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Survivor : Diva Island Episode 2

Feb 10, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Tribe Del Rey :
Brandy Norwood
Dolly Parton
Gwen Stefani
Janet Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Rowland
Selena Gomez
Yoko Ono

Team Dion :
Azealia Banks
Barbra Streisand
Christina Aguilera
Diana Ross
Miley Cyrus
Miranda Lambert - Legacy Advantage
Stevie Nicks
Tina Turner

20th - Demi Lovato (9-1)

Del Rey Alliance #1 : Brandy, Dolly, Gwen, JLo, Kelly Rowland

Dion Alliance #1 : Azealia & XTina


-Everyone gets back to camp, and Janet Jackson looks conflicted-

Janet - Thank you everyone for saving me.

JLo - With her reaction to going, it was clearly the right choice.

Janet, CF - I don’t feel safe because I was narrowly saved last tribal, and I do think I’m on JLo’s Radar, but ultimately, I made it, and I can survive this, I think.

Jlo, CF - My ladies trust Janet. But I do got my eyes on her. I think she did have my name in her mouth. It wasn’t the time to strike, but I got my eyes on Janet Jackson.

Yoko, CF - I’m safe round one.... I hope I stay safe round after one! I do not like Dolly. She has petty hatred for.. me. I want Dolly GONE.

*Dolly evilly glares at Yoko*

Dolly, CF - Yoko Ono is a villain. Everybody knows it. I want to take the villain OUT.



Miley, immediately after the challenge, isolates herself in the shelter and starts sobbing.

Miley, CF, dry tears in her eyes - The first few days all my interactions were negative. I don’t do well with negativity, and with all these challenges, the physical toll is really adding up... mentally.

*Shakira sits in the shelter with Miley, and just comforts her*

Shakira - I understand. I understand. It’s hard. It was hard for me too, but we’ll get through this.

Shakira, CF - On day 3, I exploded. I emotionally combusted. I missed my family, I missed my phone... now, Miley is getting it. Miley just can’t take it anymore, but I’m going to make sure... in the case that she CAN take it... I’m the positive example that helped her get through it.

Miley, CF, Sobbing - I MISS LIAM.


*Azealia sits by the fire with Ciara*

Ciara - So, what do you think?

Azealia - You know the game is crazy difficult when I’m handling it better than some of these crazy hoes.

*Ciara laughs*

Ciara, CF - Me and Azealia click. We vibe. We never would’ve clicked OUTSIDE of this game. She probably has come at me before.. but for this game. We click.

Ciara - Who ya good with?

Azealia - Christina.

Azealia, CF - I know it’s not always good to give too much information in this game, but I ain’t gonna worry ‘bout that. I’m an honest person, I’ll be 100% as much as i can. Best case scenario, this opens up opportunities for me and Christina.

Ciara, whispers - You.. me... Christina... Barbra... Miranda... Stevie. If we can get something going... thats majority.

Azealia - Yasssss...

Ciara, CF - Azealia is totally unpredictable, but having her on my side for the time being would be... IDEAL.

*Azealia and Ciara walk up to XTina, who’s in the shelter with Barbra and Stevie*

Azealia - Ciara, get Miranda.

*Ciara brings Miranda over*

Ciara, whispering - We have an idea. That could be very beneficial to all of our games. Legit no downside. We align. We have majority, we can relax until a swap, hopefully have the numbers then, and can relax to merge.

Miranda - That sounds.. PERFECT.

Miranda, CF - This idea puts me in a stellar position. Having the numbers AND the legacy? No downside.

Stevie nods - Let’s do it.

Stevie, CF - Diana was and still is a viable option, but this crew is numbers and numbers is everything in Survivor. Diana can be a side deal.


XTina - We still F2?

Azealia - 100%.

XTina - Then I’m in.

XTina, CF - This alliance is PERFECT for me... as long as I can keep my deal with Azealia. I’m not having her be the reason I get cut at final 6 or sooner. I came to win, and she better know better than to cross me.

Kelly Rowland, in the woods, stumbles upon the Hidden Immunity Idol!

Kelly R., Sobbing - Oh my god.... Beyoncé, I’m doing this for you!!

