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19thApr 5, 2016 by JustMe
I see the tengaged world is still focused on the amodolypse that was last summer.

#1 it was all my fault. Never even wanted to really be a mod just figured it was the only thing I hadn't done on this site so I said yeah.

#2 johneh never did anything mod related after about a month of me being a mod, he just talked to me

#3 brandonpinzu never did anything

Drop it. It's over.


Sent by Scrafty,Apr 5, 2016
it wasn't your fault at all sue justme
Sent by Johneh,Apr 5, 2016
johneh I just figured everyone needs someone to blame and I'm sick of seeing them all attack you for something you didn't do.
Sent by JustMe,Apr 5, 2016
justme lol it doesn't bother me! i'd just rather people knew the truth, i've told all the t now so it's up to them to wise up and see past their personal problems
Sent by Johneh,Apr 5, 2016
its not really over
Sent by gezyg33,Apr 5, 2016
Sent by zachbbs,Apr 8, 2016

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