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Ranking the RHOBH Women

May 11, 2020 by JourdanBabyXoXo
I did this a little while ago but now im completely caught up on the show i can do a definitive ranking of everyone


1- Kyle Richards. We stan Kyle in this household. I luv her so much and shes so funny and sweet !

2- Eileen Davidson. I miss eileen SO MUCH and i want her back on the show. She was so funny and a really great woman

3- Erika Jayne/Girardi. Erika is literally who i aspire to be. Shes funny, classy and just a really dynamic woman.


4- Taylor Armstrong. The way Taylor hasnt been on the show in 7 seasons and still to this day has my whole heart...... queen. Taylors power is UNMATCHED. None of these women have experienced anything like what she has and she is just such a queen for still being a really great person after all that.

5- Lisa Rinna. Lisa is so funny and so much fun. She would be my total favorite if it werent for her vendetta against the Richards sisters. I think how she thinks Kyle should put her above Kim is really silly and she should realize that the sister bond is stronger than Kyle and Lisas friendship! Still love her!!!

6- Lisa VanderPump. Lisa is a really great woman. Shes funny, kind and very entertaining. I do however dislike her sneakyness and the way she sets women up to look bad.

I like them:

7- Garcelle. Garcelle is VERY new to the show but i really enjoy her! Shes strong, stands up for herself and has a great sense of humor!

8- Adrienne Maloof. Strong woman and a good sense of humor. If she were still on the show she might be higher on the list.

9- Kim Richards. Sober Kim is like #1 or 2 on my list but sadly that Kim wasnt around for most of her time on the show. Kim is such a funny and exciting person and i hope she remains sober!

10- Kathryn. Kathryn struggled from a lack of storyline. She was randomly shoved into the show 1/3 of the way through a season and she never fully got into it. Shouldve been a "friend of"

11- Denise Richards. Denise is really funny and kind but shes not very entertaining other than saying shocking things. Doesnt rlly work for reality tv.

12- Teddi Mellencamp (sp?). Teddi i really liked in her first season but shes slowly become Kyle 2.0 i really like kyle but we dont need 2!

Theyre Okay:

13- Joyce. Joyce i assume was kicked off the show for being boring. Nobody realy wants to watch a reality show of a woman saying "I want to be a lady." like...... get into fights this isnt Miss Universe !

14- Yolanda Hadid. Yolanda had a wierd run on the show. I think it was definitely her time to leave a season before she did leave but i think she was just too much of a moral compass and always a mediator!

15- Dorit Kemsley- Dorit seriously goes up and down for me. What she did to Erika was wrong but she also has since made up for it i believe. I she seems kind and funny even if shes a bit pretentious !

16- Camille Grammer. I think Camille is a nice lady that just needs to stay away from this show. Shes a total mess and i think it just ends up hurting her mental health every damn time she tries to make appearances. Shes also very fake in my opinion.

I dislike them

17- Brandi Glanville. Rewatching the show, i like Brandi more than i did my first time. I think shes a person whos seen and felt a lot of hurt and still hasnt fully recovered from it. She has abandonment issues and all her family leaves her when she gets close. I think shes really rude and sometimes a bully but i think i understand her more now.

18- Carlton Gabbiella. Do i even have to explain? so many double standards, a total bigot and just a gross woman. Also she definitely shouldve been charged for attempted murder instead of just assault and battery!


nice! similar to mine, I would rank Eileen lower and Kim/Denise higher
Sent by nmh95,May 11, 2020
Sent by iGolder,May 11, 2020
nmh95 Eileen isnt everyones cup of tea. She was kinda boring at times so i get that ! And Kim has been on and off a favorite of mine to a least favorite etc. If were going based off of Season 4 Kim (sober and silly) then she would be 2 or 3 for me haha
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,May 11, 2020
jourdanbabyxoxo can u star me in ur frat :P
Sent by BURBERRY,May 12, 2020

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