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Hayden Moss (+/-) BB12

7thMar 4, 2017 by Kaseyhope101
imageHayden Moss was the winner of Big Brother 12. During the early stages of the game, Hayden was targeted for being in a showmance with Kristen Bitting. He ultimately stayed in the Big Brother House for 75 days and received four of the seven Jury votes to be crowned the champion over fellow Brigade alliance member Lane Elenburg.

Post Big Brother :
•In 2013, Hayden competed on Survivor: Blood Vs. Water as the loved one of his girlfriend, Survivor: One World castaway, Kat Edorsson. Kat was eliminated in 14th place while Hayden was eliminated in 7th place.[2]
•In 2014, Hayden and Kat has ended their relationship.[3]
•On 4 July 2014, an app called Devvie was released for creating and sharing mobile videos in which Hayden was co-creator.[4][5]

•Hayden was the second HouseGuest to win the first Head of Household competition as well as the game, following Lisa Donahue and later followed by Rachel Reilly & Nicole Franzel.
•He is the first and, currently, only male to accomplish this.
•Hayden had the most competition wins in Big Brother 12 with five, narrowly beating Britney Haynes and Brendon Villegas, who each had four.
•Hayden was the only HouseGuest in Big Brother 12 to win HOH and POV in the same week.
•Hayden is tied with Drew Daniel, Janelle Pierzina, Rachel Reilly, Ian Terry, Aaryn Gries, Caleb Reynolds, Vanessa Rousso, and Steve Moses for the most Head of Household competition wins with 4.
•Hayden was the second person to win four Head of Household competitions and go on to win the game, following Drew and followed by Rachel, Ian, and Steve.
•Hayden was originally recruited for Survivor: Nicaragua but was replaced by Jud "Fabio" Birza, who coincidentally ended up winning the season.


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Baby Daddiee ❤️.
Sent by ManniBoi,Mar 4, 2017
tag meee
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Nah. Too boring and I rather have other males unless it's an all winners season. -15
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More likeable in survivor
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