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Survivor : Diva Island Episode 5

Feb 10, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

New Tribe Del Rey :
Brandy Norwood (Del Rey)
Diana Ross (Dion)
Jennifer Lopez (Del Rey)
Shakira (Dion)
Tina Turner (Dion)

New Tribe Dion :
Christina Aguilera (Dion)
Dolly Parton (Del Rey)
Gwen Stefani (Del Rey)
Selena Gomez (Del Rey)
Stevie Nicks (Dion)

Tribe Cher :
Azealia Banks (Dion)
Ciara (Dion) - Idol Holder
Janet Jackson (Del Rey)
Kelly Clarkson (Del Rey)
Kelly Rowland (Del Rey) - Idol Holder
Miranda Lambert (Dion) - Legacy Holder

20th - Demi Lovato (9-1)
19th - Yoko Ono (8-1)
18th - Miley Cyrus (4-2)
17th - Barbra Streisand (4-4-3/ROCK)
New Tribe Del Rey -
Del Rey Alliance 1 : Brandy & JLo

New Tribe Dion -
Del Rey Alliance 1  : Dolly & Gwen

Dion Alliance 2 : XTina, Stevie

Tribe Cher -
Dion Alliance 1 : Azealia, Ciara, Miranda

Del Rey Alliance 2 : Kelly C., Kelly R.

Dion wins immunity!
Del Rey wins immunity!

Brandy and Diana are on the beach together, walking near the water.

Brandy - Does it ever feel surreal knowing you’re a musical icon?

Diana - Girl, it’s been so long, I’m used to it.

Brandy, CF - I want to connect with Diana. Not just because I want or need her number, but because she’s Diana Ross. A total legend. A huge musical game changer. It’s an honor to be with her on this island.

Diana - You are a big deal, too.

Brandy - I was.

Brandy, CF, tears filling her eyes - My career was POPPING in the just recent past. I’m sure a lot of you know what happened... a TRAGEDY.  A mistake. And it killed my entire music career.

Brandy, sobbing - I was never fully forgiven by society... and my music hasn’t been to the same bar as it was. No one even knows my name anymore.

Diana - Sweetie, your accomplishments speak for themselves. Don’t listen to the haters. We all make mistakes, and you are an insane talent.

Diana, CF - I love Brandy. She’s a very talented woman, and I think her music is one of the bests of her era. It’s tragic how under-appreciated she is to this generation.

*Diana walks to the shelter, and sits down*

*Shakira stares at her.*

Diana - Sweetie, what?

Shakira - I saw you and Brandy talking.

Diana - Oh lord, I’m too tired for your games.

Shakira, CF - My position on this tribe is already compromised... Diana being shady helps NOBODY. She’s trying to play all the sides of the multisided dice.

Shakira - Just be honest. You want to be on everyone’s good side. It’s manipulation.

Diana, CF - Why is she even here, if I may ask? It’s not the Olympics. It’s not Waka Waka time.

Diana - I’m sorry if I talk to people, Shakira. But that’s the game. And it isn’t all shadiness and strategy. Sometimes it’s just so we don’t drive ourselves crazy!

Diana, CF - She ain’t a diva. Her last hit was on the Zootopia soundtrack. She doesn’t have the cultural impact to deserve to be here. And it’s really showing because she’s acting DELUSIONAL.


*JLo and Tina are eavesdropping on Shakira and Diana’s disagreement*

JLo, whispering - What do you think about this?

Tina - I think Shakira has a really good point. Diana is playing around with a lot of people. But, want to know what’s even better?

JLo - What?

Tina - Shakira is a VERY emotional player.

Tina, CF - Me and JLo vibe strategically... we both are calm, collected and intelligent. We both can see the benefit in keeping emotional players like Shakira, and using them to our manipulative advantage.

-JLO and Tina bring Shakira off to the side-

Tina - Shakira, we’re on your side.

Shakira - Really?!

Shakira, CF - Hearing that my feelings about Diana were reciprocated by others was such a relief! There’s a stigma in these shows that people like me are unnecessarily emotional and paranoid players, so I am loving my read on the game!

JLO - I think we should work together and just have each other’s backs... if you ask me.

Shakira - Perfect, I am IN.

JLo, CF - Do I think this alliance will make it all the way to the end? Nah, but I want more options. The more options the better.


-JLO sits down, Brandy is lying, awake, in the shelter-

Brandy - If you’re going to be forming alliance with every other bitch here, then I’m done with you.

Brandy, CF - I know what’s up. JLo finds better options to save herself and she takes them. But I don’t play her games.

Brandy - I’m not going to start anything, but it’s either you’re with them or you’re with me, so... I’m making the decision easy for you.

-JLo frowns-

JLo, CF - I didn’t want to end my alliance with Brandy so soon... but I didn’t see that fight ending well and I want to be as lowkey as possible for now... if she wants to talk it out, sure, but... for now. Brandy and I are just done.

-Gwen and Selena sit in the sand-

Selena - Do you realize how influential you were to pop music? Like... the BIGGEST of deals.

Gwen - You’re too kind.

