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18thMar 30, 2018 by JustMe
Anyone wants the site deleted. They want randomize to come back and fix the problem. This is what happens when you allow little kids that haven’t been taught basic social skills to run loose.


they act as if blogging or threatening to do something will help it though lmao if youre going to say you will do something then do it? for months they have been saying they will do something and has yet to do anything sorry Sue i love you but literally they are getting old with the whole do something or you will pay.
Sent by Brxan,Mar 30, 2018
Yeah but it’s just getting worse brxan
Sent by JustMe,Mar 30, 2018
JustMe it was just as bad back then the only difference is nudes werent a design
Sent by Brxan,Mar 30, 2018
brxan no hun its worse most people have left cus of a few kids that have nothing better to do than take over every account they can get their hands on. You included.
Sent by JustMe,Mar 30, 2018
The few people that actually enjoy tengaged are still trying to get randomize attention and you act like they’re the ones in the wrong.
Sent by JustMe,Mar 30, 2018
Lmao that defense mechanism of saying “it was just as bad back then” because you know you are a huge part of the reason this site is turning to shit =]]]
Sent by GiGi10,Mar 30, 2018
IKR gigi10
Sent by JustMe,Mar 31, 2018

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