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Survivor : Diva Island Episode 8

Feb 10, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Diana Ross (Dion, Del Rey, Del Rey)
Janet Jackson (Del Rey, Cher, Del Rey)
Kelly Clarkson (Del Rey, Cher, Del Rey)
Kelly Rowland (Del Rey, Cher, Del Rey) - IDOL HOLDER
Selena Gomez (Del Rey, Dion, Del Rey)
Shakira (Dion, Del Rey, Del Rey)
Azealia Banks (Dion, Cher, Dion)
Brandy Norwood (Del Rey, Del Rey, Dion)
Dolly Parton (Del Rey, Dion, Dion)
Jennifer Lopez (Del Rey, Del Rey, Dion)
Miranda Lambert (Dion, Cher, Dion) - Legacy Holder
Stevie Nicks (Dion, Dion)
Tina Turner (Dion, Del Rey)

20th - Demi Lovato (9-1)
19th - Yoko Ono (8-1)
18th - Miley Cyrus (4-2)
17th - Barbra Streisand (4-4-3/ROCK)
16th - Ciara (3-3/ROCKS)
15th - Gwen Stefani (5-*2*)
14th - Christina Aguilera (5-2)

Del Rey Alliance #1 : Dolly, JLo, Kelly R.

Dion Alliance #2 : Azealia, Miranda, Stevie

Del Rey Alliance #2 : Dolly, Kelly R.

Del Rey Alliance #3 : JLo, Shakira, Tina

JLO wins immunity.

JLO, CF - I made the merge and THEN won immunity. I’m getting closer and closer to the win, progressing like a Hustler. Because I’m from the block. I’ve hustled my way into a career and became Jenny from the block. This game is reflecting my entire life. And that’s amazing! Test me.

*Miranda immediately starts sobbing*

Miranda, CF - I didn’t want to use my legacy advantage already, but I feel like everybody hates me.... and it’s all ****ing Gwen and Dolly’s fault.... they pushed and push and pushed me. I will go high since they went low.

*Miranda just continuously sobs into the shelter pillow*

*Kelly C. and Stevie sit together in the sand*

Kelly C. - Your music is, like, completely revolutionary. Fleetwood Mac was ICONIC.

Stevie - I know.

Stevie, CF - Kelly Clarkson is fan... I’m a fan of hers, too.. she won American Idol, right? I would’ve voted for her. She has an alternative vibe that I appreciate. She isn’t just the same.


-Azealia, Diana, Janet, Kelly C. & Stevie are talking-

Kelly C. - I trust you girls a lot. I get good vibes.

Stevie - Me too, for sure. It’s a good amount of numbers, as well. We’d need 2 more for majority, but I think we could make this work.

Azealia, CF - Y’all these bitches just RUNNING to me at this point. I’m all smiles getting into these deals and all. I love it!

Janet, CF - I’m in an alliance with Azealia Banks... 2019, y’all.. it’s wild.

*Kelly R. is sobbing*

Kelly R. - Can I talk to production, please?

Kelly R., CF, Sobbing - It is getting to my own personal breaking point. I can’t handle it anymore.

Kelly R., to production - Sis, take me out. I’m done.

Production - Are you sure? You have an idol!

Kelly R. - GET ME OUT OF HERE.. *sobs* Please.

*Kelly R. Says goodbye to everyone*

Janet, CF - She Quit. Kelly Dowland f***king quit. I knew it. Christina deserves to be here over her. Disgusting. I hate quitters. I’m HAPPY the bitch is gone.

Kelly R., CF - I Just couldn’t mentally cope with this anymore... I’m sorry, Beyoncé. Michelle. Fans... *sobs* I can’t do it anymore.

13th - Kelly Rowland (QUIT) - First Member Of Our Jury



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