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Is it JustMe

3rdNov 16, 2017 by JustMe
Or did ashszoke shoulder cast switch sides? Maybe its front/back cam I don’t know I mean she couldn’t be faking medical Tengaged bills for a stars win could she?


ashszoke's cast switching sides more than the stars cast
Sent by BengalBoy,Nov 16, 2017
Sent by joey96,Nov 16, 2017
TRUE Bengalboy
Sent by maturo,Nov 16, 2017
maybe mirrored image
Sent by FighterMan,Nov 16, 2017
Maybe fighterman. Maybe
Sent by JustMe,Nov 16, 2017
No because her left is actually our right. It's because we're facing her which means we might see it in the left side, but from her perspective it's on the left. It's like two people shaking hands, I'll stick out my left and he other person would also be putting out their left hand because it's from its opposite side
Sent by Carsonl,Nov 16, 2017
carsonl I was referring to her previous vlog
Sent by JustMe,Nov 16, 2017
it’s always on my left shoulder, i tore my ac joint in that shoulder, it’s the camera mirroring
Sent by ashszoke,Nov 16, 2017
Kinda what I was thinking ashszoke
Sent by JustMe,Nov 16, 2017
She got her Medicals on snachat so she isn't lying lol
Sent by NotNicky333,Nov 16, 2017
Right, when you look in a mirror, everything is reflected in its opposite view. Everything appears to be the other side and looks opposite. It was probably her setting which caused the mirror mode although she was not using a mirror. However if she used a mirror setting onto a mirror, it would just go back to the original since mirroring a mirror is counter intuitive. Quite amazing actually
Sent by Carsonl,Nov 16, 2017
carsonl I think it’s from using snapchat
Sent by JustMe,Nov 16, 2017
return me the 20 seconds i wasted reading that carsonl
Sent by sihz,Nov 17, 2017
LOL sihz
Sent by JustMe,Nov 17, 2017

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