name has come up.

*Janet’s jaw drops*

*Stevie gives Azealia a dirty look*

Janet, CF - It comes to my attention I am being targeted... wow! I did NOT expect that. I know that I haven’t gotten along with everyone, but being a target is a really scary realization.

Janet - Who was it?

Azealia - I don’t know-

Janet - Do you know who’s voting for me?

Azealia - JLo and Dolly are the ones I know-

Janet, CF - Azealia is giving some information... but obviously is negating some. Which means I can only trust her SOME.

Stevie - I’d say JLo is the bigger threat, personally, I believe.

Diana, CF - I don’t think this is necessarily ideal... I’d prefer going for Shakira, and she’s going to be who I want out... I’d prefer sooner to later.


-JLo and Dolly sit by each other, before tribal-

JLo - The vote is Azealia.

Dolly - I never liked her anyways!

JLo, CF - My strategy... is get the votes on as many people as possible... and that’s more votes OFF of me.... easy! I feel CONFIDENT... Jenny from the block will be here to stay.

Cher - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it... NOW is the time to do so.

First vote.. Azealia

Azealia - OH REALLY?! **** you.

Cher - Second vote... JLo

Third vote... Janet

Fourth vote... JLo

Fifth vote... Janet

That is 2 votes JLo, 2 votes Janet, 1 vote Azealia.

Azealia - One person, **** you.

Cher - Sixth vote... Janet

Seventh vote... JLo

Eighth vote.. Janet

Ninth vote... JLo

Tenth vote.. Janet

Eleventh vote... JLo

Twelfth vote... and player leaving... JLo.

JLo - Awww, man.

Dolly - You lied to me.

JLo - Sorry, sweetie.

Cher - JLo, the tribe has spoken. Another down, the block is now shorter.. haha, get it. Cuz Jenny... okay bye.

12th - Jennifer Lopez (6-5-1)

Azealia - JLo
Brandy - Janet
Diana - JLo
Dolly - Azealia
Janet - JLo
JLo - Janet
Kelly - JLo
Miranda - Janet
Selena - JLo
Shakira - Janet
Stevie - JLo
Tina - Janet


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Jennifer Lopez, Leaving Words - I feel I did well... I wanted to win, of course. But I was good socially and physically... strategically, I guess I got myself out. If I was more real with Dolly, it would’ve tied and went to rocks. I would’ve stayed. It was a miss. But I’m proud. I grew as a person.

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