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14thSep 8, 2017 by JustMe
Stolen from #bengalboy
Post your opinion of me and I'll post my opinion of you init. The longer your opinion the longer the response will be. Also I'll finish ALL guaranteed 100% (Y)
go ahead

koolness234 my sweet little baby kool it was so nice catching up the other day even if we did go on and on about internet law and things that prolly don't matter anyway. I miss our iconic kaba calls and our es games with #holiday ROFL

brandt69 I literally thought Brandt was named after you. I still don't know what it is.

mathboy9 aw we need to join a game soon!

littlebrother123 thirsty

_Aria you're always really sweet and seem to stay out of the drama as far as I can tell which is a huge accomplishment on this site. Would love to get to know you better <3

bengalboy You know, I dont need your friendship, I dont need you, I thought you were a nice guy, so I talked to you, but if you are gonna treat me like shit then dont even bother, Im not a dog, im not gonna keep running back to you if you start being an asshole to me. 
No but for real you know how much your friendship means to me. You're my fave out of all the faves and I don't know if I'd have any sanity left if it weren't for you and your ability to remind me what's really important in life ;)

rasCity whenever I see you I think of your comments in that stars game, idek why you hated me so much but we get along pretty well and when we do talk 1 on 1 you remember that I'm not fake.

MickJagger OMG I miss you too it seems like forever since I've seen a blog from you <3

brandonpinzu our relationship has been so up and down, mainly cus I let others influence me too much, but I love you to death, you are such a sweetheart but I will never ever trust you in a game cus you are literally the BEST player ever, you can manipulate anyone, literally.

peace123 I never knew you were in the LM! We chat in comments on blogs alot and you seem like someone I could be very close with, you're fun to talk to and always have a witty comment :)

EliotWhi always loved you, you're a sweet guy and always good for a laugh Whitney.  I wish we chatted more like the good ol days.

Steven999 we've only chatted a couple times here and there but you seem like an alright fella, let's join a game or something and chat a bit more :)

funnehliner I always think of when dru used to say funneh finner late for dinner or something like that lol. but you slayed in TBB1 and I was probably your biggest fan cus I've always loved you. Stay genuine, you're a great guy <3

rascity ok if you're #andychuck08 OMG I used to stalk you cus I loved your blogs. I miss Andychuck :(

thumper91 one of the sweetest girls on this site. You always have something kind to say but you're not afraid to make big moves in stars. Love you girl <3

GiGi10 you're always really nice and keep out of the drama here. I'd love to Get to know you better

mjfjune I've seen you around but we've never really crossed paths. We should chat some time

allieboballie I've always thought you were a sweetheart then I remember someone told me once you were talking about me in a chat so I assumed you hated me but recently we've chatted again and you're still really sweet. We should def be closer tbh

mickiejames22 I always see you blogging about some random celeb but I don't know who you are unless you're a multi then you should tell me who you are :)


Fucking bitch who thinks she knows more about internet law than me. Jk literally the fucking queen of gage, while being super nice. I miss watching Scream on call with you and Nicolette and making gagaluv all the really old people
Sent by koolness234,Sep 8, 2017
an iconic stars winner and started the tg meme of justme
Sent by Brandt69,Sep 8, 2017
queen, don't see you around enough!
Sent by mathboy9,Sep 8, 2017
Sent by LittleBrother123,Sep 8, 2017
Don't know too much about you personally but you and your family are sweet for always plussing my spam, and a certain friend of mine has said some good things. :D
Sent by _Aria,Sep 8, 2017
koolness234 u lil shit
Sent by gagaluv,Sep 9, 2017
Why are you such a *RECORD SCRATCHING NOISE* to me? Sometimes I feel like you just need to be slammed down and have all that tension removed from you. You're an alright less I could defo see us one day bumping into eachother in an elevator and you getting all flustered when I mess with you
Sent by BengalBoy,Sep 9, 2017
ur breasts are just as perky as carolyn's and you make me want to give up my selfish, single ways to settle down and create a clan of wrestler babies.
Sent by RasCity,Sep 9, 2017
Sent by MickJagger,Sep 9, 2017
I honestly adore the fuck out of you <3 We have had our ups and our downs for sure but I am a firm believer in the fact that if it were just you and I that were mods we def would have agreed on so much more since we were always able to talk through any disagreement that we had. I love you to death and think that you're a very sweet woman with a huge heart and that you should never change that for anybody <3
Sent by brandonpinzu,Sep 9, 2017
when I was a little girl in the LM frat, I don't remember us talking much, but recently we've talked a little more and you're super sweet and basically an icon.
Sent by peace123,Sep 9, 2017
I love me some justme susan! eventhough you trolled the fuck out of me when you was a moderator thinking theres a chance i could become 1. but ily <3333
Sent by EliotWhi,Sep 9, 2017
You're a really cool person, and I always associate you with bengalboy for some reason. You've been nothing but nice to me. I'd like for us to be friends hopefully
Sent by Steven999,Sep 9, 2017
You are honestly one of the nicest individuals on this website, never lose your cool unless you REALLY are being tried by someone and that's very admirable, stay like you are!
Sent by Funnehliner,Sep 9, 2017
ok now justme this is andychuck08 can u give me an opinion of me and not ity990
Sent by RasCity,Sep 9, 2017
You're such a sweetheart I love you you are probably one of the nicest people that I've met on here you're very caring
Sent by Thumper91,Sep 9, 2017
We played stars together and you seemed nice! We haven't really talked a lot but I remember how tengaged felt about you during your mod days and I have to say you went through probably the biggest love to hate turnaround I've seen on tg
Sent by GiGi10,Sep 9, 2017
We have never talked but I've seen you many times on the blogs page and you seem like a chill person
Sent by MJFJUNE,Sep 9, 2017
Aww youre so nice. We have only talked a few times but you offered me some great advice for whatever we were talking about!
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Sep 9, 2017
queen, don't see you around enough!
Sent by Mickiejames22,Sep 9, 2017
JustMe Sue, you know how much I have love and respect for you. Definitely, one of my oldest (not your age)  friends on here.
Sent by Robbster1313,Sep 10, 2017

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