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15thDec 30, 2016 by Kandee
for a name of a relevant person sent to your mails, then you have to give an anonymous opinion!! 

bomberv by anonymous: I love Eric so much. We both love you know who so much! He's super nice & funny as well.

jenzie by anonymous: jenzie used to be so relevant now I barely see her in the blog page or anywhere at all but that's pretty much all I have to say I don't even know her at all.

blujay112 by anonymous: AHHHHHHHHHHH YASSSS BLUJAY. I love him so much. He told me his name was Barry & I didn't know he was lying until recently LMFAO. BluJay is the king of everything & ones of the co-founders of the #spyboys

Plastic by anonymous: "Anak anjing that is unwanted by everyone < 333"

Fares by anonymous: Ugghhh you are so mean and you avi is ugly like it looks like it needs to go to a barber shop to be fixed and you cannot be relevant bc of your multis bye boo!

Galaxies by anonymous: Ben is a controversial person on tengaged. You either really like him or hate him. And tbh with my experiences with him I think he is an alright guy. I think his jokes or whatever are too much though but he didn't deserve what happened to him

EmilyThorne by anonymous: "faggot. Go play roblox. Roblox is shit."

koolness234 by anonymous: Josh you are a multi using trash bag but i love u anyways thank u for all the laughs and good times now lets kill t-vivor

virgie88 by anonymous: She's such a sweet girl, too bad she doesn't give a shit about me

maturo by anonymous: maturo Mr. Joe yeah, he is interesting. Idk how old he is. His face looks old, I thought he was in his 20's. Is he a pedobear? idk. He's okay though, kind of funny. His exposing blogs are cool. :) but I don't think he likes me and I'm sad :(

fishingguy22 by anonymous: HE IS CRAZY AS SHIT. But I love him. He had a good heart when you get to know him. :) he's obviously a fag tho :p

Brandt69 by anonymous:  Well some of my friends speak so highly of him but me personally I don't talk to him as much as I would like to but when I do it's always a blast and he is so funny and so nice and easy to talk too omg and he is gonna go far in life, like seriously you just wait and see :)

KatarinaDuCouteau by anonymous: This crazy bitch ! I have a mixed feelings sometimes bout her. I'm glad we're talking more and she actually has smart things to say on sc and our last few convos there were really nice :) I appreciate ! You know who I am, right? ;)

eric_136 by anonymous: I myself don't like him (but my bff does) , he has so many sheep in games, and I go for him all the time. People just save him with veto. He thinks if he is saved with veto he goes unnommed, but I don't believe that is what unnommed means. :) He knows who I am by this.

cswaggerr by anonymous: We used to be good friends, but now we never talk. Nice to see u back tho :)

Vanili by anonymous: Sara is by far the best looking and most friendly girl on tengaged. She is funny, intelligent, goal driven, inspirational, loyal, and seductive.  Now I'm going to have me some vanili ice cream. Toodles tengaged xoxoxo


Omg ;( I do care, I just need to know
Sent by virgie88,Dec 30, 2016
Sent by Vanili,Dec 30, 2016
Lmfao I'm so relevent on tg wtf
Sent by cococolin122,Dec 30, 2016
< 3
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Dec 30, 2016
Sent by greenranger8,Dec 30, 2016
Sent by Plastic,Dec 30, 2016

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