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Big Brother : Heroes vs Villains SIMULATOR — STORY

Apr 14, 2017 by Kaseyhope101
I did a Game Changers sim a while back using the MvGX sim, and just explained everything that happened in a blog where I did a story mode (cuz dumbginger's one flopped miserably) so I'm doing that again, except using the ADVANCED BB template, and using 10 of the biggest heroes and villains of BBUSA instead!

Heroes :
Britney #BB12 #BB14
Candice #BB15
Jordan #BB11 #BB13
Keesha #BB10
Natalie #BB18
Dominic #BB13
Donny #BB16
Hayden #BB12
Howard #BB15
John #BB17

Villains :
Dan #BB10 #BB14
Derrick #BB16
Dick #BBUS8 #BB13
Dr. Will #BBUS2 #BBAS
Zach #BB16
Aaryn #BB15
Amanda #BB15
April #BB10
Danielle #BBUS2 #BBAS
Vanessa #BB17

Week 1 :
Before the first competition, Heroes & Villains quickly form alliances, but because of past seasons Amanda & Aaryn are ostracized from the villains alliance. The villains alliance isn't strong at all, and essentially no one trusts each other in it, cuz they're all villains for a reason.
The Heroes are fairly trusting in one another, but not entirely. Natalie & Keesha quickly want to disassociate from it in particularly and form their own alliance with Candice, Howard & Dom.
Vanessa meanwhile takes advantage of how much everyone hates Aaryn & Amanda and aligns with them, as well as she aligns with Natalie & Keesha, as she sees them as a duo already. She plans on sticking with this one the most.

Dan & Britney throw the first challenge, knowing they're probably going to be targets if they don't appear weak, everyone else actually tries.

Hayden wins the first HOH competition!

He nominates 2 villains, and 2 of the biggest overall threats, Vanessa & Dan.

Vanessa is FURIOUS as she feels as if she's been already making good alliances and this would be a PITIFUL robbery way too soon. Dan, noticing her anger, just doesn't react, knowing it'll make him look better.

POV players : Hayden, Vanessa, Dan, John, Aaryn, Danielle.

Danielle, knowing she'd have to win this over Vanessa cuz she's the likely renom, goes hard for it, but at the end, Vanessa's anger and challenge finesse, wins Veto.

Vanessa, obviously used veto on herself, and vows revenge, and Derrick is the renom. The third biggest threat. Danielle is relieved af and is happy it's him, not her.

Zach, realizing the villains are already going to be in a 7-10 minority, cuz they're excluding Amanda & Aaryn, and breaks down and threatens to quit. Everyone sees him as a crazy psycho, and it leads him to quickly start apologizing and hold a house meeting apology. It is fairly well recieved but that's... yikes.

On eviction night both Dan & Derrick think they're the bigger threat and just make jokes for speeches.

As Dan is better physically and overall strategically as well, his nearly perfect record is swandered in a 12 to 5 vote, and he's no longer the King of BB.

He leaves with no bitterness, and wishes everyone good luck.

20th - Dan Gheesling (1st, BB10. 2nd, BB14, 20th, BB HvV) (12-5)

Votes :
Dan - Amanda, April, Britney, Danielle, Dick, Dominic, Howard, Keesha, Natalie, Vanessa, Will, Zach.
Derrick - Amanda, Candice, Donny, John, Jordan.

Week 2 :
Both sides realizing the intensity of the side division and how unsafe everyone is, no one throws the challenge.

It comes down to Danielle, Candice & Zach, Candice realizing she NEEDS to win for the heroes....

Danielle wins HOH!

Heroes, feeling nervous, villains feeling too comfortable...

Danielle, laughing in her HOH room, finalizes her noms....

Amanda & Aaryn take a seat on the block! #Revenge #Blindside

Danielle isn't having that racist shit 'round here!

Both noms are pissed, Amanda verbally is livid.

POV players : Danielle, Aaryn, Amanda, Dominic, Jordan & Howard.

Danielle, feeling invincible, just throws Veto.

After a while she regrets that as Aaryn starts beating everyone until she wins POV!

Aaryn uses Veto on herself, and Danielle nominates Keesha as a pawn.

