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American Idol DUET PERFORMANCE ranking

Apr 16, 2018 by Kaseyhope101
Again, after my sole listen to all of them.



12. Ron Bultongez (& Banners) “Someone To You”
11. Alyssa Raghu (& Banners) “Yellow”
10. Amelia Hammer Harris (& Bebe Rexha) “Me, Myself & I”
9. Garrett Jacobs (& Colbie Callait) “Lucky”
8. Caleb Lee Hutchinson (& Bebe Rexha) “Meant To Be”
7. Marcio Donaldson (& Allen Stone) “What’s Going On”
6. Maddie Poppe (& Colbie Callait) “Bubbly”
5. Effie Passero (& Cam) “Diane”
4. Shannon O’Hara (& Cam) “Burning House”
3. Mara Justine (& Rachel Platten) “Fight Song”
2. Ada Vox (& Lea Michele) “Defying Gravity”
1. Jurnee (& Lea Michele) “Run To You”

This ranking was actually pretty hard - not because they were all amazing, but they were all pretty good!

Going in order they performed again!

-I actually enjoyed Caleb’s song choice tonight! But Bebe totally upstaged him, as she does in the actual song. But, I enjoyed my listening experience! He’s still pretty passable to me, but this song choice was smart cuz it’s enjoyable and Bebe is amazing! Not much else to say about him though.

-I always try to be stricter on Ada cuz she’s so hyped up because she’s a drag queen, but really I can’t deny talent. Last night imo it was a generic performance, this time Lea really made her step up her game and damn, it really was remarkable vocals. I’ve said negative stuff about Ada in the past, but I’m not gonna say she can’t sing. I would be straight up lying. One of her best performances!

-I LOVE MADDIE POPPE! I love the song choice, she’s only so low because it’s a pretty lowkey song, and it’s not like this was remarkably Maddie’s best performance, it was just perfectly adequate.

-I never liked Ron much, and he never had me sold. These 2 performances really showed me why, they were just not good. This time it was upbeat and all, but almost entirely shakey and pitchy, sorry Ron! Happy he didn’t make it.

-I liked Amelia & Bebe’s duet, it was really unique vocally, but overall Amelia never brokethrough this season and I think that’s why she didn’t make it :/ tragic truth

-Burning House is a top 1 country song for me, and Shannon’s performance wasn’t like 10/10, but she really gave me so many acoustic Adele vibes this season, and if this was top 12 Girls she’d have made it :/ one of the bigger robberies truly.. but after her All I Ask performance it kind of makes sense why she didn’t make it.. still think Shannon was one of the best SINGERS here by far

-It pains me to see Alyssa go.. but this performance and song choice were just not good.. I love you, Alyssa, though! Pls don’t cry ;(

-Marcio’s range and low notes really are ridiculous but I’ll probs get tired of him over time! Had he performed with Toni Braxton though, he’d be top of my rankings! Sadly she got sick, but still that shows the power of Braxton!

-Jurnee is one of the best Idol contestants of all time, I love that lesbian

-Garrett & Colbie did fine, but whereas Maddie had a forgettable performance tonight, Garrett is almost always producing forgettable performances, so he’s lower. Still a good song, just nothing really to it

-I hate Mara, as I said in my blog prior to this one, but Rachel was such a good mentor and duet partner to her, because this arrangement was beautiful. Rachel should be a coach on the voice or something she was amazing in that one duet!

-Effie really proved that this format was unfair, because she had the judges shook, was great yesterday and didn’t make it... but really I guess she wasn’t my favorite or anything so not a huge loss, just seems like she didn’t do anything wrong and actually was better than a lot of people there and just got screwed :/

14. Garrett Jacobs
13. Caleb Lee Hutchinson
12. Jonny Brenns
11. Dennis Lorenzo
10. Cade Foehner
9. Catie Turner
8. Mara Justine
7. Marcio Donaldson
6. Ada Vox
5. Gabby Barrett
4. Michael J. Woodard
3. Michelle Sussett
2. Maddie Poppe
1. Jurnee

-I love Michelle Sussett and she really is just such an amazing performer. I do think she has the vocal abilities and she tried to show them off last week, but I still think she can even show off more if given the chance... hopefully she gets the chance :S

-Michael J. Woodard really could be a threat to win, and I’m already woke about him!

-Gabby Barrett is really hit or miss, but the vocals are CLEARLY there, and it’s a singing competition, so! She can really do damage in this competition!

-Catie Turner has the clear personality, but vocally imo she’s relatively hit or miss, sometimes I just don’t buy her, but sometimes she shocks me idk! Overall her personality is her selling point.

-Cade Foehner isn’t my type of music, but he’s talented. He can definitely rise more cuz he has some great performances, but I didn’t do an assessment his week so it’s less definite than the rest.

-I don’t mind Dennis, I just don’t like him too much yet!

-I still don’t officially buy Jonny yet. He hasn’t proven me wrong after his dreadful “I Lived” performance yet... he hasn’t done POOR, but I’m still unconvinced. Still open minded to him!

Overall pretty good cast! Shook!


I love that 3 of your top 4 is my top 3 :D
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Apr 17, 2018
Defying Gravity was the best lmao
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Apr 22, 2018

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