Selena, CF - I’m a pop princess TODAY... without Gwen, i don’t think ANYONE would be here. It was Gwen and Britney, I think. The most major women of pop music ever.

Gwen - I don’t take that much credit, honestly. But, thank you. I think you’re incredible strong and brave.

Gwen, CF - It’s wild to me... someone who has gone through so much, like Selena. Lupus, her kidney transplant, her constant bullying and everything. She’s honesty an inspiration to ME.

*Gwen and Selena hug*

*Dolly walks over to the shelter, as Selena gets up to get water*

Dolly, CF - Gwen is a sweetie, I saw her and little Selena having a lil’ moment, and that’s someone I want to keep in the game! I think the fact Miranda has this hatred for her is just dark and down right disgusting! And I’m a country woman.

Dolly - I know you and Miranda are like fire’n’water.

Gwen - She’s just... not nice.

Dolly - If we swap, I think you’re simply just an amazingly nice young woman, and I want to work with you to end the darkness.

Gwen, CF - Dolly Parton, Queen Of Country.. is on my side. I am in awe of this legend. I hope Miranda has her paws up cuz if we swap... Im after her! I’m gonna kick her butt! Hehe.


-Everyone gets back to camp-

Janet, to Miranda - Stellar job, Miranda.

Janet, CF - Miranda slayed the challenge, impressing all of us no doubt. Nobody else helped whatsoever. The only person who can’t take blame is Miranda.

-Kelly R. lies down in her shelter.-

Miranda, to Kelly R. - Good job losing the challenge for us.

Kelly R. - What the **** are you on about?

Miranda - I carried us on our shoulders and you couldn’t do your damn part.

Kelly R., CF - I am minding my own business... when Miranda starts attacking me. Saying she carried the team in the challenge and I was what made up lose.

-Janet makes the fire by herself, and everyone gathers around, but is silent, awkward from the argument between Miranda & Kelly R.-

Janet, CF - Miranda has an ego, though, and found a way to blame Kelly Rowland for our failure... which is unfair. So I started a fire to keep the peace.

-They are gathered around the fire, silently-

-Ciara sips from her cantine-

Ciara, CF - We aren’t doing well right now. But, here’s the thing.... Miranda is targeting the wrong Kelly. Clarkson has 0 threat factor on paper, which really makes her the BIGGEST threat.

-Ciara gathers Azealia and Miranda-

Ciara - Miranda, your obsession with Kelly Rowland isn’t helping anyone. Kelly R. didn’t lose the challenge, we ALL did. Including you, so snap out of it.

Ciara, CF - I’m not a dictator, no. But if I don’t smack some sense into Miranda Lambert, we’ll be leveling DOWN in numbers.

Miranda - What do you suggest?

Ciara - Kelly Clarkson. She is a social beast.

Azealia, CF - For now, Ciara can go off and do whatever. I want Janet out, but clearly that isn’t happening now. I’ll sit on that for now. I think Kelly Clarkson is a good target. Socially, she’s who I view Janet as strategically. I think Janet is more strategically threatening, where KelClark is just a social player. Normal Azealia would go off and call Ciara an idiot, but... my therapist taught me I can play nice. Azealia can play games too.

Miranda - Fine, I’m in.

Ciara - Perfect.


-Kelly R. & Kelly C. are whispering together-

Kelly C. - I don’t trust Ciara.

Kelly R. - Miranda just went ******** on me. Ciara can go next time.

Kelly C., CF - Kelly Rowland is trying to convince me this is just gonna be an easy vote... I was NOT born yesterday.  Somethings up, and I see Ciara with Azealia and Miranda a lot... I don’t know. I feel uneased.

Cher - If anybody has an Immunity Idol and would like to use it... NOW is the time to do so....


First vote... Miranda

Second vote... Miranda

Third vote... Miranda

Fourth vote... Kelly C.

Fifth vote... Kelly C.

Sixth and final vote... Kelly C... we have a tie. 3 votes Miranda, 3 votes Kelly Clarkson.

Azealia, Ciara, Janet, Kelly Rowland... you will all be drawing rocks.

Ciara, sorry, the tribe has spoken.

Azealia - Praise GOD. I swear if I got rocked out cuz of your stupid ass.

Ciara - **** you, Azealia Banks. *throws idol in the fire*

Cher - Ciara, the tribe has spoken.

Ciara - Bye, Ladies. Goooooood luck.

*Kelly C. smiles*

Cher - What started out as a uniformed game, has turned to... not. Good night, Divas. 

Votes :
Azealia - Kelly C.
Ciara - Kelly C.
Janet - Miranda
Kelly C. - Miranda
Kelly R. - Miranda
Miranda - Kelly C.

16th - Ciara (3-3/ROCKS)


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Ciara, Final Words - I was in a killer spot, and... I wasted it. The math was always there, but I was too loyal to just take the easy route and take Miranda out. Big mistake. Big. Huge. No hate, appreciate. I leveled up to a survivor of adversity. The conditions were hard, and I fought through it!


I vote out Selena Gomez
Sent by D882,Feb 10, 2019

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