Since both the heroes and the villains hate Amanda everyone votes her out besides Aaryn & Dick.

19th - Amanda Zuckerman (BB15, 7th) (14-2)
She leaves screaming at everyone, Danielle in particularly, calling her a backstabbing C-word.

Week 3 :
The competition is competitve again and it comes down between rivals Keesha & April and Derrick. Keesha is extra determined to win... 3rd - Keesha...

CONGRATULATIONS... APRIL, you have won Head of Household!

April, for the villains, nominates her nemesis, Keesha & Candice. Both are very upset and don't want to lose so soon.

POV players :
April draws houseguest choice and picks her closest ally, Dick.
Keesha draws Britney.
Candice draws Hayden.

Hayden wins Power of Veto!

Candice and Keesha both beg for him to use it cuz of #HeroesSideStrong, but he doesn't want to risk a closer (male) ally getting nominated in return, and doesn't use it.

Both are... LIVID and start to throw him under the bus to others and basically try to ruin his game.

Candice, in a last ditch effort, throws all her cards onto the table and talks about how she'd turn on John to stay, and basically throws John under the bus, as he shouldn't even be here, as he's actually a villainous villain.


18th - Candice Stewart (BB15, 11th) (8-7)

Candice - Britney, Dick, Dominic, Donny, Hayden, Howard, Jordan, Natalie.
Keesha - Aaryn, Danielle, Derrick, John, Vanessa, Will, Zach.

Candice leaves the house anti climactically, she leaves silent.

Week 4 :
Hayden throws this challenge, feeling fairly safe. Keesha throws the challenge halfway through, not wanting blood on her hands.

The competition comes down between 2 villains, Aaryn & Zach, and a hero, Natalie.


In a typical Aaryn move, she nominates Danielle & Howard. Danielle in a sense of revenge & Howard cuz of their BB15 interactions.

Danielle is livid and can hardly speak, Howard is rather upset.

Aaryn draws houseguest choice for veto, and much to Vanessa's dismay, she chooses Vanessa, exposing their alliance.
Dick & Derrick are also drawn.

Heroes ain't looking too good 'round here.

Derrick throws veto.
Vanessa wins Power of Veto!

Aaryn is happy as she doubts Vanessa would use it on either of those snowflakes.

Vanessa uses the Power of Veto on Danielle, as they're in too many alliances together.

The house.... Is shook. Aaryn in particularly is PISSED.

Natalie is the renom. Obvious pawn.

Howard apologizes for his sexist behavior, in attempt to stay, and his close ally Dominic tries to throw Natalie under the bus, in attempt to keep Howard.

Natalie's last effort to stay is her very long, heartfelt speech on eviction night, while all Howard has to say is that he's loyal.

At the end of the week, Natalie stays 10 to 4. John, Dominic, Dick & April the only votes for Natalie.

He leaves the house with class and dignity.

17th - Howard Overby (BB15, 12th) (10-4)

Week 5 :
April, John & Natalie all throw the challenge to lessen their target on their back.

The villains drop like flies in this challenge to the point where Vanessa was the last villain standing by top 4. Dominic, Donny & Hayden all drop, and Vanessa wins her 3rd competition and first HOH!

Vanessa nominates Hayden & John as they're both heroes and hardly connected with her or even bothered.

Vanessa draws houseguest choice for Veto and picks her closest ally, Derrick to play. Britney & Danielle are also picked.

Derrick throws the comp.

Vanessa wins her third veto and forth overall competition this season!!!

Both noms use their loyalty to get Vanessa to use, but to no avail.

Britney's social game gets more and more better by her creating a new game for the house to play together, and they LOVE IT!

Aaryn, April & Zach vote out John, but the rest vote big threat and winner, Hayden, out of the game.

16th - Hayden Moss (BB12, Winner) (10-3) 1 HOH 1 POV

He wishes everyone good luck, and leaves.

Week 6 :
Derrick & Dominic throw the challenge.

Danielle, Zach & Natalie are the last competitors left in the challenge... 2 villains 1 hero... NATALIE WINS HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD.

Natalie nominates...... DOMINIC, a hero!!!! Shook!!! He should've treated her with respect smh Dom... smh. And Aaryn for her rude comments. Dominic is annoyed, but not upset. Aaryn is just over this bitch.

