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Eurovision 2018 Top 32

Mar 7, 2018 by Juliann
Won't be ranking the Netherlands since I live there
XXX- the Netherlands (Outlaw in 鈥楨m ~ Waylon)
The Bookmakers have us as number 8 right now, not bad 馃槉
I am really satisfied with our song this year! It stands out and I really love it even though I鈥檓 not a big fan of the genre.

Before you say I鈥檓 biased; I have listened to each and every song without knowing the country that comes with it.

Top 31

1. Cyprus (Fuego ~ Eleni Foureira)
2. San Marino (Who we are ~ Jessika)
3. Czech Republic (Lie To Me ~ Mikolas Josef)
4. Germany (You Let Me Walk Alone ~ Michael Schulte)
5. Finland (Monsters ~ Saara Aalto)
6. Malta (Taboo ~ Christabelle)
7. Portugal (O Jardim ~ Claudia Pascoal)
8. Denmark (Higher Ground ~ Rasmussen)
9. Switzerland (Stones ~ Zibbs)
10. Estonia (La Forza ~Elina Nechayeva)
11. Iceland (Our Choice ~ Ari 脫lafsson)
12. Belgium (A Matter Of Time ~ Sennek)
13. Moldova (My Lucky Day ~ DoReDoS)
14. United Kingdom (Storm ~ SuRie)
15. Ukraine (Under The Latter ~ MELOVIN)
16. Azerbaijan (X My Heart ~ Aisel)
17. France (Mercy ~ Madame Monsieur)
18. Greece (Oniro Mou ~ Yianna Terzi)
19. Croatia (Crazy ~ Franka)
20. Belarus (Forever ~ Alekseev)
21. Latvia (Funny Girl ~ Laura Rizotto)
22. Serbia (Nova Deca ~ Sanja ll铆c & Balkanika)
23. Poland (Light Me Up ~ Gromee)
24. Slovenia (Hvala Ne ~ Lea Sirk)
25. Romania (Goodbye ~ The Humans)
26. Armenia (Qami ~ Sevak Khanagyan)
27. Albania (Mall ~ Eugent Bushpepa)
28. Spain (Tu Canci贸n ~ Amaia Romero & Alfred Garcia)
29. Italy (Non mi avete fatto niente ~ Ermal Meta)
30. Montenegro (Inje ~ Vanja Radovanov铆c)
31. Hungary (Viszl谩t ny谩r ~ Aws)

(If countries decide to sing in their own language, they better be REALLY good. I hate the feeling of not being able to sing along, that's why some of those are lower than they probably should be).



28. Spain (Tu Canci贸n ~ Amaia Romero)


btw it's alfred & amaia, not only amaia ^_^
Sent by varlto,Mar 7, 2018
I like your top, but Estonia should be higher
Sent by Starmie,Mar 7, 2018
2. San Marino (Who we are ~ Jessika)

Sent by Patrick319,Mar 7, 2018
12 was robbed
Sent by Question,Mar 7, 2018
Ur song is awful i hope he flops
Sent by adeleadele,Mar 7, 2018
varlto Hehe I forgot ;)
Starmie I get why people love it, I myself love listening to it as well. Personally I just love the other songs more, as they are more like 'sing along'-songs, if you know what I mean.
Patrick319 Lol I have always found San Marino terrible. This year I FINALLY love one of their songs. Really hope it will qualify!
Question It's lovely, she is just singing the same thing over and over. Belgium is our neighbour < 3 but it gets kinda boring after listening to it a few times.
Sent by Juliann,Mar 7, 2018
Lets party together in lisbon together dude XD Thanks for giving my country 7th!!!
Sent by rodrigueseve,Mar 7, 2018
rodrigueseve Lmao do you have tickets? Or are you just living there?
Sent by Juliann,Mar 7, 2018
Juliann I dont live in Lisbon but I have tickets going with my brother!
Sent by rodrigueseve,Mar 7, 2018
Awesome! The first, second Semi-final or the Finale?
Sent by Juliann,Mar 7, 2018
Juliann Finals :3
Sent by rodrigueseve,Mar 7, 2018
totally disagree on the language thing but to each their own.  My top 10 probably only has a coule English songs lol
Sent by Amanyaman,Mar 7, 2018

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