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American Idol performance ranking

Apr 15, 2018 by Kaseyhope101
After my one listen to them!


*i might make this episode in review my new thing let’s see!*

12. Garrett Jacobs “Treat You Better”
11. Ron Bultongez “Dancing On Your Own”
10. Caleb Lee Hutchinson “Die A Happy Man”
9. Amelia Hammer Harris “Believer”
8. Shannon O’Hara “All I Ask”
7. Effie Passero “Barracuda”
6. Mara Justine “Run To You”
5. Ada Vox “Feeling Good”
4. Marcia Donaldson “Inseparable”
3. Alyssa Raghu “Stay”
2. Maddie Poppe “Brand New Key”
1. Jurnee “Flashlight”

Let me do it in order they performed :

Amelia picked an awful song choice and went first - ultimately making her forgettable performance even more forgettable - if I continue doing this Kob3Sm1th esque performance in review thing, I’ll listen to the performances at least twice to solidify my thoughts, but really just a passable performance imo!

Garrett Jacobs might not have been the worse of the night, but in my books he was! Great song choice for him but him trying to showcase his range or whatever resulted in some VERY cringe worthy notes, and he’s already a passable vocalist, so this was EXTRA passable for him!

Idk if Maddie Poppe deserved such a high ranking or if she just came after 2 of the worst performances of the night and it made it seem so glorified, but I really love Maddie Poppe and loved everything about her performance! Maybe it was a dumb song choice, but I really just loved it and it made me smile!

Vocally it’s obvious Ada is one of the best vocalists, but this song choice has been done so many times in the past, she doesn’t get a pass just because she’s Ada again. Creep was a done before song too, but the performance was so good it spoke for itself, this time it just lost impact for me. Amazing vocal, mediocre song choice and performance in general. Impressive though don’t get me wrong!

Caleb Lee Hutchinson is just kind of boring and seen before for me, and them basically saying he’s discount Scotty McCreery makes me thing everyone just is fine with it, and just like confirming his unoriginality.

Effie Passero’s performance was good don’t get me wrong, but just probably her weakest. I’m happy she showed a new element of herself, but just overall it kind of stayed on the same level for me.. don’t get me wrong that level was literally 100, but it just wasn't her strongest moment and felt disconnected imo.

I loved Alyssa Raghu’s performance! It was BEAUTIFUL, and I’m happy she tried to work the stage! Maybe it should be lower, but honestly I don’t have any complaints about it!

Marcio Donaldson really had me shook at some parts near the end of his performance like his random turn to going to his deeper register, and really overall is someone I didn’t expect to like so much, but this week I really enjoyed him! Not much else to say.

I H A T E Mara Justine as like a human being, but she was so eloquent tonight and really did a great job, I wish I could say she did like awful and is a dumb cunt, but I can’t, I can only say HALF of that, which frustrates me! She did great! Still think this should’ve been separated top 12 Girls top 12 guys so Layla could’ve taken her place in top 14, BUT this show didn’t do this top 24 format right!

I’m biased towards Jurnee she’s winning, she’s amazing, she deserves all the fame in the world, ily mom!

I was tempted to actually put Shannon lower because she picked this song and it sorta started out kind of messy imo, but in the end, it had weak moments, but was a fine performance and she’s one of the most talented vocalists there. So good on Shannon!

Idk it it was the song choice or just his tone, but I didn’t dig Ron’s performance, it just didn’t sound pleasing to my ear I guess? I guess I never liked Ron’s voice much, so it might just be biased, but I didn’t dig it, personally.

So those are my thoughts! + it up if you want me to continue my notes each episode! I might do last weeks too? But that’s over, so it wouldn’t matter I guess!


Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,Apr 16, 2018
haha thanks for the S/O xD unfortunately, I don't really watch AI, but I've seen a couple of performances lol. You can tag me if you'd like, and I'd prob listen to the top performance haha
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Apr 17, 2018

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