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Happy Birthday Tengaged

1stMay 16, 2018 by Kandee_
To Tengaged,

Congrats on your 10th Birthday, double digits!

120 months, 521 weeks, 3650 days, 87600 hours. This is how long the site has been up, don’t you just feel old looking at these numbers?

I can’t believe this site has been active for ten whole years, and I congratulate Carlos ( randomize) for keeping this site up and alive for so long!

I’ll just say, the day I joined this site, which I fondly remember was one of the best choices I’ve ever made, which may sound weird, but I’ve spent a good chunk of my life on here. This site has changed a lot and made me who I am to this day, which I’d say made me a better person overall, but this blog isn’t about me.

Carlos, I know we’ve only spoken a lot more recently, but getting some sort of insight to the site has given me a lot more hope for what you have in store for the future. You should be proud of what you have accomplished these 10 years. This site has become a success, gaining the attention from CBS Big Brother players, having 1000’s of users registered to the site, gaining or losing, you’ve accomplished a lot and still have a huge community which adores you very much. From what I know, you have singly created this site by yourself, dealing with all the issues throughout the years while still managing to develop the site and live your life, so people should understand why you can’t fully dedicate yourself to the site.

I am also going to congratulate the previous moderation teams for their dedication and input into the site. This site wouldn’t be the same without their help, but, it was a huge loss for the site seeing them being removed, seeing many users leave, but through all of that, the site still prevailed onwards.
I can only comment on what I’ve seen, not what I’ve experienced.

Games -

The first game recorded, which was filled with testing accounts by randomize!

Since then we’ve been privileged to have the addition of Survivor, Frookies, Fasting, The Duel (now removed), Hunger and Stars! These games have made what this site is today, based on a simple concept, branched out into something we call Tengaged!
Another addition was group games, where users were given the access to not only participate in games but be the host of one themselves. This expanded how users could be creative in the sense of going through, spending their own time making these games possible. This also gave users a large scale of opportunities to which they were not only limited to the 7 automated games.

Shops -
The design lab to a lot of users also opened a gate of being creative and gave users the option to customize their avatars to their liking. Many users such as Gemma17, iScotty, gagaluv have changed the design game forever, making trendy clothing, inspired by current day clothing trends. Designs have progressed so much over time, people spending their time carefully crafting these designs for the site makes this part of the website somewhat special in my eyes.

The design lab and shops have been one of the most popular additions to the site, not only is it creative, but you can still be competitive, as the shops addition gave users the realistic feel of owning a shop, and selling designs to which you need to beat competitors in order to move onto the next week.

Blog Page -
I think this is the most popular page of the site, being that users can interact with each other, plus or neg, based on how they perceive and how they interact with others. This page is used by many to share their story, being what they might've done throughout the day, their troubles, or their achievements.

Community -
The community has changed a lot over time, being that the internet isn't the same place it once was back when the site started. Throughout the years, many users have gone, and many have come. The veteran's of Tengaged have grown with the site, watching down upon new users and laughing at their mistakes, probably just to remember they had made that same mistake so many years ago while they were new. The community is what makes this site so great, as much as you all want to disagree, I think this site wouldn't be the same without many of you.

If you joined 1 day or 10 years ago, you are all apart of Tengaged history!

Thank you again randomize for making this site possible, and I hope for another 10 great years.




Wow that is SO’s my eldest dog’s 10th birthday 🎂 happy birthday Dakota & tengaged lol 😆
Sent by k4r4k,May 16, 2018
It's same with my birthday 😱
Sent by subfriend,May 16, 2018
if rando actually comments on this, that is bias
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,May 16, 2018
Happy birthday to Tengaged.  Next year is going to be my 10 year anniversary on Tengaged. I can't believe that time goes by so fast.
Sent by Megan,May 16, 2018
i feel like when this shit hole shuts down you'll be launched into a deep depression
Sent by SmoothStalker12,May 16, 2018
Plussed and please plus.
Sent by HUNTERBC88,May 16, 2018
This is a nice tribute. 😊
Sent by Yoshitomi,May 16, 2018
Sent by MartaGH12_,May 16, 2018
Ya basically what mr stalker12 said lol
Sent by MrBird,May 16, 2018
Randomize used multis in the first game
Sent by MJFJUNE,May 16, 2018
+++++++++ :)
Sent by Roshy,May 16, 2018

My first game.
Sent by MakeMeBelieve242,May 16, 2018
I have been on Tengaged for 8 years this month. It’s hard to believe it has been that long!
Sent by Diva1,May 17, 2018

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