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  1. I was watching the Eurovision clip of Israel
  2. Am I the only one
  3. Eurovision 2018 Top 32
  4. I'm going to Eurovision bitches <3333
  5. Is Friends good?
  6. This new Snapchat update is bs
  7. This girl is 9 years old and a fucking star
  8. Actually
  9. Tbh the amount of ppl saying 'drink bleach'
  10. I can basically add "Save Olivia"
  11. Lol Oliviaxoxo
  12. What season should I watch next?
  13. Ugh I wanna order tickets
  14. Idk what album is better tbh
  15. What Netflix serie is good?
  16. Great..
  18. I just finished a serie
  19. I honestly feel so bad for Ming Xi
  20. We have this program on television
  21. It's so annoying
  22. My job at work today
  23. I always snap Good Night around 11 PM
  24. Can someone break the tie? I always watch what tg..
  25. What season next?
  26. Santa avi?
  27. I am pissed
  28. What season now?
  29. Ehm Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why
  30. This is the friend you really need
  31. I can watch this over and over and over
  32. YAY
  33. My Tengaged alphabet
  34. I'm kinda sad the Halloween thing is gone
  35. WARNING: If you can't handle people making fun of..
  36. I wish we celebrated Halloween
  37. My avi is an angel
  38. Oh the Design lab is back lol
  39. What season next?
  40. I mean

Am I the only one

Mar 7, 2018 by Juliann
Still waiting for Tea Brother 3?


please +
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karim Yay :)
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