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8thJun 6, 2017 by JustMe
Since I'm getting evicted in castings cus I suck PYN and I'll post the 1st thing that pops in my head :)

GoodKaren you were always so sweet when I was super active on blogs. I hope that hasn't changed <3

etaco75 I know I know you but I don't remember how. But I think I've always got along with ya :)

vansreborn I miss you being a white level you were funny back then now you just post the same photo and no one is amused.

2Beastly awwww I miss being on call with you you were always so innocent and sweet

con66 never heard of you but hi :)

steven999 see above ^

dakotacoons we've chatted a bit in tbc and you seem pretty cool we should join a game or something :)

pizzawithcookirs what even is a cookir?

survivor8 you've always been cool to play a game or 2 with. We should join something soon.

arris awe it's been forever  I miss chatting with you <3

brandonpinzu the only person I've blocked more than once ;) jk I love you <3

bengalboy [21:22:37] Su3 ~JustMe~ *LM PL KH RT NA*: You know, I dont need your friendship, I dont need you, I thought you were a nice guy, so I talked to you, but if you are gonna treat me like shit then dont even bother, Im not a dog, im not gonna keep running back to you if you start being an asshole to me.
[21:22:58] doctor shepherd: ok bye

gagaluv I don't know how I let you talk me into some of the things we've done. Like this site. Why did I listen to you when you told me to join -_-  haha I love you and I miss you <3333

Allison omg I just met you but I can see you easily becoming one of my bff's you're so amazing and talented I love you <3

Brandt69 I think we used to get along well but I'm old and have no memory so I could be wrong but there was def a lot of drama in that last stars game with multis -_-

MattyBB9 aww my former arch enemy turned ally <3 you're a sweetheart and we need to redo our last stars game soon ;)

teddybear hi Alexa <3 you're a sweetheart and I enjoy our chats when we get the chance to talk. Keep being real & classy <3 :*

hisoka we just met and me and carolyn have shared more stories about our crazy life with you than anyone. Hopefully we didn't scare you away lol :) I've enjoyed chatting with you the past couple days

matt64 I've seen you around I don't think I've had the pleasure of officially meeting you though, you seem like a nice guy we should chat sometime :)

matedog1209 awe I remember when you were a noob. IMY <3

Minie we just met and you seem pretty sweet. You're also hilarious :)

oliviaxoxo awe ily you're a sweetheart. We always seem to miss each other online but we really need to play a game together :)

music awe I miss you too <3 you're always fun to chat with and join games :)

imgonnawin I remember you way back when I don't know if we've ever talked but I do remember you lol

brendonbyrne omg I miss you. We need to play a game sooooon <3

adamloveseverything you posted a blog the other day that you hate everyone that does something I don't remember what but I just thought. Hmm that's ironic.

zachbbs sue is canceled. But for real ur a gr8 friend and idc what anyone says you have a great heart ily <3

Jenna2010 ummm hmm u are the only reason I'm even still active here. I love you and I'll never join castings without you again. Your aunt talks waaaaaay too much -_-


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Evan :)
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Hey queen
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hi me
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me :D
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aww yes i would love a game together or something!! hopefully a casting soon ill mail you :)
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