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Big Brother : Diva House Episode 7

Feb 7, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Previously... check the hashtag, I don’t want to make these any longer than they have to be.

Adele - 1 HOH 2 NOM
Cher - 2 HOH 1 NOM
Madonna - 1 POV 1 NOM
Rihanna - 1 HOH 2 POV 1 NOM
Camila Cabello
Celine Dion - 1 HOH 1 NOM
Lady Gaga - 1 POV
Ariana Grande - 1 NOM
Lana Del Rey - 1 POV

16th - Toni Braxton (8-5) - 1 NOM
15th - Mariah Carey (8-4) - 1 NOM
14th - Taylor Swift (9-2) - 2 NOM
13th - Britney Spears (7-3) - 1 HOH 1 NOM
12th - Nicki Minaj (7-2) - 1 HOH 1 NOM
11th - Beyoncé (6-2) - 2 NOM
10th - Cardi B (4-3) - 2 POV 2 NOM

WEEK 8 :
Alliances -
Alliance #1 : Ariana, Camila, Celine, Cher, Lady, Lana & Madonna

Alliance #2 : Lana & Madonna

Alliance #3 : Ariana, Lana & Madonna

Alliance #5 : Ariana, Lady & Lana


Ariana, DR - I’ve been... very emotional lately. I barely escaped eviction. I’m emotionally drained at this point. I don’t trust my alliance anymore. Celine could poison them. Their minds. It sucks.

Madonna finishes last, she threw the challenge.

Madonna, DR - There’s a lot of tension. Ariana vs Celine especially. I want to stay OUT of being forced into picking a side. So... hopefully the target on my back is gone.

Cher finishes 7th, Camila 6th, Adele 5th, Lady G 4th.

It comes down to Rihanna, Ariana & Lana.

Rihanna, DR - The survivors of the DE and Lana are the last 3 standing. I personally want this, so... I’m going HARD.

Ariana finishes 3rd.

Lana, DR - I do think Rihanna has bigger fish to fry than me, and the longer I can avoid turning on my allies the better, so...


Rihanna, DR, HOH - My UTR strategy is OVER.  They came at me, so I’m coming for all of them now. Beyoncé, hope you’re cheering for me, cuz I’m going hard for every single one of them. Every. Single. One.

Madonna, DR - I... wish I didn’t throw. This was... the WORST case scenario for me... I’m stupid.

Cher, DR - I nominated RiRi, so... I don’t expect RiRi to take to well to that... so, this could be bad for me and Madonna, who RiRi has already nominated before.

Rihanna - Everyone, I will pull the first key, that person is safe. So on, so forth, until 2 people are left keyless - they are my nominees.

First key... Ariana.

Second key... Lady G.

Third key... Madonna.

*Madonna’s jaw drops*

Fourth key... Lana.

Fifth key... Adele.

Sixth key... Celine.

Rihanna - I’ve nominated you, Cher. And you, Camila. Cher, you nominated me, I’m just regifting. Camila, you’re sort of going UTR. I see you, girl. Good luck in Veto.

*Camila flips Rihanna off, and rolls her eyes*

Camila, DR, Nominee - I totally got read by Rihanna. I have been trying to go under the radar... but WHY WOULD YOU TARGET ME FOR THAT? She’s nominated half this house, I swear to God. Why not just do Madonna and Cher? Use your fricken head, Rihanna!

Cher, DR, Nominee - I am not shocked... I’m definitely upset. I have been trying really hard in this game. I feel as though I’m playing well, but... Rihanna really is a tough bitch. Respect.  Upset, and am targeting her, but.. respect for her. Camila isn’t taking it well.

-Cher goes to hug Camila, who stomps away-

Camila - **** you, Rihanna. BAD MOVE.

*Rihanna rolls her eyes*

Rihanna, DR, HOH - Camila is one delusional firecracker. I get it, I nominated you, but... it’s not a bad move, I don’t even know how to pronounce your last name cuz you don’t talk to me! Sis, sorry but I’m not.

Players - Rihanna, Cher, Camila, Lady, Lana (Cher’s Choice), Madonna.

Rihanna finishes last.

Camila, DR, Nominee - I beat out RiRi, and its DIRE I pull this-

Camila finishes 5th.

Camila, DR, Nominee - I really suck at these competitions.

Cher finishes 4th.
Madonna finishes 3rd.

Lana, DR - I don’t know if I want this, because then I’d have to decide what to do... and spiritually I don’t want that on my hands.

Lana finishes 2nd.


Lady, DR, VETO HOLDER - I don’t know what to do with this, but I do love power and safety. Rihanna is unpredictable, so it’s good to have assurance of safety no matter what.

Cher, DR, Nominee - I don’t know what this means for me or Camila... I’m good with Gaga.. I hope she wants me around.

Lady - I want both of you ladies to have a chance to plead your case. Cher, you go first.

Cher - Without me the auto tune you use wouldn’t be socially acceptable.

Camila - I... suck at these challenges. So.. save me...

Lady - I’m sorry, ladies, I’m not using the Power Of Veto.

Cher - Coward. *gets up and stomps out to the backyard*

Cher, DR, Nominee - I fought so hard to get this fast... the meat dress woman is the one who takes it away from me? Ugh!

Camila, DR, Nominee - If Cher blows up, hopefully it cancels out my little meltdown earlier, and the eyes go to HER. I’m acting unphased now. Acting. Unphased.


-Lady is resting as Cher walks in-

Cher - Can I please apologize now? I know why you didn’t use it, it’s fine. I’m not mad.

Lady - No, I get it.

Cher - I’m 72. Older than ANYONE here. And I’ve fought hard, and won so many competitions. I don’t want to fall short now. That’s why I got emotional.

Lady, DR - Knowing how much this means to Cher really makes me feel bad for putting her in danger this week by not using the Veto.

*Lady hugs Cher*

Cher, DR, Nominee - I need to stay. I want to stay. But it’s hard when I’m such a threat and Camila is on the block for being a nothing human being.


*Camila and Madonna are sitting at a table, with Lady, Ariana and Rihanna right near them on the couch*

Camila - Madonna, did you happen to tell Rihanna to put me on the block instead of you?

Camila, DR, Nominee - Mathematically speaking... It doesn’t make sense for Rihanna to put me on the block when she already nominated Madonna. No sense.

Madonna - Why are you excusing me of that? Did Rihanna say that?

Rihanna - Rihanna said nothing, don’t bring me into your beef.

Madonna - Camila brought you into it from the jump.

Camila - I asked a question, and I think you dragged me so I’d be nominated instead of you.

Madonna - The only thing I dragged you was to this point in the game, you’re nothing.

Madonna, DR - Bad timing to falsely accuse me of things, Camila. It makes you look VERY appealing as a vote. Just saying.

Camila - Sorry, but it makes no sense why she wouldn’t just nominate you.

*Rihanna stays out of it*

Rihanna, DR, HOH - I didn’t get told to nominate Camila by anybody, but the more they crack, the better spot I’m in.

Speeches :
Cher - I’m 72 years old, keeping up with 27 year olds. It’s a dream. Thank you for making it come true.

Camila - Cher is 72 years old and winning every other challenge. That’s all.

Adele - I sadly evict legend Cher.

Ariana - I evict Camila. I’m the queen of pop, bitch.

Celine - I evict Camila.

Lady - I tragically have to evict Ms. Camila Cabello.

Lana - I evict Camila.

Madonna - I happily evict Camila.


Camila calmly leaves the house, saying goodbyes to everyone. Madonna dodges her hug goodbye.

9th - Camila Cabello (5-1) - 1 NOM



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