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  2. I really just hope Tyler loses tbh
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  8. Okay as much as I loved Haleigh winning
  9. LOL @
  10. Me not knowing Nicki released an album today
  11. Haleigh finally proving to be a smart strategist
  12. Should I
  13. PYN for a random song in my iTunes library
  14. I hate when hosting a group game
  15. It’s never easy to witness a false fact
  16. Olivia should’ve won MasterChef
  17. Music is supposed to be
  18. I was going to make a blog
  19. Give me a question to answer
  20. Loving BB20?
  21. Just had the bb16 of Circle simulators
  22. Be a legend.
  23. Don’t miss out on the group game event of the..
  24. No title
  25. Brett lost me at his 3rd usage of the word..
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  27. The oppressed are often the misunderstood
  28. Nicole Franzel is such a polarizing figure
  29. Never cared for Millie Bobby Brown
  30. The
  31. PSA
  32. Not a BAD cast..
  33. Rachel, Haliegh & Bayleigh F3
  34. I’m team Shelli and team Da’vonne
  35. The character bios are tonight!
  36. Does BB20 have vets??
  37. Amy Schumer +/-?
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  40. Wait... the f2 was Kaela & Paras??

Wait... the f2 was Kaela & Paras??

May 10, 2018 by Kaseyhope101
And this isn’t considered the best season of all time???


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