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Concerning Mods

1stJan 5, 2016 by JustMe
Please all I ask is dont make them use their account for mod panel.  Staying anonymous needs to happen with this generation of users.


randomize Completely agree on this.
Sent by Johneh,Jan 5, 2016
Randomize Completely agree on this.
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Jan 5, 2016
i meant to neg.
Sent by zachbbs,Jan 5, 2016
imo we need about 8 moderators to each moderate different parts of the site
2 for shops/designs
1 blogs page usa timezone
1 blogs page uk timezone
1 blogs page aus timezone
2 games
1 anything else
Sent by Galaxies,Jan 5, 2016
LOL and when I said the same thing my blog got negged....

Keep mods anonymous
Sent by me2013,Jan 5, 2016
me2013 I wanted to stay anonymous but ruined that because of a mistake with a screenshot because I had to have my account open.
Sent by JustMe,Jan 5, 2016
I know you did - but this whole thing got out of control because someone couldn't just do the right thing and say nothing. I am saying I agree with you if this site is ever going to get back to what it once was.
Sent by me2013,Jan 5, 2016
me2013 unfortunately I think randomize wants to keep it without mods.
Sent by JustMe,Jan 5, 2016
Then most of us with any decency will leave this site.
Sent by me2013,Jan 5, 2016
i think the mods need to make 2nd accounts so people can track which mod does what but it also keeps their personal accounts anon
Sent by jdog,Jan 5, 2016
Good idea jdog
Sent by JustMe,Jan 5, 2016
Yup me2013. That's why I rarely log on anymore. People are just too ruthless not to have moderation and the last thing I need is my kids to be threatened again.
Sent by JustMe,Jan 5, 2016
Sent by skyler1822,Jan 5, 2016
I disgaree.. would just cause bias mods. It just needs to be somebody who doesn't have many friends and such I guess.
Sent by SexGoddx,Jan 5, 2016
sexgoddx true but they would quickly become popular and be biased. Trust me I had a lot of people that became "friends" after they found out I was a mod. I just think having a shell account with no one knowing would be best to prevent bias and attacks. No one thought anything I did was bias until they found out who I was.
Sent by JustMe,Jan 5, 2016
Some of us can't be bought...just sayin'
Sent by NexusCain,Jan 5, 2016
LOL nexuscain I was never bought....just sayin'
Sent by JustMe,Jan 5, 2016
Make me a mod
Sent by konohavillage1,Jan 5, 2016
I would if I could konohavillage1
Sent by JustMe,Jan 5, 2016
Im happy to be the 100th plus on this blog queen Sue
Sent by ElectraViv,Jan 5, 2016
JustMe I never named names now did I...You did however say that " they would quickly become popular and be biased"...Hence where my comment came from

For 5 years I have a very long reputation of being unbiased even against long standing friends...If a friend stops being a friend because you tell them they are wrong they were never a friend to start with...Hell ask Roz how many times over the years he would ask me to help get him unbanned (since for over a year users used me a Tengaged lawyer to act on their behalf with TM) and after I would ask why he was banned would tell him there was nothing I could do because he knew better and did it anyway...
Sent by NexusCain,Jan 6, 2016
Then again I also don't sit around in Skype chats needing an ego boost by having ppl tell me how great I am etc...Never really cared what people thought about me...

Sent by NexusCain,Jan 6, 2016
I agree with you but someone always figures out who the mods are eventually. Anonymity doesn't last long. :(
Although I did last a while as SpiritOfHalloween. ^_^
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jan 6, 2016
yeah I basically agree or else that person will be harassed to no end
Sent by Patrick319,Jan 6, 2016
True nexuscain but I was really only biased for my family and bengalboy LOL
Sent by JustMe,Jan 6, 2016
Staying anon is horrible, remember Dinom?
Sent by Brandonator,Jan 6, 2016
brandonator he woulda been the same if he weren't anon
Sent by JustMe,Jan 6, 2016
Completely disagree... anonymous moderating gives the mods the ability to make decisions based on personal feelings and then not have to face the consequences.
Sent by Steven7,Jan 6, 2016

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