April & Keesha are drawn to play, but Aaryn draws houseguest choice and picks her only ally, and certified comp beast, Vanessa.

The competition narrows down to Aaryn, Vanessa & Dominic.

3rd - Aaryn....
2nd -... DOMINIC


Vanessa does not use the Power of Veto. #blindside
Vanessa is not aligned with or close to either nominee.

Dominic wishes Vanessa decided differently.

Aaryn is thankful towards Vanessa. She's defeated. Clearly.

Derrick & Donny bond over past experiences and Donny is less bitter over him.

People start to realize... Aaryn has ZERO CHANCE to win the game, and Danielle even starts to see the need to keep Aaryn...

In a 6-6 vote, Natalie has to decide who she wants to evict.

Dominic, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.

He leaves the house in good spirits, wishing good luck to all.

15th - Dominic Briones (BB13, 11th) (6-6)

Votes :
Dominic - Danielle, Derrick, Dick (Daniele must be pisssssed!), Keesha, Vanessa, Will.
Aaryn - April, Britney, Donny, John, Jordan, Zach.

Week 7 :
Vanessa THROWS the challenge, #shook.

Zach wins HOH... puke.

He nominates, hero Natalie & villain Aaryn. #wishywashy

Zach selects houseguest choice and picks Derrick, as they're most closely aligned.
Will & John are also selected.

Derrick throws the challenge ( he's literally going to win I s2g )

Zach randomly wins POV as well smh.

Zach does not use the Power of Veto.

Zach: I still support my original nominations.

Aaryn is thankful towards Zach.

Natalie wishes Zach decided differently.

Aaryn must really want to get evicted! She's so thankful she's on the block.

Vanessa, feeling alone, starts bonding with Aaryn, realizes she's bonding with a bigot, and breaks down and threatens to quit.

Will is sick of Aaryn's bigot ass is almost in a sense running the game and starts to spread rumors about her around and basically tries to get the house against her again.

Will's plan works and Aaryn is out in an almost unanimous decision, Vanessa being the only one to save her.

14th - Aaryn Gries (BB15, 8th) (10-1) 1 HOH 1 POV

She leaves classily and wishes everyone good luck!

Week 8 :
Derrick throws the challenge, dummy.

In a not very close competition, Vanessa wins her... 6th competition!!! Right after being in the minority!

Vanessa stays true to the villains, and nominates Jordan & John, who are the least obvious threats and least connected to her.

Donny & Zach are drawn, and Jordan draws houseguest choice and picks Britney, as they're pretty close.

Vanessa, getting a reputation for being a comp beast, decides to throw Veto for once.

SHOCKINGLY... Jordan wins her first competition this season and power of veto!

Jordan is like... obviously I'm using it on myself, duh.

Vanessa renoms Donny cuz she's #loyal to the villains!

John & Natalie bond,
And Britney, who is depressed the heroes are going down, opens up to Donny about her emotions and feelings, and how rough it is that he's nominated.

John's social game disconnect catches up to him, and he goes. Britney & Jordan are the only votes to evict Donny, cuz of their stronger alliance with John... But oop!

13th - John McGuire (BB17, 4th) (8-2)

He quickly just leaves.

Week 9 :
April wins her SECOND HOH of the season! Keesha is like -_-.

April nominates Keesha & Natalie, her only real not friends.

April draws Britney. April draws Zach. Natalie draws houseguest choice and picks her best friend, Donny.

Zach throws the challenge.

When it matters most, home girl Natalie comes through and wins Veto!!! Obviously, she uses it on herself, duh.

April renoms Jordan, who's been super clique-y and only hangs with heroes.

Britney has been fixing old rivalries and kept social strong.

In another split vote, 5-4, Keesha has been robbed from us. < / 3

12th - Keesha Smith (BB10, 4th) (5-4) #Robbed

Votes :
Keesha : Danielle, Derrick, Natalie, Vanessa, Zach.
Jordan : Britney, Dick, Donny, Will.

Heroes :

Villains :
Dr. Will

Week 10 :
Danielle strategically throws the challenge to continue laying low for jury.
Vanessa also throws, knowing she's a threat.

