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American Idol Top 5 Performances Ranking

May 14, 2018 by Kaseyhope101

10. Caleb Lee Hutchinson “Stars In Alabama”
9. Caleb Lee Hutchinson “So Small”
8. Cade Foehner “Undo It”
7. Michael J. Woodard “Flat On The Floor”
6. Gabby Barrett “Last Name”
5. Michael J. Woodard “Still I Rise”
4. Cade Foehner “Simple Man”
3. Maddie Poppe “I Told You So”
2. Gabby Barrett “I Have Nothing”

1.Maddie Poppe “God Only Knows”

NOTES, In Order Of Performance :

I did not like Michael’s “Flat On The Floor” performance, it was really way out of his element, especially because it’s not like there’s no Carrie song that could fit him. “Something In The Water” would’ve been great for him! I guess he tried to show how different he could be, and he isn’t just like gospel or whatever, but this wasn’t great for him!

Gabby wants to be Carrie so bad, so is anyone really shocked she gave this performance? It wasn’t really good for her, it was just really generic. She isn’t Gabby Barrett, she’s Gabby Underwood. That isn’t really a great thing, but it’s what she wants obviously!

Cade’s “Undo It” Performance was really more scary than anything else, i really didn’t like his vocal!

Caleb Lee Hutchinson is so painfully boring how is he in the — oh who am I kidding this isn’t shocking.

Maddie Poppe did amazing with “I Told You So” I am so happy these past 2 weeks have been redemption for her prior 2 performances (Walk Like An Egyptian & The Bare Necessities) she’s such a star I am buying her album if she releases one after this - Maddie Poppe 4 President.

Gabby actually had me completely shook, I didn’t know the other song choices, and when Gabby came out with “I Have Nothing” I was floored. Idk why she puts on this Carrie Underwood facade when her better performances are often the ones she isn’t hiding under a country mask *sees Caleb in the finale with her* oh I get it

Cade’s “Simple Man” was actually really good, and I think I figured Cade out, he is way better when he’s not trying to change up songs, because when he changes up the song choice every week, he’s really just taking the originality out of it and making them all sound exactly the same - this was way more true to his artistic vision, and it actually shocked me how much I enjoyed it. I constantly remind myself about literally every other performance he’s done so I can smile at him getting out

Michael J.’s “Still I Rise” performance really wasn’t groundbreaking for him, it sorta was just another Michael J. performance except he had a dramatic hugging his mom moment after it. I feel like over time he’s gotten a bit repetitive, like he’s clearly talented and up until last week has been delivering week after week, but the past 2 rounds I just really lost the connection with him tbh, he sorta got too much of the same for me, but he still was robbed imo… CALEB made it over him. Fucking America

Caleb isn’t good. “Stars In Alabama” wasn’t good. If Caleb wins idk what I’ll do

Maddie’s “God Only Knows”, at first, I thought wow she’s screwed what tf is this song, but almost instantly I realized this was a top 5 performance of the season, and Maddie must win American Idol.

3. Caleb Lee Hutchinson
2. Gabby Barrett
1.Maddie Poppe

Arguably his best performance, he has A LOT of great ones, as critical of him as I was in this review :

Best performance by far :


Gabby gonna win ^_^ 💙
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,May 14, 2018
I hope so it’s either her or Caleb
Sent by Kaseyhope101,May 14, 2018

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