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  1. The prize as Runner-Up in Big Brother US
  2. Lmao RARE pyn
  3. Honestly working out is so fun
  4. Every year I'm hoping for an All Stars
  5. How can people like Clay
  6. How many days until you
  7. My glass is half full
  8. Add for add
  9. I'm supporting the one and only
  10. Being relevant on this site
  11. Do we all remember this RANT?
  12. When your younger siblings
  13. Let's clear this up
  14. ALL Hunger Games + Victors
  15. I've never had a red nose
  16. Join frooks if you have time :)
  17. While playing Find Me
  18. Question to the old skool people
  19. What would your avi look like
  20. Frookiez
  21. Tbh one thing that needs to be updated
  22. Just played the challenges ~ THOUGHTS
  23. What kind of bullshit game is Words
  24. Honestly why do people watch BB live feeds?
  25. He scrambled his password
  26. Can someone join survivor I look lonely
  27. I need a new bop
  28. I'm a sympathetic person, but depression..
  29. Wow a toddler (4 years old)
  30. Every season I'm hoping/praying for All Stars
  31. Wow... The Finale of 13 Reasons Why..
  32. How do some people
  33. There is this site
  34. Isn't Jeruzalem dangerous?
  35. Let's talk about the real problem
  36. The best University of the Netherlands
  37. The billboard is overflowing with Post Malone
  38. Guaranteed top blogs
  39. Still can't decide which is my favorite
  40. rozlyn 59.8%

Am I the only one

Mar 7, 2018 by Juliann
Still waiting for Tea Brother 3?


please +
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karim Yay :)
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