Donny wins HOH for the Heroes for the first time in a while.

Donny nominates Derrick and Vanessa!!!! Hes really ready to play. Both are kinda shocked and sad.

April, Zach & Will are drawn to play.

Derrick wins veto and clearly uses it on himself.

Dr. Will is the renom.

As Vanessa is being the glorified target, Will assures his safety by telling heartfelt stories about why he needs the money, and about how changed of a person he is nowadays and how he's changed and developed into a Hero.

Vanessa doesn't even bother giving a speech, as Will gives a heartfelt, tear jerking speech.

Vanessa manages to tie the vote, but Donny ends her.

11th - Vanessa Rousso (BB17, 3rd) (4-4) 2 HOH 4 POV

Vanessa had no words to say. And left.

Votes :
Vanessa : April, Britney, Danielle, Jordan.
Dr. Will : Natalie, Derrick, Dick, Zach.

Week 11 :
The only alliances left are the Villains and Heroes alliance.

In theory the Heroes are sorta doomed as it's a 4 v 6 disadvantage in numbers.

Britney & Derrick throw the challenge. Britney wants to be a low target if villains win HOH.

Zach wins another HOH. His 3rd comeptition and second HOH.

He nominates Natalie and Jordan again... #definitionofinsanity

Neither nom is really shocked or effected. They're sorta annoyed hes so predictable and petty.

Britney & Will are drawn, and Natalie draws houseguest choice and picks Donny.

Zach wins veto, his 4th comp, and doesn't use it. Bad week.

Britney starts to try to make bonds with the villains, in attempt to jump ship, cuz the heroes are in a bad spot.. just tbh.

Zach is creating new games to make the house happy! Some people are annoyed by him trying so hard tho.

People start to get sketched out by Donny and start to worry he's a secret villain.

Natalie, growing a defeatist attitude, just thanks everyone for an enjoyable stay and gets ready to go.

By a vote of 4-3...
Jordan has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Derrick, Dick & Will evict Natalie, starting to notice she's an actual legitimate social, strategic and physical threat, but don't particularly mind Jordan going.

10th - Jordan Lloyd (BB11, winner. BB13, 4th) (4-3) 1 POV

Week 12 :

Britney has nominated Zach & April - leading to them going very crazy and mad and started a huge fight.

Britney draws Houseguest choice and picks her secret F2 and bestie Danielle to play.

Derrick & Will are drawn to play.

Britney, slaying this week, wins Veto also!

Britney doesn't use it, causing more drama and anger.

The fighting gets to Britney's head and she starts crying and emotionally breaking down.

At eviction, the vote ties, 3-3 and Britney gets to decide... she ends Zach psycho reign, and is reborn with happiness.

9th - Zach Rance (BB16, 9th) (3-3) 2 HOH 2 POV

Votes :
Zach - Danielle, Natalie, Will.
April - Donny, Dick, Derrick.

Week 13 :
Derrick wins HOH... oh what fun.

Derrick nominates Natalie & Donny, as they're not #TeamVillain and Britney's social connections with Danielle almost makes her apart of the club.

Derrick draws houseguest choice, and picks his F2 Will to play.
Dick & Danielle are drawn.

Dick wins Veto... weird week of winners tbh! He doesn't use.

People slowly grow suspect of Britney after a sign says "britney is not to be trusted" flies across the house.

Danielle & Will bond.

Donny grows suspect of Will, and starts spreading rumors about him to get a target on him.

In a unanimous vote, Natalie is evicted :-[.

8th - Natalie Negrotti (BB18, 6th) (5-0) 1 HOH 1 POV first unan vote!

She says goodbye and leaves happily.

Week 14 :
Danielle wins Head of Household!!!!

Danielle blindsides Britney & nominates her with Donny.

Britney is heartbroken by this betrayal and is adimately disappointed.

Dick, Will & April are picked to play.

Danielle throws veto to give Britney a chance.

April wins Veto! Not used.

Britney is still very depressed. Donny optimistic he may stay.

Derrick and Danielle bond closer.

In a 2-2 tie, April & Derrick think Britney is a legit social threat and vote her, but Dick & Will have a better relationship with Britney and vote her... irony

Danielle saves her ex best friend, Britney and evicts Donny.

