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American Idol Top 10 Results Performance Ranking

Apr 25, 2018 by Kaseyhope101

14. Marcio Donaldson “Jealous”
13. Caleb Lee Hutchinson “Gettin’ You Home”
12. Garrett Jacobs “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”
11. Cade Foehner “Bright Lights”
10. Michelle Sussett “I’m A Dreamer”
9. Jurnee “Never Enough”
8. Mara Justine “Love On The Brain”
7. Maddie Poppe “Walk Like An Egyptian”
6. Jonny Brenns “Demons”
5. Dennis Lorenzo “A Woman’s Work”
4. Gabby Barrett “Little Red Wagon”
3. Ada Vox “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”
2. Catie Turner “Havana”
1. Michael J. Woodard “Believe In Yourself”

-the theme of this entire season is awful song choices, because Maddie went from having my favorite performance to this! Such a one note performance, and she tried to like have like moments of attack, but this performance did not work whatsoever in my opinion. Nothing was wrong with her vocals, just a few nothing song choice, idk why they aren’t trying to show off more at this point.

-Michelle has a lot of vocal issues nowadays (which is sad cuz she had performances like “I’m Coming Out” that both put on an entertaining show and was vocally spot on) but the second half of this performance was pretty solid! I’m SHOCKED she made it through as technically it had a lot of errors, and I don’t see her making it much farther, but she DEFINITELY is a star. Only lower than a lot of people because this is a singing competition and this performance started off VERY rough.

-Marcio had one of the dumbest song choices ever in such a dire circumstance. And it was not great at all and only had like one good note at the end, so yeah he’s out and that’s sad he was okay, but he deserved to get out 1000%.

-Cade is more of a taste thing. His voice gives me a headache and his genre isn’t something I listen to, but he’s talented no doubt! I’ll probs be biased towards him all season though, beware!

-Garrett totally deserved to finally get out, he isn’t talented, BUT this was his best performance by a mile, and he did not do terrible! Still had issues, but I was impressed it didn’t make me want to stab my ears out!

-Gabby’s song choice wasn’t her best, but vocally it had no notable issues and she really put on a great show! I am turning to like her! But still, I want her to showcase more of her stellar vocals rather than being like an entertaining star, either way here for her!

-Dennis’s wasn’t exactly a song or vocal I’d listen to or download, but he showcased amazing range, and could be breaking through slowly, if only America would give him a chance, which is possible!

-Totally Jonny’s best performance in a while, but still not heartbroken to see him go. He took too long to breakthrough.

-Caleb just isn’t my style! Nor is he the best vocalist.

-Mara & Jurnee both got knocked down for reusing song choices. Also for both not changing anything up or doing anything extraordinary with it.

-Mara is higher for better vocals.

-Jurnee really didn’t deserve to be in the bottom in the first place, and I think she clearly was nervous and rattled, and this vocal really was not amazing, it had clear offnotes, but I hope she can redeem herself, I just don’t think America would ever give a female, POC, lesbian a chance in the first place and it’s sad because she’s arguably the best singer :/ Jurnee nailed this song the first time though, so this was really upsetting :/

-Michael nailed it as usual, and really is who I think can be the most versatile artist here! The one person who hasn’t disappointed me yet probably!!

-Havana is my least favorite song ever and Catie made me enjoy it so good for her!

-Ada hit some amazing notes and nailed it vocally, but technically did have a bunch of issues at time with pitch and keeping her emotions in tact, but really the notes hit make up for the notes missed. Great job!

A tribute to those lost :
#RipMarcio , best performance :

#RipJonny , best performance :

#RipGarrett , best performance :

#RipMara , best performance :

10.Caleb Lee Hutchinson
9.Cade Foehner
8.Dennis Lorenzo
7.Michelle Sussett
6.Gabby Barrett
5.Ada Vox
4.Catie Turner
2.Michael J. Woodard
1.Maddie Poppe


Catie or Jurnee or Maddie ftw
Sent by Jinxh,Apr 25, 2018
It honestly just hit me Jurnee has 0 Chance after those result shows

Maybe Bang Bang wasn’t her best performance, but America never even would give her a chance its sad
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Apr 25, 2018
I feel like Catie will win idk
Sent by tharealmike,Apr 25, 2018
We have the same top 4, just mixed around.
Cade I have the same feelings about. He's good, but not at all my style. Also, he needs to sing more clearly.
Mara should've had Michelle's spot, but I am glad Garrett is out.
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Apr 25, 2018
I mean vocally Mara did better tonight, but I much preferred Michelle as a whole, either way I’m happy Mara is out, but Michelle is not making it very much further, she’s who I predict gets 10th

Her getting picked easily is my favorite moment in Idol history though, biggest shock ever
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Apr 25, 2018
Not tonight, you know what I meant
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Apr 25, 2018
Kaseyhope101 i mean 3 people go next episode so i predict michelle, dennis, and jurnee will be out
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Apr 25, 2018

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