Kelly R., CF - I found... the HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL... this is HUGE. It means, if I’m ever in a sticky situation I ain’t got to worry about a thing. If I want someone out and the votes aren’t there BAM the person I want gone can GET gone. This is the most power imaginable in the game... AND I have the numbers currently. Nothing can stop me, right now.


*Janet walks up to Kelly R.*

Janet - Hey, can we talk?

Kelly R. - Of course.

Janet - I feel like I’m indebted to you since you and B saved me.

Kelly R. - Are you suggested something?

Janet - I feel like Kelly Clarkson is on the outs. And I know you’re good with Dolly. Why not we start a thing?

Kelly R., CF - The more numbers the better. Right? I think this sort of puts us in a spot of total control, in a way. Me and Dolly, that is. The problem. JLo and Janet, last we know, are HEADSET on taking each other out. We might need to find common ground. I know Dolly wants Yoko out. Dolly and I could control the vote so Yoko goes instead of JLo or Janet.

*Kelly R. goes to Dolly*

Kelly R., whispering - If I told you we could get Yoko out would you be able to get Clarkson to join us in an alliance with Janet?

Dolly - ... Yes.

Dolly, CF - I see a shot. I take a shot. This is doubly beneficial for me as I much would prefer working with angel Kelly Clarkson than JLo or Brandy. No hate. I’m grateful for them, but I see more of an opportunity with this crew than that one.

*Dolly walks over to Kelly C. on the beach*

Dolly, whispering - Doll, I want to work with you.

Kelly C. - Oh, my god!!

Kelly C., CF - Dolly is, like, an INSPIRATION to me, and now I’m in an ALLIANCE with her. PINCH ME. I love her so much.

Kelly C. - Who else?

Dolly - Janet and other Kelly.

Kelly C. - I don’t even know why I asked I don’t care it’s a yes.

Dolly, CF - Clarkson is a sweetheart, this alliance is perfect!

*Dolly, Janet, Kelly C. & Kelly R. gather together*

Kelly R. - Listen, Janet. We understand why you might want to target JLo -

Janet - Nah, I know you ladies are good. Don’t explain more, I’m down for anything as long as my name is off the table.

Dolly - I want Yoko out.

Kelly C. - She broke up the ****ing Beatles!

Janet - I’m in.

Kelly R., CF - .... That was... easy! Now just to convince JLo.

*Kelly R. & Dolly gather around with Gwen, JLo and Brandy*

Kelly R. - What are you all thinking?

JLo - I want Janet out, if I’m being honest.

Dolly - Well, I want Yoko out.

JLo - Listen, I think you should consider-

Dolly - No, you listen, Janet can be taken out at any time. Yoko has a social positioning that she could possibly penetrate our numbers down the line. You only don’t want Janet out because she said your name!

JLo - Dolly, I love you, but can’t you say the same? If Janet had your name in your mouth, I’m pretty sure you’d be saying that same.

Kelly R. - I think we have to compromise, since Janet has NOT said any of our names, we can’t relate to your targeting.

Kelly R., CF - I understand where JLo is coming from... obviously. But I can NOT empathize. I need to be business mode and make SURE the target is OFF of Janet’s back.

Brandy - I agree. I think Janet is already at the bottom, and if Yoko escapes a target now, she could get to the end. Her target will get smaller and smaller.

*JLo looks frustrated* 

JLo, CF - I don’t like or trust Janet, but... my ladies are defending her. It’s a pickle, but... I’m not gonna try to stop fate from taking control.

Cher - First vote... Selena.

Second vote... Yoko Ono.

Third vote... Yoko Ono.

Fourth vote... Yoko Ono.

Yoko Ono - You all rude.

Cher - Fifth vote... Yoko.

Sixth vote and player leaving... Yoko.

Yoko - All you are MEAN. Mean mean mean catty women who don’t support women.

Cher - The tribe has spoken.

Yoko - AHHHHHH. *stomps out*

Cher - Yoko down. And you are all unified. Will it stay that way?

19th - Yoko Ono (8-1)


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Yoko Ono, Leaving Words - I came to Diva Island to change how world perceive me. It hurts that they plotted against me, because I was nothing but kind to all. I blame Dolly Parton.


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