7th - Donny Thompson (BB16, 8th) (2-2) 1 HOH

Week 15 :
Only villains and Britney are left.

Derrick wins HOH and nominates Britney, and makes it abundantly clear where April stands by making her the other nom. She's pissed.

Everyone competes in Veto!

Dick wins, Britney is defeated tbh. Veto not used.

The villains explodes when accusations fly and rumors are spread, Danielle being the common denominator. Britney watches, amused.

April blindsided 3-0, when Britney's social game finally saves her.

6th - April Dowling (BB10, 8th) (3-0) 2 HOH 1 POV

Week 16 :
Britney still clearly in the minority.

Britney is the new Head of Household! Nominated Dick & Derrick as she's aligned with Danielle and Will ever so barely.

Dick wins POV and she renoms Danielle, revenge anyways.

But, before anything else can happen, Dick has a sudden outburst, almost gets violent, and is expelled.

5th - Dick Donato (1st, BB8, 14th, BB13) 3 POV EXPELLED

4th - Will (HOH : Danielle)
3rd - Danielle (Final HOH P1 : Britney. P2 : Derrick. P3 : Derrick, voted out Danielle)
2nd - Derrick - 4 votes (April, Natalie,  Zach, Vanessa)
1st - Britney - 5 votes (Danielle, Will, Donny, Jordan, Keesha)

The Derrick voters voted because of his strategic finesse
Britney's social game and bonds got her more votes.

Fan Favorite : Dr. Will (F3 : Zach & Danielle)

20th - Dan Gheesling - #Villain - 12-5
19th - Amanda Zuckerman - #Villain - 14-2
18th - Candice Stewart - #Hero - 8-7
17th - Howard Overby - #Hero - 10-4
16th - Hayden Moss - #Hero - 10-3
15th - Dominic Briones - #Hero - 6-6
14th - Aaryn Gries - #Villain - 10-1
13th - John McGuire - #Hero - 8-2
12th - Keesha Smith - #Hero - 5-4 (I'm actually OTT happy Dick got expelled and she got to make jury #sodeserved )
11th - Vanessa Rousso - #Villain - 4-4 #robbed
10th - Jordan Lloyd - #Hero - 4-3
9th - Zach Rance - #Villain - 3-3
8th - Natalie Negrotti - #Hero - 5-0
7th - Donny Thompson - #Hero - 2-2
6th - April Dowling - #Villain - 3-0
5th - Dick Donato - #Villain - #Expelled
4th - Dr. Will Kirby - #Villain - 1-0
3rd - Danielle Reyes - #Villain - 1-0
2nd - Derrick Levasseur - #Villain - 4 votes to win
1st - Britney Haynes - #Hero - 5 votes to win


BRITNEY DESERVED IT SO BAD!!! THE VILLAINS TRIED IT BUT BRITNEY GOT THEM GOOD. I'm happy she beat ugly ass Derrick, get it girl.

Vanessa winning the most competitions despite getting 11th... LEGEND.

Danielle was pretty robbed, but she is one of the reasons Britney won. #Legend

Will & Danielle flipping on the villains when it came to picking a winner #flawless

Natalie disappoints @ voting Derrick, makes me happy she got 8th.

Overall iconic season imo


homosexuality is a sin
Sent by DumbGinger,Apr 14, 2017
You're a sin
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Apr 14, 2017
kaseyhope101 if this were Saudi Arabia i'd have the legal right to cut off your hand rn
Sent by DumbGinger,Apr 14, 2017
I thought getting expelled wasn't implemented into the BrantSteele simulator.
Sent by BBCANfan,Apr 15, 2017
In the future template it is I guess!
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Apr 15, 2017
Loved it. Did I inspire this KaseyHope101 :D, also im continuing mine soon.
Sent by BrendaMeekz,Apr 15, 2017
A mix of things inspired it

Like the story simulator thing was inspired by something DumbGinger did, and I continued to do it, but that was with a survivor theme

Then you did a HvV series

And then someone else did a HvV thing and I was like "this cast is actually awful bye" and I corrected it and did this
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Apr 15, 2017

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