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I really wish

12thApr 29, 2018 by Kandee_
Tengaged people would move to Discord! It is a lot safer and if you didn't know, Skype is the main reason people's home address have been leaked throughout this site. Discord is a much more safer platform and will ensure the best experience possible.

Groups/Servers on Discord look a lot more organized while on Skype, you have just 1 chat.

For "Skype" games, it is a lot better on Discord, as you can assign ranks to certain people, which will ensure the hosts/users experience to be a lot more enjoyable!

Join the Tengaged Public Server, it is not official, but you can chat with some of the users over there:

If you need to sign up, go to this link here:


You forgot to mention that skype is a laggy mess that microsoft doesn't care about. Skype always likes to crash and lag and freeze
Sent by GoodKaren,Apr 29, 2018
Good idea
Sent by Timster,Apr 29, 2018

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