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Survivor : Diva Island PREMIERE

Feb 9, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

This is a Game Changers sim format.

Tribe Del Rey :
Brandy Norwood
Demi Lovato
Dolly Parton
Gwen Stefani
Janet Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Rowland
Selena Gomez
Yoko Ono

Team Dion :
Azealia Banks
Barbra Streisand
Christina Aguilera
Diana Ross
Miley Cyrus
Miranda Lambert
Stevie Nicks
Tina Turner

Tribe Dion wins reward!


Miranda, CF - I find the legacy advantage... its basically a Hidden Immunity idol, but can only be used at top 6 and top 13. This can be huge for my game, because I know this husband snatcher over there will be on my boots. This could be... amazing. Gwen, you ain’t no hollaback girl, but you’ll be hollaback home real soon.



*Miley and Tina are starting to start the fire*

Miley - You’re not lighting the flint properly.

Tina - Hunny, you’re like 12, don’t play with fire.

Tina, CF - I know of Ms. Cyrus... Mrs. Hemsworth. She’s messy and sis is ALREADY playing games with me.

Tina - I can play with fire all on my lonesome, step back.

Miley - I was just-

Tina - Step... Back.

Miley, CF - I don’t want to make anybody angry... especially Tina Turner... maybe it was my word choice? I don’t know, but... I find it better to just... not go further.


-Shakira is already sobbing-

Shakira, CF - I didn’t think it’d be this difficult to be away from everything. No phone... no family.. I would say I’m doing this for them but I’m f**king rich, I don’t need to be doing this. But I’m no quitter. It’s just hard.

-Miley goes up to her-

Miley - Sweetie, are you -

Shakira - I’d rather just be alone, please.

-Miley frowns and leaves her alone-


-Diana and Stevie are looking out into the water-

Diana - We’re 2 of the oldest people out here.

Stevie - That’s true...

Diana - Some of these women don’t even know true artistry.

Stevie - Also true.

Diana, CF - I’m out here throwing out feelers for an alliance, and... on my tribe immediately Tina Turner and Stevie Nicks jumped out at me... as Tina already got into a tiff with Miley Cyrus, Stevie Nicks is the next best thing. But I’m not rushing too fast.

Diana, whispering - I don’t think we should make anything serious yet, but... I get good vibes from you.

Stevie - Thank you.

Stevie, CF - I want to keep it lowkey at first. I’m playing chess not uno. I’m not making any serious deals from the jump, but... Diana definitely is someone I feel more relation to than any of these 30 years olds.

Stevie, whispers - We shouldn’t be talking for so long, people will notice.

Diana - True. *gets up, and dusts off sand*


-Azealia and XTina are carrying sticks together-

XTina - Listen, we both are likely the biggest divas here.

Azealia - I just tell it how it is..

XTina - Yeah, me too.

Azealia - HA. Sure, in a pop culturally acceptable way.

XTina - Azealia, please.

XTina, CF - I know Azealia Banks is one of the most disgraced human beings on the planet... why wouldn’t I want to work with that long term?

XTina - I think we should both team up. We are equally beneficial to keep around. We both are portrayed in a shady way, and we both are honest people. We will always be targets, and if we protect each other... we could be unbeatable.

Azealia - Alright.

Azealia, CF - I don’t care for Christina Aguilera, but her deal makes a bunch of sense... I don’t like many of these people, so... if that cracker can protect me... work!

Azealia - It’s an alliance!

Kelly Clarkson, JLO and Yoko all start restoring the camp, setting it up for the first few nights.

Yoko, CF - I am portrayed.. very negatively in media. I need to... get them to see... the REAL Yoko Ono. Not the one who broke Beatles.

Brandy, Dolly, Gwen, JLO & Kelly Rowland from an alliance.

Brandy - I really like this crew. You all seem legit and you all are ridiculously talented. We could make it to the end.

Gwen - Agreed. We’re the old school crew.

JLO, CF - I feel as though my social gameplay so far has been very good going into first tribal especially. I have numbers and I helped around camp... what else can I do? I’m doing THE MOST to secure my position for the beginning of the game.


*Janet stares at the alliance forming from near the shelter*

Janet, CF - JLO is the clear favorite so far... so maybe that makes her the clear threat.

*Janet goes to Demi*

Janet - JLo is really positioning herself really good... helping with the shelter and everything.

Demi, CF - Janet comes to me dragging JLo’s name through the mud... I don’t dig it. JLo paved the way for artists like me, and I don’t want to just stab her in the back like that.

Demi - Do you really think she’s the biggest threat, though?

Janet - Who else is there?

Demi, CF - Who else is there, Janet Jackson? There’s you.

*Demi approaches JLO and Brandy*

Demi - JLO, Janet dragged your name through the mud. She wants you out.

Brandy, CF - Demi comes to me and JLO and is adamant on getting JANET out... but she’s a shady bitch. Demi is. She always is confronting people and messing with people on Twitter and in interviews. She’s just a negative person. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a... lie!

JLo - Thank you, Demi, for telling me this. *hugs Demi*

*Brandy rolls her eyes*

JLO, CF - Demi tells me that I’m a target, and it completely blindsides me... but then...

*Demi walks away*

Brandy, whispering - She’s LYING.

JLO - What?

Brandy - Sis is lying through her teeth. I’ll talk to Janet, don’t you even worry about that, but... you’re trusting DEMI LOVATO. She’s been trouble for YEARS.

JLo, CF - Brandy sort of tells me her concerns immediately after and... she’s ADAMANT in believing Demi is problematic and just spreading rumors for no reason. So, i guess we have to bring this to the group.

-Brandy, Dolly, Gwen, JLo & Kelly Rowland gather together-

JLO - So, don’t worry about anything at all... we have the majority. But, Demi told us that Janet Jackson was targeting me.

Kelly Rowland - Why would Janet do that?

Brandy - Exactly. I don’t buy it. Demi is a shady bitch.

Dolly - Can’t we just take out Yoko Ono?

All, in unison - No.

-Dolly pouts-

Dolly, CF - I don’t like Yoko Ono.

Kelly Rowland - I think we can talk to Janet sister to sister and be like “sis, this is what’s up”

Brandy - We’d just be giving Demi power if we take Janet out, and she’d get drunk with it. Just watch.


*Brandy and Kelly Rowland approaches Janet, privately*

Brandy - Janet, did you suggest taking out JLO to Demi Lovato.


Janet - Yes, but...

Kelly Rowland - Girl, that was a BAD decision. Demi went STRAIGHT to JLo.

Brandy - Literally, I was there. Demi threw you under the bus.

*Janet’s jaw drops*

Janet, CF - I didn’t expect a target this soon... I’m in shock. I don’t feel safe... I feel.... unsafe. *tears fill her eyes* I’m completely blindsided by Ms. Demi Lovato.

Brandy - Girl, you best be PRAYING right about now.


Season 1 runner up, NOW HOST, Cher - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and they’d like to play it... NOW is the time to do so.

First vote... Janet.

*Janet rolls her eyes*

*Demi smiles*

Cher - Second vote... Demi.

*Demi frowns*

Cher - Third vote... Demi.

Fourth vote... Demi.

That’s 3 votes Demi, 1 vote Janet.

*Demi looks angry*

Cher - Fifth vote.. Demi.

Sixth vote.. Demi.

Demi - You f***ing bitches..

Cher - seventh vote... and the diva leaving... Demi Lovato.

Demi - Bye, you [EXTENDED CENSOR.]

*All the divas jaws drop, in shock at her words*

Cher, Smiling - Demi, the TRIBE has spoken.

*Demi flips them off as she leaves*

Cher - One diva down, 19 to go. Good luck, ladies. There’s a long road ahead. Trust me, I know!

[SURVIVOR : Diva Island.]

Demi, Leaving Words - I was an honest person and a true spirit, and these ladies have made the greatest mistake of their lives. *STARTS CRYING* All I wanted was to compete. This is way too premature. They ALL LIED. And karma will come get them. Especially J-Lo.



yesss by demi
Sent by D882,Feb 9, 2019

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